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Found 461 results

  1. I know the whole staff is on vacation for the rest of the month, but I'm opening this up to see if anyone has any theories or ideas. It's quite clear now, with multiple veteran players reporting no achievement earned, that it's broken. There must be thousands of player hours wasted on this by now, and we still have yet to see an official statement on it, or even acknowledgment. This is highly discouraging, as this achievement is quite a commitment to undertake. Is there ANYONE out there who has gotten it? If so, was there some special technique you used? Until the team gets back from vacation, and can confirm that it was vetted, and working internally, lets put our heads together and see if we can find some common sticking points, or maybe someone out there has some special tick that worked on a particular stubborn location? Edit: I've changed the title, and am changing parts of some of my posts here, as apparently, I've come off as being in the middle of an epileptic stroke over this. This isn't an attempt to force some staff back early from vacation, nor a ragequit post. I'm just trying to bring different thoughts from the community together so maybe we have a good starting point once the team can look into it.
  2. I seem to be out of bullets, and I'm doing the hunting lesson, killed one dear, any suggestions on where to find more, or how to take out a deer?
  3. On XBOX ONE. Visited the lookout prior to starting the survival School tests after finding a note describing gear being stored there. I took the bear skin and placed it in Jeremiah's cabin. I completed the first two parts of the survival School quest, but it will not let me start the clothing part at all. The quest log doesn't change and the coat does not appear in my inventory no matter how many times I select yes after going through the dialogue. Is there a patch in progress that will remedy this situation as I have no desire to start over without my gear from Episode 1.
  4. TLDP-4197 After passing all five challenge the achievement of "Challenge Mastery" the player will not receive immediately. To obtain achievement, you must run any challenge one more time.
  5. Hallo Zusammen, Die Episode 1 konnte ich durch spielen, bei der Episode 2 kann ich eigentlich nichts machen. Wenn ich die Hütte verlasse, komme ich ungefähr bis zu den Schienen. Bis dahin kann ich mir die Karte ansehen und ich kann schlafen. Gehe ich etwas die Schienen entlang und rufe die Karte auf, ist diese schwarz. Ich sehe noch die Icons der Häuser, aber der Hintergrund ist komplett Schwarz. Wenn ich nun versuche zu schlafen, oder mich auszuruhen, bekomme ich diese Fehlermeldung: Speichern des Spiels GESCHEITERT. Überprüfe, ob genug freier Platz verfügbar ist. Aber am schlimmsten ist, das wenn ich nun irgendeine Tür öffnen will, stürzt das komplette Spiel ab. Ich habe etwas gegoogelt und nach mehren Sachen gesucht. Eine Log-Datei Player.log oder output_log.txt gibt es bei mir nicht. Ich habe Ubuntu 16.04 mit Steam. Steam Cloud habe ich auch schon für das Spiel deaktiviert. Obwohl ich dort noch etwas Platz habe. Meine Festplatte hat noch mehr als 1 TB frei, daran kann es also nicht liegen. Es wurde auch gesagt man solle: -force-d3d9 in die Startoptionen eintragen, leider bringt das rein gar nichts. Hat hier jemand eine Idee, was man noch Probieren kann? Viele Grüße
  6. I had done Hunting Bear quest, I talked with him, we said goodbye to each other and after that I can't talk with him to do "375". How can I load previous saves or what should I do? Start episodes from the beginning? EDIT: I'm playing on PC
  7. Hello people. I was playing the survival mode and the light went off in my house. When the energy came back i open Steam, the launch TLD and when i wanted to continue my journey ... the games gives me 2 choices: New or feats. Where is my game? Beeing playing and recording for weeks.
  8. I was replaying Episode 2 today and noticed that the Lake Gunshots quest seems to be missing. It never came up - I finished Jeremiah's Survival School, including going to the cabins where Lake Gunshots is suppose to take place. No corpse on the water, no quest to get supplies or anything. Is this a glitch, known issue? I'm not sure, but I did try making things a bit shorter when replaying it - I did things like stock piling natural remedies stuff beforehand. I killed the bear in Forlorn Muskeg, and tried to bring the pelt back to Jeremiah, thinking I could use it to fix his coat right after accepting the clothing quest - the game glitched there by deleting the bear pelt, and some deer skins from my inventory after I accepted the quest. I'm not sure if these oddities glitched the rest of the play through or not. The rollback update didn't help either. I went through Jeremiah's dialogue options without any luck, nothing new came up. Has anyone else had this happen?
  9. Hi here i want to share one of my ideas. It is a bear spray. This item whoud be a weapon and it works only on bears. It could be easyer to find than the flare gun. You can use it more than one time and recharge it.
  10. I Dont know where are the safety deposit i have check in all houses. please help me.
  11. I have a simple question: why do bug reports, if you do not even read them? TLDP-4013 and TLDP-4035 I specifically noted: "And vice versa - if you talk with Jeremy about the cache (without reading the note on the dam), then Alan's cache is not marked on the map (under any circumstances)." Patch 1.14 - Fixed issue preventing Jeremiah's Flare Trust mission from triggering correctly ONLY. What's the problem guys? The game is wildly and often crashes on ps4 (my error log of ps4 is full of errors The Long Dark), and you also can not fix a simple quest? Why should we do beta testing, and not enjoy the game?
  12. Actually title says, Flare Cache didn't appear at all. And all "trust" dialogues are still available to speak after some time. So I'm not able to get achievement
  13. day 127 of my 500 day stretch on voyager. beautiful morning view from the mountaineers hut. I'm certainly no photographer, but dang this is so pretty I couldn't resist. anyone have suggestions to make it to 500? I'm only on voyager so I don't anticipate this being all that difficult, just long. (asking for suggestions because that last sentence is generally famous last words)
  14. Sooooo....... * Episode Two & Survival Mode: Added Rope Climb to River area in Broken Railroad region. Don't go down there. There's no trigger on the rope to climb back up. I'm stuck down there. My game didn't have a rope pre attached, I put my own on, climbed down, and napped for the climb back up, so it saved, with me standing at the bottom of an un-climbable rope.
  15. I just started Jerimihas survival school. I went to the spot where he told me to hunt but I had no gun. When I went back to him. It wasn't in his house. I need help cause I don't want to restart the episode. Is there a way to got to the start of the chapeter "Hunting school"? Thanks in advance
  16. Hello,I just started the Story mode and notice extremly bad performance (20FPS) My GTX 1080 usage is at around 15-20% and my FX 8350 is at 20-30%.How can i fix this?Yes my Graphicdriver is up to date. Windows 10 - 16 GB DDR3
  17. Sooooo....... * Episode Two & Survival Mode: Added Rope Climb to River area in Broken Railroad region. Don't go down there. There's no trigger on the rope to climb back up. I'm stuck down there. My game didn't have a rope pre attached, I put my own on, climbed down, and napped for the climb back up, so it saved, with me standing at the bottom of an un-climbable rope.
  18. Sooooo....... * Episode Two & Survival Mode: Added Rope Climb to River area in Broken Railroad region. Don't go down there. There's no trigger on the rope to climb back up. I'm stuck down there. My game didn't have a rope pre attached, I put my own on, climbed down, and napped for the climb back up, so it saved, with me standing at the bottom of an un-climbable rope.
  19. I did everything you guys wrote and still crash. Please help id love to play this game
  20. I just entered one of the houses at the Waterfront cottages location in CH, for the first time in this playthrough, and it must have loaded the interior of some other house that I had already been in, because there was absolutely nothing in the place, and every single container said "empty" when i looked at it. Ive never had this happen before. Anyone else? Edit... yeah, it's for sure loading a house Ive already been in. There is another house just like this one in the coastal townsite, that I looted already. I went back in through the other door, just to see it would happen a second time. Even the curtains and charcoal from the fireplace are gone. Sucks, because there is a third instance of it in the townsite that I havent looted yet either. Probly the same story. 2nd edit: I was wrong, there was not a 3rd instance of that house, but it just happened to me again with another house, with which I had already one identical to it. These are the two offending houses:
  21. I've been having bugs where my game locks up in Forlorn Muskeg and I was trying to submit a bug report via the bug report forum, but Atlassian gives me an error when I log in, saying my account doesn't have access to those particular forums. I'm not sure how to "request" them, or if there's something else I need to do in order to get access. My Atlassian account has the same email address that I use here. I followed the "verify game files" instructions, and now my screen is completely black when I start up, though the music plays.
  22. Well I have been playing the long dark I had just earned Jeremiah`s side quest old Letters so I went to forlorn muskeg as I needed to, well making the trip to the bunker the Aurora spawned and some cold weather so I stopped and made a fire at high blind hoping to sleep the night. The next day I made it the bunker and found out it was electricity locked so I had to wait for another Aurora to spawn so I could go in and burn some letters so I go sleep in the cave nearby trough the day and wait during night time, rinse and repeat maybe 30 to 40 times an it still has not spawned I had to kill 4 wolves and one stag in that time to live and the Aurora still has not popped in to say Hi . Am I doing anything wrong or am I just extremely unlucky perhaps make spawn rate higher???? k bye
  23. [Spoilers ahead for Ep. 2] Hey there. I've been stuck on the Fix My Rifle mission for quite some time now. I've found it a very confusing mission, with little direction from the map/navigation. I ended up going to the forest talkers lodge behind the repair shed, as I looted the shed and couldn't initially find how to fix the rifle (i know, I'm blind). Anyways, I thus looted the lodge before fixing the rifle, then walking all the way back to Jeremiah only to find he wouldn't talk to me. After going back to the shed and cabin again, finding I could now pick up the rifle in the lodge, I now can't complete the quest as I've looted the flashlight on my first visit to the lodge (and currently left it behind in Jeremiah's house to save on weight on my return journey) The day long trecks to and from Jeremiah's house to the shed/lodge is frustrating, and I'm wondering if anyone has already been in my position. Will fetching the flashlight, bringing it back to the lodge, only to pick it up again, fix my lack of cutscene? Any help appriciated
  24. I was playing Nomad Challange, I stuck in the dam, I don't know how to explain where did I stuck but I have some pictures.
  25. Has anyone else had problems with the CH map filling in properly? It seems like I sometimes have to use 4 or 5 charcoal in and around a spot to get it to open up, and I've found a BUNCH of stuff that simply wont show up. The trailer, and rope climb behind the townsite, the cabins, and both ope climbs just below the abandoned lookout, a couple cars, and the northern exit/mine opening (so far). The mine area just doesnt seem to want to map AT ALL. I get a still half blacked out little sliver up there, but thats it. I mapped the area around Train unloading &Rabbit Grove/Bear campground and some of the area south of it, and it all blacked back out when i entered a cabin.... just a whole bunch of mapping issues, in a region that is already unbearably difficult to map because of weather. Frustrating to say the least.