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  1. Inspired by DrifterMan and GelTAZ I wanted to take on a new interloper challenge. How long can one survive in FM only on interloper? GelTAZ recorded a nice video series about surviving until the train cleared the tunnel on day 7 (see link below). Sadly GelTAZ did not catch his train. Survival in the muskeg is a brutal existence. Constant exposure, only one load screen, limited loot and matches and a single solitary place to sleep each and every night. So, welcome home to Old Spence Family Homestead. We will get pretty familiar with this place. I'll open up the question to everyone here - how long is is possible? What are the priorities? What are the distractions?
  2. I think we all know the basic of boiling water to make it drinkable but no one talk about the taste, everything can go so bad when doing it on a crappy camp fire like damaging your pot because you filled it too much on one go, having ashes going into it and all the clumsiness around the camp fire. I've made some and it tasted awful like the smell of the smoke, because some ashes made it in the pot but it's definitely drinkable. So guys, if you have some experience could you share it and give some tips ?
  3. Hey All! It's neat to see all of the forum posts that go up in other languages! I must admit though that I am terribly Anglo and so cannot participate personally Like the topic said, I was just curious where the various folks on the forums hail from. If I missed your country be sure to leave a comment so it gets recognized. My apologies but you're only allowed 20 items in a poll so I'm sure I'm missing some people I'm basically taking my most inclusive guess based off a really old info graphic ( and the language list from the international forums page. Consider this as a very informal census to replace the new forum's missing country badges As for me, I'm from good ol' Ontario, Canada
  4. I'm curious on what's the official Longest run on Interloper is (with all the updates added such as with cabin fever and what not).
  5. Hunted and killed a wolf, one arrow sticking out of his shoulder and another arrow through it's rear and died right there, but I only got back one arrow. where'd the other one go? they should be right there. the arrow I got back was sitting next to the wolf, the last time I shot an animal and killed it was a rabbit, the arrow shot through the body and I recovered it a few feet behind it, this time there was a stone wall there and nowhere for the arrow to go, so I didn't over penetrate. I don't like loosing arrows at such close ranges. Edit: found it, it was under the body after the body disappeared.
  6. I was under the overhang at the Camp Office in ML, which is solid without holes, and even though the snow was falling vertically (no wind), I got wet. I was standing in the center of the overhang, not at the ends. I would think I'd be protected unless there is wind... but maybe the game code doesn't recognize that I'm basically under a roof?
  7. Alright on my last post I saw custom modes are better because you can make wolves less common and I agree the wolves are so annoying so little wolves is way better my personal main options are Wolves: Low Bears: Medium Moose:High or Very High Weather:Medium Blizzards: High Loot: Medium Spawn Loot: Medium Passive Wildlife: No Wolf Fear: High Aurora: Medium Thats my main options for stuff If you’re wondering what my other options are I’ll be posting them soon.
  8. Hello! So, after I returned from about a two month long leave from Forums, I noticed the layout changed a bit in that time. Additionally, I noticed that some of the previous features of the Forums, like signatures, stopped working. These forums are, or at least were, quite customizable - even if some of the functions are no longer seem functional. Yet, I believe there is a lot of untapped potential in these features, simply because the Forum members never discover them. For that reason, I made a tutorial on forums in the past. With this in mind, I have a request for you. I prepared several questions. Please answer them. The purpose is to get a better idea of how well the forum members know the forum functions, and whether they use them or not. 1. Do you know you have your own profile page, as a part of your account? 2. Do you know you can subscribe to other forum members at their profile pages & be notified if they post? 3. Did you use signatures? Would you like to, if they worked? 4. Did you know you can follow specific content (forum topic) - and be notified if someone posts in there? Do you use it? 5. Are you familiar with Activity streams function? Do you use it? 6. Do you write public messages on your own feed? If you did not know about some of these functions and now you do, and if you find them useful, will you start using them? I would have made this an actual poll, but the Poll options are limited. Having answers in a post would prove more useful. You can also write an explanation behind your choice that way as well, which is invaluable feedback. I think these questions could probably helpful to Hinterland, let them know which forum functions are worth keeping. Based on these questions, I may create another, new, updated version o the comprehensive guide to Forums that I posted a link to earlier.-
  9. Hello, fellow forum members! Those of you who have been around the forums for over a year and half might remember an old suggestion I made, about a way to turn birch bark into lantern fuel. (For those interested in the old topic, you can read it here) This suggestion was before the cooking update, so I decided to create a new thread and update it, with this mechanic in mind. Birch oil as a TLD alternative source of Lantern fuel Recipe: Outdoor campfire with a cooking pot would have an option to "make lantern fuel" - it would take 5 birch bark pieces, take 2 hours of cooking, and it would produce 0,2 to 0,3 l of Lantern fuel (depends on what the community considers to be a fair amount, note the poll) The best thing about it - the process is really simple, so simple it is realistic to attempt in the survival scenario. It would be great for the game because it would give the birch bark another use besides the tinder, which becomes obsolete after Level 3 fire-starting skill is reached. The poll: There is a poll for the community to determine what amount of lantern oil should be produced from the 5 pieces of birch oil and 2 hour cook time. Birch oil was used instead of kerosene in the oil-fueled lamps for a long time - some homesteaders use it to this day, because it is simple to make, out of natural resources, making it the perfect lantern fuel source in remote areas. It can be made out of several types of barks that are rich in oil - and birch bark is one of the, if not the richest, of them all. The only notable difference to kerosene is that this birch oil would produce heavy black smoke when burned. Other than that, their properties are highly similar. This is because there is a lot of black "ashes" from the charred bark, floating inside. If you took a filter of some sort and had the black oil seep through it, the resulting oil would be clean and produce next to no smoke at all. The byproduct of this is birch bark, turned into a charcoal. The vapors are a steam at first, the wood gas later - these byproducts are not collected during the process. Since fish oil can be used as lantern oil, I assume the Storm lanterns work not only on kerosene, but on other oils as well. Filtered birch oil would work without any issue in my opinion, the polluted one should work too, though it would probably sediment the ash inside of the lamp, so frequent maintenance would be required. For non believers I will be linking a YouTube tutorial video on how to make said oil, which I linked in the old thread as well: Any and all comments and critique is welcomed. If this seems unbalanced, please offer your opinion on how to balance it - and lets discuss it. I am also creating a new poll on how much lantern fuel should be produced this way.
  10. Just played through the Redux. I'm very intrigued by the more... well, unexplainable parts of the story, and I'd like to write a bit about supernatural in The Long Dark. Currently there's very interesting balance of realism and fantasy. Nearly everything could be explained without supernatural elements, but in other hand there's a lot of hints that there's a lot of supernatural in the Quiet Apocalypse. 1. The Aurora There have been a lot of very well thought theories about the nature of the Aurora, and many details could be explained with our current knowledge of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. While I remember reading some theories about the Aurora's effect on animals, those usually rely on very theoretical concepts or very long-winded explanations. Many things just don't make sense, which makes me more prone to think the Aurora as a supernatural phenomena. For example, the fact that only carnivores seem to be affected by the Aurora. Characters in the story do notice how behavior of wolves and bears has changed, but there's barely any mention of deer behavior being different. It's also only carnivores who glow in the dark during the Aurora. The First Flare - the one which wiped out the electronics - is very plausible. However questions like "why do the following auroras bring the electronics back" and "why does the flashlight battery charge during an aurora" do complicate things. 2. Metusaleh There's something wrong with this guy. I think everyone agrees on that. He is in places he has no reason to be. He knows stuff about Will's journeys he shouldn't have any reason to know. He seems to know much more about the situation than anyone else, but he is cryptic and vague. One of the most damning evidence about his weirdness is in Episode 1 where you can first meet him at the Gas Station and quickly after that down the cliff. How did that one old man get down the cliff, set up a camp and start a campfire in a time that it takes for Will to go from the gas station to the rope and climb down? It doesn't add up, and I feel like it's intentional. So there's usually three possible explanations for Metusaleh: either he is a supernatural being, a figment of Will's imagination or a badly written plot-hole ridden character. Now there's again the very, well, non-supernatural explanation of Metusaleh being just something Mackenzie imagines in his loneliness. Every time we meet Metusaleh, Will is alone, and no other character interacts with Metusaleh or acknowledges his presence. This would explain how he know so much about Will - because he is literally the same person. Of course this would raise some questions about Will's mental health. Another way of explaining this - the one which does not make Mackenzie insane - is to treat him as a supernatural being, some sort of "manifestation" of nature and the Aurora or some weird hermit mystic with a Biblical name. 3. Jeremiah, Old Bear and the spear Jeremiah doesn't believe in supernatural or the Spence's story about demon bear. However we as the players have a lot reason to doubt this view. Firstly, the Old Bear seems extremely intelligent. For example, he knocks down Will''s train car but leaves soon after, and his tracking skills seem to be very... convenient. He is immune to arrows, gunshots and flares, which ordinary bears are not. Of course you could explain this as gameplay, but even Jeremiah says it in the story: the Old Bear is bullet-proof. Just like the demon bear of the Spence legend. Only thing that brings him down is the legendary bear spear - the same one that brought the original demon bear down. Jeremiah explains that maybe ten inches of cold steel will do what bullets can't, but to be honest that doesn't seem very believable. Bullets are pretty good at killing stuff. Even if Jeremiah says he doesn't believe in supernatural, he still seems to believe in the spear. I find it very possible he does actually believe to the magic of the spear, but doesn't say that to Mackenzie, because that would make him look... well, not very believable. As conclusion: all of this could be explained without supernatural, but I feel like the narrative strongly encourages you to doubt that. There's just so many elements that feel just a little bit wrong and are so much easier to explain through some sort of supernatural phenomena. This is especially interesting, since everything in the Redux is there very deliberately. Hinterlands had a chance to cut off stuff and really focus on the stuff they think is important, and there's a lot of this weird mysticism going on. This is why I believe many things that could be explained as plot holes - like Metusaleh's quick climb - are very well thought out. They had a chance to fix stuff that wasn't intended - and these are things they didn't change them. I do think there's a supernatural elements in Long Dark, and that the very core of the story will focus around these fantasy elements. However, it's just my feeling about these things. I'm interested in hearing your theories and speculation about these things.
  11. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?
  12. Dev Diary - March 2019 I think the NEW Food Item will be; Canned Veggies! - I had mentioned a while back how I would like to see Canned Veggies make an appearance, and I think I just might! It would make sense considering we already have Canned Peaches (Fruit). If the new Fodd Item isn't Canned Veggies, then I think it will be Meat from a NEW huntable Animal! I am hoping so bad that we do get more kinds of Animals to hunt! As for the NEW Clothing Item, I guess it will be something else that we can craft like the Fur Clothes we have now. What are yall's guesses?
  13. What do you guys think about the ability to make bonfires that have four cooking slots as opposed to the two granted by a normal campfire? As it currently stands, I think you can only put X number of fuel items into a fire before you can no longer feed it (correct me if I'm wrong). Thus, I think that the easiest way to implement a bonfire would be to "upgrade" a regular fire to a bonfire once you exceed that limit. You would then be required to maintain that number of fuel items or risk having the fire die down to a regular fire once more. The change would be obvious, with an additional two cooking slots and a larger pile of fuel being burned inside the fire. If a bonfire died down while cooking, the additional two items would simply pop off like how arrows pop off of a carcass and go into a paused state or simply skip the paused state and require re-cooking. Additional possibilities would be that bonfires aren't effected by wind, touching a bonfire would cause two burns instead of just the one, and they might be able to scare off or otherwise deter bears.
  14. Does anyone else get kinda annoyed when you want to place a jerry can in a particular spot in a particular way, but to do it you either need to right click it multiple times from different angles, or try to angle yourself to place it just right? I feel like any easy fix would be to rotate items with the scroll wheel (on PC, not sure how keybindings work on other platforms). Maybe this wouldn't work due to coding issues, but it'd be nice to have this as an option.
  15. As a drinker of cold brew, I think it'd be neat to be able to cold brew coffee in TLD. It would probably only be doable inside like curing (requiring 1-2 days), and might require more water to balance the fact that you don't need fire to do it. Other than that, it would probably work the same way, just for coding's sake. Alternatively, it might only give 4 cold brews per five coffee tins, but each would give the fatigue reduced effect for longer (as cold brew coffee tends to have more caffeine than regular coffee).
  16. Introduction Hello everyone! I made this topic as a reaction to an anticipated new weapon in the future update, and because I spoke on this issue in the past, and while it was, and still is not, a major issue, but with the increase of light source variety and weapon variety within the game, this is bound to become a major issue in the future. Issue description As most of you know, hitting certain buttons (1 through 4 above AWSD keys at keyboard, for example) will prompt the character to do certain things - pull out a light source item, a weapon, drop a decoy or start building a campfire... Now, each player has their own unique playstyle. However, the way these quickdraw keys work can be a major pain, depending on your playstyle. Because right now, the character has a pre-set list of items to pull out in a specific order, regardless of the taste of the player. So, for example, a player who prefers bows to a rifle will still pull out the rifle first, as long as they have it in their inventory. This was not a huge issue back when the game simply had Rifle and Bow, but now, with the introduction of Revolver, we will have a total of 5 weapons possible per game (6 including Bear spear if it becomes craftable within Sandbox as well). The game also has a total of 5 light sources within the game, and starts by pulling out an electrical torch - an item quite essential in Aurora, but utterly useless otherwise. Now, imagine how useless is a defensive weapon will be if the player starts pulling out different weapons first. The main advantage of quickdraw key is the ability to pull out items to defend yourself with fast. Naturally, most players wont carry that many weapons on them, but still, it becomes cumbersome, and if you enjoy using torches to start fires, or carry them with you on trips by chaining your torch use, you will understand how annoying it is to pull out electric torch, flare, and storm lantern before the torch. Not to mention if you use lit torches to keep wolves at bay... How to fix this? My idea on how to fix this problem would allow players to chose which weapons, and which light sources they want to pull out first when hitting the quickdraw key for them. Additionally, it would also make the game a little bit more challenging because it would limit the amount of light sources/weapons down to 2 items per quickdraw key, or 3 with the use of a new, special accessory item. I suggest the clothing menu slight overhaul - by adding two new bars below the character. Top bar would be for light source items. The bottom bar would be a weapons bar. There would be three windows with number 1, 2 and 3 in them, the third one would be grayed out and crossed out. Player could select from their inventory an item they wish to equip to their quickdraw bar. That way, you can only quickly draw two weapons or two light sources at the time. Should you want to equip any other, you would have to go into the inventory. Additionally, for those who carry, for example, two bows, and wish to use the more damaged one to break it and discard it... hitting the quickdraw will always pull out your better bow, meaning you need to manually equip the worse one in order to break it on purpose. With this in mind, you will always equip a specific item through a quickdraw. Simply put your damaged bow on the bar, and by hitting the quickdraw, you will pull out the more damaged one. New accessory item - Wolfskin bandolier A fancy bandolier, made out of leather straps and fur of a wolf. Allows you to keep more tools close at hand. By equipping this accessory item, which can be crafted out of 1 wolf skin and 2 cured guts, you would unlock the 3rd quickdraw bar for your light sources and weapons. Meaning you could carry 3 types of light sources or weapons on your quickdraw keys. To further make it easier to understand, I made this quick sketch to visualize my idea better. Yes, this means you need to equip several torches on your hip to quickly pull them out. That way, it is a bit harder to carry the fires via torch linking, but not all that difficult. However, it does present sort of a realistic approach in a sense that you need to eventually stop for a bit and put more torches on your hip. However, in this sense, the suggestion could also be adjusted so that once an item is lost (its durability runs out and its broken or so, etc - the item would be replaced by the same kind of an item with better best durability. That way, you only need to equip torch to one spot, and each time you lost a torch (burns out or is thrown away) - the game would put a new torch to your belt for you. This is something a community could decide. I may turn this into a poll. For the time being, please share your opinions and suggestions via comment.
  17. I've made it to 500+ days in my favorite Pilgrim run. I have... lots of clothing in varied bases, the crappy clothes and the good. I also have crafted gear, all of it, for when I need it. I've been wearing the crappiest of gear (sometimes mixed with one or two good pieces) while just farting around one of my bases, then for the most part letting the gear become threadbare until it's basically ineffective for temperature and then I scrap it if it's crap gear, repair it if it's good gear. I'm wondering about strategies for things like socks and bedrolls. Socks you can't craft, but do you need them once you're just in deerskin boots? And bedrolls, we can make bearskin bedrolls but bears aren't always readily available (though I suppose it's possible to keep 1 bear skin around) and bear skin rolls degrade quickly. I'm running on Pilgrim so animal attacks are rare (only attacked by one wolf when I pissed him off by stealing his dinner) so I won't have to worry about ruining clothing unless I take a bad stumble. Anyway, I know cloth is almost infinite in the game, but it isn't really. So for instance if I wanted to try to live forever in the game, should I only repair socks and one or two sets of good gear until the cloth runs out? Should I let the socks go threadbare and forget about them? Save the cloth for the bedroll?
  18. So, I absolutely love this game and I am going to continue playing it for quite a while, but there is something that I think could make this game even better. A multiplayer survival mode!! Imagine being able to play 1-4 people on survival mode!! That would be so much fun! What do you guys think?
  19. I hate using the term "boss" animals to describe this as TLD is not the kind of game where you'd expect boss battles and whatnot, but the shoe fits so I'm going with it as the descriptor. Anyways, the idea is to essentially have two or three super rare one-of-a-kind animals. In any playthrough there'd only be one of each "boss" animal, the animal spawning either in its own new map area or in a few hardier or otherwise difficult spots. The point of this would be to add in a sort of pseudo-end game or other (I hate to say it) "boss fight" that the player would need to prepare for. If the first thing you do upon spawning in is grab a rifle and rush in, you're more than likely to fail and have the particular creature beat you. For example, a well-aimed shot to the head would take each down immediately, but only at level 5 rifle/bow. Furthermore, getting attacked by one of these creatures gives you a permanent wound, much like Frostbite meaning you'll want to come prepared or not at all. Once you do manage to take down one of these creatures it would have a special pelt that could be used to craft two items. This would mean that you have to choose one and only one item to use the pelt for, increasing the replay value. But enough of all this, lets get into the animal ideas. 1. The Albino Moose: An old, lumbering beast of a moose with a white coat and blood-red eyes. Like other moose it doesn't bleed out, requiring multiple shots to take down. Unlike other moose, however, it only comes out on nights with an Aurora and it doesn't fear fires, only flare rounds. This means you'll need to hunt it when other hunters are out and about. It gives the normal broken ribs wound if it gets the player, but the wounds never fully heal, permanently reducing your carry weight by 5-15% If slain, its pelt can be used to craft a heftier version of the moose-hide satchel that gives increased carry weight over the normal one. Alternatively, it can be used to craft a pair of moose-hide pants that are incredibly waterproof and damage resistant. I would personally like to see new regions for each of the animals, the moose residing in a broken down residential area with no interiors. You would have to get in close to shoot it and run like hell between the buildings in an effort to lose it. 2. The Grizzly A large grizzly bear with brown coat and black eyes. Similar to bears except that like the moose it doesn't bleed out. The bear lives in a pitch black den, attacking anything that enters said domicile. However, it will smell any characters with a filled scent bar, whereupon it will act like the bear in the Hunted, tracking down the character to maul them to pieces. If it does so, the player will receive a permanent reduction in their stamina bar, maybe 10% or so, with their legs never fully recovering from such an attack. If slain, the pelt can be used to create a heftier version of the bearskin bedroll, or a better version of the bearskin coat. Both increase wolf fear but also decrease the range at which normal black bears can detect you. The grizzly would have its own region with sparse wildlife or vegetation, bountiful caves, and frigid weather. Perhaps something like Hushed River Valley. 3. The Direwolf While not really a dire wolf, it would be a wolf of greater size and tenacity. Like the others it wouldn't bleed out, but it would also be the weakest of the three, but with a catch: at any given time the Direwolf will be surrounded by four normal wolves that have greatly reduced wolf fear. If the four wolves are killed, the Direwolf will flee from the player until the four wolves respawn. This will mean taking down the Direwolf runs the risk of a mauling from the other four wolves. Surviving an attack from the Direwolf would incur a weakened immune system, increasing the chance of infection and sickness. Its pelt could be used to craft either a coat or a pair of pants. Not sure what sort of map I'd put this one on, maybe something wide with lots of territory for the wolf pack to range through. You could set yourself up atop a ridge to ambush the beast, but sleep for an hour and you might see it pass you by...or come upon you in your sleep! All items would be repaired normally, requiring normal animal pelts (or cured leather in the satchel's case) in place of special ones. What do you guys think?
  20. Willy Pete

    Hot Springs

    I think it might be neat to have a region (probably mountainous like Timberwolf Mountain) with some hot springs. While in them any worn clothing would get wet very quickly, but the springs themselves would have a real feel of 100F (38C) or so, meaning they could be used as a way to escape the cold, or just relax a little. It might be too hard to use them to acquire dirty water (I'm no coder or game designer) but that could be a neat idea as well, though I think they would have to be in a high up or otherwise hard to reach area to offput the ability to get unlimited water (though making it dirty could offset this as well). In the long term, it could also be used to benefit any sanity added to the game, increasing it slowly.
  21. Due to fact that ammunition contains high temperature easy flammable gun powder, you could use it for starting ammo. To avoid need of dismatling ammo, ammunition will be displayed in fire starting menu directly, just as it is. Succes probality would be 100 % for flare shell, 95 % for rifle rounds and 87 % for upcoming revolver cartridges. Slightly slower fire starting, than accelerant, but still resonably fast. You wanna shoot, or need warm up? Make your choice.
  22. I think it'd be neat if instead of doing the 'clunk' noise when hitting "R" with a loaded weapon, the character checked the chamber in a little animation. Raise the rifle and cycle the bolt halfway back to see a topped off set of rounds, or pop the flare gun open to see that there's a round loaded. Just a little help for immersion and the like.
  23. I love playing the long dark, no game has ever in my 21 years of living catches my Interest like this. I keep coming back and back to play more. Now since I am getting older I have been able to have much time to play like I want and this games seems fairly simple to play like the mechanics aren’t to complicated, I want to ask have you ever thought you can make this a mobile game? I would pay full price 40 bucks to be able to play on my phone.
  24. Not sure if it's the right place to post this but I had to brag about that. Just killed a bear with a single arrow from long distance. Level Interloper and bow and arrow level 4. My original plan was to shoot, get back in the house. Wait about 10 seconds, get out, shoot, get back in the house until it die. It went better than expected.