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Found 977 results

  1. I think we should have the ability to take down trees and this has been suggested before several times I know that but I have never seen anyone say that we should be limited to small trees/Large saplings and to cut them down you will need to spend hours just like when you craft clothes, but how many hours you need will vary depending on tree size, axe condition, character condition and tiredness. One thing too could be that if you are 70%(can vary) done on cutting down the tree there will be an event every hour that will run and the outcome will be either the tree will fall or stand, so what are the variables in the event? How strong is the wind (heavy wind/blizzard), what kind of tree is it, for how long has the tree been exposed to heavy wind before this event check(continuous wind will increase the chance) and all this should result in a % chance of the tree falling. This event would only trigger if there is some kind of wind right now. So what would the trees yield? They could give logs, bark, sticks and maybe firewood for the thinner parts of the tree, so the logs can be added to a fire as they are or you could split them up to get normal firewood. So the process of cutting one of these down would be: 1. Cut it down 2. Chop it up into logs and salvage sticks and bark 3. (optional) Chop the logs into firewood Leave a comment on what you think and what you would want to be changed in what I suggested and of course what you think is good about this
  2. suggestion

    I know that, in the real world, the herbivores and predators are always fighting, so I thought that when the Moose appeared, it would not be bad if he could crumple the wolf's flanks a little, so that it was just as fair, but only the main character fights. and at the expense of the bear, are not wolves and bears enemies?
  3. Hey there, here's an idea for The Long Dark. Idea: I'd love to see a feature in The Long Dark, where I can set the rules for my very own sandbox experience myself. Like there would be several factors I can adjust before starting a new sandbox. Example: Wildlife/Animals: easy, Weather: very harsh, Ressources: almost none. Tools: none. Weapons: none. So we could mix up the several difficulties to our liking. Reason: Why would I want that? I really enjoy Interloper mode, I dont play any other mode at all. I want the challenge, I want it to be hard, I want to start over and over again to finally make it. I really want that all. But, to be honest, wolves are so annoying. And most of the time they stop me from experiencing the whole survival. They just dont let me pass a certain level, where I cant go somewhere else (connection between Muskeg and Mystery Lake for example, there are 8 or more wolves in it). I just cant go anywhere without that annoying bark sound, and that stops me from experiencing what I'd like to experience (fighting the weather, the cold, the starving and so on). For me it would be perfect with Pilgrim wolves, that dont attack you (as in real life) as long as you dont attack them, but the difficulty of Interloper, or even harder, when it comes to the others stuff. For me, its even okay to then have even harder wolves to fight, if you decide to really attack one. I respect that many of you like the wolves the way they are, so I suggest that a feature where we all could mix up the difficulties would be best and fair to all. Everyone gets what they want. I really dont want to fear a wolf behind every corner or every hill so my journey can be over any time without warning. I really dont want to be not able to leave the gas station on Coastal Highway for 2 consecutive game days because everytime I try to leave the building theres a wolf already ready to jump on me and already barking as hell 0,1 sec after the loading screen disappears. Thats frustrating for me and destroys a bit of that great great great game, that it is nonetheless. Is there any reason why we should NOT have that? I mean its sandbox/endless mode, it's supposed to be flexible and adjustable, isnt it?
  4. Hello, in the game during the storms it's only cold and you can not see anything right? And what if you still add a very strong wind there and he tipped the tree straight to the house and had to repair it, or on the foot of the Main Hero, and it had to be treated, and there was not a dislocation there but a real fracture, because if I'm not mistaken when it traumatizes an arm or leg, there is a crunch, this is clearly a fracture and not a dislocation.
  5. suggestion

    The game needs Whale Fat, because if I'm not mistaken, there is a Whaling Mine, which means that Fat must have been preserved,Here is a link to what is useful in Whale Oil. https://www.syl.ru/article/317779/dlya-chego-nujen-kitovyiy-jir-svoystva-i-oblasti-primeneniya
  6. As simple as it sounds. I can't see why we can not sleep on the floor when we don't have access to a sleeping bag or bed (Carter Dam interloper mode), when we are lying by a fire. The temperature is just more than adequate, and sleeping on the floor is definitely better than DYING because of weariness. We are condemned to roam the indoors at night until we die holding a lamp.
  7. i got great hardcore update idea for long dark but how we can get it trough :I? so you could catch wolfs to pets and make sleigh for chopping trees and stuff then u could put wolf to move your sleigh and you need forge to make steel parts for sleigh that would be amaizing but i bet it would just come survival not story :I. that would be amaizing update about travelling faster in game *wolf sleigh* and i forget say you could add bear bedroll in sleigh so you can be warm there not cold or normal bed roll and store stuff to sleigh so you dont need carry over 40 kg items all the time sorry my bad inglish could this be possible to add atleast on survival mode maybe not story? item requirements to wolf sleigh 4-6 wolf bear bedroll hacksaw hammer forge fir and cedar wood and maybe sticks and last one rope and litle detail there how many wolf you have that give you more item space to carry if you have 4 wolfs you can store 40 kg and if you have 6 wolf you could store 60kg stuff
  8. Overall the game is excellent, and I enjoy it immensely. However, with a few changes it could, imo, be truly awesome: 1. The wildlife, predatory and otherwise, needs to be much more unpredictable in where you find it. At present wolves for instance seem to just hang out in particular spots, marching back and forth as if guarding the location. This feels inauthentic and is also annoying if one needs to get to/through the location. They also seem to have a tendency to persist in a particular spot for days on end which can be very aggravating as the player is forced to detour around the location over and over. Wolves should be a hazard, not a persistent obstacle. It seems to me the solution would be lots and lots of spawn points--the amount of actual wolves or other animals in the map at any given time would remain the same, the animals would just spawn at a different set of points every time with many different points to choose from. The animals would periodically disappear and respawn at new points every 6-24 hours, preferably only in areas out of sight of the player or when the player is indoors. Also it would help if the animals would range for much, much further before turning around. This may not be easy to implement but it would sure make the game feel a lot more immersive. 2. The same deal with items--the game would be much more challenging if it weren't possible to just visit all the known locations where there might be a rifle, for instance, until you find one. A better approach would be to have each item spawn point capable of spawning one item from a list of different items. Each item on the list for a particular point would have it's own probability of spawning: obviously you would be far more likely to find, say, a prybar at a given point than a rifle. Each point would have to have it's own list to prevent things from happening like finding an item where it wouldn't fit or otherwise make sense, like finding a rifle in a small drawer or where there isn't room for it. There would always be a chance that nothing would spawn at the point. And yes, a rifle rack would always spawn a rifle if anything, maybe even at an increased chance over a normal point. This would cause the game to require thought and planning rather than just looking at an online map to see where all the spawn points for the item you want are. 3. Am I the only one that would like a difficulty level that's like Stalker, only with the less frequent/dangerous wolves from Voyageur?
  9. i got amaizing idea for game could you guys make annoying crafting loading screen or cooking screen like you need actually craft item not just like craft and wait some time if you can craft it moving knife if you make some arrows and stuff that would be more interesting than wait some hours?
  10. So, I just made my first save (Stalker) at Coastal Highway to explore the area. My friend claimed it had a lot of resources, so I'm trying to use it to get the "Pacifist" Steam Achievement. Well, I've been finding a great many Toilets filled with Potable Water. Now, for the Toilets with a Back Section that contains clean drinking water for flushing, it makes perfect sense that it's Potable Water (the amount doesn't match real-life, but I think that falls in line with why the Devs made 1 Gallon of Water weigh 7 lbs). However, my suspicions were confirmed upon finding a Toilet with no Back Section to hold water in, but despite this, you could collect "Potable Water" from it! This was at Quonset Garage in Coastal Highway - feel free to look to confirm. I'd highly recommend that you change any Toilets with no Back Section to have "Non-Potable Water" to be collected from them. It's just common sense!
  11. I'm not going to talk about Milton, but some things like keys needed to open specific doors or certain areas inaccessible without aurora ( like the dam in mystery lake ) can be a nice feature
  12. suggestion

    To cook meat takes 20 minutes what ever the weight. If i cook a 1Kg piece of meat it take 20 minutes and if i cook a 50g piece of meat it take 20 minutes. It should be proportional.
  13. While playing The Hunted Part 2, I shot the bear on Mystery Lake which caused it to run into a fishing hut. It's now stuck there running in place - body inside the hut, face sticking out the back wall (see attachments). Not interested in getting it fixed, just wanted to share this as a bug. Hope it helps.
  14. You can make unlimited torches a this guy and his fire rip
  15. Hey! I've have survived in stalker for 100 days now and I have been writing in the journal for most of the time since day 1. Doing so gave me an interesting idea. "If there are notes in The Long Dark, wouldn't there also be journals?" Here's how it could be. 10 players of The Long Dark are selected to give there journals from any save to you, Hinterland. If they choose. The journals will be around the game world we're the player perished or where the players main base was. I'd love to see something like this implemented, especially mine. It's about Vhene Chand who is a 15 year old girl who is trying to find her already dead father but, she doesn't know that and she will eventually find the suicide note on the raven falls railway bridge written by her dad who gave up on day 16. Vhene will keep surviving but the note will haunt her still. A little bit sad but also a little cool. It includes the forest talkers and one part were Will is in her cabin looking for Astrid. It would be a very nice way to let the players be part of the game. Hope Hinterland considers it and the game is great so if they keep doing what they do best it will be, in my mind, the best apocalyptic winter game out there. Okay I'm done now. What do you think? Sincerely, Lucky
  16. So, I like the feats, the concept of playing the game enough you get small bonuses to the characters, but I'd like to see more variety. Maybe a carry weight upgrade? Say, after walking so far over the 30 kg, a small bonus, say 10-20 percent? Maybe something the decreases the rate of the exhaustion stat? Something you still really have to work and survive for, and doesn't "break" the mechanics and difficulty. Especially since the higher difficulties only allow so many bonuses per play through, a larger variety would force your choice and thus play style. Any thoughts?
  17. Why can't we just grab rabbits while they are alive if it runs over our feet? They do this quite often but no you have to throw a rock in their head to pick them up. Same goes for deer which quite often runs right next to you.... There could be a % chance depending on distance, stamina, fatigue and condition so it's not like picking up an item
  18. Nice touch with the Cattails. didn't know they can be eaten. When i first saw them in game, I hoped they could be used to insulate my clothes though The hairy seeds can be stuffed inside your shoes, gloves or any other wearable clothing. Reinforcing the insulation qualities. This is a trick to surviving colds in extreme conditions. Because the "reinforcement" can not be removed. it's a permenent damage with some perks any way. here is a link to back my thought. http://www.survivopedia.com/how-to-use-cattail-for-survival/ P.S. awesome game. respect the work you are doing <3
  19. Simple suggestion... Put one on the wall accross the window.
  20. Hello, in the early versions of the game was the ability to cut trees, you can not how to return this function? . So it would be more firewood. and you need a woodpile. In the house of the hunter it is, but it does not function.
  21. Hinterland, in my opinion there is one thing missing in The Long Dark and that is fur hat, we have rabbit mittens why not rabbit fur hat like this?: i'm starting to run out for cloth, so soon my two wool toque wil eventually be broken, so a rabbit fur hat would be great to have .
  22. suggestion

    Hello, here are such comfortable houses in the game, but there is no fireplace or stove, and that if you come up with a portable stove, so you can have a house that you like, warm and cook by eating.
  23. Another feaure that would be useful is to have a possibility to walk without holding W key. Sometimes I just want to go forward for a longer time and don't want to still hold the key. I see that Left ALT key is not used, so L ALT+W would cause the character to move forward until the same directional key is pressed again. But other directional keys and running by L SHIFT would work normally. In example, I want to go somewhere, I press L ALT+W and the character just walks forward. I can correct direction by mouse without affecting the movement forward. I can also use A or D keys to move aside or L SHIFT to run when pressed when still walking forward. Pressing W again or S key (back) stops the walking.
  24. It would be nice if we could construct custom shelters as kne would probably do in the real world or at the very least repair and improve an existing structure you are using as a base camp.
  25. I have (4) cured gut at 3% and other at numerous percentages. I made some fishing line and it used one of the other guts. I don't see a way to force it to use lesser quality guts first. Could we get this implemented? I've had got spoil before because of this. I know, I can drop the other higher guts to force it to use the lessers, but kindda makes sense to use older first by the game. Thanks.