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Found 733 results

  1. Hello The Long Dark Community: Last week we ran the first of a new feature that we're calling "Milton Mailbag" where we take questions from the community from the official forums and Twitter and @Raphael van Lierop answers a few of them. We want to keep trying with this experiment. To give forum users a chance to ask questions, we've started this "Milton Mailbag" subforum. A few things to keep in mind: In this thread you can ask us questions and we'll consider them for inclusion into a future mailbag. Please keep this thread just to questions. Start a new thread in this subforum if you want to debate or discuss anything. We're not going to answer every question, and will also be taking questions from other sources. If we don't answer your question one week we may always circle back and get it again later. We may also adjust how we do this going forwards. Thank you very much for taking part in this!
  2. Hello! So, after I returned from about a two month long leave from Forums, I noticed the layout changed a bit in that time. Additionally, I noticed that some of the previous features of the Forums, like signatures, stopped working. These forums are, or at least were, quite customizable - even if some of the functions are no longer seem functional. Yet, I believe there is a lot of untapped potential in these features, simply because the Forum members never discover them. For that reason, I made a tutorial on forums in the past. With this in mind, I have a request for you. I prepared several questions. Please answer them. The purpose is to get a better idea of how well the forum members know the forum functions, and whether they use them or not. 1. Do you know you have your own profile page, as a part of your account? 2. Do you know you can subscribe to other forum members at their profile pages & be notified if they post? 3. Did you use signatures? Would you like to, if they worked? 4. Did you know you can follow specific content (forum topic) - and be notified if someone posts in there? Do you use it? 5. Are you familiar with Activity streams function? Do you use it? 6. Do you write public messages on your own feed? If you did not know about some of these functions and now you do, and if you find them useful, will you start using them? I would have made this an actual poll, but the Poll options are limited. Having answers in a post would prove more useful. You can also write an explanation behind your choice that way as well, which is invaluable feedback. I think these questions could probably helpful to Hinterland, let them know which forum functions are worth keeping. Based on these questions, I may create another, new, updated version o the comprehensive guide to Forums that I posted a link to earlier.-
  3. Hi everybody! I've been playing TLD for a few months, mostly wintermute mode. I'd like to try a survival experience with the most realistic custom setting. I've found some on the net, but I discovered only later that the predators behaviour was waaay to "easy", with wolves (even packs), bears and mooses ALWAYS running away, even during aurora! That is making the game way too easy. Unfortunately I can't find again that code to use it as base and tweak it. I'd like to hear from you guys, if you have any custom settings to share I'd be grateful. Cheers and stay safe out there in the cold!
  4. Hi Community, could someone explain me, how the learning of survival school is working in Wintermute? I can't sharpen my metal-shard "knife", I can't read the books, and I have harvested rosehip and other healing kinds, prepared the too, but they don't seem to be done in the "Side Missions" tab. (The Reishi is not with me at this screenshot.)
  5. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?
  6. So I'm travelling to a snowy ski resort in the USA end of January next year for a week long work event and I've never seen snow in real life let alone walked around in it. I'm going to need to buy a few things to get me through and/or borrow some stuff from friends etc but I'm looking for some realistic advice about what I really need versus what I've got that will get me by. So imagine if you will the paper doll clothing UI in game and help me figure out what to equip on my body so I don't freeze to death or overheat during all the inddor activities. Parameters - I'm from Australia, a warm part of Australia. It never snows, coldest it gets is just above about 1-2 C for maybe a few hours in the morning in mid winter. I've camped and hiked in about 5 C. I'll be flying out from my summer with avg temps somewhere in the 30 - 35 C range with possibility of 40 C + temps. In the USA I'll be just outside of Salt Lake City. I'll be outside a bit while walking to different places, waiting for transport and in line to get in other places as well as possibly wandering around in the middle of the night between social events. Clothes will need to keep me warm outside, but I will be inside quite often, doesnt have to be super dressed up but striking a balance between smartish casual while being warm in the snow. I might go try to ski at somepoint but I think you can hire ski gear? Starter gear / things I own. Waterproof breathable hiking boots (I dont think these will be warm enough, not insulated, maybe not grippy enough either) Merino baselayer, long johns, long sleeve top Down vest lightweight (sleeveless 550 fill) Light shell Thick hoody Several wool / blend scarves Beenie (toque, pretty warm wool or blend outside / fleece line inside) Hiking socks - might be wool (I dont think these are particularly warm tho, not very thick) Jeans - pretty much all my jeans are denim. So brains trust, hit me with your clothing expertise.
  7. Apparently lantern oil condition does not degrade, but we still find and harvest oil in all states of decay. I've read that when you have a non-full jerry can these containers will fill up with oil harvested from fish (when you have both the large and small container in your inventory the oil goes to the small can first if not only this). My questions: how do we know what % Condition the oil harvested from fish will be? if oil harvested from a fish comes out as 50% (or whatever) but my non-full container is 22%, will the two combine or will a new container appear? Mainly, I'm trying to reduce clutter in my Pilgrim playthrough. I have a LOT of small canisters and would like to avoid making more. Thanks!
  8. I already have made a moose hide satchel, but now have a second cured moose hide. Before taking the time and other resources (sewing kit) to make a second satchel, I'd really like to know if I can wear two of them at the same time and whether or not the second gives another increase to my carry weight. Please and thank you.
  9. Hey All! It's neat to see all of the forum posts that go up in other languages! I must admit though that I am terribly Anglo and so cannot participate personally Like the topic said, I was just curious where the various folks on the forums hail from. If I missed your country be sure to leave a comment so it gets recognized. My apologies but you're only allowed 20 items in a poll so I'm sure I'm missing some people I'm basically taking my most inclusive guess based off a really old info graphic ( and the language list from the international forums page. Consider this as a very informal census to replace the new forum's missing country badges As for me, I'm from good ol' Ontario, Canada
  10. I love playing the long dark, no game has ever in my 21 years of living catches my Interest like this. I keep coming back and back to play more. Now since I am getting older I have been able to have much time to play like I want and this games seems fairly simple to play like the mechanics aren’t to complicated, I want to ask have you ever thought you can make this a mobile game? I would pay full price 40 bucks to be able to play on my phone.
  11. Hi. Now that the Redux update launched a while ago, I've been playing the remade story mode. Before this remake, Jeremiah used to give you the location of his hatch near the Radio Tower in Forlorn Muskeg if you gained enough of his trust. I'm still in Chapter 2, and my next mission is to go to the Dam at night during the Auroras in the sky. I remember that's where the Episode 2 used to end, at least before the new update, I don't know how is it gonna be in this remake though. Anyways, I was just wondering does this hatch still exist in the same place, so I went to check, and found it from the same place. I remember it was only accessible during the Auroras, so I waited for them and went in. Inside, I found out you need some sort of a code now to get in from the door. So, I'm asking if someone would know; how can you gain access to this place now? It's probably a sidequest found from somewhere, but I can not be sure. I would appreciate any help if someone knows the answer. I don't mind spoilers if they are necessary when answering the question. Thank you in advance for the help.
  12. Hey does anyone have hunting tips? It would be helpful, I just started where animals could hunt me. So, I need to learn how to be careful and hunt well. I already got a rifle one the first day, any tips?
  13. Hey so I was wondering do you guys have any tips on hunting moose and bears I’ve taken down a few but there’s probably more efficient ways any tips?
  14. I cooked heaps of bear meat and they were all at the same condition raw, all the same condition cooked. Suddenly one morning, a hunk of meat in my pack is rancid, but the other cooked at the same time (and in my pack for the same amount of time) is not. *shrug* Figure it's just a bug, but I couldn't find anything on the forum about it.
  15. I know I did this once, but I can't for the life of me figure out how it's done. Any help from the wonderful community?
  16. Hi everyone. I was wondering what are your strategies when crafting long time stuff in Inteloper, bearskin coat for example. It takes so much time to craft and you almost always get cabin fever. Do you craft 100% till its finished? Do you craft little by little doing outside stuff everyday? Do you spend 3-4 days outside and then just craft another 2-3 days in a row? Help help! Tips tips!
  17. I know at least one of the wikis is woefully out of date, perhaps the one that says the dam has a fire barrel? I hope it does, but my searching says no. Can someone put this to rest for me?
  18. First of all, I don't wanna have any whining and bashing in this thread. Then I delete it at once! Now and then I have missed being able to start a new survival mode and get a new random map. I have played TLD for so long that I can almost run around on the map without getting lost. Tbh it's a bit boring. So every time I see you at Hinterland release a new map it's little bit of Christmas Eve for me, when I finally get something new to explore. With this, I wonder how much work it is to make random maps? Is there anything you considered doing in the future? Regards, Capi
  19. pls can you add a multiplayer it Wood be nice . not like Server where many can Play more like with Friends. me and my Friends wait only for this and we support the game for so Long thanks to the Person which read this
  20. I have reticle problems, difficulty in placing dot on items. Slow screen loading entering buildings and exiting. I saw game play on-line,it was fast and smooth. Is my issue hardware? I'm using Intel i5 processor 64 bit 6+ year old pc.
  21. I think it will be good if you add a selection of a set of inventory that does not fall when you dump all the excess. And the reset button is all. And also "raise everything" within a radius of N
  22. Image album with examples in Milton and my settings (FPS counter in top left) I've no mods installed and graphics drivers are the latest. Anyone else experiencing lower fps when looking at the ground? Edit #1: Was testing, and I can fix and reproduce this by changing the SSAO setting from High to Medium. On High, the FPS drops dramatically when looking at the ground. On Medium there's no change in FPS. Edit #2: Now I have a bit more time, here's my specs for the record: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50GHz RAM: 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z87-A (SOCKET 1150) Graphics: 2 * 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (MSI) Graphics Driver: ForceWare version: 417.35 Storage: Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB
  23. Noticed the temperature and thinking about it, I know what 110 degrees feels like in a room, and it's unbearable. I don't know whether it's possible to feel too hot in the game, and whether any of the stats are affected by this? If not, I'm putting this out there as a suggestion. I can see some gamer's not going for this idea as it would be a pain to manage all the time.
  24. I found a bug with a large red box, which is located next to a workbench. First I dragged a one hundred of Scrap metal from the Carter Hydro Dam to the Forlorn Muskeg (where there is a Furnace) to make arrowheads.I filled a red box with 100 iron parts. I placed 25 parts of Scrap metal into the two upper compartments and another 50 parts into the lower large compartment. After that, the front covers of the red box disappeared (!) along with all the Scrap metal. Now I see only the body of an empty box without a front panel in which nothing can be put. I tried to reproduce this problem again. It turned out that the red box deteriorates even if you do not put anything in it. It happens after sunset.
  25. Located at guesses!