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Found 916 results

  1. I was wondering what Hinterland can do to truly make me afraid in game. And then I realized, they could release Fenrir into the game. A massive wolf that dwarfs even the bear. Encountering this wolf is certainly a death sentence.
  2. Wish List

    Firstly, love the game was unaware of it, then came across it randomly on twitch, aaaaaand now I'm hooked. I will break down a few of the things that I would like to see added as well as some QoL improvements I am aware that most things have technical or balance limitations so I'll try my best to keep those in mind. Additions: (1). A Litter, Travois, Drag or Skid whatever you want to call it, weight is a large concern especially when migrating or returning and you happen upon a moose or deer carcass the ability to construct a litter or drag to accommodate the extra weight. I propose this because well it only makes sense, placing the extra weight say up to 30lbs (13.6kg) OR, 1 Deer, 2 wolves, 1 quartered Moose or Bear on the sled which would be temporary can only be loaded and unloaded maybe 1-2 times before it deteriorates (for say the 1st level of design the "Improvised skid") Crafting: 2 Branches (or saplings) increase in time and mats for better skids... -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 4 Cured leather 2 Cured deer hide 1 Mountaineering rope 2.5 -ish hours to make Does NOT increase your carrying capacity, but instead increases movement speed while encumbered, therefor you still suffer the stamina drain and no sprint while sled is attached. (2). Snowshoes/Cross Country Skis, this has probably been done to death but it bears repeating. The snowshoes are obvious increase movement speed on snow with reduced stamina drain while walking on snow. increased stamina penalty while not on snow etc. etc. Crafting: 2 Cured leather 2 Cloth 8 Sticks 1.5-ish hours to make increases movement speed on snow, reduces stamina drain on snow, opposite for non-snow surfaces. The Cross Country Skis would be nice option in between safe houses that as long as you're on snow 3x movement speed. while not in snow 2x movement penalty as well while skis are equipped carry capacity is halved, and wind temperature penalties double. (or a suitable number if double is too much) Crafting: 2 Branches -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 4 Cured leather 4 Cloth 3-ish hours to craft requires work bench hack saw and knife. (3). A Spear (improvised spear/knife). Used as a DEFENSIVE weapon to keep predators at bay wolves and (the smallest of chances and ONLY when bears rear to hind legs before the charge/and is IMMEDIATELY broken but has a chance to deter) bears. Can be thrust at wild life (LMB) if connects (insert DMG & Bleed stats here)(Has chance to scare off beast insert stat here) Crafting: 1 Branch -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 1 Metal - Forged to -> Spearhead 2 Cured Leather 1 Cured Rabbit Hide (or for a lesser spear just a sharpened stick...or if forging mats aren't available Deer antlers) (4). Buildable Storage. I say this with my safe house littered with guts and hides strewn about....In particular a crafted drying rack for just that guts and hides. effects would be 20%-ish to Curing time any ways just a place where I can consolidate the guts and hides? Crafting: 1 Branch -> debarked branch | -> bark becomes kindling 4 Cured Leather 4 Cloth Once Placed cannot be moved has to be broken down. That one was more of a Quality of Life Change anyways so this is a good segue point... Quality of Life/Immersion: (1). Regardless of clothing worn hands always shown without gloves and the green jacket and red plaid shirt. I can understand if 1 glove is removed when using rifle or pistol, but still needs to match clothing worn. also maybe a redesign on the Rabbit Mittens to have a trigger finger? (2). Matches....at least here in the US, a box of matches carries 300 matches...drop the condition on matches and just give them a number and then instead of having 19 (300 capacity boxes) with 12 matches in the box...let me carry 1 box until I get (if I get....) 300 matches THEN generate another box. {Same thing for lantern fuel/igniter as well} (3.) Eating/Drinking while moving yes stop to select the action of eat/drink...but you know...I can do both... (4.) adjustment to some of the break down times...and Im sure that this has been complained about before but probably for good reason. The rifle...is perfect leave as is. The cleaning kit....well I have the one I was issued while in the service 13 years ago...same thing for the whetstone...I have my grandfathers still, and while I think the hunting knife should dull (absolutely) but break...not so much, in fact, it could dull a lot quicker depending on use when skinning a deer I will have 3-4 knives available because they will dull and that gets to the point maintenance should a thing but the repair tools shouldn't wear at the rate they do. Also...has ANYONE, EVER IRL broken a crowbar (while using appropriately...) same for the hatchet and hammer, they heads will be fine may have to sharpen the blade but the most maintenance would be replacing the wooden handles eventually. (I am aware that this last point is mainly for game balance issues, its just a stupid game trope that annoys me in EVERY game that its in...especially the crowbar...looking at you every zombie game ever.) Anywho, these are just a few thoughts I had good or bad let me know what you guys think. Happy surviving!!
  3. Redux

    Really looking forward to this! I'm anxious to replay, what I thought, was a great break from Survival Mode I have 3 achievements left to do and they're all in Wintermute, which is difficult for me because I'm a completionist
  4. TLD Development History

    I began playing TLD when it was released. At the time, I had a very difficult time with it and decided it needed some "polishing". I would check back every so often but didn't come back and start seriously playing until about 18 months ago. I have over 1,000 steam hours logged and it continues to be my go-to game even though I have many others to play. I began looking through some older threads and discovered Hinterland's YouTube channel. I was amazed how many changes & enhancements had been made over the years! I have to admit, I don't think I've ever seen a game go through so many continuous modifications. Sure, games are released and years later you'll get a game2, etc. I have to hand it to HL for sticking with the passion that is evident in this game! Stay true, @Raphael van Lierop and the HL staff.
  5. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Okay, since the thread I posted this in got locked, I am reposting it here as a new discussion topic. I did search, and found a number of threads that had mentions of the Bear Spear, but I did not find any dedicated to the new item we will be getting Soon­­™. So... (edited to remove any references to the locked thread...) Okay... I am also interested in what folks think the Bear Spear will be like? We have limited info from the Dev Diaries it has been shown and mentioned in. A few still shots, which can be deceptive in conveying size, construction, and how exactly our characters will use it. Do you think the Bear Spear will be *massive*, and only used as a "traditional" Bear Spear would be? Planted in the ground, for a rushing animal to impale itself on? Will it be too heavy to be thrown and used as a ranged weapon? Will it be smaller, still sturdy enough to be planted, but also thrown or used to **stabby** stabby** a bear or moose or wolf? Or a deer or poor Bunny FooFoo? Will it also act as a tool, like the hatchet, and allow us to open ice holes with it, since every other *weapon* we have also has 1 or more uses as a tool? What will the recipe be? Will we be able to pick up branches to be able to make it? Meaning a new mechanic to allow branches to be carried, instead of only broken down on spot? (I can't see making it from sticks, that seems a bit far-fetched, and making it from chunks of fir or cedar seems implausible too. Making the shaft or shafts from a split limb... perhaps? Long process, new mechanic needed to allow harvesting rough shafts instead of chunks...). Curious what others think it will be like, or what they hope it will be like. The more I think about it, I see that adding the spear may have been much more complex in the sense of coding it and working with what Unity and the game itself allow, than I, and possibly others, may have thought. I am personally hoping for a large, but not massive spear, that can be planted and used to impale, but can also be used to stab or slash, but not thrown, or only thrown very short distances, with a great chance of not causing serious injury (bounces off or misses quite often) if thrown. I am hoping it has more than one use as a tool as well. Breaking the ice to fish, either in a fishing hut, or... a hole in a pond in the wild, or off the shore in DP (maps where there is large ice, but no fishing huts). Chance of breaking or losing the spear down the hole, but a chance to open a fishing hole if you are desperate for sushi. I think picking up and carrying branches and using a branch to make the shaft makes more sense. I am really interested to see how they pulled this off, and how it will go over with a wide variety of players. Thoughts?
  6. OK, I'm on Pilgrim mode, 35 days in, and my wee pal Nikki is doing just fine. I'm planning to go to Pleasant Valley or Ravine, but decide to crash out for the night at the Mountain Lookout. I like this place; you get the views, the weather, generally you're safe enough. Unfortunately, you also get to fall squawking haplessly to your death when a glitch decides that it would be really droll to remove the platform outside the door, so that when you go out to get to the stairs, you find yourself heading instead to the stars via an unexpected and very unwelcome drop from the top of the Lookout to the unwelcoming rocks below. Let's see... this isn't ideal, is it? Any of you guys think that something could be done about it? Hmm? God knows I'm no agoraphobic, but it's not wonderful to open the door worrying if an untimely death is waiting for you.
  7. More choice of characters for survival

    Hello everyone, we all know that in the survival mode, there are two characters to choose from, right? And what if there would be an opportunity to choose for example to survive as a teenager. Well, well, what or an elderly character. Yes, in the game of growing up there would not be .a means the game would be all the same. But there is one thing. An older character would tire faster, just like a teenager. Yes, and the clothes would have to hem. If something is not so sorry.
  8. My ideas

    Hello, i have collected my ideas i found interesting, i know maybe some of them are suggested already, but i would like to start some discussion about it. Feel free to coment any point of my list. Thanks for reading my words and have a nice day. Gameplay in general: 1. Candles in various sizes as decent light source and fire keeper. 2. Oil lamps as craftable variant of candles. 3. Fall into water (ice break) provides small chance to loose your active item in water and damage or ruin water unprotected items, like non-canned food, or matches. 4. Matches, wood and tinder can get wet. 5. Fire extinguishing to save a wood. 6. Lootable bottles for drink tranport. Thermo bottles keeping your tea hot. 7. Tea and coffee cups cannot be transported in backpack. 8. Compass for orientaion. 9. Pen / Permanent marker, able to draw in your map. 10. Animated slope falling. You can loose some stuff in progress, same mechanic like dropping your rifle in bear attack. 11. You can harvest fuel from second latern. Same function like unloading rifle, but for fuel. 12. MRE and condensed milk should not spoil so quickly, it shouldnt decay at all. 13. Lootable binoocular and smaller monooccular. 14. You can slip on ice, or snow plated stem when running, or on edge, when you too close. 15. Craftable jerky from raw flesh. Gun play: 1. Ammunition and flares can be harvested for powder used as fire accelerant or maybe used as acoustic decoy to scare predators (firecracker). 2. Rifle rounds can be turned in dum-dum rounds (open lead core) with knife. Less accurate, less penetration, more bleeding. 3. Sporterized hunting rifle. Its like hunting rifle, but with naked barrel. Less wood furniture makes rifle lighter, bolt is set for rapid fire and new dioptric sights for better aiming and improved accuracy. Its basically Lee Enfield for target shooting. Uses as same .303 ammo as hunting rifle. New guns: 1. Shotgun. Uses 12 gauge slug or buckshot. Buckshot is good for small game at short distance but useless against bear or moose, because cannot provide critical hit for instant kill, it causes just bleeding. Critical hit is possible only for rabbits, wolfs and deers. Slug round is longer distance massive stopper even for bear, but its scarce. Shotgun is double barrel SxS and it can shoot two fast follow up shots and then long reload, unlike boltaction rifle, where reloading periods are more consistent. Simple, sturdy and reliable gun. Can be shortened with hacksaw, turning hunting shotgun into compact, less effective (shorter distance, less damage) selfdefence weapon. 2. Lever action rifle. Less durable, shorter range than hunting rifle. It fires faster than boltaction hunting and you can cycle bolt when you aiming, less accurate in general. It can share ammo with probably upcoming revolver, so its also better for smaller game, due to lower damage based on use of revolver ammunition. In different view, it could use own king of ammo, like .45-70, so it would be good even against bear, however, accuracy and distance is affected by heavy and slow projectile of .45-70 black powder cartridge. 3. Magnum hunting rifle. Single shot break action or big bolt action rifle with max. 3 round capacity with internal, non removable magazine in hard hitting cartridge, like .458 Winchester Magnum. Gun and ammo cannot be looted in general, except handfull of interiors. Can be attached with optic sight. High recoil, low accurate gun requires serious care, but its powerfull even against most dangerous animals. 4. Semiautomatic pistol, based or Browning High power. Unlike revolver you have 13 fast followed shots, but you have only one magazine in your gun, so before inserting you have to load magazine one by one. Rather selfdefence tool than a true weapon, in hunting perspective its effective at very short distance against small game, like rabbits. It can kill wolf with a bit of luck with one headshot. Nearly useless against bears and very limited use against mooses. Lootable only in certain office interiors along with 9x19 mm ammunition. 5. Single shot .22 rimfire rifle. Simple gun for small game, very ligh ammunition. Ideal for rabbits. 6. Sling shot. Uses rocks as ammunition and can be crafted. Superior to hand throw. Limited aiming provided. Most suggested guns are probably better fr survival rather than for story mode (maybe as npc character gun, non obtainable for player). I am aware that variety of ammo calibers can be tricky, but we can talk about it
  9. getting rid of permadeath fear

    I still believe myself a pretty new player,barely hit 100 hours. Had several deaths so far in voya and stalker,a lot more on some custom settings that I enjoy more.was getting better overtime,increased from dying in the first month to going deeper and deeper until I reached my treasured play of 93 days.that character died when exploring Desolation point for the first time from an awful chain-event(bear attack,wolf,bear attack attracted from gun shot used on wolf).Since that happened I am having an incredible hard time pushing myself to explore new areas I havent being like TWM and HRV. I know this questions sounds stupid by itself considering the type of game this is and the mindset behind it but is there a way to throw away that fear?any tips that could help me accepted the mortality of the whole scenario of loosing a hard worked character over my excitment for adventure?
  10. Armor-piercing Ammo

    Hello again. Here in the game there are cartridges for the Gun. but they are suitable only for deer and wolves. Because those skin is thin. But on the moose and the Bears would go only special armor-piercing cartridges. Since the bears and moose skin is thick. Personally, I tried to kill Elk a few hours yesterday. It took a lot of bullets, but still killed. Thanks again for the game.
  11. Bucket for a set of water and its boiling

    Hello , I know that it is possible to boil water in a pot and a tin Bank, and that if you have the opportunity to get water with buckets , but why not , here in the ice cave is a stream , there would be possible to gain of water and boil it. Thank you for listening
  12. Curious about RNG in TLD

    So I've been thinking about the random number generation in TLD. Is it perhaps using somethign on your hardware (i.e MAC address) as the seed and is it perhaps pseudo-random rather than really random and is your playing harware influencing the random numbers and therfore consistently giving you similar outcomes? The reason I ask is that I'm wondering about my own observations of luck in the game vs potential observation bias. example - I feel like I get a lot more blizzards and extreme weather in game than I see other people get watching streams. In a 96 day Interloper I've had 50 blizzards. In other runs I seem to get equally crappy weather often compared to what I see from others. Some peoples deadman runs had way more favourable weather than I seemed to get. I've only ever played this on the one machine. Has anyone played across multiple devices and noticed the runs having consistent outcomes on particular machines? As I said could all be confirmation bias on my part.
  13. This documentary about living with wolves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd3d-9fvp7g
  14. My opinion on The Long Dark

    I absolutely love The Long Dark, and the crew behind the greatness, Hinterland. I Love the environment of The Long Dark; which is the reason why i gave it the environment reward. The landscape is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that you can walk across the land for hundreds of hours, discovering new locations, landmarks, and points of interest. The Overall survival aspect of the game is one of the best out there; adding a sense of realism, and a little bit of fiction, to keep balance. I immediately loved the amount of communication that Hinterland gave to its viewers and fan base; with the creation of Milton Mailbox, and the general forum page in general; which is why i also gave Hinterland the best game creator reward. There is very little i don't love about the game, for even in its dull moments past day 100 or so, it is still an beautiful experience, and i would like to thank Hinterland for it. I hope ou guys have a happy rest of your Thanksgiving, and i plan on hanging out around the Forums some more. Till next time -Smellyfries

    So with there being pictures in almost every house showing the love Canadians have for pancakes; shouldnt there be instant pancake mix? Anyone with me?
  16. I love this game. I want to devote a few art to the game. This art is the first.
  17. Hello, fellow forum members! Those of you who have been around the forums for over a year and half might remember an old suggestion I made, about a way to turn birch bark into lantern fuel. (For those interested in the old topic, you can read it here) This suggestion was before the cooking update, so I decided to create a new thread and update it, with this mechanic in mind. Birch oil as a TLD alternative source of Lantern fuel Recipe: Outdoor campfire with a cooking pot would have an option to "make lantern fuel" - it would take 5 birch bark pieces, take 2 hours of cooking, and it would produce 0,2 to 0,3 l of Lantern fuel (depends on what the community considers to be a fair amount, note the poll) The best thing about it - the process is really simple, so simple it is realistic to attempt in the survival scenario. It would be great for the game because it would give the birch bark another use besides the tinder, which becomes obsolete after Level 3 fire-starting skill is reached. The poll: There is a poll for the community to determine what amount of lantern oil should be produced from the 5 pieces of birch oil and 2 hour cook time. Birch oil was used instead of kerosene in the oil-fueled lamps for a long time - some homesteaders use it to this day, because it is simple to make, out of natural resources, making it the perfect lantern fuel source in remote areas. It can be made out of several types of barks that are rich in oil - and birch bark is one of the, if not the richest, of them all. The only notable difference to kerosene is that this birch oil would produce heavy black smoke when burned. Other than that, their properties are highly similar. This is because there is a lot of black "ashes" from the charred bark, floating inside. If you took a filter of some sort and had the black oil seep through it, the resulting oil would be clean and produce next to no smoke at all. The byproduct of this is birch bark, turned into a charcoal. The vapors are a steam at first, the wood gas later - these byproducts are not collected during the process. Since fish oil can be used as lantern oil, I assume the Storm lanterns work not only on kerosene, but on other oils as well. Filtered birch oil would work without any issue in my opinion, the polluted one should work too, though it would probably sediment the ash inside of the lamp, so frequent maintenance would be required. For non believers I will be linking a YouTube tutorial video on how to make said oil, which I linked in the old thread as well: Any and all comments and critique is welcomed. If this seems unbalanced, please offer your opinion on how to balance it - and lets discuss it. I am also creating a new poll on how much lantern fuel should be produced this way.
  18. Research books experiment

    Hello, fellow survivors! So, as a part of a laid-back longterm game, I decided to try and achieve a pretty tedious task as soon as possible - in the first 50 days of the game, I looted most of the entire island, taking only basic of supplies, and attempting to locate all the research books I could. I took notes as to where I found them, in hopes this information would be of use to the rest of you. You will find my notes on locations in screenshots attached to the post. There are other locations I know of, I will eventually try to make a full list of all the locations that I can possibly remember - if you would like to contribute with your locations of books, feel free! We can create a "list" of possible locations as a community. This game was custom difficulty mostly close to Voyageur, with the biggest amount of loot possible, so I can pinpoint the highest amount of spawnpoints of books. I probably missed a few books still - regardless, my current library amounts to: (Sewing) A sewing primer - 3 x (Carcass harvesting) Field dressing your kill, vol. 1 - 5 x (Rifles - big) Advanced guns guns guns! - 4 x (Rifles - small) Frontier shooting guide - 4 x (Archery) Stay on target - 6 x (Firestarting) Survive outdoors! - 6 x (Fishing) The frozen angler - 3 x (Cooking) Wilderness kitchen - 7 x (I believe I am missing a wilderness kitchen or frozen angler book somewhere from Mountain Town. Despite its size as a region, I found only a single book in there and I know that Milton House where Graymother used to live occasionally spawns a Wilderness kitchen book. It is probably somewhere in the houses in the town, which I havent looted yet.) The reason I did this was to try and maximalize the effect of these books as early as possible, so that I am not "wasting" resources on poor skills or mistakes. My current skills are at: This includes approximatedly 35 arrow hits at various animals, 47 kg of meat harvested of the animals plus 1 bear hide, 4 deer skins and cca 8 guts. 45 kg of meat cooked, and at least 25 cans of food heated towards cooking skill. I have no idea how many campfires I have made succesfully but it will be around 30. I succesfully repaired clothes about 10 times. I didnt exactly keep a proper track of these things as initially I was only interested in finding the spawn locations. Still, as can be seen - most of the skills can easily be reached to level 4 with mostly the use of the books. I also have to mention that I have not yet used the Advanced Guns guns guns! books because I am still hoping to find at least one more Frontier book somewhere, probably Mountain town. Here are the things I learned: -For the skills you use the most in the game - cooking, harvesting carcasses, firestarting, sewing, possibly even archery - it is best to use these books ASAP. Higher skill in these tasks means you waste less resources early on when your skills are low. Rifles are not neccesary unless you use rifle often - I reccomend patience there as Frontier books become unusable after level 3. -The connector locations often have a book or two in them. I have not expected that initially. I am very glad I decided to check these locations thoroughly, too. -Hushed River Valley is a problem for locations of the books - half of the research books found in this region spawn regularly inside of supply caches, which have pre-set contents, but somewhat random location spawns. One has to search for these specific supply caches if they want to get these books. The cache sets that I know contain books so far: Frontier shooting guide - in a cache hidden on top of Monolith lake plateau. Wilderness kitchen - in a cache that spawns somewhere in the bottom part of the map - the landslide/moose overlook area. I found it once in a cache in the middle of that bottom part of the map, and once in a cache which is in between the two rope climbs from Landslide area to Pensive vista (monolith lake area of the map). -There can be more then 1 book of that particular type in the region. -I have a theory there are 3 types of books - the "big books", the "medium books" and the "small books". When the game is spawned, the location determines what kind of a book spawns there. If the place spawns "big books" - it will be Advanced guns or Sewing primer. If it is "medium" it will be Survive outdoors, stay on target or Field dressing your kill. If it is "small", it will be wilderness kitchen, Frontier shooting guide or Frozen angler. -Additionally, the spawn points seem to favor 1 of 2 possible types of books spawning there - meaning that you wont find a wilderness kitchen inside a fishing hut, but it will be either Frontier shooting guide, or frozen angler. While somewhat randomized, the books and their locations usually "make" sense. -Per each region, there are several "possible spawnpoints" of these books - but only 1 place actually spawns them (it seems). For example, Mountain town has 3 locations of Big books that I am aware of, but only 1 seems to spawn per game - Advanced guns guns guns! can be found at plane crash, in an outdoor cave in the ravine to the left after you cross the "bear" bridge on a way from the plane crash, or at Baker´s farmstead inside. In the attached pictures, you will find screenshots of my notes on the locations of these research books - I pointed out all the places that I found new and unusual, most of these are not very descriptive - but should give you general idea. Some of the locations were obvious (and initially, I didnt write them down, which was silly of me cause now I dont remember)
  19. Army Base

    Всем известно, что в игре есть военная одежда и обувь не так ли? Да и есть сухпайки там есть, но что, если бы можно было создать новое место, где была бы Армейская база, был бы шанс найти оружие и необходимые инструменты для выживания, ну, была бы техника, но из-за аномалии было бы непригодно, но просто выжить, да. Как правило, такие базы хорошо укреплен, не так ли. Но было бы трудно добраться до этой базы, например, через горный волк, через ущелья и пещеры. Кроме того, погодные условия создадут трудности, чтобы добраться туда, кстати, это хорошо в тестировании. Под названием Выжить любой ценой. Ну, почему бы и нет. Благодарю.
  20. Hello

    I've just recently started playing. I'm finding it a bit frustratingly slow, but then I'm a very conservative player. I do not want to DIE. It takes 3 days to dry a rabbit skin, so I wait around collecting firewood and boiling water. I think I will store water here and leave in 3 days with my stuff. I've decided I'll imagine I'm a map maker. Wish there was a survival end date. Example: Its winter survive until summer??? What other ways can I challenge myself to survive without risking I lose the entire game. Also, I would start again with so much more knowledge that I wonder if I should just go out and die and start over repeatedly to learn ? How do you play?
  21. Hi everyone, I’m really enjoying TLD and have put 30 hours in so far. Like most new players I made plenty of mistakes but I have tried to learn from them so as to keep that to a minimum in my most recent survival game. I’ve currently survived 52 days (Voyageur) and I’ve noticed a pattern of behaviour or more correctly a trap which has happened in all my other games. After so long of staying in one place doing typical daily chores I quickly start to grow bored with the whole routine. Now this isn’t a criticism of the game, just an observation of my habits and to be honest the routine is entirely of my own making. I don’t have to follow the pattern of chop wood>light stove>melt snow>boil water>eat cooked venison from behind the cabin>mend clothes>drink water>sleep, but I somehow get fixated on that. In most cases I don't need to do it anyway because I have a massive stockpile, but somehow I think "I always need more!" A very noticeable fact is this whole tedium after so long actually causes me to act out/rebel just for some much needed variation. Sadly this variation is when things typically go awry and all the careful learned survival lessons are literally thrown out of the cabin window. Such is the immersion that in a way it seems to me that I very much become stir crazy and have contracted cabin fever long before my character ever suffers. So I go out on some random expedition for a change of scenery and do something daft which in previous games has ended in a very grisly way. The previous survival game it was the lunatic notion that instead of shooting a deer like I originally planned, I decided to take on the bear which just happened by. Opportunistic gambles like that don’t make a lot of sense after being so careful up that point. Another moment of insanity was in this current game when I decided it was about time to travel all the way to Broken Railroad, which I might add I have never explored before. All the while collecting every bit of shiny loot I can stuff into my pack along the way like some greedy magpie... even though I've repeatedly told myself to travel light. I wouldn't mind but this trip had a clear goal at the start "go find the forge in Forlorn Muskeg", yet it deviated from a simple achievable task to an elaborate risk filled adventure which almost ended very badly. What causes this dramatic shift in behaviour, is it complacency? Have I grown sick of my character constantly whining about being hungry when she ate three extremely tasty moose steaks this morning and I'm trying to kill her off? Or is it more of the case that staying in the vicinity of somewhere safe for too long really does dull your survival smarts? I mean it’s really dangerous out there so why would I suddenly forget that and need a close call to wake up me up to reality? Or is it simply boredom of self-imposed routine? Perhaps in my case it's lack of experience. The thing is when I choose to play the game always on the move I don’t seem to fall into this trap because I always feel I’m on edge and looking over my shoulder so I won't die horribly. Yet that whole mind set helps me to play the game better. I also took a great deal of care when I finally completed Hopeless Rescue on my fourth attempt and learnt a lot from it. So perhaps the best solution for me is snow shelters or open cave living, at least that way I'm constantly exposed to and aware of the risks. Sitting in one place it seems that the greatest danger is really myself. I’m curious does anyone else abandon all common sense at times like this and if so how do you guard against it in future runs?
  22. Annoying Stalkers

    I've been trying to complete all of the challenges recently, which means i tend to get in a lot of contact with wolves. Something I've noticed about wolves that is rather annoying in my opinion is when they stalk you. My main gripe about it is as the wolf is stalking you, I've noticed multiple times when the wolf's (lets just say timer) for stalking you runs out, and you can clearly see it has lost interest. But multiple times have i had it happen where the wolf looses interest, but instead of walking away, it just immediately detects me again, because it was close enough to start stalking again, leading to tracking across half of Timber wolf and Pleasant Valley, with a wolf on my butt. (Note; i did not have any meat or anything that attracts wolves.) This is just my opinion, but it's something i wanted to put up there.
  23. So I recently had an accident IRL that reminded me of some of my TLD follies, and it has made me realize just how fast fire can put you into a very dire situation... Especially if you were in a survival scenario. I was burning some garbage and using Gasoline (I usually use diesel+motor oil, but had some old gas I didnt want to waste) to aid in getting a hot fire in order to better burn diapers. Unfortunately when I sloshed a bit more gas into the burn barrel, the wind gusted and blew the flaming gas back in my face. This engulfed my head in flames, it took about 1 second to realize what exactly was happening to me, at which time (beginning to panic) I set down the gas jug and began rolling on the ground and tearing my snap up shirt (which had also caught fire) off. Once I was fully extinguished, and had my shirt off, I was in pretty bad shape. My eye-glasses and hat saved my eyes and most my hair, but I still got bad 1st degree and a mild 2nd degree burns on one side of my face. My right hand had gotten soaked in gasoline (most likely from me jumping back and inadvertently shaking jug as flaming gas came at my face) and suffered bad 2nd degree and moderate 3rd degree burns. As my 65% polyester shirt burned it also burned my chest and right arm, large areas of 1st and 2nd degree burns, with several small spots of 3rd degree burns. The whole ordeal from the time I caught fire until I was fully extinguished was about 10 seconds, 15 seconds max. I couldnt believe how much damage was done in such a short amount of time. In TLD I have had times that I accidently walked through a fire and had thought "that shouldnt have lowered my condition that much" but after this experience I have a much better understanding of how much damage fire can cause in a very short amount of time. In a survival situation a small accident with fire could very easily change your situation from "easily survivable" to "not survivable." I now think the burn mechanic in TLD is incorperated very well and inflicts appropriate damage for the balance of the game. And as a word of caution to others, especially the young and curious, dont use accelerants to start fires IRL. I know we all think that we are careful and that we know what we are doing and it wont happen to us... I knew what I was doing, I have lit thousands of fires with gasoline and/or diesel, I am always careful... But this time it got me, got me very badly. I'm very lucky that it wasnt much worse, I could have easily been maimed for life, or possibly even killed.

    What will this mean for INTERLOOPER PEOPLE?
  25. Weather surprises and stuff

    Hello . I had such an idea, I read in the description of the Location in the game Railway of the Mysterious Lake, well there about the Earthquakes that how it would be there, but it is not there, but it would be a pity so much harder to survive, well, because you never know when there were pushes. And the usual places where the player usually passes would be closed, and new places would appear. Yes, plus nature would have arranged surprises for the player, well, and since the animals go crazy, it is not known what the planet itself happened.