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Found 713 results

  1. Underwhelming side quest

    *******EPISODE 2 SPOILERS ALERT ******* Did anybody also feel a little bit angry at Jeremiah, when you finish the Old Letters quest and there's not even a new possible dialogue? I mean, we get deerskin pants from the Forest Talkers, a great boot from the Grey Mother, and then this quest which is by far the hardest one - endless nights waiting for an aurora, eaten by zombie aurora wolves, burnt by the cables, with a possibility of being stuck waiting for yet another aurora... - and not even a "thank you"?? F**K you Jeremiah! P.S.: I love how the game challenges us and I actually loved doing the quest. Just the lack of a reward or even an acknowledgement was really dissapointing
  2. This is a list of improvements, reworks and additions i could think of to make the game more challenging and realistic. Struggle changes Flare gun selectable as weapon in a wolf struggle to instantly scare them off Note: The option to instantly scare of a wolf in a struggle is a very helpful and realistic addition to the game and the rare amount of ammunition for the gun prevents it from being too strong being able to use an already activated flare in a wolf struggle to scare them very fast Item changes Knife/hatchet condition rework: the higher the condition of these items, the more damage they deal in a struggle and the lower the time to harvest carcasses and branches etc. Note: the current condition system is not very realistic and this change improves the gamepay in a couple of ways. Not only is it realistic that sharper weapons do more damage and sharper tools harvest faster, it also increases the incentive to use whet stones. These stones are usually useless in the early or mid-game or in non-interloper games in general, because of the huge amount of tools available in the game. This way players are also motivated to keep their tools sharp all the time. Being able to move more objectives by rightclicking them note: there are many objetives in the game that should be able to moved around (boxes, planks, small carcasses). These objectives are not too heavy for the player and the player should be able to move them around, however this should come with a very high movement speed penalty to keep it situational. (moving carcasses towards a campfire or out of the wind/ moving bosxes or planks towards a campfire to break them down) Taking a „torch“ from a campfire doesnt result in obtaining a normal torch note: the previous mechanic (taking a burning branch from the fire that can not be relight) was way more realistic and getting a free torch also made one of the already few crafting items obsolete to craft Animal changes More fur color variety for animals, especially for wolves Note: a more grey-ish or white fur color makes them look more realistic, it would also make the game harder in a very iteresting way, if they are much harder to detect Wolves roam around in packs note: change to reflect the natur of wolves and also make the game more interesting. The more wolves in a pack, the more aggressive are they, less wolves have a higher chance to run away in fear New animal: fox (more passive and less damage than wolves) note: just a addition to makte the world feel more alive and interesting. This would also introduce a new type of fur and more options for crafting items New animal: Mountain lion (more aggressive and more damage than wolves) note: again, to make the game more interesting and dangerous for the player Carcass harvesting changes Ravaged carcasses only harvest 1 guts and no hide Note: the huge amount of revaged carcasses and fixed spawnpoints forces the player to play in a certain way to be effective. The appearance of the ravaged carcass deer also indicates that you cant use the hide anymore and it should have less useable guts. It also makes the early game a bit harder and increases the incentive for hunting, if you dont have so many free guts and deer hides available in the early game Being able to „harvest“ arrows that are stuck inside a dead animal over the harvest option Note: at the moment you just lose too many arrows depending on how the animal drops on the ground Being able to harvest bones/antlers from dead animals to craft primitive weapons and tools with low condition (bone knife, bone arrowheads) Note: this will add more variety to the game and provide a simple alternative for the early game Being able to harvest animal fat from dead animals or as a product from harvesting meat (similar to oil from cooking fish) to use it as fire starter New items Adding more maps to the game note: this should be an addition to the current charcoal mapping system. I was thinking about typical „foldable tourist maps“ for each zone. These maps should not be as detailed as the handdrawn map and only show major point of interests, streets, certain houses etc. In addition to that there should be a map of the whole „world“ which only shows the different zones and how they are connected. These maps can be found randomly in the world and maybe also on the wall of certain builds, like the mistery lake house, post office in milton, gas station in coastal highway, etc. Most of the experienced players dont use the current map anyway and it would be a nice addition tot he game. Bear trap Note: being able to place the trap and bait wolves or bears with meat and bleed them out with the triggered trap Snow shoes note: a very loved piece of equipment in many winter survival games, which increases your walking speed on (deep/fresh) snow More variety of handcrafted fur clothing note: there should be a craftable item for every major equipment slot in the game Hunting changes Note: in my opinion hunting needs one of the biggest reworks in the game and hunting deers/rabbits and fishing should be the primary source of food in the mid- to late-game. Therefore it needs a lot of small changes to make hunting more interesting and challenging Change respawn time of animals (being able to set the approximate days for a respawn in the custom settings instead of low/medium/high) note: the respawn rates are just way too fast (even on the slowest setting) and it would be much more interesting when the wildlife takes a couple of weeks to respawn. This would also force players to travel between the zones constantly Wildlife wildlife roams around the world instead of having fix spawn areas Note: searching or tracking down animals should be a major part of hunting but that is currently not possible with fixed spawn points Big wildlife is leaving foot tracks while they are roaming around the world note: makes hunting more interesting and the weather should determin how fast these tracks fade away Wildlife detection range should be much higher note: at the moment you can jsut sneak up too far to an animal an literally be 2 feet next to a rabbit and they dont detect you. to compensate that you should always be able to shoot your bow when you are crouching because it makes no sense to not be able to do that. It also makes snares much more viable again because hunting rabbits with stones is just way too easy Survival Skill changes Note: skill systems are a very important way for survival games to reward the player and keep the game interesting and create incentives to do something and make the players better at what they are doing, but it should not make the game much easier in a unrealistic way and take away some important survival aspects. The current system is outdated and here are some ways to change this and make it more realistic. Fire starting always needs tinder note: tinder is essential to start a fire and you should always have to use tinder to keep it realistic (in my opinion survival skill systems should only make players better in what they are doing). Not having to use a certain item anymore also removes an important survival game aspect to always be prepared and plan ahead and gather things. Fire starting skills dont incrase the burntime of a fire. note: it jsut not very realistic and the fire starting skills should be increased to 10 levels or more and each level should increase the chance to start a fire by 5% and reduce the time to start a fire by 5% Remove cooking skill 5 note: being able to never get parasites or food poisoning just breaks the endgame. Again, this just makes the endgame so much more easy and a survival game should not do that in my opinion. There are already so few afflictions in the game and removing 2 of them makes the game a lot more boring. Being careful with mouldy and parasite infected food is a good survival aspect and it should not be removed from the endgame Carcass harvesting skills should only reduce the time to harvest guts and meat note: again, to be realistic you should not be able to harvest carcasses by hand that are significantly frozen or only with hands in general Adding more base characters to the game note: each character should be a specialist (chef, hunter,…) and start with a specific boosted survival skill Crafting books note: it would be intresting to introduce books that teach the surviver to craft a certain item after finishing the book Custom setting changes Being able to increase the duration of blizzards Note: i would like to see blizzards that last for a couple of days and that i have to sit out in a shelter It would also be very interesing to change the duration of how many hours of daylight you have every day (even being able to play with 24hours of night each day) Affliction rework Increase the recovery time for some afflictions Note: the recovery time is just way too low in many cases and there should be put significant meaning to it (broken ribs are a step in the right direction) and a sprained ankle or wrist should not be cured after sleeping for couple of hours (this also increases the value of medicine, hence makes the game harder in a realistic way) Add some new afflictions like a simple cold or flu note: jsut some simple and realistic ways to make the game so much more interesting Empty ressource drawbacks note: each empty ressource should have a negative effect on the player, just like low stamina reduces the weight you can carry. For example having an empty stomach should also decrease the weight you can carry. This makes the game more interesting and challenging, even if it is jsut a very suttle drawback That all being said…the list above is just a list of improvements i could think about in a very short time and i hope it makes clear that the most important thing this game needs is mod support. TLD is a game that focusses on detail and atmosphere and you can imagine that the game is not that much fun when you have all these improvements in mind that will probably never get adressed or only in a couple of years. Every friend i know who plays the game says the same thing, that they have fun for a couple of hours after each patch but then it gets boring and unplayable because they are just to many things that need tob e improved, and only the community can change that issue if they are able to give their input with mods. Custom settings are a good step in the right direction, but by far not enough. What are your thoughts about these things?
  3. A new goal and gamemode

    Multiplayer. BUT, before you click off... This isn't quite multiplayer - let me explain. This is a pseudomultiplayer gamemode which would work on a matchmaking system wherein players choose their preferred difficulty - e.g. stalker - and queue up (or play against friends) and have a survival experience with the same world, same spawn etc to see who can survive the longest in that world whilst not actually physically playing in the same world. Of course I am aware that there are problematic factors such as loot RNG but i think we can come up with solutions for it for example: Key balancing points -Non-container items are identical in spawn -Container items work based off of who gets to that particular container first for example someone opens the trunk in the paradise farmhouse bedroom in Mountain Town and gets nothing, the other person would also get nothing; however, if that person DOES get something, then the other gets either the same thing or same type of thing e.g. food, clothes - Or (less preferable) container RNG could just be untouched I am aware that someone can already create a custom code and share it with friends but what if you want to play against a random person? Please let me know if this idea was any good as well as upvoting if you think it was and thanks for reading!
  4. Wishes regarding fishing

    It would be interesting to have a struggle (like with the wolves) every time you catch a fish. If your struggle is taking longer, there would be higher chances to get tire and loose a fish. Secondly, it would be nice to have more fishing equipment, like fishing rod or nets, each having it's pros and cons. Tell me what do you think!
  5. The (Updated) solution

    New Idea I've left all my previous ideas below for reference because my new idea which builds onto houses needing to be modified - instead of them breaking down and needing repair, they just need upgrades (Possibly with this refining planks mechanic) because the world gets colder over time. No outdoor/indoor environment interaction would be necessary, only indoor visual changes (could even do without visually seeing the planks) and a higher temperature. This would also by the way force you to go outside and collect/harvest wood to keep your home intact. Old idea I know this topic is talked about over and over but I think i finally have The fix. Houses need to be repaired: (I really hope no one has already thought of this so that I don't look like an idiot. Also before you click off this could be disabled in custom settings/easy mode playthroughs) The houses in the Great Bear are - I believe - all* made out of wood . Therefore, houses should need to be repaired after blizzards, humidity and long periods of time to keep their temperature. *except the Hydro Dam and Hibernia Whale Processing, meaning of course they would need a way to compensate for being very large e.g. just having a low base indoor temperature (open to more suggestions): -windows can break -wooden boards can fall out or become rotten - -open to more suggestions Of course, all these things can be repaired with wood or new items such as repair kits, having to refine wood into planks*, nails, cloth for weaker weather defence etc... *I think the having to refine wood into planks is quite a good idea - hear me out. This would tie quite well with house starting to break down later in a playthrough if a sawmill is added into the game, they would be rare like forges and hard to get resources to use (Metal sheets made in the forge could work for smaller houses made of metal if there are any). Or, of course, all these new items are unnecessary besides the repair kit and planks can just be refined with a knife and used with a hammer and the repair kit - there are many options! I know there are other similar ideas such as houses already being partially broken when you start a world but I personally don't think that they're as good of an idea and means less interactivity. Thanks for reading and please give me suggestions and feedback down below!
  6. Hello, here is my idea for the game, I think that in the future there will be many more new locations, and what if to make such a crawl as a cave system so deep and confusing that even experienced players would often be confused there. and in the center of this location there would be a lake.
  7. I found what I belive to be a glitch or two, because when I started a new wintermute, the inventory got synced with my survival world inventory. Another crazy thing is that when the new wintermute started I fell down right through the world, but fortunately I got teleported back to the surface. One more strange thing happend, when I tried to climb the mountain to get out of the plane crash sight (Wintermute) I fell down every time I tried. I might have a video for it. Notice that everything that everything I describe happend in the exact same Wintermute.
  8. Hunting Moose

    So the other day I stumbled upon a moose in ML near the small cabin just north of Unnamed Pond. He was milling around the clearing with the rabbit grove. I was able to creep up onto one of the partially fallen trees rather close to him. I then waited in a crouched position until he presented a close head shot. I shot him in the head with the rifle, he shook his head and took off running. A short distance away he turned around and started to calmly walk back to the clearing where he began milling around again, but he definetally acted as if he was wounded (different noise, and body movement). I was still crouched in the fallen tree and again waited for a close head shot. And again I shot him in the head, this time he dropped in his tracks. So my theory is that if you shoot a moose from a concealed location and then do not give chase or reveal yourself he will return shortly. Thereby presenting you with another shot. This is of course not tested as I have only ever seen one other moose that I was forced to shoot 3 times in the head (killing it) as he charged me. So has anyone else had similar experiences like this with moose? Or has anyone figured out some other way to reliably and successfully hunt moose?
  9. Let's talk about The Long Bright

    So in a nutshell we all love the the beautiful, deadly wilderness that is the long dark and we want more, right? So why not - The Long Dark in a the desert/savanna instead as a stand-alone game or an expansion. -explore a deadly expanse of desert/savanna with quicksand, sandstorms, deadly predators -manage your temperature so you don't overheat -use shadows(shade) to keep cooler -keep your hunger, tiredness and thirst to keep your condition up -hunt, repair clothes, explore, craft - just like the long dark -lots of options for both predator and prey - Prey(?): -camels -elephant (rare and kind of like the moose - only aggressive if provoked - stampedes) -armadillo (tough to think of something small like the rabbit) - Predators(?): -hyenas -crocodiles would be cool if you had to collect water from oases(oasis plural)/rivers -lions - Miscellaneous features/topics: -vultures (crows) -boomerang(?) -cacti for sustenance(?) -sunburns(don't know too many heat related afflictions - headaches/nausea??) -jungle biomes(?) - Possible problems (I know my idea isn't flawless): -collection of water -how clothing would work -using buildings to cool down? (electricity would probably have to be available but difficult to attain - fuel for generators?) - Thank you for (hopefully) reading through my idea! I am most definitely open for all feedback (let me know of extra features and whether or not this idea would be realistic); hence why i have left dashes in each subsection for extra features. Finally, if you loved the idea, please spread the word and link this forum as an original ; ) :::Note::: (?) - not sure if possible/unfinished list/idea ) : :::Note 2.0::: - I am no expert in deserts or the like and that's why some ideas may not be the best/fully developed
  10. hello from the U.S

    hello from the U.S my name is Michael i love playing video games mainly just survival games like one of my favorites hinterlands the long dark but if u see me post like i have in the wish list discussion dont be concerned about criticism if u can dish i can take it im am always open to criticism love meeting new people so even if u dont criticise (me yes im aware i spelled that wrong) just stop by say hi and we can talk
  11. Overhaul Suggestions

    Some more items such as: Zippo lighters that can be used for starting fires or a smaller light source than the lantern can be refueled with the lantern fuel but is exposed to wind so it can blow out (requires scrap metal(body) and cloth(whick) to repair) regular bic lighters as well but they hold less fuel even then the zippo and they are not refillable nor can they be repaired. Wax that can be harvested and turned into candles for long lasting light sources in cabins or caves (easily blown out by weather) could use ear wax (really slow gain) and also in the next section I mentioned bees wax. You could also find glass Jared candles that last awhile but are hard to find, found only in buildings and give off a pleasant scent that increases happiness if that is installed. Different kinda of bags/backpacks that can reduce the load of your items instead of just the moose one maybe make an option to pick up the pre existing bags on the ground that you can search. The ability to make crafting stations such as a forge, or work bench make it hard to eat to that point though ( needs to research a book or something like that to be able to build) then takes 10 hours to build etc. Caffein Pill Bottles gives you more stamina than coffee but can’t warm you up, doesn’t give you thirst back and in fact takes away some thirst. More food crafting items such as berries, edible leaves and such you could have a book lying around that lists off the different non poisonous types of plants. Then also salt so you can do two things with it salt your meal for flavor and calorie boost from the food source (can only salt certain things like meat, tomato soup, etc for what make sense and then you can also salt meat to keep it lasting longer. Crafting of a Sun dial clock that can tell time more accurately if the weather allows it. With the hours sketched onto it. grappling hook that you can throw or shoot out of the hunting bow attached to mountaineering rope to scale inclines you couldn’t normally go up but still get around to useful around servers places such as the dam, costal highway area etc etc. alcoholic beverages that could be used as a antibacterial for open wounds, could reduce pain if drank but then also gives you a semi woozy state of ingesting to much also warms you up a little bit but would also make you more clumsy and such. If happiness meter install (see next section) it would increase happiness. sling shot that utilizes the rocks as ammo and has a higher impact and greater aim than a rock throw and will scare away predators if hit with the sling shot also has chance to kill small game out right (bunnies squirrels etc.) High Powered B.B. gun that is used for hunting small game only such as rabbits uses B.B. rounds (find a lot more B.B. rounds than regular rifle ammunition but still hard to find the B.B. gun itself Craftable water tank that holds a lot of water that is stationary for a base of operations. Can be refilled or taken out and can drink from the spout. Glasses/sunglasses that would help protect your eyes from wind (wind resistance) Steroids that would give a huge stamina boost for the day but are very rare medical pills and would come with a very tiny permanent stamina drain after the day (useful for mountaineering rope climbing and long sprint journeys. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese box food source that you cook for warmth benefit (could give happiness) And/or Top Ramen Packs Other Overhaul additions: Happiness meter at decreases with bad status affects, being mauled, bad weather etc and increases with good weather, successful hunting, quality food, increasing skill levels and reading. The happier you are the more stamina you have (motivation) to do things and if your really happy you get a small boost to the stamina than you would normally have. One item you could instelal to increase this would be craftable musical items that you can use to pass time with increased happiness benefits (this would need more working or but you get he idea) Change the hunger meter to a picture of ham or something like that and use the bladder looking one now as a bladder meter that increases over time and you would have to relieve yourself (gives off smell that attracts predatory animals but repulses deer and rabbits) could come with the ability to dig a hole to negate the smell but takes time. Indoor hydroponics where you can craft pots install a way to dig for clay and fire it in a forge then plant seeds using a cabin or trailer as a green house basically and you could grow found seeds from either seeds packets from a store building or if berries and other plants were installed you would have a rare chance to find a good seed. Would take a long time to grow but would be a renewable source of food. You would need to water them atleast every other day to maintain them. The ability to fix up buildings taking time to repair broken cabinets/ furniture etc making it look nice for a permanent home. the ability to jar up some food items such as if you added berries or the honey from bees you could jar them up to preserve them longer also you could make jam out of the berries. Could add sugar to put into these food crafting. Hunting Manufactured Bow / Cross Bow that you could very rarely find like the rifle improved aim down sight line and accuracy uses same arrows Hunting knife that if mauled by wolf will quickly deal with wolf and make it bleed out faster and die after running. Also gives you an actual chance at fighting a bear when mauled because of the size of the blade you would have a small chance at the end of the fight to mortally wound the bear. make accelerant like the lantern fuel in regards to it not being consumed in one use give a meter on how full it is and give accelerant the ability to squirt portions onto an already existing fire for a 1-3 minute duration increase and a big heat increase for that 1-3 minutes (when you squirt accelerant on a fire it engulfs and gets really hot in real life) the ability to write down notes in game on paper using added item blank paper you could use charcoal to write or add pencil/pen to the game to that way we can write down lists of things needed to be done or reminders or where things are. Really useful if you plan to Come back to the game after a few in real days so you can remember stuff. The ability to get to hot could be inside with full gear and a fire going and then you would start loosing hydration quickly. Install a way to designate an area for base of operations either for below mentioned cats and dogs or for other uses such as being more noticeable on a charted map. hygiene meter ( you have to actually use the bathtubs now) can use heated up water from the added water tank item I had suggested using a fire underneath it) add toothbrush and tooth paste beard trimmer etc whichever makes sense to you guys good hygiene gives a morale/ happiness boost and keeps you healthy whereas if you are dirty you have a higher chance of catching an illness. And attract more attention to wildlife. Add more wild life: squirrels small game like a bunny beavers could use the tougher tail hide for some crafting also the large teeth could be used for tools or something along those lines. the ability to hunt birds via traps or using the above mentioned B.B. gun coyotes/fox that is less aggressive than wolves but can still give a good bite when aggro. bees that can make honey for consumption and bees wax for above mentioned wax for candles. But will aggro and you would have to either A make some net clothing that will keep the bees from stinging or B get inside quick after you steel the honey/wax larva found in the ground / wood chopping gives good protein(calories) but would decrease happiness if that’s installed. Rats that could get into food left on the ground but not in containers can also be hunted for just meat only and very little of it. Cats/dogs that you could find wandering and attempt to befriend by bringing meat for dogs and condensed milk for cats. You would bring to your base and have them there to kill rats and bring them to you for food and to protect food/ items in the ground and dogs could follow you around to help you hunt or stay around a set home to protect it.
  12. I've been pretty lucky so far in my current game. I've (sadly) downed four bears, a few wolves, and too many rabbits and fish. I'm drowning in meat and some of it is going off now so I've been leaving it outside in hopes that the wolves will back off and stop trying to eat me. The thing is, they run away now like I'm the devil incarnate but at times they walk right past me, within half a meter's distance and make no move to attack. If I move though, they run away yipping and crying. What's going on here? Is leaving meat around some sort of domestication/domination tactic with them? Does anyone know?
  13. So how do people go 50+ days in the sandbox without getting bored? I'm playing on stalker and I already got a base set up and the supplies I need. What should I do next?
  14. Clothing Decay

    The mechanic for item decay is very good except when it comes to clothing that is stored. I can understand a certain amount of wear and tear on items worn both indoor and outdoor but when an item is stored inside a container like a locker there should be almost no Decay if any. I’ve left items in a locker to come back and get them at a later time and found they were ruined although I can still harvest them for cloth I would like to store some items around the area in case I get into a scuffle and lose a glove or a hat or something of that nature need it replaced when I’m far from base. I think this mechanic is frustrating when you work so hard to get gear and you want to save a few choice bits and pieces and have them stored in a cash far from base. Anyone else run into this issue or am I just nitpicking ?
  15. Diseases.

    Hello, this idea has already been written, but it is possible to make illness, for serious reasons, for example, it has frozen and picked up the inflammation of the kidneys, and it's strange that the protagonist or the heroine, carry loads of more than 50 kg, and for some reason do not tear your back, although in real life And it happens.
  16. New creatures

    One thing I would like to see implemented into the game would be raccoons. This will offer a couple of things first and foremost they would be another supplier food and furs. You can use their skin to make a coonskin hat. But their presence is not all rabbit like. If you leave the door to your cabin open they can go in and cause havoc with hides that maybe curing in the floor, they would be able to open standard cupboard doors and plastic containers and would eat the food foundb inside and could damage clothing. They could also eat or destroy food left outside. They would not attack the player and can get caught in snares just like the rabbits currently. As a sidenote off topic. I Know the subject is been brought up before in the forms but why can’t we get water from fishing holes or waterfalls. This also gives you use for purification tablets which if you can melt snow you can boil water As they sit right now I have yet to even use purification tablets
  17. Raccoons

    Raccoons for Raccoon skin hats to craft... thoughts/additions?
  18. Looting Jeremiah's Cabin

    One of the things which always slightly irked me about Jeremiah's Cabin in Story mode (as opposed to Survival) was that you couldn't use any of the indoor containers without losing Jeremiah's trust. On my most recent playthrough, I found a solution -- simply loot his cabin at the very beginning of Episode 2, before you even set off to the Hydro Dam. You'll get a whole bunch of Trust loss notifications, but it doesn't go below 0. Once you return from the dam, you can then gain trust with him as normal -- and even though the containers are still listed in red (implying trust loss), you can use them normally, placing and removing items with no effect on his trust. In a way this can be used to *gain* his trust, simply by giving him his own Pork and Beans cans back to him once he wakes up. Presumably you could do something similar once his Trust hits 375, but honestly why wait that long? Don't know if this should be considered a bug or not, but it's definitely something I'll be doing on any future playthroughs! -- Aagje. now if only we could get an outdoor container in survival mode
  19. Thank you Hinterland

    I am so glad to be able to play TLD i just found out that my father has cancer and this game has given me a much needed distraction. thank you hinterland for your update and for making this game
  20. So it looks like Mississippi is starting to finally get some decent weather! first snowfall of the season FINALLY hitting us in mid January. We're all pretty excited. what's your winter wonderland looking like?
  21. Hello All! The Moose is finally here! So happy! What an amazing December update we got from Hinterlands! Moose, new accessible region and this new awesome custom mode! In this video I search for a moose, find it and do a bit of "science". ;-) The Long Dark - Moose Hunting - Rugged sentinel Update Really hope you have a good time watching People!
  22. Hello there People! Let's Play Hard Custom Mode! Starting a New Let's Play adventure with the awesome new possibilities that custom mode offers us! Thank you @Hinterlands!!! Love The Long Dark! The Long Dark - Let's Play Custom Survival Mode Day One The Long Dark - Let's Play Custom Survival Mode Day Two (Intermoose) Really hope you enjoy watching People!
  23. I’m gonna keep this short but most animals have their major arteries near their back left leg. And I understand the Moose is suppoused to be difficult and not a shoot, run, and gut. What I propose is if someone where to hit the Moose in the area where he would defiantly bleed out IRL then the Moose could bleed out. I’d like to hear if this is completely out of line with the core gameplay because I could understand that, but I want to hear for myself. PS: Not In Wishlist because the Moose is already in the game.
  24. What do you think? In case you are wondering what "keyholing" means:
  25. Proposal on how MP could work.

    So, I know this idea has been already asked for (Multiplayer), But I didn't see the functionality or how it would work if it was ever implemented, So I decided to write a plan on how it could possibly work and function, I am not a software specialist or a programmer. But I definitely think some of the matter here is possible. So the system that I thought was pretty much sophisticated and was partially done in other games that I know, Multiplayer here is separated into 4 Modes Note: This is not an official proposal by hinterland studios, This is just my personal opinion on how MP could work. (The Proposal) Mode 1, Survivalists This mode would be a Team up mode, Before the game is started the host would set up the game settings and, the map area, etc. Meanwhile, if the players joined the game and the game hasn't started yet they will just be at a chat screen waiting for the game to start. up to 4 Friends could play together as a team to survive. It would have LAN Support, To join each other they would simply click the join button on steam (Optional). or join from a server list ingame in case of people looking to play with other random people. After the host starts the game and the others will join him, Once the players are in, They will be able to choose between Female or Male characters, and what they want their names to be, There would be 4 Different Female Characters and 4 Different Male characters that they will be able to choose from. If a person chooses a character, the other person cannot choose it. There would be a simple chat system, With filters or not. They will be able to interact with each other in many different ways such as Healing each other, Trading items, and more. If a Person dies, He will respawn near one of the 3 Other players, The host could set in settings that if one dies he needs to wait until the round ends, which would disable respawning, thus if all players die, The game ends. This mode could be an unlimited mode and the game could go infinitely or the host could set the game up, that it won't end until a certain task or goal is completed by the set of players. Sleeping would require all players on a bed or a bedroll for time to skip and time would skip a certain amount of hours and the amount of time could be changed by the host. If not all players are on the bedroll or bed, sleeping would be replaced by resting which would do the same effect of sleeping but without skipping time, and would recharge the player's rest amount much slower. if the host had disabled respawning and if all players die the game ends when the players would have an option to continue playing the game and the game starts again. If they select no, they would exit the game. Mode 2, Death Match This mode would be supporting 8 Players playing against each other, There could be map votes before a game starts, The players would spawn randomly in a region and they will be restricted to that region. For example, they can't leave Mystery lake region as there would be Invisible walls preventing players from leaving the region to end the match faster, The mode would have the same multiplayer system as "Survivalists", except that sleeping is probihited and instead you can only rest and Healing and trading will be disabled, Players would have to hunt for resources and weapons, The last person to survive wins , They would need to kill other players in order to win the game. The max time could be set up by the host. If the max time goes out and there is no winner, The game ends with no winner. And just like "Survivalists", The players would have the option to continue the game for it to restart or to exit it. Mode 3, Multiplayer Challenges This mode would be a Challenge mode supporting 4 players, With a variety of 5 ingame multiplayer challenges, A custom option could enable custom challenges made by the community other than premade ones, They would have their own rules and systems other than "Death Match" and "Survivalists". It is very hard to determine the basis, because of the possible varieties and options. Mode 4, ( Your suggestions ) Your suggestions and ideas on MP that I couldn't think off, Feel free to contribute your ideas on this topic. So this is a sum up of all the modes I came up with, If you have any questions, suggestions, and comments please write them down below. -Space_Taco