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  1. A short, really short video i made from a cave. in the cave.TS
  2. Herbal Bag

    Anyone that has ever had to pick up 50 or more Rose Hips knows that 50 clicks doesn't bring anything to the game. So the Herbal Bag. 1 cloth to make. Drop on ground, click to open to place herbs in it. Dumps herbs into backpack when the bag is picked up. I am sure the game engine can not support a container, with something in it, within a container but what about a container that empties into the inventory when picked up? Having restrictions on what can be placed within a container is also a concern.
  3. Bacpacks

    So we wish we could carry more stuff, so what if we could find better backpacks throughout the world. Here are some types I thought of: Light backpack: uncommon, you can carry 10 lbs, 5 kg. You can find these in any man made structure or corpse. Medium backpack: fairly rare, you can carry 15 lbs/7 kg extra. Can only be found mostly in main structures, sometimes in smal buildings. (main structure being ML camp office, PV farmgrounds, etc. Large backpack: extremely rare, can carry 20 lbs/ 9 kg, can only be found in industrial bulidings( Carter dam, Hibernia processing, etc) These items would be placed in "accessories", and can be found throughout the region, I.... Hope this doesn't backfire on me. Anyhoo, thanks for reading my suggestion!
  4. Wish List

    Firstly, love the game was unaware of it, then came across it randomly on twitch, aaaaaand now I'm hooked. I will break down a few of the things that I would like to see added as well as some QoL improvements I am aware that most things have technical or balance limitations so I'll try my best to keep those in mind. Additions: (1). A Litter, Travois, Drag or Skid whatever you want to call it, weight is a large concern especially when migrating or returning and you happen upon a moose or deer carcass the ability to construct a litter or drag to accommodate the extra weight. I propose this because well it only makes sense, placing the extra weight say up to 30lbs (13.6kg) OR, 1 Deer, 2 wolves, 1 quartered Moose or Bear on the sled which would be temporary can only be loaded and unloaded maybe 1-2 times before it deteriorates (for say the 1st level of design the "Improvised skid") Crafting: 2 Branches (or saplings) increase in time and mats for better skids... -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 4 Cured leather 2 Cured deer hide 1 Mountaineering rope 2.5 -ish hours to make Does NOT increase your carrying capacity, but instead increases movement speed while encumbered, therefor you still suffer the stamina drain and no sprint while sled is attached. (2). Snowshoes/Cross Country Skis, this has probably been done to death but it bears repeating. The snowshoes are obvious increase movement speed on snow with reduced stamina drain while walking on snow. increased stamina penalty while not on snow etc. etc. Crafting: 2 Cured leather 2 Cloth 8 Sticks 1.5-ish hours to make increases movement speed on snow, reduces stamina drain on snow, opposite for non-snow surfaces. The Cross Country Skis would be nice option in between safe houses that as long as you're on snow 3x movement speed. while not in snow 2x movement penalty as well while skis are equipped carry capacity is halved, and wind temperature penalties double. (or a suitable number if double is too much) Crafting: 2 Branches -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 4 Cured leather 4 Cloth 3-ish hours to craft requires work bench hack saw and knife. (3). A Spear (improvised spear/knife). Used as a DEFENSIVE weapon to keep predators at bay wolves and (the smallest of chances and ONLY when bears rear to hind legs before the charge/and is IMMEDIATELY broken but has a chance to deter) bears. Can be thrust at wild life (LMB) if connects (insert DMG & Bleed stats here)(Has chance to scare off beast insert stat here) Crafting: 1 Branch -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 1 Metal - Forged to -> Spearhead 2 Cured Leather 1 Cured Rabbit Hide (or for a lesser spear just a sharpened stick...or if forging mats aren't available Deer antlers) (4). Buildable Storage. I say this with my safe house littered with guts and hides strewn about....In particular a crafted drying rack for just that guts and hides. effects would be 20%-ish to Curing time any ways just a place where I can consolidate the guts and hides? Crafting: 1 Branch -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 4 Cured Leather 4 Cloth Once Placed cannot be moved has to be broken down. That one was more of a Quality of Life Change anyways so this is a good segue point... Quality of Life/Immersion: (1). Regardless of clothing worn hands always shown without gloves and the green jacket and red plaid shirt. I can understand if 1 glove is removed when using rifle or pistol, but still needs to match clothing worn. also maybe a redesign on the Rabbit Mittens to have a trigger finger? (2). Matches....at least here in the US, a box of matches carries 300 matches...drop the condition on matches and just give them a number and then instead of having 19 (300 capacity boxes) with 12 matches in the box...let me carry 1 box until I get (if I get....) 300 matches THEN generate another box. {Same thing for lantern fuel/igniter as well} (3.) Eating/Drinking while moving yes stop to select the action of eat/drink...but you know...I can do both... (4.) adjustment to some of the break down times...and Im sure that this has been complained about before but probably for good reason. The rifle...is perfect leave as is. The cleaning kit....well I have the one I was issued while in the service 13 years ago...same thing for the whetstone...I have my grandfathers still, and while I think the hunting knife should dull (absolutely) but break...not so much, in fact, it could dull a lot quicker depending on use when skinning a deer I will have 3-4 knives available because they will dull and that gets to the point maintenance should a thing but the repair tools shouldn't wear at the rate they do. Also...has ANYONE, EVER IRL broken a crowbar (while using appropriately...) same for the hatchet and hammer, they heads will be fine may have to sharpen the blade but the most maintenance would be replacing the wooden handles eventually. (I am aware that this last point is mainly for game balance issues, its just a stupid game trope that annoys me in EVERY game that its in...especially the crowbar...looking at you every zombie game ever.) Anywho, these are just a few thoughts I had good or bad let me know what you guys think. Happy surviving!!
  5. I think it would be fantastic if there was a option that no buildings are burned. Yes, I am aware there is some buildings that never appears useable, Abandoned Harris home for an example. They are not included. What can I say, I like houses...
  6. Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like: A sled with straps so I can pull things around A rabbit fur hat or you can just give me the instructions, I have lots of rabbit fur left over. A road runner squeaky toy (I know there are no coyotes but it should work on wolves too) A solar powered flashlight A record player, it gets boring in the cabin at night. A puppy Snow shoes Ice skates A pointy stick (flint knapping tools would be nice too but we can start with the pointy stick) Thank you Santa Ken P.S. I have been a very good boy this year.
  7. High quality maps

    A few new items that when combined with your charcoal map create a high quality topographical map. Making the map should require a workbench to make as well. Using the charcoal map would mean that only places that have been sketched can be added to the new higher detailed map. The technical Drawing set could rng from any backpack. Same with the paper. Making paper from birch bark is pretty easy too. I suppose you could just make the map on the back of the charcoal sketch. Not sure where we get the paper for that...... I suppose we should also consider being able to use the map as a firestarter in Dire circumstances. - Technical drawing set + blank paper + charcoal map = topographical map.
  8. Duct Tape

    I want Duct tape! Shall i list the things you can make with duct tape? No? ok then! Any Canadian should understand. Duct Tape! It does everything! it even starts fires!
  9. mellowing a deer for labor

    How about subduing an animal to pull a cart or a Travois? Deer, wolves and bear can all be broken if you are willing to put in the effort. But......forget about the moose. That's just not happening. All sorts of fun mechanics could be added into this game expansion. Domestication, mutual protection, even earning the trust of animals. Perhaps we could find hay in a barn to use to feed animals. Oh there are so many possibilities! Then again perhaps moose pulling things is not so off the wall after all....
  10. Looking and walking

    Seems to me like we ought to be able to look in a direction while moving in a different direction. There are a few ways to accomplish this but my fav is to have a key we can set up like = to toggle mouse look. here is an example of a game where you can look in one direction while moving in another. Console controllers are well suited to this task with one analogue stick controlling the camera and the other one controlling the legs.
  11. More choice of characters for survival

    Hello everyone, we all know that in the survival mode, there are two characters to choose from, right? And what if there would be an opportunity to choose for example to survive as a teenager. Well, well, what or an elderly character. Yes, in the game of growing up there would not be .a means the game would be all the same. But there is one thing. An older character would tire faster, just like a teenager. Yes, and the clothes would have to hem. If something is not so sorry.
  12. Using a bowdrill to make fires

    new craftable items step one make a bow step 2 make a drill out of fir wood (if you make a spindle from ceder it ought to have a debuff) step 3 find a shell on the shore, or a nutshell in a tree step 4 have cedar wood and a knife Different materials give different success %: shell>Nutshell>Bone>Rock by the time you get fire with a firebow you ought to be exhausted. lets say it takes 15 - 30min on average at level 1, less and less time and effort as you level up. less time and effort the better the quality of your bow.
  13. Basically the title says it all: A small quality of life improvement that makes traversing the freezing plains of Interloper Great Bear a little bit easier. The main use for me here is: pick up warmed up food and tea so you have it available in the radial when you need it to replenish you warmth bar. It's not a game changer, nor can't it be achieved otherwise, but it would yet again put a tiny bit more focus on actually playing the game rather than "using" the UI.
  14. New weapon concept

    I was thinking of some ideas and here's a couple: Woden spear/ hunting spear: you can make a wooden spear out of 5 sticks and use a knife to create the wooden spear, you can use it to hunt small game but in a pinch, you can use it as a defense mechanism like when a wolf attacks; To craft a hunting spear, you must craft a spear head at a forge us in 2 metal, then at a crafting table, combine the wooden spear, spearhead and some cloth to create the spear. The hunting spear can kill rabbits, and deer by throwing it. But you can plunge the spear into the ground to act like a "fight back" sequence against wolves and even bears, this action goes slow-mo where you must aim the spear in the middle of the chest to kill the animal. However the spear does not work for moose, for they can break the spear with their horns and stomp you. I thought this is a good idea and I don't want to take up any more space so.... Yeah, thanks for reading this!
  15. 6 sticks 8 gut {For cordage} knife, hatchet, or saw to craft allows a single person to carry 136kg /300lbs with dramatically reduced effort through bush in the winter. Even in deep snow. Hi my name is Yang_Tomoe! I live in Canada. I have been a scout leader and survival camper in some of the most remote parts of Canada. While i prefer to camp in late summer I have had the misfortune to camp in some of the most winter conditions you can think of. Think -50 in the middle of the woods a week trek to the nearest road. I am here to talk about the Travois. I can't imagine any bush pilot who would not know some basic bushcraft, and the Travois is certainly one of those things that can be made by almost anyone with ease. It seems to me that our main hero is the kind of chap to have join the boy scouts as a young man. Certainly i would expect anyone with a lick of sense to figure it out for themselves eventually. Please indulge me and watch the following vids and read till the end. I realize its a bit of a journey so thanks in advance if you decide to travel with me. - if anyone can find the vid that follows where he moves the camp on his Travois please post it in this thread...i cant seem to find it. Anyways here it is with a more serious load. This dude kinda looks like Wil Mackenzie right? Am i wrong? What do you guys think? XD but yea here is a slab of stone. This next one is real basic, and probably the one that would be used by Will. now if he were a gearhead or greasemonky at all he might look around and discover WHEELS! at which point we have something more like this: of course as soon as you figure out how to free up a few wheels from the local cars or from broken aircraft parts and put them on a frame....well now you have a pullcart. And i bet if you stick to the roads and the like; you could pull a heck of a lot of weight! I really don't think that it would take all that long before Will would add a wood stove and the like to a pull-cart either. Just grab one from an ice-fishing hut, easy peasy. I mean if you are going for the 500 day challenge you need to keep in mind that's just over a year of nothing but winter. It is not unreasonable that with the tools at hand and the resources and the NEED experienced by all the players to move larger loads, to have a safe portable shelter, that SOME sort of solution might present itself to someone as resourceful as Will Mackenzie. but wait there is more....... . I am pretty sure i have seen a dolly in a gas station or somewhere.....that dolly could help carry a load, its made of steel sooo super durable. Just let us interact with it and drag it behind us with a load on it. Heck strap on one of those filing cabinets to a dolly and you have a pull-cart with storage bins! Best of all you don't need to add any new models to the game! There! Problem solved! Everyone happy?
  16. Add maples trees ?

    I would like Hinterland to add mature maple trees : they are the symbol of Canada. It is rarer than cedar and fir, we can make a hole inside to make pour the sap. The sap flow at the speed of 10cL by hours, when we attend more than 2 hours, the sap dry and cannot be any more got back. A tree can give 5-6L of sap. For the sap can be eaten, we must boil it (it take 50min for 1 hour). When the sap is boiled, it becomes maple syrup. We can find maple syrup in a house but is pretty rare. And, to go with that, add a new location : maple farm ! It is located maybe in Pleasant Valley and they are a lot of maple trees, maple sap and maple syrup in wood boxes.
  17. Allappa Bay

    1-Naming and localization of the Allappaa Bay: Allappaa is the Inuinnaqtun word for cold whether.As we will see later in this post it's quite a fitting for this region. The Allappa Bay is located opposite Crumbling Highway,here: 2-Basic plan and locations: Legend: The blue dots are fishing huts. Black lines are cliffs. Light blue zones are thin ice. 3-Lore and description: The Allappaa Bay is an intermediate zone harder than ML or CH but easier than DP or BH.It has 6 man made shelters (only 2 are viable though) and 1 cave.Its general weather scheme is windy and cold. A-Fisher man's hut:(examples of loot for Voyageur) A hut resembling mountaineer's hut in TWM though a bit warmer(it will only become sub-zero during a hefty blizzard) but with similar loot (light shell's,fishing tackle,trail boots,a bit of fire wood,etc) .It has a crafting table. B-Search and rescue tower:(examples of loot for Voyageur) A tower resembling Forestry lookout but stacked cram full of radio equipment(cool place to be during an aurora) worse loot than Forestry lookout (no rifle). There is a path leading down to the boat house from here. C-Boat House:(examples of loot for Voyageur) A Big house containing some search and rescue boats it is an exterior location it does no contain much loot(fishing tackle,cereal bars,etc). D-The wreck of the Aurora*: (examples of loot for Voyageur) Lore:The Aurora* was a oil prospecting ship bound for the arctic circle however while passing near Great bear the Forest Talkers Eco-terrorist group(hence the cache) boarded it,killed the crew,and set it into a collision course with the Dog rock. The Aurora's* hull is smashed open on the Dog rock thus leaving access to the hold.There are two ways to enter the cabins either by using a rope slung over the rail or if you have a pry bar by a door in the hold however you exit out of the boat by the hold without a pry bar.The holds loot is pretty mediocre (mostly metal shelves,maybe some candy bars) but the is a buffer memory to collect and some quality tools.The cabins and the deck however contain much better loot(Mariner's pea jacket,MRE,hacksaw,distress pistol,canned food,snow pants,thermal underwear,etc)and obviously some Forest Talker gear(arrows,a note). *The Aurora is a pretty generic name so please suggest a better a name in the discussion. E-Cave+Forest Talkers cache:(examples of loot for Voyageur) The cave is a basic two entry cave with the cache located in the second cave entry from fisher man's hut the cache contains mostly craftables(arrow head's,maybe a bow,maybe some dear pants and boots). Thank you for reading - Sneaky Squid
  18. My ideas

    Hello, i have collected my ideas i found interesting, i know maybe some of them are suggested already, but i would like to start some discussion about it. Feel free to coment any point of my list. Thanks for reading my words and have a nice day. Gameplay in general: 1. Candles in various sizes as decent light source and fire keeper. 2. Oil lamps as craftable variant of candles. 3. Fall into water (ice break) provides small chance to loose your active item in water and damage or ruin water unprotected items, like non-canned food, or matches. 4. Matches, wood and tinder can get wet. 5. Fire extinguishing to save a wood. 6. Lootable bottles for drink tranport. Thermo bottles keeping your tea hot. 7. Tea and coffee cups cannot be transported in backpack. 8. Compass for orientaion. 9. Pen / Permanent marker, able to draw in your map. 10. Animated slope falling. You can loose some stuff in progress, same mechanic like dropping your rifle in bear attack. 11. You can harvest fuel from second latern. Same function like unloading rifle, but for fuel. 12. MRE and condensed milk should not spoil so quickly, it shouldnt decay at all. 13. Lootable binoocular and smaller monooccular. 14. You can slip on ice, or snow plated stem when running, or on edge, when you too close. 15. Craftable jerky from raw flesh. Gun play: 1. Ammunition and flares can be harvested for powder used as fire accelerant or maybe used as acoustic decoy to scare predators (firecracker). 2. Rifle rounds can be turned in dum-dum rounds (open lead core) with knife. Less accurate, less penetration, more bleeding. 3. Sporterized hunting rifle. Its like hunting rifle, but with naked barrel. Less wood furniture makes rifle lighter, bolt is set for rapid fire and new dioptric sights for better aiming and improved accuracy. Its basically Lee Enfield for target shooting. Uses as same .303 ammo as hunting rifle. New guns: 1. Shotgun. Uses 12 gauge slug or buckshot. Buckshot is good for small game at short distance but useless against bear or moose, because cannot provide critical hit for instant kill, it causes just bleeding. Critical hit is possible only for rabbits, wolfs and deers. Slug round is longer distance massive stopper even for bear, but its scarce. Shotgun is double barrel SxS and it can shoot two fast follow up shots and then long reload, unlike boltaction rifle, where reloading periods are more consistent. Simple, sturdy and reliable gun. Can be shortened with hacksaw, turning hunting shotgun into compact, less effective (shorter distance, less damage) selfdefence weapon. 2. Lever action rifle. Less durable, shorter range than hunting rifle. It fires faster than boltaction hunting and you can cycle bolt when you aiming, less accurate in general. It can share ammo with probably upcoming revolver, so its also better for smaller game, due to lower damage based on use of revolver ammunition. In different view, it could use own king of ammo, like .45-70, so it would be good even against bear, however, accuracy and distance is affected by heavy and slow projectile of .45-70 black powder cartridge. 3. Magnum hunting rifle. Single shot break action or big bolt action rifle with max. 3 round capacity with internal, non removable magazine in hard hitting cartridge, like .458 Winchester Magnum. Gun and ammo cannot be looted in general, except handfull of interiors. Can be attached with optic sight. High recoil, low accurate gun requires serious care, but its powerfull even against most dangerous animals. 4. Semiautomatic pistol, based or Browning High power. Unlike revolver you have 13 fast followed shots, but you have only one magazine in your gun, so before inserting you have to load magazine one by one. Rather selfdefence tool than a true weapon, in hunting perspective its effective at very short distance against small game, like rabbits. It can kill wolf with a bit of luck with one headshot. Nearly useless against bears and very limited use against mooses. Lootable only in certain office interiors along with 9x19 mm ammunition. 5. Single shot .22 rimfire rifle. Simple gun for small game, very ligh ammunition. Ideal for rabbits. 6. Sling shot. Uses rocks as ammunition and can be crafted. Superior to hand throw. Limited aiming provided. Most suggested guns are probably better fr survival rather than for story mode (maybe as npc character gun, non obtainable for player). I am aware that variety of ammo calibers can be tricky, but we can talk about it
  19. Armor-piercing Ammo

    Hello again. Here in the game there are cartridges for the Gun. but they are suitable only for deer and wolves. Because those skin is thin. But on the moose and the Bears would go only special armor-piercing cartridges. Since the bears and moose skin is thick. Personally, I tried to kill Elk a few hours yesterday. It took a lot of bullets, but still killed. Thanks again for the game.
  20. Hello, my fellow community members! Majority of the credit for this idea goes to @k0s0ff, who came up with this concept and approached me several days ago with this concept. After some discussions via private messages we worked out the balancing for it, and he kindly asked me to put together this post in English on his behalf. And I was very happy to do so I believe this idea is balanced out and could prove to be very valuable in the game. New ability under camping on the Action wheel: Prepare makeshift bedding Aspects: Requires 12 sticks, 3 cloth Can be harvested: 9 sticks, 2 cloth (and less with a lower condition) Deteriorates condition the same way as snow shelter. Can be repaired, with 2 sticks, and once condition 50% or lower, with 1 cloth and 6 sticks. Can only be BUILD in CAVES. No feels-like temperature bonus. Notes: This option can only be built in indoor or outdoor caves. It creates the kind of bed that can be found in the cave at the beginning of Story mode/sandbox plane crash cave at Mountain Town location. This would create a reasonable option for resting at certain points in the wilderness without Bedroll, making it a great option for people who forgot, lost, or simply did not acquire bedroll yet. It acts in a similar way like Snow shelter but uses the warmth bonus of a cave instead. Should add some variety to wilderness survival options besides a snow shelter. Construction would take time and resources, and deconstruction even more time and a permanent loss of some resources along the way. The benefit is easier craftable option to sleep without a bedroll or access to bed. I think Interloper is difficult plenty enough - and the survival in it should not be limited by a spawn of a bedroll or not. All opinions and critique is welcome. If you have any further ideas to balance this, please share them.
  21. Bucket for a set of water and its boiling

    Hello , I know that it is possible to boil water in a pot and a tin Bank, and that if you have the opportunity to get water with buckets , but why not , here in the ice cave is a stream , there would be possible to gain of water and boil it. Thank you for listening
  22. Add a fire axe ?

    I found this picture on the official TLD wiki and I am to inform : That is an old, unused art asset, hidden in the game files, It is not in the game at all right now. Not in Story Mode, not in Survival Mode, not in any Challenge Mode. Only the devs know if they are going to add it. And I hope Hinterland add this in the game ! If they added it, I shall see it like that : the fire axe is pretty rare, we can find it in industrials locations (Carter Hydro, Hibernia Processing...), its weight is 2,25kg, it is 60% more effective for harvest wood and carcasses and in a wolf struggle, this is the best weapons ! We can repair it with a whetstone and, when we harvest it, it gives 1 cedar firewood, 1 cloth and 3 scraps metals. We can also use this for opening containers.
  23. Add gas cooker ?

    I would like to HinterLand add a gas cooker. That shall serve as "transportable fire". One can provide him in the same way as a storm lantern. For 1l of fuel, he can heat during 3h. And he can heat in wind. His weight (empty) is 1,75kg. When one harvest his, he gives 2 scrap metal and his fuel. He is pretty rare. He has 1 firebox. And he provides 7-8 C° of warm bonus.
  24. More Veggies

    Although I'm not a vegan, I believe the game could benefit from more plant food. Once the player has eaten all the food scrounged from human habitats, he is left with cattails and herbivore meat (rabbit, deer, and moose). Although the rabbits, deer, and moose respawn, the cattails don't. Why not? Also, I believe adding one or more new non-meat natural food sources would enhance the gaming experience. Wild asparagus can be found in Canada as can clover and chickweed. Of course there are many other options. I've seen the bare bones Long Dark from a couple of years ago in old YouTube videos. It's grown a lot since then. I hope it will continue to grow and that more edible plants will be part of that growth.
  25. Hi everyone, I've already exposed my views on the problems the gameplay has, that makes Interloper a bit easier than what was expected by Hinterland, in my opinion. It all boils down to whatever mistake you do, a good night of sleep on calories will fix it. That's not realistic, and that made my behave strangely (starving all day long, eating 750 calories before sleeping) and that was kind of an immersion-breaker to me. So I started playing with Custom Settings a bit and ended up with the Sleepwalker modes. Harder than Interloper, easier than DeadMan. Sleeping won't heal anymore, but I discovered you're still encouraged to sleep long stretches by internal game mechanics. Playing it also showed that "Rest as a resource" is not that much relevant, as sleeping is an enemy. Hibernating becomes a viable solution only when at 100% health, in this case you're in a SW level that's too easy for your skills. Now that I've tested this mode and am happy with it, I dare posting in a more general section of the forums, hoping some of you will give it a try. I'll continue reporting my Sleepwalker Level1 run in the "survival stories" sub-section, then I'll report my next run, a sleepwalker 4 there too, so feel free to use this thread for saying anything you want. Just one last remark: the philosophy works with any difficulty (Pilgrim/Voyageur/Stalker): just take the corresponding template in Custom Settings, set "At Rest Condition Recovery Rate" to "None", and that's it, you'll have a sleepwalking mode. Good assumption for the roleplayers / immersion: Mode Fictional Badge name Copypastable Custom Code SW-Pilgrim Voyager-ready +38w-gsDw-KFCU-hi15-RAAA SW-Voyageur Stalker-ready +29k-lpWh-KJXp-hqx9-rgAA SW-Stalker Interloper-ready 8lmY-mmpa-Kbo/-xyqG-7gAA SW0 Proudly Arrogant 8sDM-qj4P-KxuH-yaKO-LgEA SW1 Confident 8sDM-qj4P-KxuT-x6KO-LgEA SW2 Capable 8sDM-qj4P-Kxuf-xaKO-LgEA SW3 Soft Masochist 8sDM-qj4P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA SW4 Alpine Hunter 8sHM-bj8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA SW5 Alcoholics Anonymous 8sHM-uj4P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA SW6 Skeleton 8sHM-uj8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA SW7 Opium Addict 8sHM-+j8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA SW8 Suicidal 8sHM-/j8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA SW9 Baby DeadMan 8sHM-/j8P-Kxu3-waKO-LgEA