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Found 722 results

  1. I shot a wolf with my gun then I was stalking it for a couple of hours in the game and I suddenly found it stop bleeding I couldn't find any blood on the ground is it a bug or something
  2. Unlock 4DON badges on 2019

    Hi everyone. I missed the 4DON event and i was thinking if I will be able to unlock the 4DON badges on 2019. Keep surviving!
  3. Two Moose-Hide Satchels?

    Has anyone tried two moose-hide satchels? I'd easily give up the warmth of an ear wrap for an extra 5 Kg of carry weight.
  4. Ben oyuna bayıldım fakat daha önce ki güncelleme gelmeden önce ki hikaye'yi bilmiyorum. 30 Saat de bitirdim oyunu çok keyifliydi 3. bölüm ne zaman çıkar ve izlediğim videolar da gizli barınaklar var o barınaklar kaldırıldı mı yoksa gizli zula olarak mı değişiti fikri veya bilgisi olan varsa yazabilir mi ?
  5. With all the tin cans we get that can't get scrapped, why not making a coat of plate out of it, I mean it's just trash at this point and for people who doesn't know what is a coat of plate exactly here's videos on what is and how to make one Since we only have tin cans, let's get to the making of -Reopen the tin can (preferably with a can opener) and flatten it (can be done with your foot) because we need that thickness and repeat it until you get enough -Get to a workbench with a toolbox and a sewing kit as tools and x amount of flattened tin cans, x amount of cloth, x amount of scrap metal for 5-8 Hours Now the stats 5-6 kg 0% Waterproof 0°C Warmth 2°C Windproof 12% Movement penalties 40% Protection Repair need 1 cloth, 1 flattened can and 1 scrap metal for 20% in 30 min If I add all the best protective clothing we get up to 73% protection which make the whole dangerous wildlife cry but also laugh because you are a slug with 40% movement penalty and leaving up to you the extra you want. The item will make hunting dangerous animals or traveling in hot zones less mortal but won't make you invincible to sprain or bleed since it only protect your chest, but that doesn't mean you can't get your ribs fractured. Armor isn't known to be comfortable so it would make sense to tire you faster while wearing it to balance it more. I don't think it's a good idea to have one since it can make the game loose that sense of fragility once you have it, it's quite OP since it's simple and cheap to make and to maintain like IRL but more people will die of overconfidence. Thank you to have read until here and let's discuss about it
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Hi, I have really enjoyed your game for the past year and a half, and I've often wondered about something. Has there ever been any plans to sprinkle more evidence of other, living humans in the game? I played survival mode for so long that when I started coming across live humans in Wintermute it was jarring (in a good way) One of my favourite parts of Hushed River Valley was finding the source of that eternal flame. I thought it was really cool to hint that other living humans had been through recently. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to maybe sprinkle in some easter eggs of, for example, seeing a human walking through the snow when you are at a distance (at a lookout, or on a cliff's edge) or perhaps walking into a building that has a lit fire somehow The person would be inaccessible, of course, but my mind keeps wanting to find a trace of another living human being somewhere. Not just dead ones hahaha. Really enjoy your game, can't wait for Ep 3 and beyond, but I was just wondering if this is something you have ever considered. Thanks. Feel free to reply here or in Milton Mailbag.
  7. I have a question and would be glad to hear others opinions or tips on the matter. I'm currently on the 23rd day of my custom playthrough. I started in Milton so I put the wolves on Low (they are terribly annoying there) and Blizzards on High (to balance it out and keep things interesting). The rest of settings is regular Voyager. Sooo now I'm planning on moving from Mountain Town map to somewhere else soon, probably on day 30 or even sooner as I'm quite comfortable here already (got a ton of meat and decent animal clothes). I want to make things interesting by leaving a lot of gear behind (taking those clothes though) because I feel that soon in Milton I will lose the need to actually venture anywhere, given how much stuff I already have. I want to avoid that and change my scenery. Here is where my question comes: do you guys think it is better to go to Forlorn Muskeg, try to live there for a few weeks, and then move on to Broken Railroad, or to go straight for Mystery Lake, and maybe THEN move to FM? I want to repeat that I won't be taking much gear with me: only essential tools, set of good clothes, probably rifle but almost no spare food (only so much to last me the journey and get me started in new region). This could make straight away survival in Forlorn quite challenging, so going to Mystery Lake would allow me to regain some gear. I am personally more inclined to go to FM because I feel like I need something more difficult but I still want to hear your opinions. What I could also use, are some good tips on how to get set up in Forlorn and what worthy visiting is there, as I have never made a proper playthrough in the region before.
  8. Prepper cache bunkers

    The prepper cache bunkers on the older maps were there for a long time. I've seen comments from people even in 2016 that they could no longer find the caches, and they looked for all of them since only 1 of them spawns. One of my questions is, does 1 always spawn in Mystery Lake, 1 cache per region, or is it 1 cache per Great Bear Island ?
  9. Days Tracking

    I noticed that in the statistics it doesn't show how many days you spend in the ravine / crumbling highway and carter river. I have been using the transition areas quite a bit (especially ravine) do you think they should have a stat saying how many days in a Transition zone?
  10. So I clicked too fast and I now have Intestinal Parasites. So when infected with IP you can not get 100% rested because the IP reduces your fatigue and with that I find that I can sleep as long as I want. The fatigue circle is filled up to the red portion that is caused from the IP but I can still sleep as long as I want. I do not get the "you are not tired enough" message. Is this normal or a bug?
  11. I found a bug with a large red box, which is located next to a workbench. First I dragged a one hundred of Scrap metal from the Carter Hydro Dam to the Forlorn Muskeg (where there is a Furnace) to make arrowheads.I filled a red box with 100 iron parts. I placed 25 parts of Scrap metal into the two upper compartments and another 50 parts into the lower large compartment. After that, the front covers of the red box disappeared (!) along with all the Scrap metal. Now I see only the body of an empty box without a front panel in which nothing can be put. I tried to reproduce this problem again. It turned out that the red box deteriorates even if you do not put anything in it. It happens after sunset.
  12. Mobile Version?

    I love playing the long dark, no game has ever in my 21 years of living catches my Interest like this. I keep coming back and back to play more. Now since I am getting older I have been able to have much time to play like I want and this games seems fairly simple to play like the mechanics aren’t to complicated, I want to ask have you ever thought you can make this a mobile game? I would pay full price 40 bucks to be able to play on my phone.
  13. Just wondering , I have been playing The Long Dark a long time but I've never been a real fisherman, just curious if anyone has noticed if there was a preferred fishing spot . In this case I'm talking more Coastal Highway and Mystery Lake as with the other fishing spots there is no choice of fishing huts. I've currently on Mystery Lake on my interloper run using the hut at the back of the lake near the bear cave. Is my choice of hut going to have any impact to the amount and size of fish I catch?
  14. Burning debris not spending warmth

    In the starting scene in Wintermute (after the crash) I was wondering why the fire of the debris is still not spending any warmth (Reduxl. However I burnt myself when I reached for it. Is this by design?
  15. Co-Op

    Hi i Wonder Is The Long Dark Gona have Co-Op system in Future? it would be fun if The Long Dark is gona have that and Play whit a friend and survival in the wild
  16. Deep Forest Achievement

    How many materials do we need to keep a campfire burning? I'm still trying to get the deep forest achievement and yes I know it has to be done outside.
  17. Quality Tools

    Pretty much finished my looting of Pleasant Valley on my current Stalker run and have found 5 quality tools in PV alone, also found one in CH and DP and none in ML. The other regions I have not really touched besides the north part of FM and the Milton Basin. I figured that quality tools would be somewhat more of a rare item to find. Only found it once or twice on other runs, granted my other runs were not as long as my current run. Anyone agree with me when I think this amount is too many?
  18. Sauvegarde supprimée

    Bonjour . Je retourne après plusieurs jours sur le jeu pour continuer ma partie et plus rien.... Après toutes les mises a jour mais sauvegarde sont toutes effacer .... Je dois recommencer le jeux du début alors que j'ai passé beaucoup de temps dessus je suis vraiment dégoûtée... si je peux avoir une explication, je n'ai jamais supprimée les jeux entre temps je n'est rien fait pour que cela arrive . Je suis vraiment très déçu
  19. Do you have any recommendations for how to purify drinking water when camping?
  20. Saving

    In the keys setup I see F5 (Igor maybe FN5) as an auto save. On my mac they both revert to their organic computer use in the native operating system. Is there any way to save in progress.
  21. F keys

    In the setup it says the f5 key is for auto save. However on my mac that everts to the organic computer use of the key. Is there anyway to save. I thought it might be FN5 and tried that I tried all combos no luck. Also if I get kill do you always have to start anew
  22. Snow Shelter Redux

    Can we get plans for the snow shelter in Redux? I swear I've been all over the map, but I can't seem to find something that will give me that ability.
  23. I already have made a moose hide satchel, but now have a second cured moose hide. Before taking the time and other resources (sewing kit) to make a second satchel, I'd really like to know if I can wear two of them at the same time and whether or not the second gives another increase to my carry weight. Please and thank you.
  24. I would really like a chapter where we will be able to play as Jeremiah because he's my most favourite character in this game so far.
  25. Frostbite question

    Started new game in stalker. Woke up in storm without gloves. Got frostbite on hands. It says “permanent disability” - can I do anything to help and how will this affect my play?