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      Rules and Guidelines for the Hinterland Forums   07/28/2017

      The Hinterland Forums strive to be a place that is positive, inclusive, welcoming and comfortable. A community where intelligent, entertaining and meaningful conversations can occur. The rules are presented with these goals in mind. Warnings, bans, and lifetime bans are all at the discretion of Hinterland depending on the seriousness of the infraction.
        Rules and Guidelines for the Hinterland Forums No Backseat Moderating Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules. If you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the Report () button or simply ignore the offensive post(s), thread, or review. Report Posts to Moderators Should you observe a fellow Community member breaking these rules please report the post or item by clicking flag button located on every item, post, and review. Do not do any of the following: Flame or insult other members Bypass any filters Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) Bump threads Derail a thread's topic Post links to phishing sites Post spam or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content Repetitively post in the incorrect forum Openly argue with a moderator
      Off-Limit Topics/Replies Do not post any topics/replies containing the following: Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, or leaked content or anything else not safe for work Any discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban from the Hinterland Community including, but not limited to: Cheating, hacking, game exploits Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke Posted copyright material such as magazine scans Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals Racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination Abusive language, including swearing Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads No support will be given to those using cheat tools, or hacked/pirated copies, and any forum users who discuss pirated/pirating software will be removed. Please note that these guidelines may be edited or added to by Hinterland Studio as needed. If there is something you do not agree with, please email info@hinterlandgames.com
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      The Long Dark Test Branch **February 2018* [OPT-IN, FORUM PASSWORD, SPOILERS]   02/21/2018

      Hello community, 

      As we have done in the past, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH to look over numerous fixes we've completed for The Long Dark. This reflects the fact that we have a huge diversity of players on a variety of hardware configurations, and as a small studio we just can’t test them all! 

      The idea here is to provide an early version of the next update, about a week or so before we’d like to launch it officially in the Release branch (i.e. where you are currently getting it), so that we get some extra time to find bugs, crashes, and any other issues before it goes lives for the rest of our community.  >>> IF YOU DO NOT OPT-IN TO THE TEST BRANCH, YOU WILL NOT GET IT. I.e. You will not get the Test Branch build "by accident". This should help keep spoilers to a minimum. Here on Official Forums the Test Branch Discussion subforum requires a password to access. The password is: test_branch
      Some details. READ THESE CAREFULLY: 

      * The Test Branch is for STEAM ONLY. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
      * The Test Branch is full of SPOILERS. If you don’t want to see what’s in the next update, stay out of the Test Branch and all its discussions. 
      * The Test Branch is a tool for us to find issues with Work In Progress features. We’re primarily looking for feedback on bugs, crashes, and any major balancing issues. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the appropriate TEST BRANCH sub-forums on Steam and in our Official Community. DO NOT DISCUSS TEST BRANCH FEATURES outside the Test Branch sub-forums. Those posts will be moved or deleted. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the posted bug submission procedures. This will help the development team filter the feedback, eliminate duplicates, and in general ensure we can act on the feedback in a more timely fashion. 

      Our hope is that this new Test Branch process will allow us to ensure we can continue to put out stable Sandbox updates well into the future. 

      We’re very hopeful that the people who choose to opt-in to this Test Branch will approach this as a way to help ensure the updates are as smooth and stable as possible, and not use the Test Branch discussion as a forum to lobby for or against certain features or content. 

      As always, The Long Dark is a community-informed, not community-driven, project. We look forward to enlisting your help in identifying whatever issues we’ve missed in our own internal testing! 

      For more details, please check out the TEST BRANCH discussion forums [SPOILERS!] http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/forum/81-test-branch-spoilers/ (See password info above for access)

      Thank you! 

      The Hinterland Team 

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Found 508 results

  1. I am having a strange issue with the Steam Controller. It looks like it is read from the game not as a... steam controller. Just to be more clear, the bindings from the Steam configuration seem to be completely ignored, even if I try to change them. It happens from both normal steam and big picture. As by title, I am on a Arch Linux x86_64 machine. One thing that may be useful: I have to preload the SDL library from the steam folder, as explained in other guides, to make the game start. Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like that this issue could be someway related to libraries version. If you need any other information, I will be happy to help you tracking down the problem.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Aurora broken - Resolved

    Hello everyone, As i've been mentioning in my on-going survivor story, i've noticed that the Aurora has now been MIA in my sandbox game. The last time it was seen was on Jan 9 2018 at in-game day 101 - so it's been 2 1/2 in-game months since it appeared (now at in-game day 173). Just to make sure i haven't been sleeping through them i've been sleeping at 1 hour intervals each night but no luck. This is in game version v1.21 33995. It's not a game breaker obviously, but i'd like to know if there's some mechanic i'm missing or if it is in fact a bug. The latter would be a shame as i miss having it around and wanted to factor it into my long-term boredom breaking strategy. Thanks - Seshins.
  4. Okay, this is kind of lame. I decided to start off in Milton this playthrough, and I've been doing all right. Constantly vexed by inquisitive wolves prowling the surround and never giving me a moment's peace, but they're better company than deer and almost as good as rabbits (the once-burgeoning population of which they've now all but exterminated--sigh.). But that's not my problem. So, the aurora's weird. It makes the game ten times spookier (and that's saying something), but this is double weird. I awoke fully rested to green windows and flickering lights. Whatever. After enjoying the light show (cut off early by one of those same wolves I described, now glowing green for some reason), I crept back indoors to pass some time with a little game of solitaire (or whatever it is the player character does when (s)he passes time), only to find that I could not. No option to switch from rest to pass time in the bed menu. No deck of cards in the campcraft radial. What's up with that? Anyway, for lack of the fatigue to sleep, I wandered around my farmhouse, only to get lost in the dark without any matches. Someone please give me an explanation for this absurdity before my character dies of starvation in his own damn house like the utter buffoon he is.
  5. When I go into grey mother's house, the cut scene starts, but only with audio, no images or anything appear on screen, when the monologue is over, noting happens, and if I press any buttons then it immediately crashes. I tried all of the default advice on the front page of the forum, but nothing has worked out, if anyone knows of a solution, help would be greatly appreciated. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  6. Hi all, Super stoked to play the game, but I crash every 10 mins or so. Looking at the crash log I'm seeing no physical memory available, doesn't seem right to me? I have attached my log files, have a gander and see what you think. Cheers crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  7. I've been playing the Nomad Challenge but have run into trouble when saving. Anytime I sleep to force a save, the next time I log in to resume the challenge, all progress is lost. I had stayed at 12 of the 15 locations, but after saving and resuming later - all progress for staying the 3 days in each location was gone. The progress as far as animal pelts, supplies and resources was still there, but not credit for staying in the different locations. Does the nomad challenge need to be done all in one game-play? All done without saving or exiting the game? This has happened several times.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hello, I'm playing TLD quite some time now since the early stages and like it a lot. I now got a new steam controller and wanted to test TLD with it but without any luck so far. Maybe someone could give me a hint if I do something wrong. I paired the controller with my steam account and updated the firmware. In big picture mode in steam and have chosen the controller config from Hinterland and activated it. But in the game, no matter what settings I try (gamepad on/off, reset all controls to defaults ...), I cannot move with the stick and all other buttons aren't mapped right. I tried to activate the controller config a couple of times now and even saved a own one (local and online) without luck. What do I have to do that the controller is mapped the right way!? System: Linux 64bit (openSuSE Tumbleweed), GeForce GTX 660 (driver v390.25)
  10. I'm at the dam and managed to get an aura and flipped the switch however as soon as I go to enter the room with the elevator the aura vanishes and my character says 'guess I may be stuck here a while' and I can't summon the elevator. I've tried waiting for another aura and reloading check points but it keeps happening...
  11. Yes I have searched the topic. So I'm playing on PS4. I've been playing about a month I guess. I love the game. But I have a problem. I just returned with the meds for the trapper. The cut scene finishes and now I have the rifle. I did see it. I went to the train maintenance station to repair it. So I make my way to the hand milling machine. The rifle is gone! So of course I am thinking I dropped it by mistake along the way. So I go back to some of the places I stopped to warm up and rest. I must of dropped it while lightening my pack. Nope. So I went back to previously saved games from before I got the rifle from Jeremiah. I figure I will just have to do it all again. Nope. After returning from the dam and going through the cut scene the gun was never in my pack again. So I'm afraid I wont be able to progress through the game without finishing this task. I did go to the hand mill and activate it or use it. So Im going to go back to Jeremiah and see if maybe I just cant see the rifle. I see there have been a lot of issues with the rifles disappearing but nothing specific to this. I did log a bug report. Thanks.
  12. Hello there, I'm new to playing long dark on PC. I have played it on Xbox from the beginning. I recently downloaded the game to PC via the Microsoft Store and Play Anywhere compatibility. I went into the controls and found I could take screenshots with the F10 key. I have tried this multiple times, but I can't find the screen shots anywhere. I searched the computer all over the C: Drive, Users, etc... I can take screenshots via the xbox game bar, Windows Key + Alt+PrtScn, but these literally take a screen of the entire game window...and the quality is so so when you manipulate it to get rid of the HUD. Any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey. I bought The Long Dark a couple of years ago during preview, but been able to play ever since. A couple of week ago, though, I had to restore my Xbox to factory settings, deleting all of the games installed, trying to troubleshoot a problem I was having with a console update. But now, for some reason, I can't find The Long Dark in the store or in the "Ready to install list". On my PC, I went here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/the-long-dark/c41zdfq82m1g and since it says I already own this game, I clicked on "Install on Xbox One", but nothing happens in my xbox. Browsing through some screenshots I took, saved on xbox live, I managed to access the Game Hub and go for the Store page in my Xbox, but I do not have the option to install the game, it simply says it's not available for this device. Scrolling the screen down a bit more, I see only "PC" listed as "Available On", as if the game suddenly was not available for Xbox anymore. Any idea of what's going on and how can I install the game again? Thanks.
  14. So I am playing Ep 2 (returning to Jeremiah cabin lodge to give to him the repaired jacket) and stopped to delete my saved games (I had Story 1 besides the Story main save. I was playing in the Story 1. I've deleted the Story and renamed Story 1 to Story.). After that the "Save Game" greyed out and I am not able to save the game anymore. I can only load the Story and my last auto-save. But the stranger is now: anytime I enter any building I lose all my backpack items. Food, bedroll, all the clothes I got trough the game. Everything. When I exit the building the screen goes completely black. I can hear the sounds and I think I can move, but not able to see. Restarting the game won't work. If I try to reload my game from the last auto-save I still have the Save Game option greyed out. I already tried to change the auto-save option to 2mins but even so the game doesn't save anymore. Maybe the process of renaming/deleting the save game corrupted everything, I don't know. Someone posted here. Very similar bug (?): https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/browse/TLDP-4854 Any tips? I don't want to start over Thanks.
  15. 'Wolf Fear' tooltip states: "affects the chance that wolves will flee when detecting you, rather than hunting you." Yet, as is, both high and low options have wolves 'hunting you' above 90% of the time. The custom option would be great if it did more to address one of the most common critiques of the game - crazy wolves. Suggestion: High = like we are used to (about 95% engagement / 5% flee) Medium = 50% engagement / 50% flee Low = 5% engagement / 95% flee *Augmented (as already is?) by condition, scent, etc. & Howabout wolf aggression increases over time (low/med/high?). That seems realistic and interesting, and serves to offset the 'power creep' of the game. What say you, agree or disagree? [& btw, turning on 'passive wildlife' ain't the solution here. 100% safety is so much different than 95% -- as evidenced in real life fear of wildlife.]
  16. Hey Leute! Ich verfolge The Long Dark schon einige Zeit und habe etliche Let’s Plays geschaut und bin richtig begeistert von dem Spiel. Nun habe ich es mir auch endlich auf der PS4 zugelegt. Ich bin ein totaler Trophäenjunkie und wollte die Trophäe „Versteckspürhund“ erspielen... Soweit so gut... Ich habe alle versteckten Supply Kisten in Episode 1 gefunden und auch die dazugehörige Trophäe erspielt. Nun bin ich in Episode 2 fast am Ende angekommen und ich habe mittlerweile auch alle 7! Supplykisten gefunden, jedoch poppt keine Trophäe auf? Ist das ein Bug oder gibt es noch andere Sachen zu erledigen damit man sie bekommt? Im Questlog bei den Nebenquests ist hinter allen 7 Einträgen für die Kisten ein Haken gesetzt, jedoch wenn ich die Karte öffne, ist die Kiste bei Alans Höhle immer noch auf der Karte eingezeichnet! Alle anderen sind, nachdem ich sie gelootet habe, von der Karte verschwunden. Nur bei Alans Höhle nicht. Ich habe die Kiste aber definitiv eingesammelt. Hat jemand einen Rat für mich ? Ich hab nur noch die Bunkerquest und die Dammquest zum Beenden der Episode zu erledigen. Beste Grüße
  17. Crash

    Do not run the game. 2018-01-05_164340.rar
  18. I brought the supplies to the Forest Talker in the cabin on Mystery Lake. Once finished giving him the supplies, I selected the door again to see what he would say. Once I did this the dialogue text somewhat "Hey, are you still in there?" stayed on my screen and I could not move. I quit, and reloaded a save and when I did this I lost the ability to save, or load a save (TLDBug3). Additionally, I lost the ability to see the HUD. There is no marker or indication when hovering over anything. I tried to show this in TLDBug1 and 2, as I am over a door, and bed. TLDbug3.MOV
  19. Having trouble getting the game to start properly. I launch the game from steam and I can hear the sound start, but there is no visuals. There is a window open but it doesn't display when clicked on. I have updated all of my graphics drivers. I have tried opening it in windowed mode and with drx9. I verified game files I rebooted my PC My specs: Windows 10 - x64 i7-4710HQ CPU 8GB Ram GeForce GTX 860M - Driver Version 388.71 Please see attached output_log txt. Thanks for the help in advance. output_log.txt
  20. Hi, i just bought this game few days ago on ps4 and experiencing occasional crashes when entering or exiting building, twice in survival mode: when enter radio tower and farmstead in pleasant valley, once in wintermute: episode 2 when going outside of trapper homestead on mystery lake before confronting the old bear. The crash is rarely happen though, and i think its random to trigger when player going inside or going outside any building.
  21. Game will not launch

    Hey guys great game!, But my play anywhere windows 10 / xbox game has been failing. First it was failing with an error code: For got to paste it into a txt file. So I installed it on my Surface Pro 3 and it worked. I uninstalled it from my : MSI Gaming laptop GT72S 6QE Intel Core i7-6820HK 2.70 Ghz 32 GB Windows 10 64-Bit Version 1709 I am from the US but [playing the game in Toronto. I uninstalled and installed the game 3 times.. I had issued downloading at first then it finally downloaded. I did get corrupted saves and was willing to go back to a previous save. I stopped playing for a day and went back and now it will not start up. Blank black screen then back to desktop. I have checked my settings and have been playing VR and FPS games like the new DOOM so it is ready for prime time! Thanks GameDesignDude
  22. Apologies if this was already mentioned and/or submitted as a bug, but I did a quick search in the bugs section and couldn't find anything. But it is as the title says, I got a hunting knife at the trapper's cabin in vanilla interloper. Funny thing is I didn't even touch custom mode, so I'm not exactly sure what has caused this. This is a 55 day run which I started last week, I can't really specify if it was already at the last patch or not. Anyone else experiencing this? Was this bug already submitted to hinterland's support? Cheers!
  23. I have not any sounds in game, only in сut-scene. All drivers on my pc was updated last version. Please help
  24. Sometimes I like to sit and warm up or bring my cold meter down outside without using Pass Time. Usually like to Alt-Tab doing this, but can't do it because it pauses the game. Is there some way to disable it?
  25. Hello. Seems like there's a problem with some of the custom values, which are: Starting Weather Wolf Spawn Distance Wildlife Detection Range All of these values reset to the default when I start a new custom game, and I also believe they're not being applied in game. Now, although it's hard to tell if the Wolf Spawn Distance and Wildlife Detection Range are working as intended, I can easily notice that the Starting Weather is not. I'm always trying to start a new game with Heavy Fog and I always get random values, as if I set it to random instead of Heavy Fog. On the last 5 games I started, I got two clear weather, two heavy/light snow and one light fog. Since I can tell this is not working and it's one of the 3 values that's resetting to default everytime I start a new custom game, I'm also afraid that the two other values are also not working. I've checked the last patch notes and I didn't see any fixes for this, so I believe the issue is still present.