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Found 545 results

  1. Stair bug lookout tower

    So I was trying to climb up to lookout tower in mystery lake and I could not get up the last step, no matter how hard I tried. is this a bug or is this intended?
  2. seek, track, meet other survivors

    After years of playing TLD, I got tired of surviving and doing the same things as I did the day before. There was an increasing desire to interact with other survivors. In the course of the game, I would like to be able to meet at least one or two people and exchange items or interact with them in other ways. It would also be exciting if at first you only discovered traces and signs of other people such as a still burning campfire, footsteps or a recently abandoned camp. maybe gun shots or other human sounds. and finally you will be rewarded by finding a Person. I think it would be technically feasible without turning the survival mode into a story mode. In my opinion, survival mode would have a fundamental reason to survive. Namely the search for more survivors
  3. Hi everybody, I've bought the game quite a while ago and I still own the same legacy iMac computer I played this fascinating game initially on. Current game version is V 1.34. The last playable version was probably 0.338. Is there any possibility to run a legacy version of the game on legacy hardware? my specs: iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2010) OS X 10.10.5 3.06 GHz i3 4GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 4650 256 MB regards, EEE
  4. Can I run this game at a minimum 40 FPS on my MacBook air early 2015? Specs: Processor = 1,6 GHz Intel Core i5 5250U RAM = 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics = Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB And does this game look good on the lowest settings? Thanks
  5. Forestry Lookout

    Hi guys. I am in a survival session, just in pilgrim for now as I wanted to get used to the new update but I can't seem to walk past the top of the steps leading to the forestry lookout (not broken down lookout) at mystery lake. Its as if there is something in my way but there isn't. Anybody else had issues with this? Is it a known thing? Thanks in advance.
  6. Fire duration

    Ok so I know that fires 'timers' can be sped up by wind conditions. What I am wondering is 1) are there other factors affecting the amount of time the fire actually lasts compared to what it initially says when you add fuel? 2) If a fire begins to become affected by winds after being lit for awhile, will the timer change to reflect the new conditions or will, for example, 20 min shown actually last 5 min in windy conditions. I am finding that my cooking times will not always line up with my fire times. This makes sense if the fire becomes affected by wind and the duration is reduced. What doesn't make sense to me is when the fire actually lasts longer than it originally said (eg I fueled a fire for somewhere around 2hr 20min for a bear steak that was going to take 2 hours. After passing some time, I found the bear steak was to be completed in 30 min but I still had 1hr 15min left on the fire.) So the gap had increased. TLDR. What are the different factors that can affect an outdoor fire and do the timers shown reflect the current conditions? Thanks to anyone that can shed light for me
  7. So I just started playing the Vigilant Flame update and I seem to be unable to cook raw meat next to the fire. I have tried to place it next to the fire on the stones that you put the cans on, but no button appears saying "place" when I am looking at the raw meat in my radial menu. Do I need a cooking pot in order to cook meat on a fire? I have been able to melt water in the can with no issues also, so I am at a loss.

    In the game when I enter most (almost all) buildings in the middle of the day I cant see at all. I was hoping a brightness option can be added so I can see. I dont want to waste any light source when its the middle of the day! Thank You, please add Brightness Option. I play on PS4 as well.
  9. Einen Zugang von der Gebirgsstadt Milton nach Stummflusstal habe ich gefunden und dokumentiert: Update Juni 2018: Karte und Weg von der Gebirgsstadt Milton ins Stummflusstal (Hushed River Valley) Fragen: Ist das der einzige Zugang oder habt ihr weitere gefunden? Ich hab Gerüchte gehört, im Talkessel von Milton sei ein weiterer Zugang. Wie weit seid ihr mit dem Kartieren der neuen Region? Sind bei euch alle Zugänge zur Eishöhle in den Karten drin?
  10. The concept of the Buffer Memories added with Update 1.33 is really interesting and I was fortunate to get to see a computer during the Aurora. However I'm rather confused as to exactly what the user experience is intended. From the update notes it states; EDIT: There was a second Aurora the next night so I checked again. This time there was another separate message. I think that the ways it works is: Click on the Computer screen during the Aurora when it is alternating brightness and text scrolling to go into screen view mode. Once there do nothing! Just let the fast flickering slow down on it's own so that the message comes into eventual view and stops moving much. Maybe 30-60 seconds. To view the whole message (as usually the window only showed part of it) then use the Scroll wheel to scroll down the message to view it all, or back up. Then either write down what it says or take a screen shot for each part of the message for reading later (need to redo this as after any action press the view moves back off the screen). Not sure why the messages are not see in order or at the same viewing. Perhaps they are random and or change over time during the Aurora or during separate Auroras? It appears to be a separate message per Aurora. After viewing this second time the Journal > Buffer Memories page now shows 2/31 and the Select page shows two computer icons which read 2/4 & 4/4. So 4/4 is not viewed all messages but it is the 4th out of 4 messages. So it has registered 2 messages read and recorded. Initial comments retained below to indicate my initial confusion and feedback. --- When the Aurora was going on I could see a scrolling and flashing screen on the computer and an option to click and interact with it. I did so which swings the screen towards the viewpoint of the player character and also zooms to the screen. A small mouse icon pops us with the option to Scroll on it and that's all. Any click will return the view to before. EDIT: The scroll icon doesn't always show when interfacing with the Computer, though it does seem to work (know I think I understand how it works). It's not possible to read anything with the screen flashing from bright to near normal and scrolling speed from moderate to fast. Using the scroll it was hard to really know what to do. I tried slowly scroll up and down (mouse middle key scroll on PC) and more rapidly. It didn;t seem to do much other than gradually the screen scrolling and flashing slowed to a point where the message (email in this case) was about readable but not for much time. The only way I could think to read it was a series of screenshots then read it and hope the brightness wasn;t too bad |(I have all settings Ultra for info). It was hard to know if there was one or more message as the email was not view-able all on one screen but from screenshots I could work out in the end what it said. Just from viewing in-game it would be tough to even write it down but I guess possible eventually. The main issue I found it that as the view is focused on the computer screen, then the players view is of the whole screen scrolling slowly then fast with brightness going from normal to really bright. Personally I found it really hard to concentrate and look at it for long due to this. For anyone with problems with strobing lights I can imagine it being a potential problem. After a bit of this there was a message that the Memory Buffer was complete 1/1 so at least I knew there was one message only. I then checked the Journal > Buffer Memories and selected it. I expected, like Notes, for there a record of the email message, however there was nothing but a computer icon and a message: Buffer Memories - Echoes from Broken Railroad - stirred to life by the Aurora 4/4 I am confused by the 4/4 as their was only the one message and the Memory Buffer page shows 1/31. Is there supposed to be a record of messages viewed or am I missing something? Given the difficulty I had trying to view it, perhaps down to not understanding the mechanics of the scroll prompt correctly, it would be nice to be able to read it and refer back to it once discovered. I wont post the page to avoid spoilers but can send them directly if it helps explain. The idea and excitement to come across a remnant message from before the First Flare was great. Just some confusion of what to expect and quite what to do with the scroll prompt and how the player is supposed to record the message etc. Just my initial thoughts and experience. I could not see a Feedback section so put it here.
  11. Prior to the latest 1.33 Update, whenever I used Charcoal to map any creatures such as bears or wolves, you could see them walking at a normal pace as you would normally. The clock passes faster but not the creatures movement. However I was beginning to map Broken Railroad on a clear day playing after Update on a custom survival (x2 selected) and was freaked when as I used the charcoal, a black blur suddenly flew across the screen! I was up a tree trunk and a wolf had zapped around the screen. It got stuck under the tree when the mapping had completed but moved off when I moved. I then moved to the fallen trunk over the ice to map again in safety and the same thing happened. Not sure if it was some issue with it sensing me up while mapping I waited for it to do a couple of normal paths across the ice, then mapped while watching the wolf. As soon as I started mapping it did not carry on walking at normal pass as before but was moving at speeded up time across the ice path several times. It seems then that the passing time while mapping at least, now effects the creatures movement speed also where as it did't before. Anyone able to confirm this? so it's not something specific to Broken Rairoad or maybe some glitch with Custom timescale and the update; or simply a new game mechanical change.
  12. Survival mode finite?

    I have played TLD for a while now and i've really enjoyed it. So far, my own experiences in the wild have been similar if you don't count the wolves and the bears, however, when it comes to TLD, is the survivalmode finite? When i've been wandering about most of the areas to look for loot ranging from cloth and scrap metal, I do find it, but once used it is spent. My question is this, is there a limited supply of metal and cloth? Because if that's the case the game will become harder for every mistake you make (Naturaly) but it also means that you can reach a point of no return when you run out of certain resources. Is the game made this way or is there an infinite amount of resources?(that you have to look for) Ammunition, cloth, metal are the most vital (IMO) and if they run out your survival becomes very difficult indeed, because you can no longer hunt when desperate, you can't make hooks for fishing and you can't repair clothes and other items. Now if this game is made so that the resources are finit, and you eventually run out of all the items stated above, I personaly think it would be great to be able to make natural tools instead. Hooks can be made from bones of animals you kill (Rabbits are abundant if you have that preset and can be killed with just a rock). You could also make rocks into arrowheads. Very basic maybe but when it comes to survival everything that works is an option. Would that change make the game to easy? Or is it a resonable change for lategame survival? Balance with these "natural" tools could be their durability, their efficiency and their overall abundance. (If a thread like this exists on the forums please let me know so we don't have to make a copy)
  13. Greetings from a Cree man

    Hello there. I am Little Wolf, otherwise known as Braxton. I am a Cree Aboriginal who currently lives in Saskatchewan, in an Indian Reserve. We Natives are a peaceful people and have a high sense of humour. I love playing games and The Long Dark is my favourite survival game. I am proud to intruduce myself and would love to get to know all of you wonderful people. If you have any questions for me or my culture, feel free to ask. -Little Wolf
  14. Stoning rabbits and false hits?

    Quite often I find that the stone I throw clearly hits a rabbit (it's right in front of me and the stone literally bounces off the rabbit) and yet the little guy is still standing and tries to run. Is this intentional I wonder? It would be reasonable that not every hit would cause a knock-out, but it isn't indicated to work this way. It also feels a bit cheesy when I'm throwing the stone at almost point blank range and the furry little hulk shrugs it off. Side note- sometimes I can actually catch up to a rabbit that is hung up on something but can't pick it up. All in all the rabbit hunting scene feels a bit wonky to me. Cheers!
  15. My sympathies to you, having to deal with these recent spam posts. While these posts are dealt with, is it possible for me to block the posts of these profiles? Example: Back when The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) had a forum, they had both a Report feature and an Ignore feature. Whenever a poster was added to the Ignore list, all of their posts would be filtered out. If such a feature exists here, how do I use it? If not, could we have one?
  16. Second time this has happened in my game play, where when I shoot the bow, the arrow's flight path gets burned into the picture and just stays there until the carcass disappears. check out these screen shots. you can see the white line across the hay bails. I was shooting from the doorway here you can see the arc, looks like a vapor trail starting to get pretty good with the bow... i'd say that is some good grouping.
  17. Just curious if the random prepper cache bunkers are still spawning in Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley ? I still look around the spots where I remember finding them in the past versions, haven't seemed to find any at lately. Just got to wondering if those have been edited out?
  18. So, with the introduction of Custom Game Play, I have been having some fun giving myself all the afflictions and and limited resources etc. But what I can't seem to get work is spawning any moose populations. I dialed down the predators and bumped up the deer and rabbits and put the moose on the very high steroids setting. What I do see are multiple days with nothing but wolves and if I am lucky I might see one moose by the time i hit 120 ingame days. Is the moose spawn affected by location? Seen plenty of youtube videos with a moose and bear at Trapper's Cabin, made that my base for the longest time. Never saw a moose. Did harvest the bear. I think my next game will be no animals but moose... see what that does if anything. Any suggestions?
  19. I would like to play TLD with some effects such as an old film or monochrome. Is this in plans?
  20. In my current interloper game, I landed an arrow into a deer in a terrible spot and it took off. The weather turned foul and I decided to head back for my nearby shelter as my condition was already pretty low. After a brief rest I checked my stats and it showed that the deer has in fact died. But... this shitty weather will not let up. So I am stuck here drooling, and torturing myself with images of being surrounded by large chunks of cooked deer, stuffing my mouth with anything left over, whilst also entertaining the thought of being able to recover my precious arrow (provided it did not fall out somewhere along the deer's erratic route). My question is: How long will a deer corpse lay outside, and do nearby wolves have an effect on the amount of meat I can potentially harvest from it?
  21. Hey anybody, gear just seems to be disappearing outta thin air. for example, stashed the heavy hammer by the wall near the doorway by the furnace on the Riken. dropped some gut and two deer hides nearby to cure while I spend the next couple of ingame days gathering materials for upcoming forge crafting session. when I get back to the Riken, the hammer is gone. subsequently spent the next 4 ingame days looking for that hammer, nothing to be found anywhere. This isnt the first time stuff just vanishes, last playthrough it was all the unused arrow heads i had crafted... curious if this is possibly only related to custom setting gameplay? any ideas? anyone?
  22. Ok, on my current survival play through, I have explored 77% of the map and so far and have only encountered one Moose and that was right outside the gas station on Coastal Hwy. Likely the most unexpected place to come across a moose imho. So, been traveling from zone to zone so far and hanging out near any marked trees for up to three days and nothing. Making me a little frustrated, but then again I am getting really familiar with the maps... So, when you want to bag a moose, where do you go to find your prize?
  23. Pleasant Valley Map is off?

    After getting horribly lost in Pleasant Valley a few times I finally realized that the in game map (the one you draw very slowly with charcoal) seems to be rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. Either that or the sun is rising in the south. When following a fan created map I'm always pretty much where I expect to be. Is this a known issue? is there a way to fix it?
  24. Not sure if I missed something, but is there a time limit on Hopeless Rescue to complete the mission, not sure if I somehow missed that or else I wouldn't have been surprised when all of the sudden out of nowhere I get the Challenge Failed Screen and that's it. i was just in the middle of shedding some weight in the bunker prior to climbing the rope and getting onto TimberWolf when just all of a sudden it just pops up Challenge Failed. Kinda angers me as I was having a good run... Any feedback would be appreciated!
  25. There is a house...

    Hi All, I noticed a funny house design some 1.5 year ago. I thought update was on the way, but since there was no change, I post it here. The problem is, that the house looks different from the outside than from the inside. Here are my screenshots (the last one is one theoretical version, how it should look like - it's a very rough sketch made with Paint):