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  1. Hello, ive played about 65 hours after than i took a break for a long time. After all these updates i wanted to have a look what's changed and played again 5 mins ago but i didnt see the major problem about moving. So, im sure there are alot of Skyrim players here and they can easily remember that the "c key binding" in the game. I mean the aut-move key i used to assaign to "c" key for it idk maybe the default key was different. So, you just press the key and let the character goes forward automaticly and you could control only the mouse Why does not still The Long Dark have this ability ? It would be awesome because we need to MOVE almost forward in this game to discover and it means you have to put your middle finger always on the "w key" and it's just frustration and ice on the cake I hope you know what i meant. I guess this key binding example is a feature that should be in the game to make play this game easier. Sincerely.
  2. So, yea, bandages. Current issue of most players who try to play the lasting games. At the moment, bandages are used when you treat the blood loss, and can be crafted out of cloth which is a resource also used to repair clothes and make a dozen of other items via crafting. And that is why I believe this was suggested times and times again, no doubt. I think the bandages should be re-usable. The Faithful Cartographer update which brought in smelliness into the game can help a lot with making this a balanced situation. Here is my idea: Main suggestion: Whenever you use a bandage to treat blood loss, the bandage will become "bloody". This will turn it into a semi-powerful smelly item which can be used as a bait. - In order to turn it into a regular bandage, you need to "boil" it - it would be a Campfire cooking option "wash the bandage" which would require 0,5 of potable water (to make it somewhat expensive). - Bloody bandage can be used to stop bleeding again, but it will instantly give you "Infection" sickness. ___________________________ This allows players to choose - do they discard the bloody bandages and make new ones, or take them home despite they attract wildlife? Throw them away, or use this rather expensive cleaning method to turn them into regular bandages again? To make this more "lucrative" with players, the new crafting method would be 1 cloth = 1 bandage. Optional suggestion: Bandages can be used to treat "sprained" limbs. This would "remove" bandage from inventory, and change "sprained ankle/wrist" into a "treated sprained ankle/wrist" - basically the same condition, but with weaker debuffs. - You would still need to use the painkillers/rose hip tea or sleep to remove it entirely. - Only once you cured them entirely, you would get your bandage back - it would be "dirty bandage" - which does not smell and attract wildlife, but still needs to be washed. - You can use dirty bandages to treat sprains with no debuf. - you can use bloody bandages to treat sprains with no debuf, but you would constantly "smell". Curing the effect will give you "bloody bandage" back. - you can use weapons with treated sprained wrist and you can sprint with treated sprained ankle, but weapons would have bigger sway and sprint would be slower and more exhausting. - You cannot climb ropes. - using a dirty bandage to treat blood loss results in instant "infection" sickness. - Once treated, the players could not sprain that particular limb again. _____________________________________ This would help improve the current sprain system in-game which is rather bad, since it offers some massive debuffs for what is essentially a "random" encounter in game, as well as offer some new ways to perform self-treatment and make the game more realistic. _____________________________________ Feel free to discuss and suggest your own improvements! I think these changes are rather balanced and realistic, and would greatly improve the current bad "spraining" mechanic as well as offer new challenges with the medical system that is currently in place. There are significant issues if one is not careful to use sterilized bandages to treat wounds, it would open more realistic encounters where players might find already dirty bandages while looting (not bloody ones, I imagine noone would be foolish enough to use a bloody rag from someone else to treat themselves), and the infection sickness would be an excellent punishment for performing a mistake during self-treatment. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In real life, I wash bandages a lot because I have genetically weak ankles and I sprain them a lot. I would wash bandages and boil them to sterilize them quite often, and I even used such a washed bloody bandage to treat a blood loss in the past without getting an infection later on. So it can be done.
  3. I'm sure I'm not alone in being sad that the Aurora has been made a fairly rare event in Survival Sandbox. I really enjoyed the beauty of it (although the sound effects aren't my cup of red rose) I looked forward to nights that it was "up" and going outside to enjoy it, or even putting off sleep to travel during it so I could see it from different places and angles. I also enjoyed being able to listen to the radio while I cooked supper or harvested bunnies in the evenings. It's so rare now that those have practically become non existent. I've seen it only once in 16 days survived since the update that nerfed it.
  4. suggestion

    Hello fellow Survivors, an idea just flashed into my mind thinking about the battle system when encountering a wolf. Currently, it`s just "click as fast as you can" and depending on your condition you will win/lose a fight with wolf injured/bleeding. It doesn´t really matter (my experience) what weapon you choose and i would like to see the battle system extended a little more. This means that "click as fast as you can" stays as basic mechanic, but, additionally, there could be something like special moves or an altered fighting system (depending on your weapon). The main purpose of this idea is to add new fighting variables to a wolf fight since wolves sometimes appear out of nowhere leaving you little to no chance to react. Of course, this shouldn`t make wolf fights more attractive or even desirable but in case it happens, it should have more variety so the player can make a distinct choice. Depending on what choice he makes he will suffer a certain penalty being equivalent to what you can suffer in a conventional wolf fight. Here is what came in my mind. 1. Fist: Would stay the way it is now but you can ram it into the wolf`s throat causing the fight bar to be filled by a certain (huge) amount of "points". If you cannot fill the fight bar to its peak you will lose all your progress and the ability to do this again. Regardless whether it fails or not this move will obviously result in bleeding, infection risk and a sprained wrist. 2. Hunting Knife: Could be extended with a more skill-based battle system where you can aim for targets like the snout, eyes, ears and throat. I am pretty sure that major damage to the wolf`s sensory organs will make him rethinking his choice to charge you. That means, if you hit a critical area, it will fill the fight bar by a good amount of points. If you don`t, it counts as a single click-attack. Thus it will be a good way to quickly scare off a wolf but requires you to aim precisely. Could be a good way to be able to scare off wolves if you are at low condition where all other weapons would fail in most of the cases. 3. Hatchet: I don`t see anything that could be added here. Can stay the way it is now. 4. Prybar: A more defensive weapon. This is would be a completly different battle system. So, when using the prybar`s alternative fight-mode you will not simply hit the wolf with it but you will start to wrestle with it instead. While wrestling you will try to throw the wolf off. When thrown off you will need to beat the wolf up in order to scare it off (or kill it occasionally). Otherwise he will charge again immediately and you will need to throw him off again (or scare him off using the conventional battle system). Successfully throwing it off requires you to not have any sprained limbs and being at good condition (fatigue, health) as well as your prybar being in a good shape. If your prybar is in a bad shape it will break and you will lose this fight. If you are in bad shape you will lose this fight. If you lose you will fall unconscious and the wolf will prey on you the same way it is now plus your prybar having lost a lot of condition (or being broken). The outcome of this kind of fight is that you will suffer little to no afflications and condition loss at all but the prybar will lose a remarkable amount of condition as well as you losing a good amount of fatigue. 5. Heavy Hammer: I don´t see anything alterable with this weapon. Low-skill, click-only, blunt weapon that just stays the way it is now. Okay, that`s been quite a lot theory crafting. I am aware that this idea likely won`t enter the game the way it is described above but it could make the game more interesting. Is it a good idea or why is it utter crap and should be doomed to oblivion asap? Feel free to share your thoughts about this idea with me!
  5. Hi Hinterland and community, I wanted to discuss a few things I found odd recently when playing. First of all, on a quest to see if I could get the old revolver into my file, I found a file editor. When looking for items to add, I found the following things that I found interesting - a fire axe with a picture but not yet functional, a shovel with nothing but the description "missing", a car battery that i could put in my inventory but not pick up after dropped, a compression bandage with an accurate description, but once again, no function, and finally, a flint and steel that used 1% condition each use and lowered the starting chance from matches by 20%. When I dropped the flint and steel, they took the form of the Hydro Dam med supplies from story mode. Since story mode is recent, I'm hoping that these items are going to be implemented soon. While fumbling around in Broken railroad looking for exploits, I somehow crossed a fence preventing you from getting into the ravine on the west side of the region. After making my way down, I found some firewood, sticks, two dead deer, a dead wolf, and a backpack. I think there should be a rope point added somewhere to allow people to get down AND up. One final thing - I know TLD is not a first person shooter, but I would have a lot more fun if you put the revolver back in and maybe a shotgun? Tell me what you think. Thanks!
  6. suggestion

    Good afternoon, please add the Fox, it is perfect, for the Cape and for the collar on the fur coat, so the fur coat will be even warmer
  7. The big-headed ram. An adult representative can weigh up to 160 kg. Magnificently twisted horns reach a length of 1.3 m. Herds of sheep migrate from the foot of the mountains to the alpine meadows. There they graze and rest - they accumulate energy for harsh wintering. from a wool of a ram it will be possible to make valenoks. very warm shoes.
  8. this first one wasn't actually an Idea I had myself, I had read about it on a different topic, but id like to see if expanded upon. the idea is some sort of transport sleigh. given that people like the idea, I'm curious how youd want it to be balanced? I could go either way with this, I do like the idea of hauling my bear meat after harvesting or the ungodly amount of firewood I like to keep stocked. but I also enjoy having to think about what I really want to bring and leave. that being said, anyone have ideas on how it could be crafted and then implemented? then the idea I had while killing rabbits, when you pick them up I thought it would be interesting to be able to keep them in a sort of cage so they can breed and you have a sustainable food source, if out of walking distance from a fishing hut. a problem I could see with this is an exploit to raise rifle/bow levels, "rabbits in a barrel". maybe a way around it would be no XP from them if killed in the pen? anyway, just kinda spit firing and hoping for ideas and discussion
  9. Scarves are kind of pointless. As soon as you get any hat, you simply rip up your wool scarf and repair the hat with the cloth. 2 Wool Toques give you a ludicrous 4°C of protection, while not impeding your movement at all. I think you should only be able to wear a hot on the outer slot, and restrict the inner slot to scarves. Alternatively, there could be a potential of frostbite on the neck, making scarves more valuable.
  10. I love this game but there are things like this that bring the game to a 8.9 instead of a 9.5. As you can see I have encountered either a glitch or a mistake and I have seen quite a few things like this i.e. no collision on rocks on hat creek at FM and falling trough the walls in lonely lighthouse but I still love this game please continue being positive.
  11. I don't know about other folks but the radial dial gets the best of me 8 of 10 times that I really need to drop bait to save my hide. I think I could cut off a finger as bait (if the game would let me) faster than get it done with that dial... Don't get me wrong I like the dial for most everything else but NOT dropping bait. In my opinion, it would be better to have a 2 button combination to drop bait. If someone knows of a better way to drop bait on Xbox, that I have over looked, please let me know. And I'd also like to give my many thanks to Hinterland for creating an excellent game. Edit: Ok I admit that I had failed to notice until tonight that there is a "controls" screen that shows that there is indeed a single button to drop bait... The down arrow on d-pad... My bad... ?
  12. discussion

    Hello community and developers, For some time I started playing the long dark and I found that there was something missing in the game. The main purpose of this game is to survive if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, surviving in 5 maps of just a few kilometers may after some times become bored. I do not criticize at all the work of developers who have a lot of work. but I see only one solution to this problem: to set up a small application inside the game allowing the community to create maps and to be able to share them. I can understand that all these ideas can be long to code, but I prefer to wait 5 months see even 1 year before the next update and have the ability to create maps only to have updates every two months and bug fix. But it remains to have the opinion of the rest of the community because I do not think its will be just for me! :) Please give your opinion below to know other players' opinion Thank you.
  13. So, I like the feats, the concept of playing the game enough you get small bonuses to the characters, but I'd like to see more variety. Maybe a carry weight upgrade? Say, after walking so far over the 30 kg, a small bonus, say 10-20 percent? Maybe something the decreases the rate of the exhaustion stat? Something you still really have to work and survive for, and doesn't "break" the mechanics and difficulty. Especially since the higher difficulties only allow so many bonuses per play through, a larger variety would force your choice and thus play style. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi here i want to share one of my ideas. It is a bear spray. This item whoud be a weapon and it works only on bears. It could be easyer to find than the flare gun. You can use it more than one time and recharge it.
  15. While the current wolves make for an interesting game play I would like to propose some changes to the wolves First remove the single wolves from the main maps and replace with 1 big group of 4 to 5 wolves depending on map and 1 to 2 smaller groups also depending on map of 2 wolves. Each group will have a pack leader usually the one out in front and will either circle each map either clockwise or counter clockwise or have set paths with chance on which way they go (ie when they come to a T intersection they have a 48% change of going left and a 48% chance of going right or a 4% chance of going back the way they came. Once spotted the pack leader will follow the player like the current mechanics but the others will attempt to surround the player. If you manage to hurt or kill the pack leader there is a very high chance that all of them will run away. If you hurt or kill a non-pack leader there is a small chance the rest will run but expect the others to stay and you will get attacked again. If they do run it will not be for long and they will return to the last point of the attack or kill. If you have hurt a wolf to the point of it will die. Then the other wolves will first return to the point at which the dying wolf gets hurt then when the wolf dies they will go to that point and hang around for 1-5 hours. If they do no spot the player they will eventually move on. Bring back brandish when you are holding a torch or flare but instead of the wolves running away they just keep their distance and just follow you. You still can try to make them run by throwing the torch/flare, obvious implications if the throw fails to make them run. This will change several things within the game: Wolf encounters will become less likely over current but more deadly Carrying items that give off scent will become more dangerous Dropping a decoy will become more valuable Wolf meat and wolf pelt will become more valuable/ harder to obtain this means that either more meat can be added to the wolf or the parasite debuff can be scaled back/removed. This will work better if the moose gets added as the wolves will attack as a pack. There can be a slight chance that wolves will try to attack the bear. This can be a very rare encounter and if the wolves win and the player can scare off the wolves they will have a bear harvest. Or if the bear wins then and the player can draw the bear away then there is a wolf/s to harvest.
  16. So, here we are finally with story mode, and although I expected a bit more interaction and choices, I'm impressed. I havent finished episode 2 yet, but I love it. Its awesome, and was well worth the wait. This has been one of my favorite games for the last couple years, but I'm really fed up with some things that could/should have been fixed a looooooooooooooong time ago. I grind my teeth every time I try to repair something or start a fire. I've reported this time and again, with various dismissals and discussions and denials. I don't care what you say about the possibility of it happening, and I completely understand the non relation between one attempt and the next but there is no way to deny the odds. With an 85% chance of success to do something, the odds of failing at that thing OVER AND OVER are so slim as to be inconsequential, and yet I ROUTINELY have to use 3 or 4 or 5 matches to light a fire, or waste 3 or 4 cloths to repair an item. not a big deal when its one cloth, but when you're repairing a wolfskin coat.... My other huge complaint is the "condition" on meds. This is absolutely pointless, and serves no gameplay purpose whatsoever except o make inventory management a pain in the arse. Ive never had low condition meds not work, and I've rarely lost them to becoming useless from condition. All it does it create 4 or 10 seperate bottles of pills in my first aid box, or backpack. I've made several suggestions in the past, ( I don't presume to have all the answers or expect that my word must be followed) but this has never changed. There simply is no justification for something like pain pills having a "condition". Same with several other items, like lamp fuel, and matches. Its pointless, and detracts from the game while adding nothing. Matches will work after sitting in a cupboard for 100 years, if they are kept dry. Kerosene will burn in a lamp after sitting in a can for 20 years. As for pain pills and antibiotics and water pure pills, yes, they do go out of date, but adding that level of reality to a game... well, lets just say it doesnt fit in a world where you must eat 7 KG of fish, twice a day, and theres no toilet paper.
  17. The Long Dark is a finalist in the Unity awards!!! Make sure to vote for your favorite game (and mine ) You can sign in to vote via Google account or Facebook. I tried logging in under FB but it didnt work, so i just made a quick Unity account. Thanks guys!!
  18. As we all know fishing is quite OP for what it is visually, a simple hook with no bait who can catch fish with the unknown power of canadian magic. It's normal to spend calories with random result with the chance to loose your tool but what kind fish will bite an empty hook, we must pay a higher price for those fishes Mechanic balance The bait method should be the most rewarding due to extra work put in, the spoon become the intermediate between cheap and efficiency and artificial fly to be the poor man alternative, to summarize : Bait>Spoon>Fly Items -Bait It could be scraped from food (Cat tail and liquids non-included), you select by the calories you want to invest in 25 by 25 (Bait can be considerate as a food and tool item) you can eat it with a high chance to get food poisoning (If you are really desperate) Ruined just mean you can't eat it -Use 0.01 Kg per use for fishing -Ratio Calorie/Weight : 2500 Calories / Kg -Spoon It is craftable at the workbench for 1 crap metal to create 2 spoons -Weght : 0.03 Kg -Craft time : 20 minutes -Spoon Line Craftable with a line and a spoon at any place, it work like the old tackle but you can't sew with it (At least they can be stackable) and it's chance to catch lower -Craft time : 10 minutes -Weight : 0.04 Kg -(Optionally and alternatively) Artificial Fly Crafted with a feather, a line and a fishing tackle anywhere, you can do the same as a spoon but with less chance to catch a fish with it, you can't sew with it and you can only catch the small fish -Craft time : 15 minutes -Weight : 0.03 Kg Minor ideas and thought I hope this suggestion to be balanced, reasonable and make the game harder in the long run It could add a lure box which work like ammo and artificial lines which are just stronger limited lootable items but I don't think it's necessary That's not a huge suggestion but knowing Hinterland Studio Inc I know it will take 9 months Thank you to have read this post and have a good day and don't hesitate to give your feedback
  19. As we all know the launch of Wintermute wasn't the greatest. Bugs happen and were resolved (for the most part). But many people still seem to have negative feelings towards the first two episodes of Wintermute. 1. First off; the tutorial nature. In Episode 1 we have an actual well thought out tutorial. But it's still tutorial like the further in you go. The obvious example is Jeramiah's Survival School. This should be optional BUT have rewards. For example; you shouldn't be able to harvest mushrooms, cat tails and all that stuff until Jeramiah tells you about it. Like how you couldn't harvest rosehips before you sprain your ankle on Day 4 of Episode 1. THIS is Mackenzie's Knowledge. If knowledge can help you survive then why not make it optional. The whole theme of TLD is suffering in a world that's been torn to shreds by Mother Nature. So making this knowledge optional to make the game harder would be a great way to portray this theme in terms of gameplay. If the player decides to not do these side missions then they not only will not unlock that knowledge (and have a disadvantage) but also have to boost Jeramiah's trust in order to get the Old Bear mission faster. Old Bear Mission: This should be availiable right away after the Fix My Rifle mission but should be harder. You should have to look for the Old Bear instead of having him come to you first. If you do the Survival School optional missions then (for the sake of gameplay balancing) it will play out as it does now. The outcome of these two approaches will be the same. Now what happens if someone decides not to do Survival School and doesn't get the availiable knowledge of harvesting plants etc...? A new gameplay system! 1b. Knowledge Points; these points are gained after doing certain tasks you already know how to do. Stuff that helps you survive. Even helping out other people. Once you get enough knowledge points you can "unlock" new knowledge without needing an NPC Quest. For example; if you didn't do Survival School then later down the line (if you the player are up for it) if you have enough KP you can walk up to let's say a Reishi Mushroom and pick it. Whereas previously Mackenzie didn't have that knowledge. This can be seen as Mackenzie learning through his environment without the need of another person. Like he did for Rosehips initially. What does this do in the end? It allows for more diverse play. More diverse choices. And that will allow for less Fetch Questing or at least the feeling of linearity. 2. Dialogue; we know that dialogue is very bland right now. It's text-based and there's no choice. Now I understand that it would be very difficult for incorporate full on dialogue cutscenes for everything that Mackenzie and another person has to say. But we don't need that. How about voice the two characters speaking with very "crude" animation? Doesn't have to be a cutscene. In some cases you could even throw in a 2D motion cutscene with another character talking over it. 2b. Interactive Dialogue; originally we had been teased with a TellTale style dialogue system. As seen here. This can still work. But for another type of NPC. Dialogue based-NPC's. Like Methuselah is/was. All he did was talk through a cutscene with no quest motives or anything like that. He was no "central-NPC" like Jerry or Grey Mother. And I think we need more of that. Give us a choice of how we wanna approach the Episode. Maybe we can choose to go the "central-NPC" route or we can go the Dialogue-NPC route. The only difference will be the knowledge you earn (balanced out with the KP system) and the pacing of the Episode and nature of quests you receive. 2c; Dialogue-NPC's w/ Quests. I think some Dialogue NPC's should have quests. Example; "I saw something the night the lights went out." "Sounded like a plane". This is hinting towards TWM Plane Crash. Maybe this will be a side quest you could take. Or you could say "I don't have time for this." and leave. Ignoring the quest. There's much more room for this feature I think. 2d; pacing w/ dialogue only NPC's. This will be tricky. The "Central-NPC" pacing is what keeps the Episode going. You meet and NPC, they tell you do to something in reward with information about the whereabouts of Astrid. It's this urgency that keeps us going. But the further we go into the Apocalypse the less urgency we'll be getting. This will allow for more flexibility in our actions in the world. So when Mackenzie gets to Signal Hill and gets that message out he'll eventually have to get to Perserverance Mills on foot. But perhaps the road will be blocked off, (most likely) forcing him to take another route to PM. The only other route I can think of is through Coastal Highway. But here's what you need to pull in order to pace this correctly; if you don't meet the "Central-NPC" in time they might die. And that will no longer be an option. So Dialogue-NPC's will be the only option. After completeting some side-quests for them you can learn some important knowledge about how to get to CH. But before you do that Mackenzie will say "I'd better stay on the task at hand" or whatever. Not allowing you to progress. So unless you are willing to work your way to using some Knowledge Points you will be forced to do some form of NPC action. But it won't be linear as you'll have some choice. 2e; Voice Acting and Dialogue Quality with Dialogue-NPC's. So we all know that the quality of the writing in Wintermute may not be the best (it's also subjective, biased and opinion based). But a good way around this is to balance it out with newer dialogue with Dialogue-NPC's. All HL needs to do is hire some lesser voice actors instead of this extremely expensive cast. Then they can go about and write some newer dialogue taking into consideration the past opinions on it. With lesser paid VA's this won't be much of a troublesome task. Plus you can get more VA into some side characters accounting for point #2. 3. Combat; This one is tricky. But the kickstarter page said it best. "Combat is rare and highly lethal." And it should be. You should be able to run into Enemy NPC's from time to time. Maybe have there be a random sequence out of a few that can happen per Wintermute save. And maybe have there be a couple cases of combat that's caused by your actions. (take the ammo from the Forest Talker for example will cause a combat scenario like this. Choosing to kill people shouldn't have an affect on Mackenzie. The problem here is that the "Willpower" or Mental State feature was not implemented. It wouldn't fit with the pacing of Wintermute. And I can't think of a good way to implement that. However saving someone from an enemy will grant you KP's and maybe even a quest or item or knowledge. Or even Trust if HL can incorporate Dialogue-NPC's with Enemy NPC's. It may not be as complex as it is here. But I'd like to see something like this in the future. Especially considering we have Mathis introduced and the apocalypse is going further downhill. 3b; Execution of Combat. I'm thinking that when Combat ensues something should happen. I don't think it should be a cutscene but rather and interactive choice based on the situation. For example; the example I linked above. In that case a wheel should pop up giving you the option to attack with A; Melee (wolf struggle melee selection here) B; Rifle or Bow or C; disengage and walk away. There'll be a time limit here. Based on the situation, once the limit is exceeded and the NPC is dead the attackers may come for you (weather, wildlife, surroundings etc... are all factors if they'll do that or not.) If you choose to attack melee then a cutscene (2D animation would be simpler to implement) will play. If you choose Ranged then you can do it as gameplay. (maybe for the Bear Attack in Episode 1?!?!) and if you choose C; then you can simply walk away. Walking back towards the area will cause the choice to happen again. This is just for those types of situations. For simplicity's sake I think Combat should only happen in those situation anyways. Animation would be hard to accomplish though. So idk about this one. 4. Difficulty Mode; People have complained about it being too easy, too hard etc... So I have a solution. For the veteran players. A harder difficulty setting. Food, Clothing and other supplies will be harder to find. Wolves will be tougher but more rare (god damn wolves in Milton holy shit). And the weather will be worse. Currently right now the first Episode I find too easy for me and other veteran players agree. For newer players a difficulty mode should be featuring the current difficulty as it is now. The harder difficulty should also feature no tutorial (and should state that upon starting). 4b. Increasing Difficulty; As the apocalypse goes on it will be harder to survive. I think that by Episode 4-5 the difficulties shouldn't have an overall impact as the difficulty of survival would balance out to be quite tough for both difficulties. (let's be honest, Interloper and Pilgrim wouldn't work 4 months into the apocalypse for the sake of Story balancing). In terms of what will change though. I have some ideas; A; wildlife will be more scarce B; resources will be more scarce C; weather and temperature will get worse D; people will be rarer to encounter (good in terms of development resources and time) and E; it will be tougher in general and add more diversity and quality to the Story Mode. 5. How far will you go to survive? This video in short explains what the Story of TLD should feel like. A struggle in a post-digital world. The tone was perfect and that's what Wintermute should have. This need to go further to survive. Instead of sitting on our asses doing things for other people while eating cans of food and drinking sodas all day long. We should have a choice about how to approach moving forward, have the constant need to survive and collect resources, have the constant threat of other people and the environment and overall have this tone and an answer to that question. All of the things mentioned above add to this. Sure some of it may be hard to acheive but are possible. And I think that if HL takes the time to incorporate at least SOME of these things, Wintermute can be a much more enjoyable and memorable experience. (Even Survival Mode needs a bit of this because I don't feel that either over there). 5b; I also feel like this is coming based on Methuselah's "Soon, we'll all be tested. We'll have to choose HOW FAR WE'LL GO TO SURVIVE." quote. And then we have Mackenzie saying "I'm no hero, I'm just looking for someone. TRYING TO SURVIVE in the meantime." Anyways. Hope you all enjoyed my few ideas on how to make Wintermute better. If anybody wants I can go into further detail with some of these ideas. And I also hope Hinterland takes the time to read this and learns from this going forward. That's all. -Fuarian
  20. Hi there here is my personal wishlist for the amazing game you have created. The suggestions focus on survival mode because that's what the game is about IMO. 1. Craftable head grear, I think this has been suggested many times. And I totaly agree with the suggestions. I don't care if new wildlife is introduced like biever or raccon to make hats from it. For good sake make me craft a bunny hat but I want a craftable hat. 2. Improved wolf AI, I know that wolfes make the game challenging. The wolfes used to be super predictable which I think is not the way to go but nowadays wolfs in my experience are just random. I know they are not supposed to behave naturally but think about it: at full health with a knife with good fatigue you are most probably gonna kill a wolf in a fight. Wolfes are intelligent they do not attack unless they think it is worth the risk or they are attacked. Make them act this way! If I am well rested, armed, well fed and at full health a wolf should bark at me and come and investigate me. It should be a terrifying experience but you should be able to "stare down" the wolf while in top condition. If they are probably going to lose the fight they should not attack. Not necessary fleeing but just keeping distance and maybe also after a time loseing intrest. So at first growl and try to intimidate, jugde if a possible meal and if thats not the case they should maybe follow you at a distance or leave you alone. On the other hand, if your wounded at half health and winded the wolf should not be easily scared off. Campfires are a fool prove defence agains wolfes and bears, but other methods are pretty much gamble. What I want is the following: Let the elements, hunger, thirst and exhaustion bring me to the knees and when I am on my knees kick me in the balls with the wolf. So anybody who is able to avoid hunger, thirst, exhaustion and the cold should also be save or safer from wolves. The bear and wolf coats as I understood work with smell not with sight. I think that could also be extended to sight too. So the wolf sees other wolfes hanging from your shoulders this should he really should think twice if your a meal nor not. Speaking of improving the AI, this brings me to the next point. 3. Let animals smell the stored food, This maybe in- and outside. I mean come on I can store a metric ton of raw bloody meat outside and no preditors are going to show up? Bears are known for this. I do not want them do be able to break into the shelter but I want them to steal food stored outside and I want them to lure around if a lot of food is inside your shelter. A system that could safely store food outside would need to be implemented. This would then mean, that you need to make an effort to store your food. I think of a bag in a tree or something like that. Or even let us make food storable longer by drying, smokeing or salting it. Raw meat outside should not be an option. One could argue if the lureing around part is necessary, that could also be adjusted to difficulty levels. 4. Negative affliction for permanent malnutrition, at the beginning of a run this may be a viable taktic to starve during the day and recover at night. This however can be heavily exploited in the long run and minimizing the food requirement from 2500 to 800 calories. There should be a heavy penalty for beeing hungry most of the time. A solution to this is an overhaul of the hunger system. Hunger in my opinion should not be a short term killer but a slow death. Hunger should not drop the condition, hunger should lead to drop in stamina which then decreases carryweight and sprint ability. When hungering to much this will lead to a "cabin fever like" mechanic where counter for cumulative hunger hours in the last 7 days keeps track of how many hours you have been starving. If a certain hour count is met there will be an affliction called "weight loss" or "malnutrition". This will decrease start to decrease the condition of the player. So hunger leads to a weaker player, reducing the fatigue level and therefore preventing heavy labor like climbing and long distance traveling. It will also decrease the carryweight if the fatigue drops to much, this makes you slower and able to carry less. Therefore it is favourable to have the hunger meter full. Malnutrition can be treated by eating and keeping the hunger bar above zero a certain amount of days. Condition drop will be stopped when eating again but calory consumption may be ramped up during the curing time. This will prevent further exploits of hunger. Make recovering from hungering a lot a penalty. A positive affliction called " well fed" could also be a thing where if your hunger bar is above zero for x amount of days you get a bonus to carryweight or to stamina. In my opinion the thirst and cold mechanics are perfect where they are. Fatigue is ok. But hunger needs to change. This is an option to change it but I think not the only option. Useing an affliction fits the way the game is going IMO. To hunger a few days should make you temporaraly weak but not kill you in 4 days. And reduced calory input over many weeks should not be an option. Think about it: 4 days (with a consumption of 3000 kcal a day) without food means 12'000 kcal less then needed but 28 days with only 800 kcal a day means 61'600 kcal less then needed. So the first one should be weakening but the second one should bring you close to your end.
  21. First, I don't know if this has been suggested before but it would be nice if we could harvest bones from animals and crack them open to eat the bone marrow inside for a little extra food. Now a rabbit should give either zero bone or really little and deer some bones and wolfs far less than a deer and a bear a lot more and bigger bones than a deer. the weight could be like when you get a fish so you won't find a "large bone" or a "small bone" you will find a femur or shin that weigh differently
  22. anyone else think itd be fun to have raccoons added and to be able to use their hides for a coonskin hat?
  23. So, the hud has been changed, to more accurately reflect the "non-digital" world we are in. But the journal has been changed to look like a Windows phone PDA app... a cheap, poorly done one at that. The old one was so much nicer, and fit the game so much better. I want to be able to write notes on the page opposite that day's "stats". I want to see what injuries I sustained, not just the number of them. I want to turn pages from day to day. And, it would be nice if it remembered what page I was on the last time i opened it, or if it always opened to the current day. And please give it a font with some personality, it doesnt have to look like handwriting, but, it would be nice if it did. Make tabs along the top, like bookmarks, for the sections, like skills, collectables, map, etc. Then we can click on the bookmark for the total stats of the game, or the map. The old rustic notebook was soooooooo much better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!
  24. I think a rock sling, a spear, and a zippo lighter could be added to the game without negative impact to the lore. A rock sling seems like a weapon that would fit in between stone throwing and the bow and arrow. This would be a natural upgrade from stone throwing and could have the following attributes: Created from blueprint without the need for a work bench Would cost 2 cured gut and 1 cured leather Unable to improve condition Use the current stones in the game as projectiles Similar aim system to stone throwing Kills rabbits instead of stunning them Cause wolves to flee upon successful hit to the body Kills wolves if hit in the head Kills deer if hit in head Only pisses of bears A spear also seems like a natural fit in the game as a pre-bow and arrow weapon that can be built with things already found in the game. The spear would have the following attributes. Created from blueprint without the need for a work bench Would cost 1 scrap metal, 1 cured gut, 1 cured leather, and 10 sticks Unable to improve condition Lunge attack when only pressing attack button Throw spear if also holding aim button Similar aim system as stone throwing when throwing spear When equipped, there is no speed reduction when walking up hill or into wind (using spear to steady yourself like a hiking stick) The zippo lighter could be added to the game and would rely on existing items to maintain. The zippo lighter would have the following attributes. Can only be found, not built Refill with existing lantern fuel Can be used as light source Can be used in place of matches to build a fire Improved chance over matches when building fire Can light torches and camp fires in windy conditions I think all of these items would live well in the silent apocalypse without seeming out of place in any way. Thank you for the consideration!
  25. I need one, I want one, Where can I find one, I gotta get me one, I really really want one. Would also be cool if we could craft a hat like this in the game.