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  1. Hi everyone First of all, sorry for my weak English, it is not my mother language. I am playing this game long enough to complete almost everything, to cut down the time until December I try to beat my own records in my favourite challenge: The hopeless rescue. (with only regular short cuts). Since I found only older threats (before last updates) I allowed me to open a new thread. So I am asking for help, to save more time. My actual record is 35 hours and 5 minutes ( found 5 coffee boxes before arriving in Timberwolf) My target is not to sleep one single hour, so I guess I need more coffee to find. I appreciate any tips from the community. Below my main question (more will follow :-) ) The farmhouse is my first target in PV, there I can cook 6 coffees simultaneously (with water from the dam and farm house). On my way to Timberwolf, right now I always use the way with the two climbing ropes, and I guess this takes me too much power, so I am trying to find a better way. On Whiteberrys map there is a foot path, but I never find this one. Dos this still exist? I think I can see it but not possible to go there up (only down). I attached a map: green one is the way I use right now the red one is the one I guess is the best, put I can’t find it! Is this way up on the foot path still possible with latest version? Blue one: I also tried this one but I lost to much time and it is difficult not to lose the way Coffee: I guess to come up to the plane without sleep I need to find 5 or 6 coffee boxes for 25-30 coffees. Where I found coffees: ML Trappers cabin, ML Camp office, ML container in front of dam, ML dam, PV farmhouse
  2. Throw gear off cliffs

    So I think it would be nice to be able to throw gear off of cliffs so you don't have to carry it down the mountaineering rope. I made it to the top of a rather tall cliff via mountaineering rope in Hushed River Valley and found several items including the heavy hammer. When I finished up and got back to the rope to repel, I couldn't do so because I was overburdened. I had to drop several items like chopped wood and the heavy hammer to descend. Once I got to the bottom, I had to rest, drop some gear, and ascend back up to get the gear I'd dropped, most importantly, the heavy hammer. I feel like it would be reasonable to be able to drop things like chopped wood and the heavy hammer along with several other "heavy" items off of the cliff so I can pick it up again when I get to the bottom. This way I don't have to keep going up and down the cliff wasting precious energy and calories for items that could easily have been dropped off the cliff. As a counter balance, for tools you throw off the cliffs it would incur a durability loss depending on what the item was, how far it fell, and maybe what it landed on (snow/hard ground). For chopped wood, perhaps there comes with a chance of it "splintering" into sticks depending on how far it falls and what it lands on. Certain items you can't throw like clothing as the wind would catch the clothing and carry it far from the intended LZ. Anyway, just something I though that would make things a little bit better.
  3. Multiplayer?

    So, I absolutely love this game and I am going to continue playing it for quite a while, but there is something that I think could make this game even better. A multiplayer survival mode!! Imagine being able to play 1-4 people on survival mode!! That would be so much fun! What do you guys think?
  4. Hi Folks, I seriously think that this 3 years old OS is a complete crap. I bought The Long Dark game some 2 years ago, yes, back in the wonderful early access days, and played on Windows 7. And never had crashes or other bigger problems. I bought new hardware for about 1 month now, compatible only with Windows 10 (aside from Linux, of course) and I had 7 crashes! And only two of them gave me dump to upload to TLD Bug Report. Surely, the coding guys at Hinterland have something to do as well. But I think we need "save gameplay anytime anywhere" becuase it's not a deal losing 20-40 minutes of gameplay. Or I will have to move to Linux (I have problems with other commercial softwares too, under Windows 10 anyway, but I'm not experienced Linux user). Man, I am very angry. The only thing I don't know (info nowhere to be found) if I have to buy the Linux version separatedly, or I can use my Steam PC copy. But the thing is, that I have a 309 days survival mode gameplay, and I don't want to lose it.
  5. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    I’m currently in a quite long run on a Vanilla Interloper. Some frustration came in with this mode, that sometimes doesn’t seem “quite right” compared to expected behavior I’d have if I had to survive in real life: The sleeping mechanism has its own healing curve, that doesn’t stack with background recovery (confirmed by personal science and @Ruruwawa). A good sleep on regular Loper (setting is “Medium”) on calories will bring you at least 32%, sometimes 40% without Herbal, depending on the bed you sleep in, but not only that since I got both values at Trapper’s. For the somewhat low price of 750 calories per day. Since you lose 1% health per hour when you’re starving, it’s far more efficient to spend your day starved (14h=-14%), and the game allows you to do activities that use calories (harvest carcasses, harvest curtains, brake crates, whatever). That’s a net minimum of +15% everyday provided you find 750 calories, which is 5 cattail stalks. Maybe forbidding calories-activities while you’re starved would fix Interloper, but this option is not available in custom settings as far as I know. The fix to this problem would be to disable “at rest recovery” curve and have the “awake” one play also during sleeping like @Drifter Man suggested, but this possibility doesn’t exist either, and the Low “at rest” curve is still giving you more health back than regular background, by at least a factor of 2 or 3 compared to calories cost. Regular Interloper came with a fix that treated the symptoms instead of the cause: “Rest as a resource” is here to prevent you from sleep-healing as much as you want. Problem is, the only consequence of this mechanic, which actually arguably doesn’t seem realistic in the first place, is that on Loper you end up running stupidly around your indoors place before going to sleep. Which doesn’t punish you in any way since you’re starved already. I felt frustrated the game makes me behave strangely like that, so I poked around a bit in Custom Settings to find what I could play on my next runs, that would force me to behave differently – more “realistically”. I’m not experienced enough to play a DeadMan mode, plus I feel it’s not really realistic that you can’t heal at all, and the Emergency Stim hunt would not be fun to me even if I knew where they were and was able to survive this mode long enough to find one which anyway is not the case. Here is what I ended up with, a set of halfway alternatives: the Sleepwalker Modes are a rising slope from Interloper to Deadman. Interloper SW0 SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6 SW7 Calorie Burn Rate Very High HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH Thirst High HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH Fatigue Medium HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH Freezing Very High HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH Sleeping recovery Medium NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE Awake recovery Medium Very High +2 %/h High +1%/h Med +0.5%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Rest as resource YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO The slept part of the day is actually punishing: you have to be on calories for not losing precious health, but don’t get any recovery during this hours. Yes, this is a calorie sink. The next level would be a Deadman variation, where “awake recovery” is set to “None” I’ll start on sleepwalker level 1, since being starved is -1%/h (confirmed by personal science today), it seems fair to me that being fed should be +1%/h. Good assumption for the roleplayers / immersion: Below you will find the codes for playing these modes: SleepWalker Level Custom Code 0 8sDM-qj4P-KxuH-yaKO-LgEA 1 8sDM-qj4P-KxuT-x6KO-LgEA 2 8sDM-qj4P-Kxuf-xaKO-LgEA 3 8sDM-qj4P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 4 8sDM-uj4P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 5 8sDM-uj8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 6 8sDM-+j8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 7 8sDM-/j8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA Deadman Style 8sDM-/j8P-Kxu3-waKO-LgEA I’ve tested this mode a bit already, and it made me behave more realistically, so for me the SleepWalker variations hit their target. I hope some of you will test them, and if even only one of you likes it, I’d be glad to have taken the time to share my views in this post. When I’ll play this mode (no idea when), I’ll report just here just like I do with the actual BareSkins, this is why I posted in "survival stories" section.
  6. Alrighty here we go again Blood trails and prints don't work. You can't see the blood or footprints until you're RIGHT up on it. This makes hunting a very very annoying, tedious task when the animal you're tracking decides to change direction. This problem didn't exist in previous versions. The grass. Oh god the grass. I figured this would have been fixed by now, as the issue has been present since before launch. But when you walk past grass you get this weird issue where the 2d model for it doesn't face you and you end up looking at it from the side. It's immersion breaking and just plain weird Flares are now worthless. At least in stalker and up. No I'm not saying flares should work EVERY TIME. Especially on harder difficulties. But they don't work at all anymore. I can't remember the last time I got a flare to actually scare a wolf away in stalker mode. I can understand this as an interloper mechanic. But not in stalker. They should at least work SOMETIMES in stalker. This all being said, I don't make these to bash the game at all. I love this game and I see it as a work of art. But it has some very very annoying little kinks that really need to be worked out.
  7. There is another survival game I picked up a while ago that is the polar opposite of TLD, called Stranded Deep. Instead of snow, it's set following a plane crash on a series of deserted islands. I tried it out, found it "not ready to be enjoyable" and put it away. I picked it up again yesterday and felt it was "good enough" to start playing it a bit. The cooking system is interesting, even if a little awkward. Basically, anything above the flame will cook food. This means that by using right-mouse drags, you can move stuff on top of a fire (though that's not how it's "supposed" to work), and whatever you can fit there will cook. The same is true for the stove you can build. Think of a TLD fire barrel-- you can just place whatever will fit on a grill, and it will all cook. I can see it much more difficult to balance, although that might be resolved by using different sized models for the relatively different sized pieces of food. Personally, I find it kind of frustrating now, TLD, to have the cooking slots, when you could clearly fit additional pots/pans/cans/slabs of meat onto the available area that is, e.g., on top of the stove, especially since this only becomes a "frustration" to the player, in that you could simply go outside, with the same fuel, and start three fires right next to each-other and have six cooking surfaces. Additionally, cooking .1 kg of rabbit takes up just as much space as the giantest piece of bear-- the timing is different, obviously, but it becomes a much bigger chore to cook, say, three rabbits in succession when they would all fit together on a stove or grill. In Stranded Deep, the system is definitely awkward, because the click-dragging placement is physics-based, rather than "plotted" like TLD's, so it's really easy to throw a piece of meat, or knock another piece off the grill placing one, but that's really just a tuning issue. I think it would work a lot better with the plotted placement system. I know it seems weird to want to overhaul that after it "just" got an overhaul, but it was just an observation I made of an actual implementation of something I had previously theorized might be better.
  8. This one's short and simple

    TL:DR The best things in this game are items or goals that are not instant, but take time and gradual progress to work towards e.g. TWM summit and animal clothing (and survival bow imo - although many would disagree). I think this game needs more things this - when i get the rifle I'm not that satisfied because I don't feel like I've worked for it, I've just gotten a lucky random spawn from a set few locations. This would also help more with many players' need for long term survival goals and stuff to do as I see many posts about that on here and I've made one of my own too. Whether it be maps with a destination like FM, "the wolf gauntlet" aka crumbling highway (although I've never struggled with it after I found a nice crossing route), TWM's summit or some hard to craft item, please add something like this to the game. Upvote if you agreed please and add suggestions/criticisms in the comments below please! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
  9. Hello, all! This is my first forum post, so excuse me if this seems a tad off beat. I recently contracted a kind of food poisoning because I drank about two liters of water from a brook at the bottom of a ravine. I'd had some before, but I think the reason I have problems is because I drank so much. Usually I drink about five gulps. This inspired me to talk about changing the way food poisoning is done, so I wanted to make a few points on how I think it should work instead. Food poisoning doesn't occur instantly: I drank those two liters of water on Saturday and today it is Tuesday, and I feel miserable. I started having problems Monday evening. So I think that if you eat, say, a half-kilogram of raw venison, you'll start suffering in two to three days, with no warning. This would make it a lot scarier, being so unprecedented, and make it a more crippling affliction. It would also change the game for people like me, whom are often living safely and can just take two and call in the morning. Vomiting: Anyone who's ever had food poisoning knows that one of the worst parts is the vomiting. While I think it would be difficult to implement into the game, with animations and whatnot, it would add an extra challenge: dehydration. When one vomits, they expel lots of their water store, so they have to keep drinking in order to manage an equilibrium. I think when the character vomits, they should lose a fourth or a fifth of their hydration meter. Adding such a disgusting element to the game could add to a darker outlook on survival. Being lost and having to fend for yourself in the wilderness is a traumatizing experience, and I never get that message when playing the game. There could also be certain actions that warrant a vomit chance. Repulsive events such a gutting animals, finding corpses, contracting stomach parasites, and so on should give the character a vomiting chance. This could also include eating, to a certain extent, and you would lose every single calorie you would have gained from eating what you just had eaten. Degree of severity: The degree of food poisoning often depends on how much bad stuff you eat or drink. If this mechanic were added into the game, there should be levels of severity depending on how much was consumed. Perhaps five or something. They would vary in the time you are afflicted, how weak you become, and how often you vomit. Those are all the notes I have. If you wish to add to this list, request elaboration, or present an argument, feel free! Thanks for reading!
  10. That sweet, sweet, flavor.

    When you pick up certain items in the game (Such as a rifle, Your character might say "I hope I wont have to use this on anyone") Lets bloody add more eh? alright heres the idea, your characters hunger need is red, and you pick up a box of crackers and they exclaim something like "Oh thank you god!" I think that would add just a little more personality and what your hip gamer lingo calls "Flavor text" Oh yeah, and remember, add an option to disable it in the options for that ONE person out there who will complain about it if this gets added.
  11. I think it would be nice to see a more interactive HUD of afflictions, in which ES. you have broken ribs, apply bandages in real time with a skillcheck, and based on how many times you fail or win the skill check you get malus: more time to heal, +% affliction effects etc ..., or bonus: faster healing or -% affliction effects (I'm not good at English, I used google translator sorry if there are any errors)
  12. I know all electrical devices are destroyed by the phenomena, but lamps and radio work still. Since we got this new item placement mechanics, why not to allow the survivor to dismount batteries from cars with the use of prybar and leather gloves (the latter is crucial every time you take/place the battery). A battery can be placed near lamps as a source of night-time lighting. Oil lamps use too limited resource for that purpose. Batteries can replenish once in an aurora and could last for several (let's say 3-4) hours after that, could also be disconnected to save power for later use.
  13. My Suggestion Is To Put In Broken Legs And Broken Arms As If You Fall Off A Mountain You Would Break Your Legs Or Arms Healing Would Be A Little Harder Than Sprains As For Arms You Would Need A Makeshift Sling Made Out Of Cloth And For Legs A Makeshift Splint Or Brace Made Of Sticks And Obviously It Would Be Extremely Difficult To Move So It Pretty Much May Be A Game Ending Injury
  14. У меня возник вопрос, если геомагнитная буря напрочь выводит из строя всю электронику, получается что и компас тоже будет сбить, уважаемые HINTERLAND, добавьте в игру природный компас то есть природные ориентиры, с северной стороны снизу на деревьях зелёный мох, значит на обратной стороне дерева будет находится юг, солнце заходит за горизонт значит в той стороне запад, солнце восходит восток, это бы очень облегчило игру, особенно когда тебя врасплох застают метели, игрок хотя-бы будет знать два направления север и юг, и желаю вам всего самого наилучшего, с недавних пор вы самая моя любимая компания по созданию такого рода игр, желаю вам удачи!!!
  15. Tents

    My Suggestion Is To Put Tents Into The Game They Won't Be Everywhere In The Game World But In Like Houses Such As The Trappers Homestead And The Camp Office As They Would Fit Perfectly In Those Locations. It Would Give You A Bit More Warmth Than Just Sleeping In The Bedroll As You Are Out Of The Snow And Windchill
  16. New ideas

    I was thinking that maybe bullets could be broken down and we could use the gunpowder inside for tinder or accelerant. also maybe bear traps that you could only find at the Hunting Lodge? And I think that when you get attacked by a wolf, using your gun as a blunt weapon to either push it off or injure it should be possible but at the cost of severely damaging the rifle.
  17. I thought that title would grab ya! I'm in Day 72 of a Voyageur play-through, and this is the first time I've actually played sandbox since the new cooking mechanic was added. What I'm finding a lot is that I begin cooking something (or two somethings), and then I want to stack in another activity: clothing repair, studying a book, crafting at a workbench, fishing, etc. Unfortunately, since you can't read or craft in smaller chunks of time, and repairs can't be interrupted, you're often left staring at the food to cook, wishing you could make better use of the time. Fishing is the only one you can really make this work with now, though, since you can interrupt it (e.g., fish for 1 hour, and when the circle is half-full, you're at the 30-minute mark and you can cancel out of fishing and tend to your foodstuffs.) Being able to stack time like this is especially critical when time is short or resources like firewood are scarce. What I propose is allowing studying, and bench crafting to be done in smaller segments (15 minute?) , or just give them a cancel button like the fishing activity, and then calculate completion from there. I know with the bench now, you can craft in .5 hour increments, however when you get down to the last bit, it won't let you do half-hours (I think on the last 1.5 hours on a bow, it wouldn't let me craft for any less than the full 1.5 hours). Additionally, perhaps, partial repairs. Sometimes, some clothing repairs take a really long time (like, fixing up an urban parka, using fishing tackle). This means that, in the real world, you could work on it for a little while when you had time, but in-game here, you have to make sure that you have the full time period available to complete it.
  18. Elegy For The Long Dark Items

    In The Elegy For The Long Dark It Shows Some Pretty Awesome Items Which Some Are Already in The Game But Some Like The Candles In The Car Scene Looks So Awesome And Cosy (A Tiny Bit) And Also The Big Hospital/Office Looking Building That Would Be So Amazing For Loot And Story As well Heres The Link To The Video To See For Yourself
  19. Whiskey-type item

    Read this idea in the last Milton Mailbag, here is a proposal: - Main advantage would be a long term tea-warmup effect when heated up (3h ?) - Main trade-off, would be increased exhaustion (+1 arrow down) and dehydration (+1 arrow down), drunk-walking (like when you're between 7 and 10% condition) and immediately decreases shooting precision (+crafting success rates, etc) - Could be used (wrongly) as painkiller, disinfectant and accelerant as emergency measure This way it should be quite rare and saved for very long travels in the cold, like the winds change when you're out, or a blizzard kicks in. That would mitigate freezing bar which goes out fast for the others that go out slowly. After all, TLD already has all other illegal drugs, as I see "herbal tea" and the Stim. And books too, but they're not illegal!
  20. So, as the title suggests, it's not a very sophisticated idea, but it is based on real-life principles, extreme desperation, and primarily in-game longevity (to some degree). See, as it stands, making 1,000 days survived on the harder difficulties is... very... difficult (impossible? I don't know). So, while I'm not asking you to reduce the difficulty, instead I'm asking to implement other real-world possibilities. Clicking 2 Rocks together to have a 5% Base Chance of Starting a Fire. This chance could increase with your Fire Skill. Using a Bow and Arrow to start a fire - has a 15% Base Chance and would cost 50% Durability of an Arrow and 10% Durability of your Bow with every attempt (whether successful or unsuccessful). These are just 2 ideas that could be implemented to make Fire Starting virtually unlimited in-game. Rocks are, literally, everywhere and a Bow and Arrow can be crafted to a virtually unlimited degree. P.S. This suggestion is primarily intended for Interloper, as I'd like to see people striving for 1,000 Days Survived on Interloper. P.P.S. Is it even possible to reach 1,000 Days Survived on Interloper as it stands? Won't you eventually have to resort to eating only Raw Meat as your primary food source? And water collection without fire - how to do?
  21. Make Mapping great again!

    I can see some good "roleplay" reason why a map is attached to a survivor, no problem. But it ends up in a mechanic that very few people use on harder mode, because hey, it costs a lot (time is warmth) for poor information. I'd be glad if Mapping would be a background process like the Feats are working. OR maybe have one map per real player, for each mode. That would prevent Pilgrim maps to be used on Loper. Or maybe keep the existing system but simply make it costs a lot less (near-instant) on harder modes ? For now, the price you pay on temperature bar for just a slice of un-editable map is a bummer to most.
  22. Sounds strange I have to use a medecine-tea to get this bonus. I f I have water I can pour in a can and heat up, sounds liek the same "warmth inside" as teas. Of course it would use a cooking spot, contrary to the teas, since water is easier to make. Maybe this could be implemented in such a way that only "freshly" boiled water has a bonus, thus making it maybe somewhat useful to carry a portion of unsafe water in order to boil it on the spot? Would introduce one more risk/benefit between quantities of boiled and unsafe water a player would carry.
  23. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    First, I understand not everything is easy to implement in a game, so I'm just throwing ideas; I'm not saying it's easy to do. Because why would you read in a cold place when you have a bed/bedroll? Plus, it's a great addition for player immersion, everybody likes a good book before sleeping. That would be a great new way to "pass time" when time management is important and temperatures are low, you are stuck in a cave waiting a blizzard to end, etc...
  24. I recently started my first new sandbox game since Wintermute was released, and this is the first time I've made any use of the mapping mechanic. It's really excellent, though something seems to be missing/expected, which is to record the locations of particular wilderness landmarks. Buildings and resources are mapped, but what I was expecting to see were indications for the large, set-piece trees. For example, the isolated, denuded tree, or those enormous trees that are bent-over and broken. Even a distinct rock-formation might help to place the player on the map. It's very odd that in the real-world, I have a very good sense of direction, but I don't benefit from it in-game, and can never ever walk a straight line. Landmarks would help.
  25. Popcorn, Pasta, and Rice

    I am aware that these have been suggested before, and the primary one I am putting forward is actually the popcorn, which I think has been mentioned like... once ever. This is my way of "upvoting" the demand for these particular items to be in game (without bumping long-forgotten threads). These are dry goods that, if I were personally making a prepper cache, would certainly be included in my stockpile. In particular, the rice and popcorn. I am not certain on this, but I think unpopped popcorn can essentially last... well... indefinitely? And it's more naturally immune to humidity/moisture. Rice is similar, pretty indefinite for regular white cooking rice, but it's a little more susceptible to humidity and moisture. Pasta probably has the lowest shelf life among them, but can still last a long time when kept dry and in good conditions. All of which should last well in a Canadian winter, as winter has a way of being pretty dry, and nothing in the game suggests slush or a moist environment. Being on an island might impact that in a way I am uncertain about, but nevertheless, these items should not only hold up well, but are kind of household staples that you'd *expect* to see in a kitchen and in a prepper cache. They would and should require the addition of water for cooking, making them not too overly convenient. Except for the popcorn, which may as well use "lantern oil" since we derive that from fish (or just nothing at all, and assume it's cooked properly).