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Found 434 results

  1. Starting a thread just for this since it seems to be bugged still. Has any one succeeded in getting the hatch yet? My save before the patch was on finding the body at the pond. Ive tried going in to buildings to reload the area and sleeping and nothing seems to work. Every time i open that box i just get a rifle round and a note but no code and no journal update. Hank's Hatch still tells me i need the code Has any one succeeded at this and if so any suggestions?
  2. Where is all the dang whetstone?? I've come across two, maybe three of them throughout all Episodes so far. My tools keep falling apart and I keep having to run back to the FM forge to make more. Am I missing something, or was this intentional??
  3. I seem to be out of bullets, and I'm doing the hunting lesson, killed one dear, any suggestions on where to find more, or how to take out a deer?
  4. What Hinterland will ad this year for halloween? or for christmas it will be cool .no?
  5. Calorie consumption while resting is lower than while doing something, but is there any difference at all in spending little or much energy while starving? It seems that condition always drops at the same rate due to starving, irregardless of what the character is doing. The game has a metric "calories expended" each day, but it seems to only show however many calories were eaten and then expended - energy spent while starving excluded?
  6. I'm curious to know if anyone has ever found more than one copy of this book in a single game, duplicate bugs not included. I know there was a time that multiple copies would spawn in the same place, but has anyone ever found two, in different locations, on any difficulty?
  7. question

    The aurora - how does it work? Does it appear randomly in some nights, or do I have to do something special to make it happen? I've been waiting several nights for the aurora to appear (hour by hour), but it doesn't.
  8. Hello people. I was playing the survival mode and the light went off in my house. When the energy came back i open Steam, the launch TLD and when i wanted to continue my journey ... the games gives me 2 choices: New or feats. Where is my game? Beeing playing and recording for weeks.
  9. I was replaying Episode 2 today and noticed that the Lake Gunshots quest seems to be missing. It never came up - I finished Jeremiah's Survival School, including going to the cabins where Lake Gunshots is suppose to take place. No corpse on the water, no quest to get supplies or anything. Is this a glitch, known issue? I'm not sure, but I did try making things a bit shorter when replaying it - I did things like stock piling natural remedies stuff beforehand. I killed the bear in Forlorn Muskeg, and tried to bring the pelt back to Jeremiah, thinking I could use it to fix his coat right after accepting the clothing quest - the game glitched there by deleting the bear pelt, and some deer skins from my inventory after I accepted the quest. I'm not sure if these oddities glitched the rest of the play through or not. The rollback update didn't help either. I went through Jeremiah's dialogue options without any luck, nothing new came up. Has anyone else had this happen?
  10. I don't know about other folks but the radial dial gets the best of me 8 of 10 times that I really need to drop bait to save my hide. I think I could cut off a finger as bait (if the game would let me) faster than get it done with that dial... Don't get me wrong I like the dial for most everything else but NOT dropping bait. In my opinion, it would be better to have a 2 button combination to drop bait. If someone knows of a better way to drop bait on Xbox, that I have over looked, please let me know. And I'd also like to give my many thanks to Hinterland for creating an excellent game. Edit: Ok I admit that I had failed to notice until tonight that there is a "controls" screen that shows that there is indeed a single button to drop bait... The down arrow on d-pad... My bad... ?
  11. Hi folks Can you help/advise? I've stupidly managed to lose my rifle while trying to find Jeremiah's bunker in Forlon Muskeg. A blizzard blew up and being rather underprepared/overconfident (having killed the Bear in 'Jeremiah's Folly' not long before) I ended up nearly freezing to death. My brilliant plan? Drop the rifle to stop being overweight and then run back to Trapper's cabin. I managed to survive (just) but now when I go back to where I think I dropped it, it's nowhere to be seen. I've searched pretty extensively and just can't find it. Is it possible that dropped items disappear if you leave them and switch regions? Also, is this the only rifle in this part of the game (and am I therefore ruined if I don't find it)? Thanks for your help!
  12. I'm at 375 trust with Jeremiah and still no wolf skin or bear skin blueprints. I killed the old bear, finished the survival school, burnt his letters. Done pretty much everything I can find but I still can't craft wolf or bear skin. What am I missing?
  13. Is it just me and my computer or is this happening to other people to? Ever since the most recent update on the PC, my sandbox mode has been all screwed up. My clothing menu is so screwed up to the point where my characters feet are missing and I can't see what the heck he is wearing unless I click on the item, the slot where the item would pop up is just completely black. Its not just the clothes either, its also a whole bunch of other items in my inventory, for example my rabbit carcasses are all back, my lantern fluid, my bedroll etc. I was ok with the inventory because I thought it was a bug from the update so I will wait for them to fix it, so I continued playing just having to read out the items. So once I got to one of the game trailers to sleep, I went inside, and lit a match to see...... I saw nothing and the stupid part was it was still day I could walk around and everything but I could not see a thing, and when I tried to get back outside I couldn't because I couldn't find the door. so I reloaded the game and nothing changed so I'm asking the community for help. I was about to remove and reinstall my game but then I stopped because I did not want to loose all of my story mode progress. Any IDEAS? CLOTHING IINSIDE THE TRAILERRADOM ITEMS
  14. I have a simple question: why do bug reports, if you do not even read them? TLDP-4013 and TLDP-4035 I specifically noted: "And vice versa - if you talk with Jeremy about the cache (without reading the note on the dam), then Alan's cache is not marked on the map (under any circumstances)." Patch 1.14 - Fixed issue preventing Jeremiah's Flare Trust mission from triggering correctly ONLY. What's the problem guys? The game is wildly and often crashes on ps4 (my error log of ps4 is full of errors The Long Dark), and you also can not fix a simple quest? Why should we do beta testing, and not enjoy the game?
  15. I have a balaclava and a toque. if i don the balaclava i get warmth +17, windchill +8, protection 20% If i put on the toque on top of that i get warmth +19, windchill +7, protection 19% I would have expected: warmth +19, windchill +9 and protection 22% From the looks of it only the warmth bonus stacks and for the windchill and protection the toque takes priority even though i still wear the balaclava so that seems a bit odd to me.
  16. I just started Jerimihas survival school. I went to the spot where he told me to hunt but I had no gun. When I went back to him. It wasn't in his house. I need help cause I don't want to restart the episode. Is there a way to got to the start of the chapeter "Hunting school"? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello,I just started the Story mode and notice extremly bad performance (20FPS) My GTX 1080 usage is at around 15-20% and my FX 8350 is at 20-30%.How can i fix this?Yes my Graphicdriver is up to date. Windows 10 - 16 GB DDR3
  18. question

    When snow shelters were added to the game, I believe in the trailer for that update Raph said something about wildlife still being able to attack you from inside, and to watch out for an angry bear that may drag you out, etc. I recently was using my snow shelter next to Quonset to avoid Cabin Fever, and had a close call with an Aurora wolf who was checking things out. So the question is, while huddled in a snow shelter, is it possible to still be attacked or are we safe?
  19. Has anyone else experience severe lag when exiting a well-stocked base? Is there a recommended limit to the amount of supplies one should store indoors? It takes around 2 minutes to exit Trapper's Cabin from clicking "Leave Cabin" to appearing on the exterior. This is most likely due to all the supplies I have stored there. Exiting and entering other interiors is a normal 2-3 second process. I'm on day 338 of a Voyager run and have been steadily consolidating supplies at Trapper's, though I do have supplies at bases throughout the world as well; Trapper's is just my main base. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there supplies that might better be stored outdoors (such as sticks or scrap metal)? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. How are you spending your time towards the big 500? I personally still lack the fire starting badge, so I thought I'd spice up the scenery near my primary fishing hut abit.
  21. Hey guys I have been playing the game for a couple of hours now and have already completed Episode 1 (which was quite amazing ). The thing is that I am stuck on the part where you must go to the repair shed to fix Jeremiah's rifle, but I am unable to locate it. Should I continue through the tunnel or attempt to get above the tunnel? Thanks
  22. Well I have been playing the long dark I had just earned Jeremiah`s side quest old Letters so I went to forlorn muskeg as I needed to, well making the trip to the bunker the Aurora spawned and some cold weather so I stopped and made a fire at high blind hoping to sleep the night. The next day I made it the bunker and found out it was electricity locked so I had to wait for another Aurora to spawn so I could go in and burn some letters so I go sleep in the cave nearby trough the day and wait during night time, rinse and repeat maybe 30 to 40 times an it still has not spawned I had to kill 4 wolves and one stag in that time to live and the Aurora still has not popped in to say Hi . Am I doing anything wrong or am I just extremely unlucky perhaps make spawn rate higher???? k bye
  23. What's the best way to get the Fire Master badge, under Feats? (Successfully start 1000 fires) I'm at 33% right now, at 200 hours of gameplay. That's 330/1000 fires. It's not really feasible to just casually get this badge without literally pulling a Runescape and going out of your way to build a bunch of fires everywhere. Or can anyone think of some other way?
  24. [Spoilers ahead for Ep. 2] Hey there. I've been stuck on the Fix My Rifle mission for quite some time now. I've found it a very confusing mission, with little direction from the map/navigation. I ended up going to the forest talkers lodge behind the repair shed, as I looted the shed and couldn't initially find how to fix the rifle (i know, I'm blind). Anyways, I thus looted the lodge before fixing the rifle, then walking all the way back to Jeremiah only to find he wouldn't talk to me. After going back to the shed and cabin again, finding I could now pick up the rifle in the lodge, I now can't complete the quest as I've looted the flashlight on my first visit to the lodge (and currently left it behind in Jeremiah's house to save on weight on my return journey) The day long trecks to and from Jeremiah's house to the shed/lodge is frustrating, and I'm wondering if anyone has already been in my position. Will fetching the flashlight, bringing it back to the lodge, only to pick it up again, fix my lack of cutscene? Any help appriciated