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  1. So I balked at purchasing the Hinterland coffee mug last year...later I went back to the 'Hinterland Gear' and it was sold-out, and I was crushed. Of course last month I did not hesitate and purchased the same mug as is pictured in the game. My friends, it is worth every penny! This is a small camping mug but the quality is far superior to most others on the market. (Funny, the only thing you can not do with this mug is use it in a microwave oven). A great addition to long hours of TLD game play, so much more relaxing.
  2. Taking a chance on a bear kill out on the ice at CH across from Misanthrope's with my back up go to fishing shack as my only place for retreat if the deal goes wrong. Got a bow with 3 arrows, fully loaded rifle so I am thinking I sneak in close take a bow shot at him and if it hits then he will come charging, I'll switch to guns and take the head shot if I can... might be able to sprint back to the shack, but at least can limp back there in case things go bad. Imagine my surprise when this happens. I couldn't believe it myself except for the parabolic arc of my arrow is burned into the air like a tracer round. pretty cool if you ask me. Walking towards the bear under my arrow tracer Looking back at the shack angle. the tracer ends at the impact point of the arrow as the bear is in midst stride, basically hitting him directly in the left butt cheek, lol. after 8 hours of harvesting and running back and forth to the shack, the tracer was still visible. By the way, could not get the arrow out... didn't let me put the cursor on it, I come back later and see if the arrow remains.
  3. The Only TLD Guide You'll Ever Need - Steam Guide to The Long Dark I created this reference guide for TLD players that wanted a self-contained pocket manual to the game, that teaches all the basics and important mechanics, but omits spoilers, item locations, walkthroughs, and all the other stuff on the Wiki and Reddit that I basically consider TMI for new players and a major detriment to doing-it-yourself (the point of The Long Dark). I wrote it to be the only TLD guide you'll ever need. Upvote it on Steam if you like it and comment on it, I spent a lot of time researching and making it, and the likes help me out a lot. With the influx of new players, a lot of them just hit the Wiki a few days into playing (like I did), trying to find out how game mechanic X or Y works, and get many more spoilers than they were asking for in the bargain. I sure did. I agree with Hinterlands that this game is best played blind, but for people that need to know the game mechanics (realistically, we have to look things up at some point) I hope this manual can be a buffer for new players, as it's written to explain all the mechanics and keep the actual content from being spoiled - the Wiki is always an option for Lopervets that want to know the item lists & locations, regional screenshots, strategies, game code, etc. The Wiki is also daunting in scope and takes hours to sift through, and this manual takes all that info and boils it down to 10 pages of basics. Hope you like it, and thanks to Hinterlands for some of my best gaming experiences in recent memory.
  4. Ok, now that came out of nowhere... just got waffle stomped by the Moose just outside of the Mountaineers Hut. Never saw it coming, just all of a sudden this rush of thunder and "whamo" this moose just head butts me half to death. Got some broken ribs for my troubles and as soon as I could move, I popped right into the Hut and did some first aid. Looks like I lost about half my life energy in the exchange. Now it's been a while since I got mauled by the Bear, but if memory serves, the bear had a pretty brutal attack, seems like almost always well over half life energy. So if you were going to compare the two, did I just get off easy on my first Moose attack or is the Bear truly the King of the Beasts in TLD?
  5. Have you ever wondered if Timberwolf Mountain Summit could be reached without climbing any ropes. The path is difficult but possible. Some early recordings of the attempt. The Plane Boss. The plane. REDACTED Secluded Shelf Shuffle REDACTED Just Us Rabbits On The Edge The first recording of summit success without using any ropes. At the end I remove the rope with a smile on my face. More to come. Stay tuned!
  6. Aurora Hunting = Aurora Pelts

    Since the Aurora is the cornerstone of TLD (without it there would have been no crash), I would love to see the Aurora offer a permanent benefit in the long run. What if you could hunt all animals during Aurora...and not just wolves...but even rabbits are aggressive. By hunting when the Aurora is out, you get to obtain their glowing pelts...and with cured Aurora pelts in hand, you can craft gear that offers an even bigger benefit. Best of all, your gear has a green, luminescence glow from the Aurora. Craft your full set, and no animals will attack you at all unless the Aurora is out, and provided you're wearing Aurora gear in all slots, of course. This may make it harder to hunt, but Aurora gear provides permanent safety (outside of the normal Aurora crazy animal time). Also, with the glow, you can travel through caves, for example, without needing a light source...seeing as your gear has slight glow (think Pipboy from the fallout series..but maybe not as bright so it's not a complete substitute for a light source). This would make the game more compelling as well as marry with the story line "realism" of this scenario. Moreover...this could be how you eventually conquer the long dark in a world that's forever getting colder and darker. Just you...the glowing night hunter...trying to survive.
  7. What I like about Wintermute

    So, I just want to say, I love the new winter mute that came out in august. Im on episode two only, but its already really good. I like how there are different aspects in this mode. There is the different challenges that you must do to proceed in the story. For example, you need to collect enough fire wood to keep a fire going for a set amount of time depending on your set difficulty. I also like that, you don't need to complete them to survive, maybe at the beginning of the story mode just because you will run out of supplies in the ravine. The survival is pretty darn realistic for a non- VR game. The way they incorporated survival mode into the story mode is absolutely great in my opinion. #TheLongDark

    I love how when you are finished with all of the grey mother's tasks, that you have to climb down the rope, when it broke, I realized that I could never get pack up. I think that that was a very good way to cut the player of from Milton. #TheLongDark
  9. I cant wait to finish the story mode finally. I will have a lot of fun with this I am just afraid of the bear man I always been! LOL
  10. more than anything else, this game desperatly Needs mod-support!!! personally i could only enjoy the game after an update for a couple of hours before i started to think about how many Things in this game Need to be reworked or added, and everyone i know who Plays the game had the same experience. It is just no fun at all to Play a game that only uses a fraction of its potential and constantly have to think about improvements and additions that would make the game so much better and more enjoyable, while you are playing. for examlpe, the custom Settings were a much needed Addition to the game, but even there you realized pretty fast, that they have to be reworked and Extended in order to provide a longterm incentive to Play the game. just take a look at the insane amount of awesome ideas/improvements/balances/additions/reworks in the wish-list category that would make the game so much more enjoyable and fun for every Kind of Player. Personally I, and i know that a LOT of other Players who like the game feel the same, dont want to wait a couple of months for the developers to implement maybe 1or2 of These improvements every update. This is simply not enough for many Players. Not only are mods a good way to make the game much better, an active modding community does also help to Keep a game alive and attract more Players to a game and helps to enjoy a game much more. Personally i think the sooner you will provide mod-support for the game, the more it will help this game in General. so pls Hinterland Studios, give the Players the opportunity to help you improving the game, because like i said....there is a good number of Players in this game who want to Play the game but dont enjoy it at all in the current state.
  11. How To Up Our Game

    Lots of wishlist ideas seem to be aimed at making the game easier. I confess, most of my ideas, when I've had them, were born out of a sense of unfairness after I died in the game for some reason I disagreed with. But life isn't fair, and I've always thought that TLD is at its best when it's unforgiving. So, in that spirit, I want to float ideas and have a discussion about making the game harder. Let's first all agree that these are "what if" ideas, not fully fleshed-out change requests, and so game mechanics would still need to be balanced or you'll end up either with an exploit, or a rage-quit mechanic. Here's a few to start. These all relate to skill levels. Cooking level 5 eliminates all risk of food poisoning and intestinal parasites from your cooked food, which I consider overpowered. What if the risk were significantly lowered, but never eliminated. Fire-starting level 3 makes tinder optional with no side effects, which renders a whole class of items obsolete. What if tinder were optional, but not using it either decreases the chance of success or increases the time required. Archery skill can be increased by a bonus from merely crafting an arrow, which makes it a bit too easy, in my opinion. What if this skill bonus were eliminated after reaching level 2. In other words, after level 2, skill is only increased by successful hits and skill books, just like the rifle. Thoughts? Your own ideas on making the game harder?
  12. Take me to Church!

    Day 4 : Voyager : Mountain Town It's my fourth sandbox attempt, and the first time I've made it to day 4. I spawned almost right beside "the arch" and walked down into Milton. It was my first time in town and I couldn't believe the resources. I actually stopped picking up food! I spent my first day exploring Milton and stockpiling supplies in the big house. At the end of the day I had plenty of food, meds and clothing, but no rifle and no hatchet. (At his point, I have yet to find a rifle in the game). I set off for the farm on day 2, and found plenty of goodies there (a heavy hammer, quality tools, a climbing rope) but still no hatchet and still no rifle. So I spent the evening repairing my best clothing (harvesting the rest) and decided to head back to town in the morning. Day three I came back to Milton house, dropped off my new heavy goodies, and had a quick meal. The plan was to head north to find the church - another place I've heard there could be a rifle - but when I set out there were at least two wolves between me and the bridge, and I could see more beyond it. I went back inside and read a survival book on cooking for a couple hours, hoping they'd move on in that time. They didn't. I had almost decided to give up an head south, figure out how to get to mystery lake (sounds like it involves climbing) and try there. But I knew that the chances of coming all the way back up here to check out the church if I did that were slim, so I decided to wait and try again in the morning. I passed time reading the cooking book, breaking down chairs with my hammer, and fixing clothes til it was late enough to sleep. So here it is, Day 4, and I'm heading for the church again. As I start down the road, I see a wolf near the bridge. Just the one though, and he's walking a to the east side of the road. Maybe if I creep slowly through the snowbanks & trees to the left I can sneak by... I get close enough to the bridge that I need to creep out of the woods now. I'm also getting cold (it's been windy). So I decide I'll start a fire, warm up, and grab a torch to take some warmth with me before continuing. As I'm crouched by my fire, the wolf (much closer than I thought he was!) comes out from behind a tree! Feet away from me! To my surprise, he runs away yelping! Fires! Right! Fires scare wolves! I'd read that on the Wiki but I assumed it just meant they'd go out of their way to walk around them. I didn't realize it would send them running! I carry on, encouraged by knowing a new wolf-avoidance technique, and boy does it come in handy! Another wolf spots me as I near the bridge and I start a stick fire just in time to send him scurrying. Another passes by shortly after - while I hide behind a snow bank - and happens to wander too close to the same fire that had scared the previous one! I can't believe my luck! I finally cross into the logging area with no wolves in sight (but a flare still in hand, ready to light in case of a surprise charge). I almost skip by the cars parked there, aiming to warm up in the church as soon as possible, but decide to check one anyway. There on the floor by the stick shift: a hatchet! Finally! This alone makes the excursion worth it. I make it to the church, start a cozy fire and warm up as I look around. I pick up a few books for fire-starting, and am pleased to find a hunting knife (another key tool I was missing so far). And then I see it. Leaning up against the piano. The rifle. Yesss! I love how this game - even on my relatively easy difficulty setting - builds you up to be *so* excited at any stroke of good luck. I almost gave up on visiting the church, and now here I am with a hatchet, a hunting knife and an empty rifle, feeling like a super hero! There's a survival book on shooting, a rifle cleaning kit, and 7 measly bullets waiting for me back at Milton house. It's time to go learn how to hunt.
  13. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    Hello. I wish it would be possible to toggle the Old Search Mechanic back into the game - maybe as an option that is present to you on the screen every time you start a new game It might seem like a small thing initially (and it sure did for me as I didn't even noticed how much I liked it until the Devs simply took it out) but that feeling of searching a container, trying desperately to find a match box to save you from death, while also feeling more and more hopeless as the progress bar would progress through the screen and the searching noises would go on without any item being found (or the excitement of finding what you need on the last second) was just one of the things I mostly liked about TLD as I can now tell. This article by PCGamer explains this very well, and I'm glad to see more people agree with me on this: https://www.pcgamer.com/why-i-love-the-long-darks-painstaking-search-mechanic/ Please, read it, it won't take 5 minutes. Now, I've heard before that this new UI mechanic is better because you don't have to keep tapping A or B (don't know the equivalent keys on PC) to get or drop an item, especially when you're searching the supply crates on Timberwolf Mountain. But this is absolutely false! With the new UI, you will have to tap A and/or B by the end of the search because all the items found will be shown to you at the end and you must, then, choose wheter to carry them or leave 'em. If some of you older players (from the time we had the older UI present) agree with me, please, leave a reaction and comment about this. I personally think it was a pretty interesting mechanic and we should ask the Devs why it has been just taken out like that and tell them how important it was. For the newer players who hadn' seen this in action, here is an example of the search progress bar: at 12:16 - timestamp should be in the link.
  14. Crafting arrows with a toolkit?

    I was making arrows today and noticed I had the option to use my bare hands or my toolkit. Does the toolkit just reduce the time it takes? (I didn't see a notification as such.)
  15. My suggestion To expand the Hiterland team so more staff & talent can be brought in so more content can be created and better technology used to make the ultimate survival game! The dream survival game you always wanted but could not due to financial restraints, small team and other issues. Not many are interested and I've seen this type of behavior before from fans who are happy with the way things are but why stop there? If Hinterland were given 10 million in funds they would be hiring and creating the ultimate survival game we all want to see and experience! Even the engine will be built on the cryengine cause they would be able to deliver it! The team is not lazy and like all dev team they are doing a very good job but being bigger and with no hindrances is a good thing! So I have looked other successful games and I think their way of making their game will be of a huge benefit to the future of a new series of the Long dark! Example of a Major success developer: Over a 1,000,000 Backers! Example a very popular famous online realistic world that has raise fund up to 110 million and rising. Have several headquarters in europe and America and list up videos on questions about the game submitted by paid backers. And Dev appears on the show every week. There success has been because they look beyond traditional games and did things that other dev will not want to go. They are developing a world where players can do and choose what they want with good deep mechanics. It has never been done in other MMO as mostly it just about having this basic world and you are left to do your own thing. But in this massive game there will be deep mechanics that allow players to do this. They can't have every kind of variety but they will have those that players are wanting like trucking goods from one place to the next! Other zombie games are moving full ahead with complex survival mechanics and their fan base is big too cause they have FPS so it means they can create a more complex world for these players, So why should these games have all the nice pudding and no one is jumping up and down to see Hinterland compete at the same level? Sure at the present rate hinterland might archieve these goals but it might be another 10 year or so before that happens. And zombie hard core suvival game are bringing the survival game that we all love to zombie lovers! So we fan must see and dream bigger as that is how the World around us grew! Not just be happy with small and very long progress or these developer are going to beat you at your dreams and hinterland will lose out in the long run! So this is what I have learnt from this 110 million funded game that has over 1,000,000 backers! To do crowfunding again for another bigger surivival game once TLD has been completed. The 110 million example I listed did not expect to reach such heights in funds but players were going crazy over it cause their dream game was finally being developed! No Publisher just driven by the passion of the staff who want to bring the ultimate survival game to your PC! To draw in hundreds more fans means to give players a few more choice of how they like to play the game! Keeping it realistic as a survival game with several rules of what the game should be and should not be. A Massive Survey to include what players like to do in a survival game! Include things like farming, hunting, FPS with no violent gore, houses things that players want in a survival game but never could see! Management is also highly wanted cause it seems some player love resource gathering! These career function will have deep meaningful mechanics so if all they want is to farm then they will find it fully satisfying not just little mini games! Look at previous surveys and it shows combat is very popular and that is the first success of the 110 million dollar funded game! No zombies or things that changes what this survival game is going to be. The 110 million funded game World is not a battle royal death game its a living breathing world! But they will be battles in a very massive world just not battle royale stlye and its kept realistic. PVE and PVP the most important issue: PVE and PVP is all integrated in one massive world and their solution to spam and all those grievers is that it will be very costly to kill another player! There is permanent death so there is no such thing as ulimited spawn so you have to be very careful with your avatar. It still is in very early access but the ideas are that in this world players can have some kind of scroll bar so if they don't want to encounter any PVP players then it can be scaled down. And since the world is massive they are places that are very dangerous so players not ready won't go there. The world will be controlled mostly by NPC so players cannot dominate and rule the world and cause harm. The AI will be very important as they are police looking out for criminals so in these areas the players are safe! It will be very hard to be criminal in the game so the game is focus on living out your avatar and not abusing it! Players can be criminals but its going to be alot of work to pull it off How this relates to the new game for the TLD? The idea could be done differently so they could be PVE and PVP servers so everyone can play in peace. However since players are given opportunity to branch out they would be players and NPC patrolling the wild Canadian lands! So someone who just want to kill another player will be detected. A bigger team for hinterland means they can employ Tony from Star citizen if he is free or someone similar to his capabilities. To be in charge of the mission system in Hinterland. These new mission system that will be completely different to other MMO will play a very critical important role to controlling crime! The Mission system will be much bigger and will be there to help players who are not into just wanting to survive. Give players who like FPS and other potential careers to be more meaningful with excitement. Like resource gathering! Could even be a small village that you can go too once you have enough of the Wild! Once an NPC or Player detects a crime it would go to this special system board and everyone will be notified about it. A bounty will then be put on this player to be captured dead or alive. So very risky business if you just want to go out and kill someone. With a bigger team and a bigger budget means a larger more massive realistic world of canada can be archived! This means players won't bump into each other so easily cause the land is so massive in scale! And that means players can be left alone to do what they want! Is also means certain areas can be protected like a park! So players can live out their survival dreams to the max and also explore to the max! Outside these protected areas it get more dangerous as it will be areas where crime is alot higher and the risk alot higher. So players can experience that loneliness in the wild that they long for, even hire park guards NPC or players to patrol and protect if they venture out of these protected realistic areas. Not zones like in other massive games that feels unrealistic. This will setup up large orgnizations that the 110 million funded game is currently doing and they will be the ones out there protecting and see things kept in order in a realistic way. This survival World will mean more then just surviving as now players will be in the game to hunt and to capture or protect! And The world of canada will be specially crafted and perhaps hinterland can use their new procedural technology to create realistic massive realistic lands! And most importantly the animals and ecosystem will be deep so its a living breathing world the players are in! So this is how the 110 million funded game did it and they never did expect for the ideas to reach this type of expectancy! They did not even knew it would reach 110 million! I think they goal was just a smaller game with I think a 500,000 budget from the first funds that came in if I am correct. But more fans came in and the goal grew and with support of fans the bigger the ideas got cause these backer were demanding it. And so what I have told you all is just a small portion of what will be in this massive game! its not vapor ware cause the developer are very committed and as said doing interviews and having live open development. They started small with a big dream and did a crowfunding idea and then it got bigger cause of the fund that were pouring in and so the dev and staff could explore and add more to realize their ultimate dream game! Bigger team more talent, better design concept, more detail into their design to create that realistic world players long for! Suceess was also because it was available to different styles of players! But as I said earlier they made it available to a host of different types of players like FPS and trucking and farming and especially exploration and digging for resources cause it was all want the fans wanted in that game but especially exploration! And that is why their game support grew massively! If they just stuck to FPS or just one type of game play it would never have the massive player base and funds! FPS gives alot of support but including other styles just increase the player base! So I hope the dev can see this new type of way of designing games that its a very good logical path to increase their dreams, increase profit and increase in everything to make that ultimate survival game. So at least try and attempt to do it and see what happens! Cause it would be like this 110 million funded game cause it has not been done before! Even battle royal survival games does not have this passion since they just want a zombie game with good survival mechanics and it all about FPS. I know this is not full proof but i do know including other styles of play while keeping the core as a survival realistic game will increase the player base far more then keeping it to just one style of play and nothing more. Will hinterland be the first to test this out and see if it will make the community go crazy?? They went where other developer refuse to travel who saw it as impossible and now they are gaining such huge benefits because of their drastic dream!
  16. Playing for a long time PC Version I decided to buy PS4 version. It started smoothly for the first time. Second time after "Press any key to continue" and pressing the button ERROR error ce-34878-0 came up and game crashed. I figured out that deleting profile file (not savegame) game started properly with my savegame working. But it was annoying to do such thing every time. Then I figured out what the problem was. After going into game options game language field was blank (probably because it's somehow taken from PS4 system language, which mine - Polish is not supported in game). Changed language to English, saved game and it's working smoothly ever since. Probably this issue can be seen in all PS4 systems set to language not supported within a game Just want to drop by and leave some solution Reported it in JIRA -> HERE Paul
  17. Greetings from Texas!

    Hello, my real name is Jacob, and I have been playing THE LONG DARK for a while now. I remember back in the day I downloaded it as a suggestion from the Xbox home page and remember seeing the Red Haired, Wolf-faced man as the icon for the game, my main focus (at the time) being on ARK and thinking the game was something else entirely than what it was. Then one day I decided to just give it a try and see if it was any good. It was only in sandbox back then, and boy was I in for a surprise! I found it to be a game of my dreams, having aspects similar to many of the survival and adventure books I have read and loved over the years (My Side of the Mountain, Down the Yukon, Hatchet, Far North, etc). I would like to take some time to say thanks to Hinterland Studios for making such an awesome game. It's great to be part of such an awesome community of similar-minded individuals and groups. Pleased to meet everyone! ...and keep on STAYING ALIVE!!!
  18. Compass

    I don't know if it ties into what went wrong with the world, but since we cannot see where we are on the maps, a compass could come handy, and simple compasses use no technology, a factor involved in the catastrophe.
  19. Moon Overlay

    Looking up at the night sky, while playing The Long Dark, I see the aurora borealis, the stars, and of course the moon, and I think: "You know what would be awesome?! Looking up to see the moon at night and discovering it has the Hinterland Logo overlaid on it; a friendly, beautiful, awesome reminder of who made this brilliant, epic game we have to play today. What do you guys think? See pictures for reference!
  20. Dealing with the Dead

    A couple of suggestions which I'd like to put out there to the guys at Hinterland. Being a tidy minded sort of chap, it's getting me down that if you make a base at the Camp Office there's always that poor dead chap sitting at the top of the stairs. Now, is it possible, do you think, that we might be able to click on them and move them? If we can't do that, the logical thing to do would be to have him slowly decompose, which of course would make the cabin uninhabitable, I suppose. An option for the custom mode, maybe? Secondly, how about using the dead bodies for decoy meat for wolves and bears? Or indeed...... cannibalism, with a downside in terms of disease or mental issues (as with cabin fever). Frankly, if you're out there, freezing and starving, a lot of normal humans might be tempted to take a sneaky mouthful of Ol' Pete the corpse. And finally, what if you're in custom mode and it's getting a bit hard,or boring. Why not have the ability to change the settings on the fly, if you want, rather than start a new game?
  21. I hope this is the correct place to post this as I hope it inspires the dev team and players of what is now possible! I wish the long dark could become like this! This game has unique zombies but developer has said after release they would have PVE mode where it just you and the environment! I hope this gets everyone excited on the future of TLD! https://venturebeat.com/2017/11/14/scum-the-survival-sandbox-that-simulates-the-whole-human-body/ Scum trailer wateness and weight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k35oY5jRxk Scum survival game dev Q&A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvwZbjTS0oA
  22. I know these ideas are complex and will take time but I hope Hinterland will keep expanding the game like a series, improvement like the sims 4 for instant! They keep producing the same thing and players just don't mind spending heaps of money playing the same thing and EA has no passion. But Hinterland does have passion and i don't want hinterland to abandon the game and stop production cause there is just so much that can be done! Have not heard from the developer what is their long term commitment for TLD? Will it close after releasing the episode and that is all we will experience in sandbox mode? Anyway since story mode is more like teaching you how to play the game is it necessary for the future? After the last episode to be release can time just be spent building up the environment? Reason for this change? You want to move beyond the point where there is more then just eating and watching calories and finding loot here and there and that is all you do in the story and in sandbox mode. Why not combine these things with more variety immersions? Improved realistic graphics for realistic immersion. Players can specialize and use different skills for different situations? More animals to find and more things that can be use from the animal? A living ecosystem where things are alive around you? No more loot lying around you got to realistic get it from where it came from. Players can specialize hunting and gathering different resources. A simulation system to run the world so things get affected. And a good complex AI system to run the animals and other survivors Co Op can finally happen in the game! Its all about giving players the freedom to choose what, how, why they want to survive by expanded the options and varieties. If i want to go hunting then I can hunt for animals that i like and not just rabbits or fox or a bear or a deer. Or if they are the only ones around then it makes it more exciting if they produce, die, and do thing so players can have that exciting movement to discover something about rabbits! You finally find their babies after tracking them! Or perhaps small animals that hibernate and have storage of food? Like bears? You going to steal it from the bear? What will you do? These different things or if animals is not something you like you could do more things in a house, decorate, repair, build from things you find? Just add more interest and variety. From there a story then can be made if need too with all these advance exciting features and the journey will add more interesting things then what we currently experience. It has shown already that the success of TLD was not the story but the sandbox mode. So I hope there can be more concentration on this once story mode ends and more love can be poured into this area. Still they has not been a offline survival game that can compete with the Long dark. Star citizen will be a game that will go beyond this and there is another MMO game that will have deep survival mechanics not seen in any other game! You basically can survive like in the Long dark but in an open world with other players! So if Hinterland don't archieved this then we might never see this happen! But I hope one day they can concentrate on these things when story mode ends. Been a long time waiting for this to occur and i hope it can become a reality. I long to see an ecosystem with seasons and everything grows, dies and produce. There is a small indie developer that is making a survival game where it does have this but not to the complexity of the long dark and its also online too! There is also another indie developer who has been around and not as famous and also catching on! Creating animals that do their own thing with their own behaviours. So if these smaller less popular games can do it I am sure hinterland can make something great after story mode! I was even thinking the hard and easy mode can all be delete cause players can now adjust the complexity of the simulation for the game! They can make it as realistic or as casual as they want and the living world will adjust to these things. No spawn no levels just realism. I know again it will all take time but i hope once story mode ends they will have time to do this! Just look at euro truck 2! They just keep expanding and building their truck realistic sim game! So TLD can do this too but expand on feature for a more complex world and as the years rolls on to have the ultimate simulator! The aim I see is that if players were only to spend their character time in one large region like for instant Call to the wild they will never get bored of the things to do in that once place! Then say ubisoft or other games where they need to keep creating new maps to keep players interest! Its like real life you don't get bored in one area when your camping! So the dev can work on one large region perhaps even online and it all dynamically changes and that one of the things to provide the variation plus other important things added to this. I hope the team and fans are excited about this idea!
  23. Okay. so recently, my original hinterland coffee mug was broken. leave it to that particular person to break the one mug in my collection that was irreplaceable lol My question is this. does anyone have one of the original mugs that you would be willing to sell? I don't mind if it's used, as long as it's in good condition and has been taken care of. I really want that mug back in my collection, I took a lot of pride in it. I guess I shouldn't have used it so much. I live in the southern United States, and am willing to pay shipping on top of your asking price. PM me if interested in selling, and thanks in advance
  24. I know this something simliar to this has been mentioned before, but I think it be a great idea to introduce a mechanic that allows for the descent down a mountaineering rope if you are encumbered. Here is the scenario I am thinking of... You find an assending mountaineer rope while out exploring. You drop as much as you can so as to allow for whatever you might find at the top of this climb. While foraging you become encumbered due to your finds. Let's face it, there's no practical way to make it up-and-down that mountaineering rope multiple times in attempt to bring down the goodies that you have found. This is where the "drop bag" concept comes into play. It could be made of cloth, or rabbit hides. It would be a small bag that would hold 'X' amount of weight and then when you click the mountaineering rope an option could be displayed like: If you deploy the drop bag, your weight would be reduced by whatever was designated and when you reach the bottom, the bag could be found on the ground at the base of the rope. The wear and tear on the bag could be such that it takes 25% damage each use and if not repaired, you lose items (RNG choice) in the drop. Its just a thought...my 2¢.
  25. Making clothes out of wool

    As I was making myself a pair of deer skin pants I started thinking, wouldn't be great if we could make our own clothes out wool instead. Considering how warm and light it is(compared to the clothes made out of hides) it would be perfect. What if when we found an item out of wool we could unravel it and then knit or even weave it to make something else, something better. Or maybe we could have random ball of yarn spawn here and there that we could use. I've grown up in norway and we could easily get -20c(sometimes down to -30c) up here so I know very well how effective this stuff is when fighting the cold. And it remains warm when wet to so it's ideal for the climate we face in the long dark. I know very well there's good wool clothing in the game but not so much in interloper and custom modes with low resources, and I thought it could be quite fun if we could make our own clothes that way. So any thoughts on this? Is this something you'd like to see too or am I being completely unreasonable?