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  1. Hey, I did not know that a player could do this, but I just discovered while playing, that a player need only take one pain pill to recover from an injury instead of two that the game takes when you select pain pills from the radial menu. Somehow I ended up with one single lone pain pill when of course I sprained my ankle. Not having any Rose Hib tea either, I just tried taking the single pill from the inventory menu and it worked. Subsequently I noticed that if I had pain pills on the radial menu, the game would use two pills to heal. I went back and tested my hypothesis, and each time I could heal with a single pill. of course you have to drop pills until you get just one in a bottle, but you take that, you heal and you pick the rest up til next time. Of course this now changes the game play as you just doubled your stash. I don't know if this is common knowledge but if it is, sorry for wasting your time with something you already know. thanks for reading.
  2. Now that I have got some more experience under my belt Ive decided to attempt interloper once more. Now, last time, I made it to day 59, which is pretty impressive for a first time interloper run right? Well I think I survived that long because lady luck had favored me that day. I decided since it was my first time id start in mystery lake to make it a little easier on myself. Then, I found a mackinaw jacket, a ski jacket, matches, a mag lens, a bedroll, 2 cooking pots, a hacksaw, a lantern, a jerrycan, and some mitts and a hat before day 6-7. And when I went forging in the muskeg I got really lucky with how the wolfs were scattered around the map, so I only had what? seven heart attacks from them barking at me? Anyway, I made it to Milton so I could do some looting and check out HRV and then a wolf killed me So now Ive decided to hoist my big boy pants all the way up, slap on a wolfskin belt, and attempt 'Loper again, but I don't get the luxury of starting in ML. Oh yes, and guess what! Now there going to be screenshots, because i'm playing on XBOX i've set up a twitter so I can post my screenshots and share them with you all. I'll hope to get this story running later today, so stay tuned!
  3. Chat discussion via Twitch watching a Long Dark stream and met mortena011 in chat. We've talked about maps, and the main thing we connected on was the existing knowledge of loot tables and where important items spawn. If you ever seen the existing loot table spreadsheet, the experienced players know it and have it worked out in their head. Example would be: Find peaches in a sink, a bed roll will appear in X location. With mortena011 we are talking about how that ruins the mystery of the game and how we think "good loot" should be randomized further. The existing loot table is here. I've personally referenced it before on an interloper run, but felt like I was cheating. I honestly hate looking at this because this removes a major element of what TLD is about. SPOILERS! WARNING LINK BELOW https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11n0wfRQadaWay4feLbunF9dxIbS2hZ3O_I57x5JfF6s/edit#gid=1146953510 A beer conversation with mortena011 on loot tables. The idea of posting this is to hear from others in the community on what you think of the existing loot tables. Vonwoah: yo mortena011: Aye aye. Vonwoah: what do you mean by, "stopping once 1 or 2 has spawned".? Vonwoah: like if X number of hatchets is fulfilled, no longer spawn in any other region? mortena011: Well; essentially. mortena011: For instance, designate 10+ potential spawns for the hammer, and roll an rng for whether one or two will be allowed to spawn - have the game roll an RNG with, say 10%, chance of a spawn, going through the list, and once 1 or 2 has spawned, move on to the next item. Vonwoah: I think players like to look for places to find the good loot. "prime locations". I think they should flag those locations and have the 4-5 sought after "early game" items everyone goes for first. Flare gun being an exclusion. mortena011: Doesn't really need to be that many potential spawns either, as long as it's random for each individual item, so you cannot know the "if x spawns here, y will for certain be there" kinda thing. Vonwoah: make these prime location of finding the grouping of "good loot" randomized. mortena011: I agree. Vonwoah: you're talking dice, but I even think it would be interesting if they made the game of only 2 hammers spawn throughout the entire game. Vonwoah: or is that just setting up the game for players that exceed 1000+ days for failure? Vonwoah: depends on the item really. mortena011: For instance you knew that the only places to find the hammer would be on Crystal lake in TMW & in HRV, for instance? Vonwoah: at the same time, the hammer shouldn't be like a forge of knowing where to find it. mortena011: Exactly. mortena011: But as long as the important items are random in relation to each other, I don't really care. Vonwoah: there is that balance where people would give up. Wouldn't be surprised if they tested this before. mortena011: It's the fact that you only need to find one of these things to KNOW where all of the other ones are bugs me. Vonwoah: yes! 100% important items need to be randomized. They could do more interesting things with the loot too. mortena011: With that you hit the nail on the head. Vonwoah: 12 bed rolls, hah! I didn't think that was possible mortena011: Well, it probably means that every single one of the possible spawns for bedroll were activated. Vonwoah: I don't know much about the unity engine. I wouldn't be surprised if you can have a global table above any environment you generate. Vonwoah: would be awesome if they switched this up. Have you voiced this to Hinterland before? mortena011: Most likely, I experimented a wee bit with the engine quite a long time ago, but all that is forgotten - wouldn't surprise me, though. mortena011: Have not, perhaps I'll send them a mail. Vonwoah: yeah dude. I really don't like how everyone knows where to look for something with Interloper streams. Vonwoah: it's like, as soon as you learn the system, you can't forget it and now you are spoiled. mortena011: Right, it's weirdly unrealistic for a game like this. I get that you know the layout of the world, but the loot should be randomised. Vonwoah: I saw the loot table, did it for one run, and then was like nahhh. I'm going to forget this mortena011: Did you, though? Vonwoah: I know the locations, not the items. mortena011: Neat. mortena011: I can't forget the loot tables after watching some of the streamers. Vonwoah: I think the summit with the flare gun is the great exception. I think Hinterland is experimenting with it. Hope it changes, because this loot table has been around for awhile now right? Vonwoah: flare gun in ravine, and summit. Leave the flare gun untouched. Everything else with important items. Randomized in regular locations everyone hits up. mortena011: Yeah - there is always a flare gun in the Ravine and at the Summit, but I feel as though a flare gun in the crashed plane if fair as an always-spawn. Vonwoah: gah! so wish they shook this game up to where veterans get upset that their hammer is no longer where they expected it. mortena011: Would be a fun sight - perhaps they shouldn't even mention it in the patch notes? Vonwoah: hahaha! yes! mortena011: Vonwoah: I've been checking the forums recently. Not sure if you do. Vonwoah: Sounds like a good topic for open discussion. mortena011: Sure, create a thread, virtually paste the conversation between us in there. I'll thumbs-up it. Vonwoah: ohh right on.
  4. What is your favorite place to be in HRV? Where do you find yourself being set up best to hold out? Personally I like the Valley Cave in the central valley in the eastern part of the map. While not an inside cave, it is warm enough with decent clothing most of the time. The area has only one wolf (that I know of) roaming, is a possible moose spawn point, has ample opportunity to hunt both deer and rabbits, and plentiful supply of firewood, cat stalk and natural medicine. Imho one of the best spots for cave dwelling in the entire game, and definitely sustainable if you bring enough supplies.
  5. So, lots of threads about the new cooking system, and placing pots, cans and food from the Radial. Got it. But... have you even noticed that you can quick-place some items from the Radial Menu now? Not all, but some of the ones we all grumbled about having to drop, then pick up with the RMB, to place? Like the rifle... having to drop it out of inventory, onto the ground, to be able to RMB pick it up and place in on a gun rack. Not everything can be placed this way, but the things that can... small joys, less clicking, less having to move my character in tiny steps to pick something up off the floor then try to get her positioned correctly to actually make the placement location valid. Have you even? Have you tried it, played with it to see how it works? To see what items you can and cannot place this way? Honestly, I have been enjoying this seemingly unknown function (I haven't seen any threads yet about it... I may have missed it or them, though...), and perhaps this is why the muscle memory for placing raw meat and fish from the Radial is not an issue for me. Because I place all kinds of things from the Radial, and have developed new muscle memory, that makes it like second nature for me. I would like to suggest people who are finding themselves eating raw meat constantly, slow down, first, lol! Your survivor is not going to starve to death if you stop spam clicking everything in a hurry. And second, start a fresh PILGRIM run, just to play with the Radial menu, see what can be placed directly from it, and practice doing so. For me, once I started, it became natural. Your Mileage May Vary. Widely. But you won't know unless you actually give it a go...
  6. GOG Galaxy Achievements

    I play the game on GOG Galaxy. It usually bothers me when developers have achievements on Steam and other platforms but not on GOG. For example I'm still waiting for Beamdog to implement Galaxy achievements for Planescape: Torment before I'm willing to begin my playthrough, even though I purchased the title at launch over a year ago (side note: it's gonna happen eventually). I didn't bother me as much with The Long Dark though and I very much enjoy Wintermute. However I'd love to see Hinterland implement the feature, if the amount of work to implement and maintain is reasonable.
  7. Priorities

    After an extended break, I've embraced Vigilant Flame and the changes it brings. I have some thoughts. I haven't yet made up my mind about the new cooking system. On one hand, it decreases game time spent solely cooking. This is good as it allows for a more efficient gameplay experience. On the other hand, it increases micromanagement as well as actual real time spent cooking (unless the player is ultra-efficient and has all his/her ducks in a row--which arguably increases real time spent planning so as to avoid increased real time spent cooking). Overall, I see it as a mixed bag. From reading player reviews, however, it seems like I'm in the minority as many players either love or hate the new system. I have yet to explore Hushed River Valley. I hear it's nice. My main problem lies in my concern for Hinterland's priorities. Games tend to have lifespans. With a few notable exceptions, games that were spectacular and groundbreaking a decade ago quickly became dated when the industry expanded and improved upon once-creative ideas. Players evolve with games and demand more as technology and their game libraries improve/expand. The way I see it, Hinterland ought to have two main priorities to which all other issues take a back seat: Mods and Wintermute. Let's start with Wintermute. While sandboxing can be fun and rewarding, I'm afraid many players will burn out on the game before Wintermute is finished. I'm also concerned that Hinterland postponing the completion of Wintermute, in favor of addressing things like the cooking system, will damage their bottom line and thus the potential for The Long Dark to become what it could and ought to be. By this I mean that new sales of the game would be best served by completing the story mode rather than spending energy on individual systems that, while imperfect, are functional. This is my opinion. I could be wrong but based on my own burnout cycle as well as feedback from many friends who play the game, I don't think I am. While Wintermute is important, officially sanctioned modding tools should be the absolute number one priority to which all other concerns, including Wintermute, ought to take a back seat. The one thing I've learned about The Long Dark is that every person has a different idea of what makes the game great and what should be changed and how. Logic dictates that if everyone wants a different experience, instead of spending time and energy changing things like the cooking system and hoping players will like it, why not give players the tools to change the cooking system themselves if they so choose? It could be argued that the games that have lasted the longest with the most player enthusiasm are games that allow the community to change and evolve the experience of playing the game based on their own preferences. Skyrim, released late 2011, instantly comes to mind, but I would argue that it's just the latest in a series of games that keep generating enthusiasm years after other games, released around the same time, die off and become bargain-bin fodder. Oblivion (2006) continues to enjoy a healthy modding player community, as does Morrowind (2002). Hell, you can still find many active Neverwinter Nights (also 2002) persistent world servers, even though its been years since the developer took down the official NWN servers and, in essence, abandoned the game. I believe that the ability for players to create their own experiences through modding toolsets are what sets these games apart. Because of this, I also believe that Hinterland would be doing themselves a favor if they stopped everything else today and made modding tools their one and only priority.
  8. Okay, we have all seen threads about what songs you listen to while playing. This is not one of those. Going through recordings of cave ballads, that I own on vinyl, or CD, from my years as a "hardcore" caver in the real world, I wanted to see if I could find playable recordings online to share some of them, that strike me as related to this game, even if only in an indirect way. Not uploading from my owned copies, since I am unsure if I would violate any copyrights doing so. Just looking for copies already shared publicly online. So, here's some new music for you, if you care to listen. All written recorded and performed by cavers. Perhaps even one of the dead ones we find in Hidden River Valley ice caves, or other caves on Great Bear Island... The Packrat Song Lost In The Darkness I Am Not Dead Echos Of The Cave Yodeler :) Hope you enjoyed them and smiled a bit, if you listened to them. No promises... playing them in the ice caves may scare Fluffy away. Or may attract her. No one has survived to say which one it is...
  9. A while ago, (During the rugged sentinel update I think, cant really remember) I had made a stalker world, which I got to day 25 of then just kinda stopped playing it. I just kinda got bored, it happens sometimes for me. Anyway, I noticed it, and since it was just collecting dust I could either trash it, or peek in and just play around for a bit. So I wake up by in a snow shelter surrounded by a blizzard, so I just pass time and sleep until it ends. I realize I had camped near the rail tunnel to broken railroad, and since id never been there when wolfs were on high or very high I decided to check it out. So I go into the rail tunnel, shoot some wolves on the way to the maintenance shack, yadda yadda. I make it there and 3 wolves are already on my butt trying to chomp on me, decide not to waste the ammo. I rushed into the maintenance shed and looted it, then I went back outside and ran like hell. I made it down to the lake and since it was getting late I decided to quick pop over to a cave right below the hunting lodge. Now there weren't any bones in it, so I assumed there wouldn't be a bear right? RIGHT? Well plot twist baby, I slept there for the night and awoke to a bear huffing and puffing around the cave. I saw him and realized, there was only one way out, I drew my rifle, took a breath and... Pulled the trigger. The bear bum rushed me and before I knew it half my clothing was destroyed and I was at 11% condition, (Thanks to my double military coats, hooray?) wake up, head pounding, ears ringing, try and bandage myself but I have no bandages, I HAVE NO BANDAGES, why did I not realize this? Stab a stim into my chest and bolt out the cave entrance, here the bear behind me, decide i'm going to die anyway so I just pull out my rifle and take aim. I shoot the bear and it keels over, yay I shout as I tear apart my socks for cloth, condition is at 10% Try and make a bandage condition hits 3% and realize I would die trying to make a bandage. Eat a box of salty crackers as my last meal. Shaking, reeling, I stumble around at 1% condition, last thing I see is the sun rising over the horizon. Fade into the long dark.
  10. Sense of fulfillment

    Okay so I've been playing since the full game was released so I am by no means an 'OG pro' in this game and do not aim to talk for anyone here and will understand if my suggestion is against the deeper message of the game or anything like that. but there's something that's been bothering me every since I started playing 'survival' and went looking in the forums for pro players that are like 200 days into their run and discuss how the are ready to end it beacause of running out of non-renewable resources such as matches, scrap, animals (depending on your difficulty settings) and other stuff. Well, this got me thinking about the entire purpose of 'survival' and I quite understand the message being that you can't indefinitely survive on your own and with resources as limited as they are in a game like this, but then again, I don't quite feel like delving into this run that's gonna consume days or even weeks just to get to a point where all my effort and knowledge will never be compensated by any means. I'm probaly too pampered by other modern games into thinking that gratification comes only from achieving a 'ending screen' of some sort and getting a pat in the back from the devs telling me "Hey good job, you won!" but I genuinely gave some tought into this matter and kinda came up with an idea that without restructuring the WHOLE game system and general atmosphere (in my humble opinion) can solve this at least for the people who, like me, have felt this before. It goes like this... okay so you've survived for a determined amount of time (be it 100-200 days) and now you are ready to move on to another run but you kinda feel this inner need to get some closure without dying, so, you finally grab your gear, stack the last of the food left on the whole island and go climb that intimidating Timberwolf mountain, you get to the top, grab the flare gun, walk to the highest posible land you can and shoot it at the sky in a desperate cry for help... you don't know if this is even worth it but is either that or die without trying... so now, you wait... you can't leave the top now for if by any chance someone comes they'll expect to find you there and anyway you don't have the energy nor the resources to make it to the bottom again and it'll all be for nothing if you do, so you wait a few days and try to survive with what little you have left. after a while you hear something coming and then the screen turns black and some white text comes on the screen and it tells you how or if you got rescued and displays some general stats of your run, like how many days passed, calories consumed, animals hunted, etc. and this way you kinda get the feeling that you actually acomplished something. now, I know some of you wouldn't like this for a variety of reasons and I have no reason to assume in anyway it would be easy to code into the game but I just wanted to let it out and hear some feedback and opinions on it, I runned my idea on some friends and they tought it was cool, of course it would be totally optional, and really hard to accomplish by an innexperienced player and even for some pros. but I kinda even get excited by thinking in the roleplaying of the whole ordeal haha. hope this gets to the devs and they can actually give their thoughts as to why it would be either possible or not viable at all. PD: I totally love the game as it is right now and admire the work, message and soul you've put into this game and is quickly settling as one of my all time favorite survival games out there. I will be buying any future DLC's or games you throw at us in the future for you have gained my respect, trust and fondness.
  11. Chance to empty ruined food cans

    With the revamp cooking system introduced in the Vigilant Flame update, I believe it would make sense to be able to empty ruined food cans so that they can be later used for water making. As far as I know this is currently not possible, so it looks like the only way of emptying these ruined food cans for such purpose now is... to eat them. And thus risk food poisoning. Does anybody have any other inputs on this?
  12. Mod ideas

    If modding was ever to come up for The long dark what would you add? id probably just make a mod which makes Mackenzie's beard get longer the longer you survive, with it being at your knees by day 500-700. Id also bring back the old skill book skins, as the new ones are garbage compared to what the old ones looked like. Also, would the long dark mod community become like skyrims? With tactical nukes you can send down upon wolves, and sonic the hedgehog being added as a creature wandering the wilderness. I think I cool mod idea would be you playing on the great bear and in all the regions, but 1 year after the aurora turned the lights off. It would be a harder interloper basically, and there would be more lore and locations. I know this thread has probably been done before but any cool mod ideas you wanna talk about? Also, I didn't put this in wish list because this isn't really a wish list sort of thing, maybe it is? Whatever.
  13. My take on the idea of a compass...

    I've seen the compass come up many times here, and for good reason: it's a common tool in any survival game. The real question about this one is: would it still work in the quiet apocalypse? Personally, I think that it would for the most part. I don't know much of the story behind the Aurora, but my thoughts on the matter were that the original flare acted similar to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and fried any and all electrical devices on earth. As far as I'm concerned this isn't something that would render a compass useless as it doesn't require any wires or batteries to work. Now, maybe the poles got messed up, I don't know, but I don't at this time think that whatever it is that happened is some ever-present phenomena that would render a compass useless. That said, if I were to add a compass to the game it would work, but have a slight 'tick' to it where every few seconds (or maybe sooner) the needle would jerk to the right or left. If, however, I'm wrong and this event is some ever-present event that would render a compass useless, I think that it could still have one use: predicting when an Aurora is going to be active. Even if it did work, it would still be cool to have some mechanic where perhaps a few hours before an Aurora the compass starts to wander or spin more rapidly, reaching a crescendo once the Aurora starts up. It would be cool to be walking about at dusk and pull up the compass to see it going ham and know that an Aurora was going to take place in a few hours. What do you guys think?
  14. I'm not sure if this is an intended feature or if the animal's AI is at fault for reaching high places when you've shot it with a bow/rifle and tracked it down? It has happened multiple times now across different saves and it's starting to get tiring, especially when playing interloper and you've spent 20+ days to acquire materials to craft a bow and some arrows, only to watch the hard work go to waste when a wounded crippled animal has climbed Mount Everest? Is it a bug or am I just not good enough? Sorry if I come across as naggy. I absolutely love this masterpiece of a game and the heart and soul the devs have put into it, but I'm starting to question if the (un)intended frustration is a bit too much.
  15. Watches!

    So digital watches would be out of the question (unless the Aurora is active?), but what if you could have a very small chance of finding an old wind-up watch? Rather than telling you the position in the sky, the UI would give you a time. Maybe it wouldn't work if it was too dark at night or something and it would be easily damaged if you got attacked while wearing it, requiring quality tools to repair. It would probably be a little too far fetched to add a winding mechanic where you have to properly set the watch to the time of day, but it's still an idea for a more hardcore watch.
  16. Survival Roulette

    So ive done this a few times before but never shared it with anybody else, I call it Survival Roulette. So I used this https://www.random.org/lists/ For most of the things What I did is I listed out a random clothing item for each slot, For the head section I would list down Wool toque, wool scarf etc. And randomize it, then pick the top thing on the list as my clothing item for that slot. Now do this with each clothing slot and voila! NOTE: You can have 2 coats, but not 2 undershirts and hats, as well as pants, and underwear. Socks are fair game. Now you list all the regions and randomize it, the first region will be the one you start in. Then choose the difficulty, (by listing all difficulties) Randomize, then the number 1 will be your difficulty. Exclude custom and pilgrim, or not, though both kinda break the point of the roulette. Also, if one of your clothing items is not obtainable on interloper just randomize until you get one thats on interloper. Then I randomize it for either carnivore (Only eats meat, and meat related food such as pork and beans, beef jerky, does not use wild edibles.) Vegetarian, (Only eats wild edibles and any food without meat) or Living off the land, Eats wild edibles and meat, but no human-made food. Here comes the longest part, Randomize which locations you can loot in each region. Some rules for this are 1: Do not loot any other area's besides ones stated. 2: Feel free to fully loot any transition zones. 3: You may get coal from caves, but only the coal. 4: If for some reason you don't find any heavy hammer or hacksaws in the buildings, feel free to look in other buildings were they spawn, but only grab the hammer or hacksaw. 5: Beach combing is available. 6: if you don't get any of the forges you can forge there but no looting or breaking anything down. Forgot to mention you cant break anything down in any building that isn't available for looting. 7, You can kill and use any wild resources around and near un-lootable places. Just stick these into the randomizer or do a coinflip for the 2 options ones. Mystery Lake... Carter Damn and lake cabins, Camp office and Fishing Huts, Trappers Cabin and Caves. Coastal Highway... Quonset garage and all trailers, All cabins and Houses, Ice fishing huts and Cars Desolation Point... Hibernia processing, Church and Riken, Light House, all cars , and abandoned mine number 5. Pleasant valley... Pleasant valley farmstead and Outbuildings, Radio Hut and rural crossroads, Pensive pond, picnic area, draft dodgers cabin, skeeters ridge, all caves, exposed outdoor buildings (Such as derelict cabins) and three strikes farmstead. Timberwolf Mountain... Mountaineers hut, all loot that spawns in caves and other places, and all scattered cargo, all corpses, Timberwolf mountain summit and plane crash. Forlorn Muskeg... Old Spence family farmstead, Radio Tower and both derailments, All other loot in regions, Hunting blinds, caves, and corpses. Broken railroad... Hunting lodge Or Maintenance Yard and shed. Milton... Grey mothers house and bank, Paradise meadows farm and plane crash, Gas station and Houses. Hushed river valley... Ice cave and all caves, Signal fire and Cache's. After that I like to set a goal, such as survive 50 days, craft a bear hide coat and bear hide bedroll, Fully map a region or two, Kill a bunch of wildlife, or just see how far I can go. I know some of you reading this might not think this is very fun, but remember, You don't have to play Russian roulette with a pistol, you could do it with a bazooka. (Im saying feel free to change rules, make ones up, create challenges.) If you need any rule clarification just ask. I hope you enjoy trying this out! EDIT: Here's a list of clothing so you don't have to type it all out, Balaclava Baseball cap Bearskin coat Cargo pants Climbing socks Clothing Template:Clothing Combat boots Combat pants Cotton scarf Cotton socks Cotton toque Cowichan sweater Deerskin boots Deerskin pants Down vest Dress shirt Driving gloves Expedition parka Fisherman's sweater Fleece cowl Fleece mittens Gauntlets Hoodie Insulated boots Insulated vest Jeans Leather shoes Light shell Long wool scarf Mackinaw jacket Mariner's pea coat Military coat Moose-hide cloak Moose-hide satchel Mountaineering boots Mukluks Old fashioned parka Plaid shirt Rabbitskin mitts Running shoes Simple parka Ski boots Ski gloves Ski jacket Sneakers Snow pants Sport vest Sports socks Sweatshirt T-Shirt Thermal underwear Thick wool sweater Thin wool sweater Trail boots Urban parka Windbreaker Wolfskin coat Wool ear wrap Wool longjohns Wool mittens Wool scarf Wool shirt Wool socks Wool toque Work boots Work gloves Work pants Heres the list for Regions loot spots Carter Damn and lake cabins, Camp office and Fishing Huts, Trappers Cabin and Caves. Quonset garage and all trailers, All cabins and Houses, Ice fishing huts and Cars Hibernia processing, Church and Riken, Light House, all cars , and abandoned mine number 5. Pleasant valley farmstead and Outbuildings, Radio Hut and rural crossroads, Pensive pond, picnic area, draft dodgers cabin, skeeters ridge, all caves, exposed outdoor buildings (Such as derelict cabins) and three strikes farmstead. Mountaineers hut, all loot that spawns in caves and other places, and all scattered cargo, all corpses, Timberwolf mountain summit and plane crash. Old Spence family farmstead, Radio Tower and both derailments, All other loot in regions, Hunting blinds, caves, and corpses. Hunting lodge Or Maintenance Yard and shed. Grey mothers house and bank, Paradise meadows farm and plane crash, Gas station and Houses. Ice cave and all caves, Signal fire and Cache's. Im might be posting a Roulette survival story soon so keep your eyes peeled open to show the insides.
  17. Noticed this twice now. First time I was way up on a cliff looking down in PV (seemingly too far to be detected). There was a bear at the bottom of the cliff almost directly below me. You can imagine my surprise when I see him rear up on two legs and then begin charging around the nearest footpath up the mountain! Second time was just now. I was up on the Lake Overlook area in ML. I was again looking down a cliff and noticed 2 wolves that were acting strangely. They weren't patrolling. Instead they seemed like they were on a direct path that took them right past the camp office. I thought nothing of it and continued looking around for sticks. I had no smell. Well, after a few minutes I hear footsteps coming up the hill right towards me. I crouch and begin backing off but it's too late. The wolf crests the hill and charges. This is on Interloper but I had a heavy hammer and was rested so I beat him off without much damage. I then heard his buddy begin his charge. I took off running and barely made it to the rope leading down. The climbing animation saved me from the second wolf. Now I know it is possible that these wolves were just patrolling and maybe heard me when they got close enough. But I hadn't seen wolves around there before and something tells me the 2 wolves were the same ones I saw making a bee-line for the exact path I had taken up the hill. My theory is that they smelled/heard me from the bottom of the cliff as I was looking over it and they went into "investigation" mode. So... be careful when looking down cliffs lol
  18. Game Version: Windows 10/Xbox Play Anywhere(not steam) - Build# 1.35 38054 () UWP Computer Specifications: Windows 10 - AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 When playing the game with mouse and keyboard on pc my characters view will randomly jerk to a specific point in the sky, the point is the exact same even after a restart/reload. This will constantly happen even if my character is just walking around without even touching the mouse. I was able to find a reliable way to repeat this on cue by entering the fire fuel menu, then exiting it, and immediately pressing rmb. This issue is nonexistent when using an xboxone controller, following the same procedure the game ran like normal with no random jerking of the camera. Switching back to keyboard and mouse in the same game led to the same consistent jerking, but only after some delay. Another thing to note, I have had this issue both in sandbox and in the story mode, however in my sandbox save the jerking occurred about every 5-6 minutes, and so far with the story mode it happens about every 2 minutes. These times do not vary after reloading the save.(probably not useful information) I am using a mouse with a button allowing me to switch between 4 different sensitivity options, but I plugged in another simpler mouse and the jerking kept happening so it isn't the mouse that is messing everything up. I also tried usb 2.0 ports instead of 3.0, that also fixed nothing. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game, as well as "reseting" it through the windows menus I can't find where the files are located with this version of TLD so I can't post any sort of log Enclosed is a video of what I'm talking about, you will have to download it to view it : / Can anyone help? The Long Dark 7_12_2018 8_18_17 PM.mp4
  19. Bear Traps!

    Bear traps would be a very rare item that can't be crafted and is repaired via quality tools and scrap metal (or can't be repaired at all). It's placed like the snare, but you've got to bait it if you want to catch anything. You could have it so that different meats have a greater probability of catching either a wolf or a bear (moose would give you a higher chance at snagging a bear, for example, while rabbit is more likely to get you a wolf). However, once the animal is trapped, you only have maybe 48 hours tops to get to the trap and then dispatch it (as the trap would only catch the animal and not kill it). Failure to do so greatly decreases the durability (maybe 25% or so) of the trap and will leave you with only the gnawed off limb of the animal. For balance, this would probably take some time to actually catch the animal and you could even have the bait decay more quickly so it would take multiple baits to catch anything.
  20. Music

    What do you listen to while playing TLD? I listen to the amazing soundtrack the team implemented into this wonderful game most of the time. But sometimes, when I don't have my ears peeled for bears and wolves, I listed to Lana Del Rey I think the haunting and contemplative tone of her music fits perfectly with The Long Dark. What do you listen to?
  21. After extensive testing of the new cooking mechanic system I have some suggestions. First, the cooking times are incredibly excessive for the amount of meat being cooked at once. Also, the cooking times being so different from one meat to another feels REALLY arbitrary. Red meat is red meat. A kg of moosemeat shouldnt take any longer to cook than a kg of rabbit. Lastly, with this new system in place, I'd like to suggest that maybe its time to make the default size of meat portions .5 kg?
  22. I've discovered that the "wake player when freezing" setting does not work. I just died in my sleep from hypothermia, with that setting enabled, ending a rather long run.
  23. Supply Baloons

    I was thinking about how one could implement some sort of supply drop in the quiet apocalypse. Planes (the obvious go to for games) wouldn't work, but what about weather balloons? My reasoning for having a supply drop system is to give late game players more reason to venture outside once they've stocked up on supplies. I've seen other suggestions that have been good, but why not one more? It would probably work like this: during the Aurora, if you've got a radio on, there's a chance for you to hear a sudden burst of static (or some other identifying feature) followed by a voice either giving coordinates or outright saying something like: "We're sending a balloon filled with supplies towards Great Bear Island, it should land somewhere near <insert region here>." At this point you've got the option to head out and track down this balloon, reaping whatever supplies are inside (anything from a 20 round box of .303 to a crate of MREs). But you've got to hurry. If too much time passes, bears/wolves will get to the drop first and either diminish or outright demolish the supplies. Similarly, if a blizzard blows through it will blow the downed balloon away, rending it unusable.
  24. So, a question came up in a discussion on the Steam forums, about "Biggest Bears". I'll link the thread here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/1730955582215281992/?tscn=1531304290 The question I had was if animals (not just bears) seem to have a size range (a meat yield range in kg. or lbs.), that is based on the Survival Mode experience mode you are playing. In other worlds, are deer, moose or bears fatter in Pilgrim than they are in Interloper? I did a few keyword searches here, and could not find any threads with this subject, though I may not have hit the right keywords to find it or them. I've lurked here for a long time, and have seen many "research studies" done by good people here. So, has anyone done a real, scientific study, of the meat yields from fresh, player made kills, on each animal type in the game, in all 4 experience modes? Or would anyone like to? I don't play Loper, so I can't and won't test that mode, I usually play Stalker, but I rarely do long runs, to gather a large enough sample size to get conclusive results. I think I could grit my teeth and survive the "boredom" of a longer Pilgrim or Voyageur run or 2 or 3. But if someone has already done tests on this, I will be honest, and say I would prefer not to do long runs. Life is busy right now, long runs may take me too long to do, and get too old and forgotten to get good study data from. So... does anyone know of a study already done? Would a group of people w be willing to run this test, to satisfy the curiosity of myself, and others? Since it is just curiosity, and probably not something with any huge gameplay value or importance. Maybe.
  25. Hello, I really enjoyed the work done by whiteberry with TLD maps nevertheless I'm very disapointed he stopped updating them. Since he stopped updating them, I quit a bit the game because the maps were part of my playstyle : preparing trips, places to stop and rest, putting objectives (such as Timberwolf summit) etc... So I know the devs added the possibility to do your own maps within the game but it's not the same, there aren't all the details, and you must first explore the area. Thus I started to search for new maps up to date but I didn't find any which are really up to date (only in the recent posts about HRV). That's why I'm asking you : do you know where can I have all the maps ? Or if you did some detailed map yourself, don't hesitate to share them, I think the maps are one of the best content to share between players ! Thank you.