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  1. Alrighty here we go again Blood trails and prints don't work. You can't see the blood or footprints until you're RIGHT up on it. This makes hunting a very very annoying, tedious task when the animal you're tracking decides to change direction. This problem didn't exist in previous versions. The grass. Oh god the grass. I figured this would have been fixed by now, as the issue has been present since before launch. But when you walk past grass you get this weird issue where the 2d model for it doesn't face you and you end up looking at it from the side. It's immersion breaking and just plain weird Flares are now worthless. At least in stalker and up. No I'm not saying flares should work EVERY TIME. Especially on harder difficulties. But they don't work at all anymore. I can't remember the last time I got a flare to actually scare a wolf away in stalker mode. I can understand this as an interloper mechanic. But not in stalker. They should at least work SOMETIMES in stalker. This all being said, I don't make these to bash the game at all. I love this game and I see it as a work of art. But it has some very very annoying little kinks that really need to be worked out.
  2. This one's short and simple

    TL:DR The best things in this game are items or goals that are not instant, but take time and gradual progress to work towards e.g. TWM summit and animal clothing (and survival bow imo - although many would disagree). I think this game needs more things this - when i get the rifle I'm not that satisfied because I don't feel like I've worked for it, I've just gotten a lucky random spawn from a set few locations. This would also help more with many players' need for long term survival goals and stuff to do as I see many posts about that on here and I've made one of my own too. Whether it be maps with a destination like FM, "the wolf gauntlet" aka crumbling highway (although I've never struggled with it after I found a nice crossing route), TWM's summit or some hard to craft item, please add something like this to the game. Upvote if you agreed please and add suggestions/criticisms in the comments below please! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
  3. Hello, all! This is my first forum post, so excuse me if this seems a tad off beat. I recently contracted a kind of food poisoning because I drank about two liters of water from a brook at the bottom of a ravine. I'd had some before, but I think the reason I have problems is because I drank so much. Usually I drink about five gulps. This inspired me to talk about changing the way food poisoning is done, so I wanted to make a few points on how I think it should work instead. Food poisoning doesn't occur instantly: I drank those two liters of water on Saturday and today it is Tuesday, and I feel miserable. I started having problems Monday evening. So I think that if you eat, say, a half-kilogram of raw venison, you'll start suffering in two to three days, with no warning. This would make it a lot scarier, being so unprecedented, and make it a more crippling affliction. It would also change the game for people like me, whom are often living safely and can just take two and call in the morning. Vomiting: Anyone who's ever had food poisoning knows that one of the worst parts is the vomiting. While I think it would be difficult to implement into the game, with animations and whatnot, it would add an extra challenge: dehydration. When one vomits, they expel lots of their water store, so they have to keep drinking in order to manage an equilibrium. I think when the character vomits, they should lose a fourth or a fifth of their hydration meter. Adding such a disgusting element to the game could add to a darker outlook on survival. Being lost and having to fend for yourself in the wilderness is a traumatizing experience, and I never get that message when playing the game. There could also be certain actions that warrant a vomit chance. Repulsive events such a gutting animals, finding corpses, contracting stomach parasites, and so on should give the character a vomiting chance. This could also include eating, to a certain extent, and you would lose every single calorie you would have gained from eating what you just had eaten. Degree of severity: The degree of food poisoning often depends on how much bad stuff you eat or drink. If this mechanic were added into the game, there should be levels of severity depending on how much was consumed. Perhaps five or something. They would vary in the time you are afflicted, how weak you become, and how often you vomit. Those are all the notes I have. If you wish to add to this list, request elaboration, or present an argument, feel free! Thanks for reading!
  4. At this point of my play through, I have finished looting Mystery Lake, Forelorn Muskeg, Broken Railroad and Mountain Town. I collected a ton of stuff and although I did use some stuff, mostly I brought it all to Camp Office. It was lots of trips up and down the ropes between Milton and Trapper's. Lots of trips... anyway, I hope you enjoy my tour of an alpine inspired working camp and survival gear store. Welcome to Camp Office Outpost & Outfitters! A working home base and trading post. Ready to provided for anything and everything you could want or need for extensive cold weather survival under one roof! The place really gets to hoping on Aurora night! Welcome to the lobby area. As you enter you'll be welcomed by an army of 2 liter pots. Can't have too many pots in the apocalypse, am I right? Feel free to look around, there's a lot to take in. As you turn to your right, you'll find our featured beginner adventurer package. Most everything you'll need for a successful hunt under serious weather conditions. This load out features an expedition parka, thermal long johns, work cargo pants and your choice of blue wool mittens or Hunter's orange fleece mittens. You also get a rifle, with 10 rounds of high quality ammo, a fully fueled lantern, a tin of coffee and two tin cans. Rope is recommended, but optional in this package. As you move to your left, you get a good view of our working gun collection. 8 working rifles, each at 100% condition and at least 150 rounds of ammo and a dozen cleaning kits. Get a free box of herbal tea with each 2 liter pot purchased. Moving past the counter, you get to the kitchen/larder and food prep area. We got a pretty good assortment of goodies going here. Not too much of any particular thing, but a little bit of everything. If your hungry we can cook you up a great meal in no time! You should try our brook trout glazed with our grape soda reduction sauce. You've never tried anything this good. lol, most things are good when you're hungry enough, right? \ glancing back to the door, you wish there was a little more shelving... wonder what happened to that chair? as you round the corner you come to our workbench and hardware collection. ( This whole labor of gathering everything started when I couldn't find a single hacksaw when I spawned here on the Mystery Lake Map. Now I got about a dozen of everything except the heavy hammer. ) There's pelts on the floor and guts in the drawer, for your crafting needs and desires. Got anything that needs fixing, scrap metal just to the right of the pelts, just outta the pic. As your finish rounding the corner, you find yourself behind the counter. Here you will find curing maple and birch saplings, fishing tackle, improvised axes and a closer view of guns and ammo. as your gaze sweeps down the counter, you see the under stock where lantern fuel and flares are stored. The lanterns themselves are being used to provide needed lighting until such a time that power is permanently restored. Since that isn't going to happen any time soon, it sure is convenient that we can harvest fish oil to fuel our assortment of lanterns. Clerks view from behind the counter. Just waiting all day for a customer to come in... a quick turn about view from the back door.... still no customers... as you pass by the woodstove, you can check out the food prep area, Here you have access to knives and can openers. Love the fact that I can keep beverages warm, that means there's always a hot drink anytime you visit. Checking out the larder, you have found the canned goods section. mostly coffee, pork n beans and dog food. Don't have any good recipes for dog food, so am saving that til the absolute last. Here's the dry goods section. Got a good assortment of crackers, crunchies and dried jerky. Got a few MRE's as well. Got a ton of water set aside, it was easy to do considering I had all those 2 liter pots. I made 7 fires in a row and brewed 14 liters a shot. made like 4 batches, enough to last for a while at least. There's a pretty good soda supply under the counter. Stacy's grape soda is by far my favorite, followed by orange soda. For some reason Summit soda reminds me of an really inexpensive brand of lemon lime soda in a familiar looking can. But I can taste that orange right now! Tastes like sunshine! Looking back into the larder, a broader look at all the yummies... Looking back to the front door from your vantage by the wood stove, you see even more coffee tins pointing you up the stairs to your right. as you climb the stairs, you get another peek at the larder through the broken balister. as you reach the first landing on the stairs, the room spreads out for a better view. The upstairs mezzanine area holds assorted clothing and health related sundries. A little higher up the stairs and the view continues to fold out some. The red fire light reflecting on the floor is neat. At the top of the stairs you find an assortment of hand crafted items, including a bear skin sleeping back, wolf skin coat and a few pairs of deer skin boots. Nearby is our sharps table with holds a variety of cutting utensils. Hatchets, Knives and improvised axes. Everything you see has been sharpened to 97% or better. At this point whetstones are worth their weight in gold. I wish I had as many whetstones as I do rifle cleaning kits. As you come full circle to the top of the landing, you get a good look int the upper gallery. There are some handcrafted items stored here. Deerskin pants and some rabbit fur gloves. Down along the bottom of the rail you can see lots of boots and along the top is a nice assortment of hats and scarves. Down the left side of the wall you can find some handy self help magazines and books. There's Guns Guns Guns, Surviving the Outdoors, Stay on Target not to forget Wilderness Kitchen and the Frozen Angler. Next to the literature section, you can find a display featuring everything archery. At Camp Office Outfitters you can get pre-fabricated bows and arrows. Or you can use our crafting bench and make your own. There's an abundance of materials here as well as plans, books and hands on guidance. Stepping back from the archery display, you see the shared sleeping area. Staff claims the bottom bunk, the top bunks are always available for visitors and the weary. We try to keep this fire going, so if you are going to stay here, it's everyone's job to collect firewood. As you pan right from the wood stove, you see the infirmary and medical supplies display. A close up look reveals a plethora of antibiotics and pain killers. Just gotta harvest some mushrooms, rose hips and lichen and we can supplement these man made chemicals with natural holistic herbal medications. following the banister you find clothing and boots lined up in a row. The bottom features fully repaired and in new condition clothing made out of nylon and cotton. Clothing items on the top rail are all wool or otherwise of organic materials. The boots however are arranged by condition as each shoe requires cured leather to fix and there is definitely a limited amount of cured leather to be found that would be needed to repair all these boots to new condition. Boots, Hats and Scarves and a couple pairs of deerskin pants Looking back down from the top of the stairs walkway. Looking back to the stairway, can you see Waldo hiding in the back corner there? Where's Waldo? Get back to work, deadbeat! Well thank you taking the Camp Office Outpost & Outfitters Tour. I hope you enjoyed the frivolity of it all. At least as much as I enjoyed making it. Love to hear your comments, questions and feedback. Thanks for reading!
  5. I think it would be nice to see a more interactive HUD of afflictions, in which ES. you have broken ribs, apply bandages in real time with a skillcheck, and based on how many times you fail or win the skill check you get malus: more time to heal, +% affliction effects etc ..., or bonus: faster healing or -% affliction effects (I'm not good at English, I used google translator sorry if there are any errors)
  6. Exploration Game Achievement

    I have been trying to complete this achievement since I started playing the game. The instructions are simple: explore every interior location on the Mystery Lake map and the Coastal Highway map. Doesn't sound so difficult, but I am exhausted from covering the same two maps over and over and still coming up short. Although this current play through I did stumble on a previously undiscovered clearing with a cave high up on the hill looking down onto camp office that I hadn't found before. In this particular play through I have also found the prepper bunker in ML, so I figured I must have found all the interior locations. So are caves with a warmth bonus considered interior locations, because the only thing that could be hindering me from completing that achievement is maybe I have missed a cave? I know I have entered every physical interior space that generates a load screen, or at least I think I have. Does interior space include cars? I kinda would expect that it does. any help, ideas, suggestions?
  7. I was deer hunting with the bow and decided to take a shot at a buck that just suddenly stopped just within range. I had plenty of time and got a good bead, released my arrow and watched it sail and strike it's intended target. Blood spray puffed up in the air and the deer bolted away instantly. As I covered the ground to the impact area, I noticed there was no blood splatter in the snow and my arrow was lying nearby. The deer ran a fairly good distance away but then just reset and started it's grazing behaviour again. I looked around for a blood trail but there was none. what just happened?
  8. What's All Your Guys Favorite Place/Shelter/Landmark And Why? Mine Is Paradise Meadows Farmhouse As It Holds Alot Of Resources And Items And Also The Extra Tiny Quest To Find The Key Makes It Seem That There Is Something Really Good Inside As A Guy Died Protecting The Key
  9. Milton Mailbag Index

    Over the course of the Milton Mailbag @Raphael van Lierop has addressed a number of different topics. To help you quickly find information on a question you might have we've created this index. Below are the topics that he's addressed and links to the Dispatch(es) that they're referenced in. # - F 4K - 10 Backpacks - 1, 8 Alcohol - 10 Animals Condition - 7 , 8 Hit Locations / Organs - 3, 8 Carcasses & Bones - 11 Art Book - 6 Astrid POV - 1 Aurora - 8 Bear Spear - 1, 11 Bigfoot / Sasquatch - 5 Binoculars / Rifle Scopes - 7 Birch Bark - 10 Brandishing - 7 Buffer Memories - 4 Cabin Fever - 2 Canadian Flavour of The Long Dark - 4, 8 Candles - 7 Car Visors - 8 Card Game - 10 Carry Weight - 8 Challenges - 2 Characters' Media Preferences - 8, 10 Co-Op - 8 Collectibles - 11 Collector's Edition - 6 Community Communication - 3, 6 Compass - 9 Cooking - 3, 6, 7 , 8, 11 Corpses - 7 Crafting Clothing - 2 Custom Settings - 12 Diversity - 8 DLC - 2 Easter Egg(s) - 10 Episode 3 - 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 Exploits - 11 Feats - 8 Fishing - 11 Forging Four Days of Night - 10 Frame Rate - 11 Frostbite - 8 Full Body Simulation - 8, 12 Future Games - 2, 4, 5, 6
  10. Tents

    My Suggestion Is To Put Tents Into The Game They Won't Be Everywhere In The Game World But In Like Houses Such As The Trappers Homestead And The Camp Office As They Would Fit Perfectly In Those Locations. It Would Give You A Bit More Warmth Than Just Sleeping In The Bedroll As You Are Out Of The Snow And Windchill
  11. New ideas

    I was thinking that maybe bullets could be broken down and we could use the gunpowder inside for tinder or accelerant. also maybe bear traps that you could only find at the Hunting Lodge? And I think that when you get attacked by a wolf, using your gun as a blunt weapon to either push it off or injure it should be possible but at the cost of severely damaging the rifle.
  12. I became curious about snares. Curious as to why I see a small number of players utilizing them, and larger number saying they are useless. My previous experience was no different from most. Catch a rabbit or two and then move onto bigger things like crafting a bow, or seeing how far I can throw a rock off a cliff. With my current Interloper run (around Day 23). Let's try 16 snares! gulp... Things I've Discovered with this Snare Experiment. 1. 16 snares, I would catch 8-10 rabbits per day. I would check 3 to 4 times a day, and reset the snares after each catch. 2. Times I would check is morning, noon, and night. I found that with timing your checks consistently, you can get rabbits that are only 1% frozen. It almost felt like every 3 hours in-game time there would be something new to harvest. 2. The setup is easy to maintain. After harvesting the broken snare, you receive 1 reclaimed wood back. It only takes 1 cured gut to replace a destroyed one. After a few days of doing this, you are swimming in the curing gut and becoming the efficient machine. 3. A snares weight is the same as reclaimed wood. Which means it's transportable to other locations. Just imagine you are carrying reclaimed wood and you have a fridge of food on your back. 4. Condition with snares are bool - 100% or destroyed. 5. Great way to level up harvesting skill quickly. 6. Snow Shelters are awesome for fighting cabin fever and protecting you from wild life! With the amount of harvesting of rabbits you catch, and avoiding cold while harvesting, you will find yourself fighting cabin fever constantly. I built a snow shelter near the snares where the rocks were blocking the wind. At Trapper's Cabin, I cannot find another way to keep up with the harvesting without the snow shelter. This is because Cabin Fever would consume me, and on Interloper it's been too risky to harvest directly at a fire due to inconsistent weather. 7. When harvesting, always keep in mind of your smell and inventory. When are where. Drop the rabbit if you're not doing anything with it in a safe place. I've noticed that harvesting rabbits in a snow shelter brings the big bear fast! These dead rabbits in your inventory are super magnets for bears and wolves! Snow shelter protection from bear when harvesting rabbit From the wiki After 5 days I haven't noticed a reduction yet. To be continued. Today I learned that snares are rad, no matter what others tell you.
  13. Respond to bug reports

    Hi support team! I have noticed a while ago and it seems still the case, that not even a single issue in the bug tracker has any status update. Probably you process them somewhere else, but it would be nice to respond in some way to them. So we know what's going on.
  14. Elegy For The Long Dark Items

    In The Elegy For The Long Dark It Shows Some Pretty Awesome Items Which Some Are Already in The Game But Some Like The Candles In The Car Scene Looks So Awesome And Cosy (A Tiny Bit) And Also The Big Hospital/Office Looking Building That Would Be So Amazing For Loot And Story As well Heres The Link To The Video To See For Yourself
  15. I find that the routes of wolves and bears are too predictable. The path is always the same. Once understood the movement and the behavior, it is very easy to trap them. And you ?
  16. Just finished looting the summit and have roughly 4 separate 45 kilo loads of salvage. Looking down from the tail section you can barely make out the Mountaineers Hut. Is there any good way to go down the mountain on that side and come down close to Crystal Lake. I would love to be able to finess my way down the mountain side to save all that walking time. Otherwise I have walked down the trail side that leads you down the backside fairly easily, but it dumps you off out practically on the other side of the map as compared to where you want to go. any suggestions?
  17. Best Interloper base

    I recently started an Interloper game that I hope will be a long-term one and have been thinking about where to settle down. I've narrowed it own to a few places: Farmhouse -Central location on a centrally-located map -The wood stove is great for cooking -The porch is a fantastic utility -Fire barrel for cabin fever- but watch out for the bear! -Blizzards constantly- my god -Not too close to fishing -Not a lot of firewood Fishing Camp -Outdoor workbench- goodbye cabin fever! -Very close to fishing -Beachcombing accessibility -Good weather -No indoor fireplace -Not much storage space The Riken -Constant access to forge -Wheelhouse great for outdoor cooking -Good weather -Fuel everywhere -Beachcombing accessibility -Tilt is kind of annoying -Very dark -No fishing Camp Office -Centrally located- easy to get to every other region -Fishing nearby -Counters are great for organizing -Fair weather -Good fuel supply -Great hunting nearby -A few wolves nearby Mountaineer's Hut -Everything very close- fuel, fishing, rabbits, deer -Hatch counts as outdoor storage for meat -Beautiful views -Very cold -Painful trek to the forge -High wolf activity on the lake Where do you think I should settle? Do you have any other locations in mind?
  18. Not necessarily a wishlist item for me but - maybe something to be discussed.. Sometimes i think showing all the information regarding the food makes it too easy. So i have to ask: Shouldn't there be more of a uncertainty when eating old food? Have you guys ever thought about there not beeing a spoilage indication of food? (As in just a 'best before' date and let the player figure out the rest.) Does changing the information or rather omitting it actually make a difference?
  19. So, just wondering, who caught the northern lights (aurora borealis) Monday night/Tuesday morning? It was visible in Canada, but also part of northern US. I unfortunately didn't know about it until the day after!!! Otherwise I would have been able to see it from where I live. http://www.wkow.com/story/39055887/2018/09/Sunday/northern-lights-may-be-visible-across-wisconsin-monday-night
  20. Popcorn, Pasta, and Rice

    I am aware that these have been suggested before, and the primary one I am putting forward is actually the popcorn, which I think has been mentioned like... once ever. This is my way of "upvoting" the demand for these particular items to be in game (without bumping long-forgotten threads). These are dry goods that, if I were personally making a prepper cache, would certainly be included in my stockpile. In particular, the rice and popcorn. I am not certain on this, but I think unpopped popcorn can essentially last... well... indefinitely? And it's more naturally immune to humidity/moisture. Rice is similar, pretty indefinite for regular white cooking rice, but it's a little more susceptible to humidity and moisture. Pasta probably has the lowest shelf life among them, but can still last a long time when kept dry and in good conditions. All of which should last well in a Canadian winter, as winter has a way of being pretty dry, and nothing in the game suggests slush or a moist environment. Being on an island might impact that in a way I am uncertain about, but nevertheless, these items should not only hold up well, but are kind of household staples that you'd *expect* to see in a kitchen and in a prepper cache. They would and should require the addition of water for cooking, making them not too overly convenient. Except for the popcorn, which may as well use "lantern oil" since we derive that from fish (or just nothing at all, and assume it's cooked properly).
  21. I have transited between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway too many times to keep track of as I am sure many of you who play TLD often do as well. I was just pondering as I was slowly walking, heavily over encumbered, what happened here? From the looks of things, it looks like a landslide took out the train as it was winding it's way towards the trestle. It would appear obvious, imho, that this "accident" was pre-geomagnetic event. So with that in mind, were the Eco-Terrorists or Nature Activists to blame for perhaps dynamiting the hillside as the train rolled by? Such an act wouldn't be in keeping with the stereotypical passive aggressive style of protest that is usually exhibited by those types of social activists, considering they would be willing to commit murder. Murder of the engineer and who ever else might have been on the train, to try to drive away those business whom they deemed were exploitive of the Island and it's natural resources. Or was it just an unfortunate natural accident, brought on the inevitable constant freeze and thaw cycle of the nearby waterfall that finally eroded enough of the underlying rock for the top layer to give may as the slow lumbering locomotive was thundering by? What about those two sections of missing track? Was that the work of the Eco-Terrorists? That's what was supposed to happen, the train would derail on the trestle and it would look like an accident, but no, the landslide just happened first? thanks for reading!
  22. I might be a bit biased, but...

    I might be a bit biased, but I honestly feel like the "Nomad" challenge would make considerably more sense being called the "Sojourner" challenge. Hahaha... but for real though.
  23. Bear bells and bear spray

    Bear bells could be used to draw bears away from your location by making loud noises causing them to leave the area. Bear spray could be used when entering the animation when the bear attacks you (like the wolf one) and you could choose bear spray to spray the bear giving you a chance to break free and make a run for it.
  24. Change to wolf struggle system

    I think it would be helpful if you could "favorite" a tool in your inventory which would select said tool to be used in a wolf struggle once it begins. There have been numerous times where I misclicked and used a tool I did not want to or getting startled by the wolf and accidentally clicking hands to use instead of a hunting knife or hatchet etc. You could always go back and deselect a favorited tool if you still wish to choose freely or go and select a different one to favorite.