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Found 606 results

  1. Why Tinder?!

    This is a mechanic I've never quite understood. I certainly know the role of tinder or kindling in a real fire, but in this game, it is required to start any fire (until skill allows not to), but it does not seem to matter what you use as tinder, and once you can start a fire without tinder, whether or not you use tinder doesn't make a difference either. So, now I'm in a situation where I don't need tinder to start a fire, but I have tons of it lying around that I have nothing to do with. It would seem like I could just throw that stuff into the fire and get a little extra out of it, or improve my chances of getting a fire to start by using it.
  2. Hello I had collected a lot of coals in mines for the fire, but it's now unusable because it became of charcoal.
  3. Cooking Phenomena

    So I'm not sure if this is a result of the new coming system or a bug. I've been staying in the PV Farmhouse and have been keeping all of my made tea and coffee on the short shelves next to the stove in the kitchen. Every time I light the stove, all of the drinks heat up like normal and give me a warmth bonus when I drink them. Come to find out, the sound of 15+ hot cups is very loud. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
  4. Feats Progression In Custom

    This has always bothered me, looking at the previous Hotfix logs, I was always confused and wondered if playing Custom doesn't give you Feat Progression. I never really found out which is the reason why i don't play it. If you guys could tell me, i would be grateful.
  5. Clothing and item combos

    So i have a dilemma on my current Stalker game in regards to what coat and pant i should go with and if i should have hatchet+knife or hacksaw+knife. My plan is to get all of the craftables i need/want in PV (which i already have most of the furs and saplings i need) and then make my way to FM to make extra arrowheads and then live in HRV with a supply drop just inside MT that i will only go to in emergencies. This is one of the first long runs i have done/planning since bears and mooses have been added and i have recently been playing Stalker alot, i have almost exclusively played Voyager before. For coats i honestly can't decide between the 3 craftables and the expedition parka. I know the parka has the best weight ratio and wind bonus and can be repair with cloth, but it only has an equal/worse warmth bonus, i will atleast be wearing a craftable on the outside for the protection bonus negating the parkas wind bonus, and there is the argument that i should save my limited cloth for headgear and underlayer clothing. I know the bearskin is arguably the best but it would be the second hardest to repair. The wolfskin is a bit warmer, lighter, and vastly easier to repair than the moose hide, but the moose hide greatly beats it in the categories. Also i do know that it's quicker and more efficient to harvest both moose items and just recraft them then to cure another hide and repair them, but that doesn't help me when i'm trying to stay in HRV. Would it be best to wear two of the craftables and just keep the parka on me as a spare? For pants it's either snow pants and deerskin or double deerskin, much for the same reasons above. For hatchet vs hacksaw when having a knife. The saw can do everything the hatch can except cut the larger limbs, but does all of it slower and loses condition quicker. When i'm ready to travel i should have at least 1 1/2 whetstones that i would want to save for my knife. I can of course repair the saw with quality tools, but the tools and several pieces of metal would add a significant amount of extra weight. Of course the hatch would be best if i can find plenty of whetstones on my way to HRV, but if i can't would the bringing the saw be best even with added weight in order to save whetstones for my knife? Sorry for the long questions and please try not to give advice/suggestions on other things. I do want to try and figure out everything on my own, but i simply can't decide on these three things.
  6. I have transited between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway too many times to keep track of as I am sure many of you who play TLD often do as well. I was just pondering as I was slowly walking, heavily over encumbered, what happened here? From the looks of things, it looks like a landslide took out the train as it was winding it's way towards the trestle. It would appear obvious, imho, that this "accident" was pre-geomagnetic event. So with that in mind, were the Eco-Terrorists or Nature Activists to blame for perhaps dynamiting the hillside as the train rolled by? Such an act wouldn't be in keeping with the stereotypical passive aggressive style of protest that is usually exhibited by those types of social activists, considering they would be willing to commit murder. Murder of the engineer and who ever else might have been on the train, to try to drive away those business whom they deemed were exploitive of the Island and it's natural resources. Or was it just an unfortunate natural accident, brought on the inevitable constant freeze and thaw cycle of the nearby waterfall that finally eroded enough of the underlying rock for the top layer to give may as the slow lumbering locomotive was thundering by? What about those two sections of missing track? Was that the work of the Eco-Terrorists? That's what was supposed to happen, the train would derail on the trestle and it would look like an accident, but no, the landslide just happened first? thanks for reading!
  7. I played on PC the story mode when it was released. I play now on PS4 in survival mode. With the updates, will it be interesting to begin again the story mode ?
  8. Questions?

    I'm a total noob here, I wasn't sure exactly where to post things, and make sure they would be seen. If anyone can help me out, check out my posts. Hopefully I'm not being weird by asking, not super down with forum edicate.
  9. Bear AI?

    I heard discussion somewhere that hinterland modified the bear AI with the vigilant flame update is it true, and if yes how did they change it? Oh and has anyone seen a bear at the train derailment in mystery lake?
  10. Looting Milton Town ?

    Okay, now that Milton Town has been looted and I have accumulated some ungodly amount of loot, 14 cooking pots to start, is there a way to walk out of this town over encumbered without having to climb up or down any ropes? If there's a way down to the basin, that doesn't require the rope, I can walk out right through Forelorn Muskeg and back into Mystery Lake. Dont have a satchel yet on this run, but 5 extra kilos carrying capacity dont put a dent in the amount of weight to be carried out. If you've pondered this or have pulled it off, I sure would like to hear how you would do/did it! Thanks for reading!
  11. Can't hit bear with pistol

    Okay so i don't know if just suck or i'm encountering a bug. This is the first game i've played past day 20 in a long time and it's the first i'm hunting a bear and actually using the distress pistol. I tried shooting the bear while it was in the cave entrance under Echo Peak West in TWM from inside it, tried and missed twice. I tried shooting it with me in the entrance and it inside and then with it outside, both missed. I then tried a few times in the flattish area in between Crystal Lake and Echo Peak West; twice from a ledge, once from behind, once head on with it down, once with it reared up, and once with almost on top of me, all missed. The last couple of shots i was aiming slightly down like i found suggested. This is on Stalker and i reloaded the game to when i woke up that morning every time it missed. Is there something i'm missing or did i really just get unlucky and snagged a bug?
  12. Mapmaking again

    Hi All, I have so many problems with mapmaking areas, that I start thinking, it is caused by my system (hw/sw). Has anyone seen the same? (It's just PV now, but I found many in other regions too.) Thanks.
  13. Mapmaking questions

    Hi All, please look at the screenshot of the map I made. It's part of PV: My questions: 1. Are there areas inside a region (not the edges, of course) that are unexploreable? The red rectangle on the screenshot seems to be this, it's a smaller rock I couldn't climb, no path upwards. 2. Here, right next to the cave I found a prepper cache, but it's not shown, is this OK? (I know prepper cache locations can vary with new games started.) 3. Is there any sign that marks the edge of the map? (With the meaning "The survivor couldn't explore further".) Thanks.
  14. How do flares work?

    Hi all, I am wondering how flares are supposed to be used effectively to scare off wolves. I have tried to scare them off with flares before, but it doesn’t work, when I throw flares near wolves they just creep towards me and charge me anyway. Is there something specific I need to do with a flare to scare them off? Any help would be appreciated. Also, do flares distract bears?
  15. Toolboxes

    How do simple and quality tools work?
  16. Hey guys, okay so I noticed that after cooking a 94% condition raw meat, it goes 100% percent and then placing it on the ground and picking it up again condition is 77% is this normal? Link to screencast
  17. I just want to ask the community about this and see if anyone else has experienced this as well. I've gone 311 days as the title says on Voyageur and I haven't encountered a single Aurora. I know the conditions need to be no clouds in the sky and such and it's happened numerous times ( I can get 2-3 days of perfect night sky weather) and yet I still not have seen auroras and I really want to read the buffer memories. So now I'm just curious if anyone else has had this issue arise in their survival through the wild or am I the only one who will never see them in survival and only in story mode?
  18. Hello everyone, I have a YouTube channel, where I publish let’s play episodes of The Long Dark (among other games). On every episode, at the beginning there is an intro sequence where I present the episode, with a background image. I’ve seen that there are a lot of fan artist for The Long Dark. I’m wondering if any of you would like to share your creations to be showcased in these intro sequences? I will be giving the proper credits and links in the episode description, and if possible, in the video itself. I use free and well known images for these sequences, mostly wallpapers, but I though it would be a good idea to open this space for some of you who might want to participate… Please reply to this topic and let me know any thoughts, ideas or comments you might have about this. Thanks!
  19. What's Your Favorite Thing About The Long Dark And Why?
  20. Creative writing based of a copyrighted work a.k.a fanfiction is muddy legal ground, with opinions varying from creator endorsement, to DMCA takedowns, and other legal action. I ask this question out of curiosity of Hinterlands stance on the matter pertaining to said use of their copyrighted work.
  21. Ice Cave Wolf

    Quick question, is the ice cave wolf in HRV still like all wolves? If you drop bait will it just calm down and go towards the bait so you can pop it in the head? Or is it kinda like fluffy, before she got removed
  22. Valley Cave

    I'm having trouble finding "Valley Cave" in HRV for the Cartographer ach. Can someone give me a precise location for it? Thanks.
  23. Hi everybody! I am thinking about doing a new game and I got a question about one of the setting. More specifically, "Base Resource". If I set it at "Low", do that mean there won't be any knife and hatchet, just like Interloper? Thanks in advance.
  24. viligent flames update world

    I am playing voyager and am at day 550. before vigilant flames update my log said I had %100 of the world explored. I have traversed hushed river valley and have no dark areas on my map but my log now says I have only 91% of the world explored. Is there something else that changed so even if I previously had the map explored that it would not consider it explored now or am I somehow still missing something from HRV. I have explored all the ice caves and walked through the waterfall on hushed river ( which by the way did not change % of world explored.) I still have not triggered the faithful cartographer achievement yet.
  25. Im playing TLD on the XBOX 1 and now I suddenly cant screenshot or record. When I go into capture options it says "Game doesn't allow capturing" This worked an hour ago. The heck is happening?