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Found 481 results

  1. 'Wolf Fear' tooltip states: "affects the chance that wolves will flee when detecting you, rather than hunting you." Now, with wolf fear set to high I'm still 'hunted' at least 90% of the time. Someone else tested, finding 2 out of 17 fled on detection. This seems like a misapplication of the custom option. I'd think the 'high' setting to be more like 15 out of 17 flee, rather than engage. Enough to keep some tension in the air while also keeping wolves from weighing so heavily on gameplay. Something of a scale between 'passive wildlife' on and off would be nice, and you'd think 'wolf fear' would be the thing to do it. Like, take a cue from reality; wolves hardly ever target people yet we still have fear of them. Lesson being, you don't need to make wolves absolutely crazy in order to elicit emotional engagement, if anything it becomes un-engaging. Blasé is the term. Overload. Lacking nuance. It would also make the procurement of crafted coats a more interesting challenge. *Suggestions to lower spawn and detection range, etc is beside the point.
  2. Hey Leute! Ich verfolge The Long Dark schon einige Zeit und habe etliche Let’s Plays geschaut und bin richtig begeistert von dem Spiel. Nun habe ich es mir auch endlich auf der PS4 zugelegt. Ich bin ein totaler Trophäenjunkie und wollte die Trophäe „Versteckspürhund“ erspielen... Soweit so gut... Ich habe alle versteckten Supply Kisten in Episode 1 gefunden und auch die dazugehörige Trophäe erspielt. Nun bin ich in Episode 2 fast am Ende angekommen und ich habe mittlerweile auch alle 7! Supplykisten gefunden, jedoch poppt keine Trophäe auf? Ist das ein Bug oder gibt es noch andere Sachen zu erledigen damit man sie bekommt? Im Questlog bei den Nebenquests ist hinter allen 7 Einträgen für die Kisten ein Haken gesetzt, jedoch wenn ich die Karte öffne, ist die Kiste bei Alans Höhle immer noch auf der Karte eingezeichnet! Alle anderen sind, nachdem ich sie gelootet habe, von der Karte verschwunden. Nur bei Alans Höhle nicht. Ich habe die Kiste aber definitiv eingesammelt. Hat jemand einen Rat für mich ? Ich hab nur noch die Bunkerquest und die Dammquest zum Beenden der Episode zu erledigen. Beste Grüße
  3. Hello community! This is not related to the gameplay itself, but does anyone know the song they played at 2:59 at the Faithful Cartographer Youtube video ? It's a wonderful song. I recently purchased the TLD OST on Steam but still can't manage to find it.If anyone knows the name or artist of this song, please let me know! Especially folks working at Hinterland Much love and thanks!
  4. What are fuel caps on cars for?

    While searching the truck in the red barn, I learned you could open the fuel cap. I still haven't figured out what you can do with it. If someone could help me out here that would be awesome.
  5. Just wondering if there is anyway of plying the older version's of the long dark and if there is I would like to know how to do it. I have the game on steam.
  6. The missing buildings appear to be a bug as they are just not there, not just ruined by fire. The three I remember specifically are the house on the in the Coastal Village (last house above road heading toward Crumbling Highway). The second is the large cabin in the fishing camp in CH right next to the workbench, set apart from the other cabins that are against the pier. the third is the cabin almost directly across the highway from that one, up the hill, but before the Bear Creek Campground. I'm also finding that a lot of Birch and Maple are just stumps and I haven't cut them. Is that sneaky moose eating them??? Rosebud bushes are also frequently bare as I discover them. I don't know if this is a bug or just a new challenge since the patch. Is anyone else finding bare bushes and stumps? In these custom runs I have the shelters set to max, the wildlife quantity/respawn set to max and plant life set to max.
  7. *posted this on Steam earlier, but I just created my account here (who hoo! super excited) and want to see if I can get more responses for the little dilemma that I'm having* Hello all, want to hear your thoughts & opinions!I am currently on a custom run in DL ready to move to CH. I have on me a wolf coat, deerskin pants, and a pair of Mukluks (I got so lucky finding this). I have 5 wolf pelts, 3 deer pelts, and 1 bear pelt. Saw the awesome decay rate tables created by the Fandom Wiki community. Before I rush into anything, I want to hear what you guys would do: Craft 1 wolf coat & 1 deerskin pants (makes it incredibly lighter for me to travel) or carry the pelts with me. As far as I know, the pelts do not decay once cured. The wolf pelt decays 0.020%/day stored and the deerskin pant decays 0.029%/day stored. I know the decay is minuscule, and I will run into much more wildlife in the future (hence more pelts), but I don't want clothes to sit and ruin as I am planning this run to be quite a long one. Would really love to hear what you guys have to say.
  8. What do?

    I have only recently started playing The Long Dark and exploring the maps and searching for my next shelter is wholeheartedly the best experience I have ever had while playing a game. I am not playing survival mode outside of the maps that were in episode 1 and 2 because when the other episodes come out i want to explore the landscapes for the first time so i can truly enjoy it. But I also really want to go out and explore. What do?
  9. Just a random question I thought of, does the aurora event happen everywhere or just Great Bear?
  10. I brought the supplies to the Forest Talker in the cabin on Mystery Lake. Once finished giving him the supplies, I selected the door again to see what he would say. Once I did this the dialogue text somewhat "Hey, are you still in there?" stayed on my screen and I could not move. I quit, and reloaded a save and when I did this I lost the ability to save, or load a save (TLDBug3). Additionally, I lost the ability to see the HUD. There is no marker or indication when hovering over anything. I tried to show this in TLDBug1 and 2, as I am over a door, and bed. TLDbug3.MOV
  11. Question about mapping

    Hi everybody, I´m currently trying to draw a complete map of the costal highway in my sandbox game. While drawing the map I wondered why certain spots would not appear on my map though I know, they are there. I attached my map to illustrate what I mean. You can clearly see that I mapped the western part of the bay but the fishing huts are not drawn onto the map. This is also true for other landmarks. On the other hand things like dead wolves and deer are drawn. Is there a way to get all landmarks onto the map? Repeating the mapping process doesn´t seem to help. Can anybody help?
  12. I've started up a new custom run (loper with some tweaks). Have some questions I'd like to post about rate of rifle spawn and hammer spawn (fully looted CH, DP, ML, FM, Ravine; have FIVE rifles, almost 50 rounds, and NO hammer) but I'd like to include the custom string as reference. Where can I pull that from?
  13. Noticed the temperature and thinking about it, I know what 110 degrees feels like in a room, and it's unbearable. I don't know whether it's possible to feel too hot in the game, and whether any of the stats are affected by this? If not, I'm putting this out there as a suggestion. I can see some gamer's not going for this idea as it would be a pain to manage all the time.
  14. I have read steam discussions about shooting an arrow and having to adjust for distance and wind, but with the way the game mechanics change since pre-release I wonder if that is still applicable. as far as I can tell if I set the aiming dot right on the butt of a dear or the face of a wolf no matter how close or far away I am, the arrow goes right to the target give or take. it seems that when I pull the bow and release, the angle of the arrow is adjusted for the distance. is that right? or do I have to offset the dot first to compensate? I ask because I just shot a wolf point blank in the head from really close, with the dot right between his eyes, but the arrow hit him in the back just above his head. which was higher than my aim. arrows fall in flight so I would expect a lower hit if I am needing to adjust for distance. similar thing happened when shooting a deer in the butt from just outside their detection range. aiming dot right on the butt, pull the trigger, and arrow hits slightly above the target area. about 1/2 the time I get an instakill so I guess that the aiming is compensating for distance and the variable in where the arrow hits is due to me being a whimp and wobbling around while I pull the bow. instalkills are very satisfying btw watching a wolf run out of my sight with my arrow is not
  15. Rifle for nomad challenge

    I'm working on the Nomad Challenge and am really getting annoyed with the bear ,wolf, and moose attacks, does anyone know where i might be able to find a rifle between Coastal Highway and Mystery Lake?
  16. J's Folly and please help

    Hey, I have a problem with J's folly quest. The thing is when I was making this in September everything was alright. When I was right in front of the bear at the beginning, I pulled the trigger and he was running away, but now it's different. I shoot him, and then he mauls me. Even if I run away, he is mauling me. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Ok so i know that i can survive all locations without it but i have been through PV and Timberwolf Mountain and i am now staying in the abandoned tower in coastal highway. The rifle would still be a great help for fending off bears moose and wolves so does anyone know where i can find one because i have been all over and have not found a single one. does anyone have an idea about where i might be able to find one from where i am?
  18. Worn clothing weight

    Did he new worn clothing modifier work in already started survival games. I am in day 60 and wanted to know if I needed to start a new game to get the effects.
  19. So I'm on the firewood bin challenge from gray mother and somthing is not triggering to finish the task. I start out by entering the house and going through the cut scene where she shoots at you. Then she asks you to go fill up her firewood bin outside. Alright. I leave the house and go find enough wood for 24 plus hours a put it in the bin. BUT, the letters and numbers are all red when I pan over the firewood bin instead of white like every single walk-through video I've seen. Then I try entering the house again and the cut scene where she shoots at you repeats itself... I've even started the game over and still the same problem. I'm playing on Windows 10, (probably my first mistake). Am I missing somthing or is this just a bug that will need to be updated. Any help would be great! Thanks
  20. I'm working on tracking one of our antlered friends. In an area where I have found dinged up trees in the past, I've been very carefully searching. The area isn't that big, and I can safely say that despite the black sheets around the bottoms of several trees, there is no moose to be found. Anyone have a notion of how long after a moose de-spawns they'll show signs? (I haven't killed a moose in this playthrough, so it's nothing to do with re-spawn time after hunting).
  21. Just wondering if anyone has fallen through the ice on Forlorn / Coastal wearing the new Moose Cloak does it help in any way ????
  22. Dropping items off a cliff

    Is there a way to stand at the edge of a cliff, that has a mountaineering rope and drop items off the edge, until you are no longer encumbered? Then you can shimmy down and pick up the items when on the ground. If not, please use this post as a suggestion!
  23. Hi! My patch just finished installing(yay!) I decided to start in Milton. I only ever had one major peeve about game play and that was the wolf behavior so you can imagine how excited I was to give myself a challenge, but also passive wolves! But here's my question.. My Settings: WILDLIFE BEHAVIOR: Wildlife Smell Range: Medium Scent Increase: Medium Passive Wildlife: No Wolf Fear: High Wildlife Detection Range: Medium I spawned into Milton, two wolves caught wind of me and attacked. I know what you're thinking "Well you have passive wildlife off.." yes, because I want bears to be aggressive, and moose, but wolves no. So I assumed wolves would run away given their fear is high and when they sense me, they flee. This is an option given to me so I used it. I didn't have meat on me, all they did was detect me. Neither wolf ran, nor the third I bumped into. "Affects the chance that wolves will flee when detecting you, rather than hunting you" Why does this not apply? Just because I turned passive wildlife off? Then why leave wolf fear there? Every other animal should be aggressive with the options I chose above, not wolves, because the fear is high. They should run away from me when I'm around. I want my main fear to be moose, bears and the weather, not wolves. Why is the option there if it doesn't come into play at all? And if the turned off passive wildlife negates fearful wolves, then I think it should be perhaps faded out or swap back when you make a change to either. Is this supposed to work like this? It doesn't make much sense to me at all. Should I adjust the detection range? I didn't want to make wildlife 100% passive, only wolves.. I was hoping there would have been a section for each animal type and their behavior. If I make passive wildlife active, then everything runs away! A bear fleeing from me when I'm in their den doesn't feel right to me, I guess. I hope someone can give me clarity about this.
  24. Does a moose eat saplings?

    Soooo I was prancing around in custom mode and I finally found some saplings, but... This was a maple sapling, and it was already harvested. I didn't even know this part of the map so I'm sure I never touched it. And later, I found this two birch saplings, but only one of them was still there, the other one (on the right) was already harvested. This is a moose spawning zone, or at least I saw one kinda close from here. Does moose eat saplings, or do saplings sometimes just spawn already cut? Not complaining or anything, just curious. I have to admit this was a bit creepy... Did any of you guys experience anything like that?
  25. Elche jagen

    Ein paar Erkenntnisse und ein paar offene Fragen zu den Elchen. Frage 1: Spawnverhalten Die Informationen von Hinterland Studios sind ja überschaubar. Ich bin jetzt jedoch viele Stunden über zwei Maps geirrt, bevor ich dann erstmals die abgewetzten Bäume gefunden habe. Und auch das nur, weil ich ein Custom-Spiel mit hoher Spawn-Rate erstellt habe... Wenn das Spawn-Verhalten ähnlich dem eines Bären ist, gibt es dann feste Orte, an denen ein Elch erscheinen kann - und je nach Dichte der Elch-Poplulation dann zufällig auftaucht oder halt nicht? Oder ist es komplett random? Frage 2: Ausweichen Ich wollte das Risiko nicht eingehen, von dem Viel umgerannt zu werden und hatte ein glückliches Händchen mit dem Gewehr. Habt ihr Erfahurngen, inwiefern ich dem Tier einfach ausweichen kann? Wenn ich mich z.B. neben einem Baum stelle und dann dafür sorge, dass der Baum zwischen mir und dem Elch ist, kann ich dann in Ruhe nachladen? Oder reicht es, wenn er mir nah genug kommt, um dann in die Animation für den Ramm-Angriff überzugehen? Gefundene Antworten Die Antworten, die ich bereits zur Elchjagd gefunden habe, habe ich hier zusammengefasst: http://klabautermannlp.info/2017/12/14/6-antworten-zum-elche-jagen-in-the-long-dark/ Hier übrigens meine erste Elch-Begegnung im Video: