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Found 446 results

  1. I realize there is already one, if not several threads regarding this particular painful achievement. This requires a new thread though, because it's alot of information, and I've run out of research and cross referencing to solve this on my own. I started a Voyager run to complete achievements and to farm for the 6 badges. My current stats with every possible mapping done ingame: The final location I found was Abandoned Camp in Forlorn Muskeg, near Low Blind, but alas, no achievement triggered upon finding it. All named locations don't necessarily recieve their name on the zoomed out map, but rather a larger icon that always shows, so it's hard to determine if that could be a factor. I'm seeking some fresh eyes to potentially spot the missing locations, although I assume Milton is included in this somehow, and therefor isn't achieveable. Much like the flare cache still isn't fixed. The following are my mappings of the individual zones. They're put in spoiler tags, because they are very thorough, and spoilers should never be forced. Broken Railroad (starting point) Forlorn Muskeg Mystery Lake Ravine Winding River Pleasant Valley Timberwolf Mountain Coastal Highway Crumbling Highway Desolation Point
  2. I'm new to the forums and have a few questions. How is your profile/community status thing determined? Like the wolfbait, pathfinder, prepper, ect. How does the reputation system work? Sorry if this has been asked recently, couldn't find anything.
  3. question

    I'm on @ day 100. I'm almost done exploring (and looting) all regions. I began to think about "The Long Haul" (surviving as many days as possible) and what items I should begin conserving (should have started long ago) for that goal. Some finite items come to mind which may eventually cause my death: Cloth - Mainly needed to repair clothes (although I can fall back on "hide" clothing eventually) Needed for Improvised tools (although I can break down wood by hand and also Harvest by hand at lvl 5 skill) Bandages Rifle Ammo - I have started using the Bow but how effective is it against deer? (Seems getting close enough may be a challenge) Light Source (maybe?) Comments, Recommendations?
  4. I was wondering if all arrows that are used to kill an animal (wolf in this instance) could be recovered? I recently acquired my first bow. I was charged by a wolf and plugged him pretty good with my first shot. He whimpered and began to flee. Seconds later he turned and came back at me. I loosed my second arrow and he dropped immediately but when I went to harvest the meat and what not I was only able to recover one arrow. Is this normal? Thanks!
  5. I'm currently lvl 3 Archery. I have yet to try to take on a bear with the bow. I know the bleed-out rate is greater and one arrow should do the trick. What are some strategies you use?
  6. When making Fishing Hooks, it gives me the option to use my hands or a toolbox. I see no benefit to using the toolbox - in fact, why use it and have it degrade when I don't need to?
  7. If somebody know how to fix the problem before the event was over i take !
  8. Evening all! So, Canadian Thanksgiving was last weekend, Halloween is two weeks away and American Thanksgiving is shortly after that. Last year, Hinterlands released a special event in the sandbox with Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, and demon wolves. I for one really enjoyed it. Although nothing has been announced yet (and I definitely don't speak for the studio!) would the community at large enjoy another themed event for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.?
  9. Hi! I'm an experienced Interloper player and most of my runs ended with a wolf attack though I was trying to do everything right. Please share your thoughts on why common rules sometimes doesn't work. Use bait. Lot's of times wolf ignore bait, dropped in usual distance and visibility and just pass by to attack. The different circumstances were: wolf was feeding from a corps, I was wearing a wolf coat, I was standing up the hill. Hold a lit torch. Was killed several times by normal and aurora wolf, not provoking, backing. Also dropping a torch right at the wolf may cause it to attack. Fire. Once was killed right beside the fire harvesting a bear. The fire was in between me and wolf but it ran in circle and finished me. Was it too excited with the smell? Shelter. Was killed inside the doorless fishing hut. I shoot the wolf from inside and it ran right into the hut. So the question is whether some wolves are that tough to ignore bait and fire or it's something wrong with the tricks or both. Are there any minimum requirements to bait weight and smell level? I mostly use tiny peaces of cooked meat, less then 0.1 kg. Should they be bigger or raw? Did someone suspect an elevation problem? When you stand on a slope and wolf approaching from the bottom and baiting, holding and throwing torches fails? Wearing a wolf coat makes weaker wolves run, but does it make strong wolves hate you so much to ignore bait and fire? Feeding wolf ignore bait? It protects its prey so either shoot from the distance or wait till it finished? Is it just because of loper, the stronger you become (have a bow, better clothes) the stronger wolves gets? And you end with the alpha terminator wolf, immune to arrows and hatchet, born particularly to find and kill you. The wolf takes the bait from quite a long distance. Is stops growling and trots for the bait. So when wolf keeps growling and walking slowly while been relatively close to the bait means it will ignore it. And in that case the wolf will rush from quite a long distance, hard to aim with a bow. And often run in a curve, so hard to shoot too. Any thoughts how to get alive out of this situation? Run? Start a fire?
  10. question

    The aurora - how does it work? Does it appear randomly in some nights, or do I have to do something special to make it happen? I've been waiting several nights for the aurora to appear (hour by hour), but it doesn't.
  11. suggestion

    Good afternoon, The game needs a new Location Port, because all the same cargo from the island to the big land was transported, before the disaster)
  12. Moved this to the proper forum, sorry! Anyway, I hear it's a lot like the long dark, but is a very short "walking simulator"? I do tend to like more relaxed games and I'm wondering if any of you have played it and would recommend buying it? There's isn't too much I can find about it, but people have been saying that it's pretty like the long dark, too.
  13. So i need for the game Minimum: Dual-Core Intel i5 CPU @ 2GHz+ But i Have: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz I really wanna buy the game but not sure if i can play it..
  14. Are there detailed and updated maps of each area? Thanks!
  15. Hello! Can you play more than one game at the same time? I'm over 500 days on a Voyager run, and am interested in trying Interloper. If I start a new game on a different difficulty, does it wipe my current game? Thanks!
  16. Hi Volks! yesterday ill shot an bear with my bow. Did Hit him clear between neck & shoulder. Arrow die Stick! he ran away and ill did let him go and collect some wood. Killed some Rabbits ect after that he dient die and i went to sleep. Next day ill move on to search the bear. Found him quick... But my arrow wasnt anywhere there!?!?!!
  17. Hello everyone, I looked up for info about bush planes after observing Will's. I concluded that he has floats, nothing for safe landing in snow or ice. He could land in snow, says forums about planes of this kind, but he could eventually damage the floats. Since the only liquid water surfaces of Great Bear Island are the sea, I was wondering if it was a clue to Perserverance Mills' location (according to Jeremiah, it's north of Pleasant Valley). Am I wrong? Do you have any others clues about that to bring? I'm interested to know what you think.
  18. Я прошла 1 эпизод, сохранилась, вышла из игры. На следующий день захожу поиграть и не могу возобновить игру. Пробовала запустить на прямую и просто нажав на возобновить, ничего не получается. Прошу, помогите решить данную проблему!
  19. I was hunting the old bear for a full game day. I had just gotten my 4th shot in (i.e. registered on the log) on the tracks by the camping office. The old bear as usual runs around to try to get at me, but at one point it gets stuck under a rock formation (see attachment)! Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you get the bear unstuck? I tried the flare gun, stones, shooting with the riffle, and even ducking in between it and the rock formation, and nothing! Still stuck. So basically, I can't finish the episode while that bear is stuck. Any suggestions that dont revolve around starting a new game and praying it doesnt happen again?
  20. I killed the bear and get the THE OLD BEAR'S EAR but when I back to Jeremiah's house. Nothing happened. No cut scene triggers. the old bear's ear still in my collectibles. I can still see it. is this a bug? please help me to deal with this. I love this game so much. But this bug make me soooooo sad.
  21. question

    Hi guys I want to ask if The Long Dark will run decently in my Lenovo Z50-70 laptop. ( Intel Core i7-4510U(2 cores, 2-3GHZ), 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 840M 4GB, Windows 10 64-bits) Thank you!!! ^^
  22. I killed the bear and get the THE OLD BEAR'S EAR but when I back to Jeremiah's house. Nothing happened. No cut scene triggers. the old bear's ear still in my collectibles. I can still see it. is this a bug? please help me to deal with this. Win10, steam version, v1.15. I love this game so much. But this bug make me soooooo sad.
  23. Hi everyone, at the beginning of October 2014 I bought the Director's Cut version of the game for $29.99. Where and when do I get the art book, the documentary, and the DVD? Have I missed anything? I was really looking forward to a game in physical form. Thank you very much.
  24. I have already asked this question in the general discussion subforums. However, I was advised to ask it here once again because it would fit somewhat better. At the beginning of October 2014 I bought the Director's Cut version of the game for $29.99. Where and when do I get the art book, the documentary, and the DVD? Have I missed anything? I was really looking forward to a game in physical form. I finally bought it at Humble Bundle. Hinterland's website redirected to Humble Bundle at that time, I'm sure. There the game was offered in 3 editions for $19.99 (ESD only, no bonus materials), $24.99 (very similar to the Director's Cut, but without the extra gift key), and for $29.99. Thank you very much.