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Found 495 results

  1. So I am playing Ep 2 (returning to Jeremiah cabin lodge to give to him the repaired jacket) and stopped to delete my saved games (I had Story 1 besides the Story main save. I was playing in the Story 1. I've deleted the Story and renamed Story 1 to Story.). After that the "Save Game" greyed out and I am not able to save the game anymore. I can only load the Story and my last auto-save. But the stranger is now: anytime I enter any building I lose all my backpack items. Food, bedroll, all the clothes I got trough the game. Everything. When I exit the building the screen goes completely black. I can hear the sounds and I think I can move, but not able to see. Restarting the game won't work. If I try to reload my game from the last auto-save I still have the Save Game option greyed out. I already tried to change the auto-save option to 2mins but even so the game doesn't save anymore. Maybe the process of renaming/deleting the save game corrupted everything, I don't know. Someone posted here. Very similar bug (?): https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/browse/TLDP-4854 Any tips? I don't want to start over Thanks.
  2. 'Wolf Fear' tooltip states: "affects the chance that wolves will flee when detecting you, rather than hunting you." Now, with wolf fear set to high I'm still 'hunted' at least 90% of the time. Someone else tested, finding 2 out of 17 fled on detection. This seems like a misapplication of the custom option. I'd think the 'high' setting to be more like 15 out of 17 flee, rather than engage. Enough to keep some tension in the air while also keeping wolves from weighing so heavily on gameplay. Something of a scale between 'passive wildlife' on and off would be nice, and you'd think 'wolf fear' would be the thing to do it. Like, take a cue from reality; wolves hardly ever target people yet we still have fear of them. Lesson being, you don't need to make wolves absolutely crazy in order to elicit emotional engagement, if anything it becomes un-engaging. Blasé is the term. Overload. Lacking nuance. It would also make the procurement of crafted coats a more interesting challenge. *Suggestions to lower spawn and detection range, etc is beside the point.
  3. Hey Leute! Ich verfolge The Long Dark schon einige Zeit und habe etliche Let’s Plays geschaut und bin richtig begeistert von dem Spiel. Nun habe ich es mir auch endlich auf der PS4 zugelegt. Ich bin ein totaler Trophäenjunkie und wollte die Trophäe „Versteckspürhund“ erspielen... Soweit so gut... Ich habe alle versteckten Supply Kisten in Episode 1 gefunden und auch die dazugehörige Trophäe erspielt. Nun bin ich in Episode 2 fast am Ende angekommen und ich habe mittlerweile auch alle 7! Supplykisten gefunden, jedoch poppt keine Trophäe auf? Ist das ein Bug oder gibt es noch andere Sachen zu erledigen damit man sie bekommt? Im Questlog bei den Nebenquests ist hinter allen 7 Einträgen für die Kisten ein Haken gesetzt, jedoch wenn ich die Karte öffne, ist die Kiste bei Alans Höhle immer noch auf der Karte eingezeichnet! Alle anderen sind, nachdem ich sie gelootet habe, von der Karte verschwunden. Nur bei Alans Höhle nicht. Ich habe die Kiste aber definitiv eingesammelt. Hat jemand einen Rat für mich ? Ich hab nur noch die Bunkerquest und die Dammquest zum Beenden der Episode zu erledigen. Beste Grüße
  4. Crash

    Do not run the game. 2018-01-05_164340.rar
  5. I brought the supplies to the Forest Talker in the cabin on Mystery Lake. Once finished giving him the supplies, I selected the door again to see what he would say. Once I did this the dialogue text somewhat "Hey, are you still in there?" stayed on my screen and I could not move. I quit, and reloaded a save and when I did this I lost the ability to save, or load a save (TLDBug3). Additionally, I lost the ability to see the HUD. There is no marker or indication when hovering over anything. I tried to show this in TLDBug1 and 2, as I am over a door, and bed. TLDbug3.MOV
  6. Having trouble getting the game to start properly. I launch the game from steam and I can hear the sound start, but there is no visuals. There is a window open but it doesn't display when clicked on. I have updated all of my graphics drivers. I have tried opening it in windowed mode and with drx9. I verified game files I rebooted my PC My specs: Windows 10 - x64 i7-4710HQ CPU 8GB Ram GeForce GTX 860M - Driver Version 388.71 Please see attached output_log txt. Thanks for the help in advance. output_log.txt
  7. Hi, i just bought this game few days ago on ps4 and experiencing occasional crashes when entering or exiting building, twice in survival mode: when enter radio tower and farmstead in pleasant valley, once in wintermute: episode 2 when going outside of trapper homestead on mystery lake before confronting the old bear. The crash is rarely happen though, and i think its random to trigger when player going inside or going outside any building.
  8. Game will not launch

    Hey guys great game!, But my play anywhere windows 10 / xbox game has been failing. First it was failing with an error code: For got to paste it into a txt file. So I installed it on my Surface Pro 3 and it worked. I uninstalled it from my : MSI Gaming laptop GT72S 6QE Intel Core i7-6820HK 2.70 Ghz 32 GB Windows 10 64-Bit Version 1709 I am from the US but [playing the game in Toronto. I uninstalled and installed the game 3 times.. I had issued downloading at first then it finally downloaded. I did get corrupted saves and was willing to go back to a previous save. I stopped playing for a day and went back and now it will not start up. Blank black screen then back to desktop. I have checked my settings and have been playing VR and FPS games like the new DOOM so it is ready for prime time! Thanks GameDesignDude
  9. Apologies if this was already mentioned and/or submitted as a bug, but I did a quick search in the bugs section and couldn't find anything. But it is as the title says, I got a hunting knife at the trapper's cabin in vanilla interloper. Funny thing is I didn't even touch custom mode, so I'm not exactly sure what has caused this. This is a 55 day run which I started last week, I can't really specify if it was already at the last patch or not. Anyone else experiencing this? Was this bug already submitted to hinterland's support? Cheers!
  10. I have not any sounds in game, only in сut-scene. All drivers on my pc was updated last version. Please help
  11. Sometimes I like to sit and warm up or bring my cold meter down outside without using Pass Time. Usually like to Alt-Tab doing this, but can't do it because it pauses the game. Is there some way to disable it?
  12. Hello. Seems like there's a problem with some of the custom values, which are: Starting Weather Wolf Spawn Distance Wildlife Detection Range All of these values reset to the default when I start a new custom game, and I also believe they're not being applied in game. Now, although it's hard to tell if the Wolf Spawn Distance and Wildlife Detection Range are working as intended, I can easily notice that the Starting Weather is not. I'm always trying to start a new game with Heavy Fog and I always get random values, as if I set it to random instead of Heavy Fog. On the last 5 games I started, I got two clear weather, two heavy/light snow and one light fog. Since I can tell this is not working and it's one of the 3 values that's resetting to default everytime I start a new custom game, I'm also afraid that the two other values are also not working. I've checked the last patch notes and I didn't see any fixes for this, so I believe the issue is still present.
  13. Not detecting firewood

    I'm noticing lately that occasionally there will be a limb/log that won't bring up the prompt to be able to harvest it, I have to just leave it and move on to the next one. Has anyone else noticed this?
  14. Hello guys. Today i went back to one of my bases, one in ML. When i arrived all my things were gone. ALL my 150 day progress is gone. I realized when i was arriving from PV through the Carter Hydro Dam that a lot of items were bugged. But i couldn´t imagine that all my stuff have gone. I was recording to my channel. Please, give me a solution. I don´t want to play it again never again. Thanks!
  15. Rugged Sentinel Bug

    So I was playing the new rugged Sentinel update, and as it was saving the game crashed now every time I play the game it says Data corrupted, I started a new sandbox and it says data corrupted when I save, so I deleted the long dark and reinstalled it but it still says Data corrupted. Also this was on a PS4
  16. This post is to tag myself to the bugreport just posted over at; https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/browse/TLDP-4633 I've got over 1500 hours logged in TLD on my current (Win10) system, but since v1.16 I've not been able to play at all. I have no error logs of any kind to either search in myself, or attach with this post, so I'm kind of fumbling in the dark here. (No phun intended). Game files has been verified in Steam. All current drivers are up to date. Everything else that relies on working DirectX 9-10-11, and/or what ever gamingrelated libraries needed to launch the rest of my games are in working order.
  17. Hi! I have recently crossed 200 hours of in-game time. One problem that I started noticing more and more: time does not advance uniformly. Make a 4 hour fire. Sleep 3 hours. Fire still has 2 hours of burn time left. Make a 6 hour fire. Research for 5. Fire still has 3 hours of burn time left. I'm trying to get the "Silent Hunter" achievement (50 days without firing the gun). The daily log is on day 48, but when I see "You have survived for xxd" message, it only says 45 days. I started this run on the version prior to RUGGED SENTINEL. Has anyone else noticed these problems? Thanks! François
  18. OSX 10.12.5 | Intel Core i5 | Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB When looking towards Milton buildings area, FPS drops to a slideshow, there's also models popping in and out and textures glitching (screenshot). I found out that if I walk in circle around the town's perimeter it's all fine. But if I look towards Milton, then stuff's breaking even if Milton itself is not visible due to terrain. This doesn't happen in any other sandbox regions. Player.log
  19. Hey, I don't know how to name that, but when you're making a post ( like I'm doing right here ) I think you should see icons for formatting help. The thing is I can't see it. They're just dark-greyish rectangles without any icon. I can see what it is when hovering a cursor. It's really annoying. I tried on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera, everytime the same thing. Yes, I deleted history ( not only because of this ) and nothing changed. Am I alone?
  20. This is a bug report..since i dont have the time to find out where to report the bug...i report it here... Stalker in muskeg was chillin with a book in a railroad boxcart for a couple of hours when suddenly frostbite afflicted him... He did not understand as he was well equipped and did not feel cold( temp on top, feels like +12 honest). He went to bed and was penalized by same affliction and lost half his health forever...never dipping below zeeeroooooooo...... Kind regards annoyed oldtimer
  21. faster moving in game *wolf sleigh*

    i got great hardcore update idea for long dark but how we can get it trough :I? so you could catch wolfs to pets and make sleigh for chopping trees and stuff then u could put wolf to move your sleigh and you need forge to make steel parts for sleigh that would be amaizing but i bet it would just come survival not story :I. that would be amaizing update about travelling faster in game *wolf sleigh* and i forget say you could add bear bedroll in sleigh so you can be warm there not cold or normal bed roll and store stuff to sleigh so you dont need carry over 40 kg items all the time sorry my bad inglish could this be possible to add atleast on survival mode maybe not story? item requirements to wolf sleigh 4-6 wolf bear bedroll hacksaw hammer forge fir and cedar wood and maybe sticks and last one rope and litle detail there how many wolf you have that give you more item space to carry if you have 4 wolfs you can store 40 kg and if you have 6 wolf you could store 60kg stuff
  22. crafting update

    i got amaizing idea for game could you guys make annoying crafting loading screen or cooking screen like you need actually craft item not just like craft and wait some time if you can craft it moving knife if you make some arrows and stuff that would be more interesting than wait some hours?
  23. Questions about forum

    I'm new to the forums and have a few questions. How is your profile/community status thing determined? Like the wolfbait, pathfinder, prepper, ect. How does the reputation system work? Sorry if this has been asked recently, couldn't find anything.
  24. I found a bug/glitch

    You can make unlimited torches a this guy and his fire rip
  25. Something positive

    Okay, so this might be in the wrong place, but I thought I'd share what happened in the game a little while ago. I'm on my laptop, so I wasn't able to get any pictures of it, but it's still something I'll remember for quite a while. Anyway, I was having a pretty rough go last week and decided to play the game to relax a bit as I usually do. My mood didn't get much better as I kept thinking about what'd happened and continued to dwell in my misery. I was hunting for the bunkers and it kept throwing blizzards my way, which wasn't helping at all. Then I saw it. One of those rocks with the ribbons. I think they're called cairns or something? Anyway, I like to click on them just to see what they'll say and this one read something along the lines of "Appreciate the little things in life!" or something similar. I thought it was nice and kept going, not thinking about it too much. I do like the ones that actually have unique text on them, too. Turns out, that cairn was really close to the most useful bunker I've ever come across. It was loaded with two rifles and ammunition to last for days. Needless to say I was really happy and it made things a lot brighter for me. I'd never thought I'd come across something so uncanny and rare, as I usually stumble upon food bunkers, which I do appreciate, but still. So, that alone made this game something I enjoy to something I love and it'll always hold a place in my heart. Thank you, Hinterlands.