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Found 647 results

  1. How to catch a rabbit

    Hello, I recently started a new game and I started in a location where many rabbits where around. By coincidence there were many stons too After a couple of attempts I hit a rabbit. When I came closer and was about to pick up the rabbit it stood up and run away. I tried several times and run to the unconscious rabbit as fast as I could. When trying to pick it up the rabbit escaped. What am I doing wrong? How do you catch a rabbit properly?
  2. Hydro Dam Climbing Rope

    I've been playing the Rugged Sentinel version (mostly Stalker and Interloper), but recently updated to Vigilant Flame. I'm writing about the climbing rope in the ML Hydro dam. On the raised walkway in the upper dam, there is a break in the railing near a blue and black climbing rope. Before Vigilant Flame, if you moved your cursor over the snow pile adjacent to the rope, you could take the rope. Now you can't. If there doesn't happen to be a climbing rope in the rail car in Ravine, it's now much more difficult to find a rope to climb down into the Ravine basin. Why is that?
  3. Weather getting worse

    So can anyone clarify how the weather in terms of getting worse over time works? Under custom setting the "World gets colder over time" setting says, "Affects how cold the world becomes over time" So the longer one stays in a region the weather only become worse in that region or is it all the regions(world)?
  4. I found this picture on the forum and I don't know what is it. This bag of meat ? This is just "decorative" ? Answers are welcome.
  5. Forum Help

    Can someone tell me how you can add the collapsible box thing in a forum post?
  6. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Okay, since the thread I posted this in got locked, I am reposting it here as a new discussion topic. I did search, and found a number of threads that had mentions of the Bear Spear, but I did not find any dedicated to the new item we will be getting Soon­­™. So... (edited to remove any references to the locked thread...) Okay... I am also interested in what folks think the Bear Spear will be like? We have limited info from the Dev Diaries it has been shown and mentioned in. A few still shots, which can be deceptive in conveying size, construction, and how exactly our characters will use it. Do you think the Bear Spear will be *massive*, and only used as a "traditional" Bear Spear would be? Planted in the ground, for a rushing animal to impale itself on? Will it be too heavy to be thrown and used as a ranged weapon? Will it be smaller, still sturdy enough to be planted, but also thrown or used to **stabby** stabby** a bear or moose or wolf? Or a deer or poor Bunny FooFoo? Will it also act as a tool, like the hatchet, and allow us to open ice holes with it, since every other *weapon* we have also has 1 or more uses as a tool? What will the recipe be? Will we be able to pick up branches to be able to make it? Meaning a new mechanic to allow branches to be carried, instead of only broken down on spot? (I can't see making it from sticks, that seems a bit far-fetched, and making it from chunks of fir or cedar seems implausible too. Making the shaft or shafts from a split limb... perhaps? Long process, new mechanic needed to allow harvesting rough shafts instead of chunks...). Curious what others think it will be like, or what they hope it will be like. The more I think about it, I see that adding the spear may have been much more complex in the sense of coding it and working with what Unity and the game itself allow, than I, and possibly others, may have thought. I am personally hoping for a large, but not massive spear, that can be planted and used to impale, but can also be used to stab or slash, but not thrown, or only thrown very short distances, with a great chance of not causing serious injury (bounces off or misses quite often) if thrown. I am hoping it has more than one use as a tool as well. Breaking the ice to fish, either in a fishing hut, or... a hole in a pond in the wild, or off the shore in DP (maps where there is large ice, but no fishing huts). Chance of breaking or losing the spear down the hole, but a chance to open a fishing hole if you are desperate for sushi. I think picking up and carrying branches and using a branch to make the shaft makes more sense. I am really interested to see how they pulled this off, and how it will go over with a wide variety of players. Thoughts?
  7. OK, I'm on Pilgrim mode, 35 days in, and my wee pal Nikki is doing just fine. I'm planning to go to Pleasant Valley or Ravine, but decide to crash out for the night at the Mountain Lookout. I like this place; you get the views, the weather, generally you're safe enough. Unfortunately, you also get to fall squawking haplessly to your death when a glitch decides that it would be really droll to remove the platform outside the door, so that when you go out to get to the stairs, you find yourself heading instead to the stars via an unexpected and very unwelcome drop from the top of the Lookout to the unwelcoming rocks below. Let's see... this isn't ideal, is it? Any of you guys think that something could be done about it? Hmm? God knows I'm no agoraphobic, but it's not wonderful to open the door worrying if an untimely death is waiting for you.
  8. Unreachable box?

    Hi All, just a quick question. I'm in the Hibernia Processing at Desolation point. There's a metal box seems to be unreachable. Has anyone met this situation? Is that box reachable? Thx.
  9. Stacking Books Vertically?

    I'm wondering if there is a way on PC to stack books vertically, the same way you often find them on a shelf? I'm adorning trapper's cabin with a library of sorts, showcasing all the guidebooks collected on my travels. I'd like to stack the books vertically, both for aesthetic and practical space-saving purposes. Does anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible? I'm a bit of a bookworm IRL, so decking out my home base with good reads makes it feel more homey to me.
  10. Bear hunting

    I found myself in the spot where I am well geared, plenty of ammo,arrows and a flare gun.archery lvl5 rifle lvl4 I've being trying to hunt some bears but they confuse me so very much on how to handle them and how each and every hunt is so very different from the previous one. so far I managed to kill 3 bears 1.rifle headshot from afar,starting charging me, pulled out flaregun,flare stuck to face ,bled like a horse 2.rifle headshot, wait for bleed, second rifle head shot, bled to death now this is where I got insanely confused 3.on this hunt I managed,1 headshot and wait for the bleed to end,2nd shot was either a neck or chest shot,wait for it bleed, another either neck or chest shot(waiting to bleed) and after all that the damn thing was still standing and roaming so I took a risky route and bait arrowed him in the eye Is there an easier way to hunt bears or am I loosing an important information regarding its health since the last hunt felt very very long and took me well over half a day to achieve including 3 bullets and some arrow damage and a very very risky approach at the end due to impatience. any and all input is appreciated, thank you
  11. On Carter, Can go to a secret level with the elevator ? You can answer me but no spoil please : I'm just in the middle of the first episode
  12. So I'm travelling to a snowy ski resort in the USA end of January next year for a week long work event and I've never seen snow in real life let alone walked around in it. I'm going to need to buy a few things to get me through and/or borrow some stuff from friends etc but I'm looking for some realistic advice about what I really need versus what I've got that will get me by. So imagine if you will the paper doll clothing UI in game and help me figure out what to equip on my body so I don't freeze to death or overheat during all the inddor activities. Parameters - I'm from Australia, a warm part of Australia. It never snows, coldest it gets is just above about 1-2 C for maybe a few hours in the morning in mid winter. I've camped and hiked in about 5 C. I'll be flying out from my summer with avg temps somewhere in the 30 - 35 C range with possibility of 40 C + temps. In the USA I'll be just outside of Salt Lake City. I'll be outside a bit while walking to different places, waiting for transport and in line to get in other places as well as possibly wandering around in the middle of the night between social events. Clothes will need to keep me warm outside, but I will be inside quite often, doesnt have to be super dressed up but striking a balance between smartish casual while being warm in the snow. I might go try to ski at somepoint but I think you can hire ski gear? Starter gear / things I own. Waterproof breathable hiking boots (I dont think these will be warm enough, not insulated, maybe not grippy enough either) Merino baselayer, long johns, long sleeve top Down vest lightweight (sleeveless 550 fill) Light shell Thick hoody Several wool / blend scarves Beenie (toque, pretty warm wool or blend outside / fleece line inside) Hiking socks - might be wool (I dont think these are particularly warm tho, not very thick) Jeans - pretty much all my jeans are denim. So brains trust, hit me with your clothing expertise.
  13. I found this image on the official the TLD wiki at the tools category, what is this ? There would be a hidden fire axe in the game ? Or it is only in the Story Mode ?
  14. I found this image on the official TLD wiki at the tools category, what is this ? There would be a hidden fire axe in the game ? Or it is only in the Story Mode ?
  15. Hi all, I really enjoy The Long Dark, and have played (and streamed) over 450 hours of it. I am wanting to create a cinematic YouTube series playing through it in survival mode, and would really like to take advantage of the atmosphere and get some footage from a distance, slow-pan and the like; my question is this. Is there any way, at all, that I can enable a free camera mode or something in the console to allow me to get the shots I want? This is such a great game, and I want to display its beauty but feel like having these shots would greatly help. Let me know!
  16. Over fishing ?

    My question is simple: Can you over fish in TLD?
  17. Does anyone know if there is a random element to the Notes Left Behind. I'm generally not finding notes, or cairns for that matter in places where I've previously found them. I'm on day 73 or so have explored most of ML and about 2/3rds of MT and I've found all of 4 notes.
  18. A question about weight

    Hi all, new user here. Is there a benefit to carrying as little weight as possible? eg: is it more beneficial to your stamina or tiredness to be at 15kg than 15.5? or is it like Skyrim in that so long as you're under the limit, the amount of weight is irrelevant? Thx
  19. 91% discovered?

    Today I got the faithful cartographer achievement. I've been in every house, every store and I think I have looted all places from top to the bottom. Do you guys have any idea what might I have missed? Where is the rest 9% of the game!?
  20. Fishing skill question

    Does your fishing skill improve by the same increment regardless of what you catch? In other words, do you get the same bump from a whitefish as a Coho salmon? Or does landing a bigger fish get you more XP?
  21. Does anyone know if the time of day cues where changed on purpose? it used to be that as the sun started setting you'd get a music cue and an audible "It's dusk..." Now I'm getting those only once full night has set in. Not even at the edge of night. Moon is about 1/3rd of the way across the timer. I'm also getting "survived another night" audible and music when its full on day. @Support is this design or not design? Thanks!
  22. I find myself not able anymore to write in the journal on my BareSkin15 run. Is it as expected? You didn't see me live 20 days in a Desolation-only Interloper, right?
  23. The rope in the hydro dam

    So, I’ve made it into the lower damn, and I can’t get past the wires or go down the rope, it says I’m to encumbered even when I use a emergency stim. does anyone know if a way to fix this or another way to get to the exit
  24. Snares in Desolation Point?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently on some Interloper adventure in Desolation Point (only). It's been nearly 5 days my two snares on little island didn't produce anything. I've tried one just in front of the maple spawn "corridor" (on the side you find rabbits naturally), one where there's the corpse/carcass spawn, another one on the "beach" of the second island (the one touching the liquid water shore). Have I only been unlucky or it's not a rabbit spawn? I know the church might be another spot, but I have to live in Desolation Point only, on interloper so it's not a long term solution (temperatures, limited matches, no mag lens...). No hammer = no forged tools = no weapon so I must avoid patrolled zones.
  25. Hello ,sorry I haven't posted on your website in the group in contact well, there is a group on The Long Dark , one guy offered the idea that if a bear fur and wolf to do a hood , how hunter Jeremy. And my question is when will the seasons , you are the plans I wrote about them , I honestly already tedious in the winter to survive. Thank you.