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  1. I am currently playing TLD on Stalker difficulty and holy crap there is just an unrealistic amount of wolves... at least in my opinion and im only on day six. I am in the town of milton and when I was traveling to the gas station there was like three wolves at the station and about two wolves and the big house where I just came from. Then Im going behind the station because the wolves were infront then unsurprisingly there was a forth behind it so I had to go around and run to a car and pass the time. Then after I go in the place for about an hour and explore right as I exit there are so many wolves right as I got out and ran straight for a car (because all the growling) about 10ft in front of me nearly instantly I get jumped on then I kick in off and get in the car and there was like four again all around me so I gotta pass time ONCE AGAIN then I make it inside the station and sleep a whole night. Then at the crack of dawn im heading back and it seems clear but BAM surprise suprise its not so I get on top of a water heater lookin thing and let it pass so now as it runs off I jump off then nearly instantly at the edge of town ANOTHER WOLF so I try and run for a car but it jumps on me. Then I get into a car and heal. Almost right as I get out ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER WOLF GROWLS SO I RUN IN A CAR AND PASS TIME. So finally after all that. I am able to run to safety into my house. TO MANY WOLFS...
  2. Has any one else found their playstyle has changed due to Vigilant Flame? Much to my surprise, cooking has made me change base camps and how I handle fires. Big drippy houses with huge stoves are now desireable real estate and I now will frequently run multiple fires if I don't plan on spending hours at a site. Oh, and I use quartering so much more now. This update makes me wish even more that we could build our own fireplaces/fire pits (al la cooking pit at pleasant valley or a walled stove. I even know a building where we could get the stone bricks.
  3. seek, track, meet other survivors

    After years of playing TLD, I got tired of surviving and doing the same things as I did the day before. There was an increasing desire to interact with other survivors. In the course of the game, I would like to be able to meet at least one or two people and exchange items or interact with them in other ways. It would also be exciting if at first you only discovered traces and signs of other people such as a still burning campfire, footsteps or a recently abandoned camp. maybe gun shots or other human sounds. and finally you will be rewarded by finding a Person. I think it would be technically feasible without turning the survival mode into a story mode. In my opinion, survival mode would have a fundamental reason to survive. Namely the search for more survivors
  4. 15 days on the summit, living off deer from deer clearing, and the canned goods from cargo containers. Man was life good up there. But alas. My food ran empty so I had to make my way down to the mountaineer cabin. Nice place. Mine now. One day I was sitting around thinking "man. Wouldn't a wolf skin coat be nice? And some deer pants from the pelts I left to dry in the deer clearing cave?" And so I went wolf hunting. Now, in my custom sandbox I like the wolves to be a legit danger. Makes me want to actually avoid them, aggressive as they are. My condition was already low because I'm still getting used to the campfire cooking and accidentally took a big bite from a raw venison slab when I was trying to put it on the fire, as any inexperienced wilderness chef has done. No big deal. Antibiotics. But oh wait. It is a big deal because I fancy realistic condition recovery and have it set to low. The human body is a fragile thing. So I go out to hunt this wolf. Drop a piece of meat to lure him in. And what does he do? He picks it up and runs away. That's a new one on me. So I shoot at him, angry. It gets him just nice and pissed enough to charge me and sink his teeth into my wrist. Oh wow. I am so dead. Look at my condition bar. It is non existent. There was no white visible. So I stumble back to the cabin, ready to once more embrace the long dark. I lay in bed, expecting to fade. But then I wake up. I check my survival log, and well. I see this. "And death is once again, banging on my door. Not today, old friend. I have a war to win."
  5. Hygeine or Cleanliness

    So after having a bear chase me around Timber Wolf Mountain, because I was carrying a lot of raw meat, and I smelled REALLY good to him. Not to mention all the dang wolves. I seriously started to wonder what the Mountaineers hut smelled like on the inside. With all the drying guts and Hides scattered around. Then what my character would smell like, living and sleeping there. Having had dogs my whole life, I know that they like to go and find the nastiest thing to go and roll in to cover their scent. After 100+ days of well living and killing animals, dressing animals, and carrying their guts and skins back to dry, and then living in the same house/room with them, its my belief that my dogs probably smell better than my character does even after they went and rolled in something awful. I would like a cleanliness bar added to the status page, and as you get progressively dirtier you could be subjected to some of the diseases like (I spelled this wrong) dysentaria, or food poisoning, ect... Possibly add some soap, shampoo and possibly detergent for clothes, along with the ability to use the bathtubs or some large pots/bowls for yourself and clothes (think sponge bath). It would add more stuff to do while you wait out a storm, not to mention affect that huge stash of water we make up just for something to spend our time on. Your stink alone should/could attract animals (wolves/bear) or even drive some away if your upwind (deer/ rabbits) not sure the Moose would care unless it just charged you for smelling like a 2+ month old carcass. I mean honestly, how many folks actually change their clothes while in game that is not because of an upgrade or something wore out? I will probably hate myself if this gets implemented, but at least I will be less bored while I'm waiting for my food to run low so I can go do something. Yes, I think Stalker is too easy, but Interloper is Insane.
  6. Brandishing removal

    So i was watching what i am guessing was an early access/kick-starter YouTube video the other day and noticed a very interesting mechanic that seems to have been removed, Brandishing, as a new player (80+ hours recorded on steam, a lot more offline) i kinda want to know why it was removed? As a game that strives for realism, if a wolf or bear was to come within a melee range, swinging your torch, flare or even the storm lanterns feels much more "human" in terms of personal defence, while i like the ability to throw the lite torch or flare, i feel that hinterlands possibly took a step back in removing this and missed a perfect balancing opportunity i.e giving each swing mechanic a calorie cost e.g 50-200 calories per swing (possibly depending difficulty or custom setting). It could of also transgressed to melee weapons, giving you options for personal defence i.e you can not just wonder up to the animals and swing wildly claiming kill after kill until you've "cleansed" a map of predatory wildlife, but in theory if a you have a knife or a hatchet on your persons and see predatory wildlife approaching (obviously if it ambushes you you wouldn't be able to do this) you would pull out said melee weapon and "brandish" that weapon like a flare/torch and if timed right and you made a visual connection with the animal you -can- skip the slow time struggle (it could still happen if you don't connect with the head of the animal for instance) and it would run off with a lower damange bleed (if you use a knife or hatchet) or just runs off for a slightly longer duration (pry-bar or hammer), i mean that is what i would do before it jumped on me, but again has a decent calorie burn to stop you just running around annihilating everything, its not like youd run up to a wolf/bear and hit it, especially if the wolf was in a pack and like with the cooking of vigilant flame, you could effectively make wood chopping or skinning interactions where you had to point and click to cut meat or hide off the carcass or chop to make cuts of wood, force open locked items, hammer those arrow heads. All this is food for thought and open for major discussion as i love this game, the way it works and you interact with things, but i feel that the game is still skeletal and needs fleshing out to the extent of game design capability of course (not expecting miracles), the changes to the cooking prove that hinterlands is capable of making some tasks more of a background activity leaving you free to do other things but retaining that level of interaction and choice of waiting, or using what time you have to read or harvest a rabbit or clean that rifle, repair that jacket.
  7. I think that being tired (long term) isnt Punishing enogh right now. And i would love to have a Pass Out risk added to the game The Tiredness should be more and more Punishing once you have no energy left. And a Pass Out Condition risk should be added much like the Condition Risk of Hypothermia when you get cold... One which will (just like Hypothermia) slowly increase the longer you stay Tired. And if you pass out... you flop down and fall asleep even when its out in the cold or near enemys. I Think it should go like this: >Player Has No Energy left >Player Effect added "Tired": Player can not Sprint anymore -> (Status in Condition Tab) >Effect Tired will become "About to pass Out" after 1h (ingame) >Player Effect added "About to pass Out" -> (Status in Condition Tab) >Base Chance to PASS OUT 25% (Increaseing by 5% every 15 Ingame Minutes) >When Player Passes out he should fall into the snow (animation) and get one last chance to use an Emergancy Stim... If not his eyes slowly close and he falls asleep >When Player Passes out he will fall asleep for 4h ingame (Energy and health will only slightly restore, Food/Drink will be drasticaly Reduced, Warmth decrease Normal) If an enemy attacks the player, he will have a harder time struggleing and will get an additional 10% Dmg. (The Bonus Dmg should not be applyed to the bear however to avoid being oneshot killed when only slightly injured or damaged by cold/hunger/Thirst or other minor Injuries) >Player wakes up again. Treatment >Coffee Could be used Against "Tried" and or "About to Pass Out", If the effect of the coffe Passes however you can go up to "About to Pass Out" once again. >Emergancy Stim could be used When "Passing Out" to prevent falling asleep. >Treatment of both effects (Obviously) is Sleep... Visuals >Most of the Information in condition Tab >Maybe an Sleeping eye as icon or IDK Values shown here Should be Applyed to "Normal/Hard" Mode (Voyager/Stalker) Other gamemodes like Pilgrim or Interloper Should be Easier/Harder
  8. Forestry Lookout

    Hi guys. I am in a survival session, just in pilgrim for now as I wanted to get used to the new update but I can't seem to walk past the top of the steps leading to the forestry lookout (not broken down lookout) at mystery lake. Its as if there is something in my way but there isn't. Anybody else had issues with this? Is it a known thing? Thanks in advance.
  9. 2 Player Online Co-op?

    I think a CO-OP multiplayer (not where you kill each other) would be great! I think it would add a whole new aspect to survival and how to manage supplys and stay alive. I think the decision making between you and your friends would be great. The tough decisions and small arguments on what todo would be great! Keeping you and your friend alive would be completely different situations...
  10. Hi everyone. I thought I would share my wolf and bear animations with you. I tried to catch both animals at that moment where they’re right about to attack you, When they’re too close to you to outrun them and you have to fight them. Absolutely love this game. 2A0C616B-4A99-4CDA-99DB-DE749361D13D.mp4 70D09D20-ED95-41CD-A7AC-4A949E4E60FF.mp4
  11. Theory Crafting: Cooking efficiently

    Hey community! I saw some complaints about the new cooking mechanic (it takes too long, it makes no sense etc.). While i think that some complaints are undebatably valid (Same amount of time for different quantities of the same good doesn´t make sense!) it does not mean that this new cooking mechanic is in a complelty wrong spot. In the following script i want to share my approaches and solutions in terms dealing with the new cooking mechanics. There are mainly four things to consider for cooking: Now that we have discussed the theoretical aspects of how to cook efficiently let´s get more practical. Let´s start with some basic strategies. General rules: 1. Choosing the right gear: 2. Harvesting done right: 3. Dealing with bunny kills: 4. Dealing with low quantity carcasses (Wolf kills, wolf carcasses): 5. Dealing with high quanitity carcasses (Deer, Moose, Bear): 6. Cooking Sessions as your main side task: Well, this is it so far. Feel free to call me out on things i did wrong or forgot to mention. Bring in your own ideas. I hope i was able to help at last! Edit: Hotzn metioned that fires are a deterrant to wolves which since last patch are sped up in their movement too if you pass time quickly. I can confirm that. Always light a fire first when wolves are around. Take bears into account while harvesting. Check from time to time if a bear comes close!
  12. This is a fairly simple thing I’d like to have changed in The Long Dark... If you eat / use an item in the Long Dark item wheel it will be instantly used or will be partially used until the "item use time" (the "using" circle thingy filling up) is completed. Especially now with the fairly nice cooking update i found myself accidentally missclicking leftclick on a RAW meat instead of rightclicking it and placing it on the cooking spot... Resulting in me eating like 10% of the raw meat before I could cancel... Giving me instant and frustrating food Poisoning. It would be nice if items are only "used/eaten" once the "Use Time" has been completed... Meaning you could cancel it during the time you take to use/eat said item... Or maybe have the player confirm the usage of the selected item before using it. Its worth discussing though, if this is really necessary... since it only happens to me every now and then. I do find it quite frustrating when it happens ... But I could avoid the trouble by just paying attention I guess.
  13. When it all began

    Shortly before Forlorn Muskeg came into the world of Great Bear Island I found this amazing game on Steam. The Long Dark then occupied my gaming experience almost exclusively. After the initial learning curve of what is possible in the game I started a Voyageur Run which I managed to continue for 275 days until my ultimate demise on Timberwolf Mountain. It was a sad day when due to my own greed and lack of planning I found myself between two rope climbs with no stim or coffee and no way to go back to my bedroll at the Waterfall Cave. Looking for a bear that I had shot and killed earlier before crows were added to kills to help in tracking, I had let myself get exhausted and night was falling. With wolves blocking my attempts to get back to the Mountaineers Cabin I stumbled around in the dark trying to find safe passage down at a time when I was unaware of the climbing capabilities of my character which could have aided in my descent back to safety. As with many desperate moments in The Long Dark, a bit of confusion and the propensity to make fatal mistakes overcame me and with the expectation of slipping past the predators and successfully get back to the Cabin, I became hasty and thinking the coast was clear I began walking in earnest toward my destination. In the almost complete darkness though a wolf detected my presence and moved in for the kill, and though I put up a valiant fight, I succumbed to my injuries and that most feared of all moments had arrived "You have faded into The Long Dark" appeared in Red on my screen.
  14. Ok, the new cooking system is interesting but now does make a difference depending on where you are and if you got a pot or a can. figure you can multitask, but it takes some doing. I would have been happy with a cook all option for meat and fish and a 5 liter water melt/boil option with a radial countdown timer for each. that would have allowed for some good multitasking, like reading for an hour or repairing gear or clothing. but now I want an wind up timer like my old grammy had, cant read a book for less than an hour and a good size fish cooks in 28 minute and really big one takes up to 38 so far in my game play experience. Be nice to wind that timer and set it to 35 minutes then jump outside with my bow and make a quick perimeter sweep and then back in to take the fish outta the oven before the burn to a crisp. I would be the size of the can opener and weigh about that much and one scrap metal would repair 15% damage.
  15. Sometime I feel like I am full after eating a number of food, not a lot calories but a lot ... in terms of quantity? So my idea is to limit the number of food intake within a time period, and we can no longer eating like 17 cat tails in a minute to become full... though 600 calories are enough to survive a day and usually won't waste cat tails like that lol It will make TLD more challenging, increases the value and need of high calories but less energy density food items such as peanut butter and meat. But is it realistic or needed? I don't know, how do you guys think? I just think that eating 7 candy bars and eating 1 MRE aren't the same fulliness haha #eat more, but less
  16. Add a compass and binoculars

    When I play the game fist time, I thinking, why they don't put a compass, to do the orientation more easy. So I think this is a usesful item that we can craft or find. And why not a binoculars, this is another good item, is usesful when we are in a new zone to watch and don't walk unnecessarily.
  17. New feat

    I think it would be nice with a new feat called: "Will to survive" What it does is when your condition is very low (8<)this feat will activate doing pretty much the same thing as an emg stim and it should boost stamina and temporarily disable negative effects and heals you a bit either 5-20% (RNG) or just always 10/15 or 20% depending on what is best to balance it out. it can only be activated every 25 days (or more) and to unlock it you have to spend xx hours while below 10% hp or use a certain amount of emg stims. Please tell me what you think and any suggestions on changes and how to unlock this feat are very much appreciated!
  18. Survival mode finite?

    I have played TLD for a while now and i've really enjoyed it. So far, my own experiences in the wild have been similar if you don't count the wolves and the bears, however, when it comes to TLD, is the survivalmode finite? When i've been wandering about most of the areas to look for loot ranging from cloth and scrap metal, I do find it, but once used it is spent. My question is this, is there a limited supply of metal and cloth? Because if that's the case the game will become harder for every mistake you make (Naturaly) but it also means that you can reach a point of no return when you run out of certain resources. Is the game made this way or is there an infinite amount of resources?(that you have to look for) Ammunition, cloth, metal are the most vital (IMO) and if they run out your survival becomes very difficult indeed, because you can no longer hunt when desperate, you can't make hooks for fishing and you can't repair clothes and other items. Now if this game is made so that the resources are finit, and you eventually run out of all the items stated above, I personaly think it would be great to be able to make natural tools instead. Hooks can be made from bones of animals you kill (Rabbits are abundant if you have that preset and can be killed with just a rock). You could also make rocks into arrowheads. Very basic maybe but when it comes to survival everything that works is an option. Would that change make the game to easy? Or is it a resonable change for lategame survival? Balance with these "natural" tools could be their durability, their efficiency and their overall abundance. (If a thread like this exists on the forums please let me know so we don't have to make a copy)
  19. Just some general observations on using the new campfire system with Update 1.33 Vigilant Flame. It's just from initial use on an existing playthrough so things may vary for others. This is on the PC Steam version. New Campfire Existing campfires are automatically converted by the game once updated to the new style with the stone surround which includes two cooking stones (the largest ones) Lighting and fuel are the same mechanic as before. Orientating the campfire so that the two largest cooking stones are facing the position you wish to cook from is more important now when placing the campfire. Interacting with the campfire just gives the fuel options, the cooking options (obviously) are now removed as they are via the new Cooking system directly with the cooking utensils or raw food placed on the cooking surface, For raw meat direct cooking, you place it the cooking stone by using the Radial menu > Food and select the meat you wish to cook and Right Click (PC). The meat will turn green when it can be placed on the red circle of one of the two cooking stones and click to place. There are only two cooking stones so limited to cooking two items at a time. Recycled Can New item used for camp fire cooking is added automatically to your inventory for a New Game (Pilgrim not sure on higher levels) and for existing playthrough. Weighs 0.15kg. Select for cooking via the Radial menu > Campcraft > Recycled Can. Select then place over one of the cooking spots red circle, two on a Camp Fire). Water is via the Melt Snow cooking list when interacting with the placed can. Only seems to allow 0.5lt at a time in the can. Assume more with the pan or on a stove? Possible to use 2 x Recycled Can on the campfire for a maximum 1.0lt with cans total weight of 0.30kg carry weight. Melting Snow > Boiling is one continual process. No more separate Boiling process. Cooking Pot Weighs 1.75kg Can Melt/ Boil 2lts maximum at a time per pot. Maximum for a campfire with 2 pots is 4lts. at a time. Works on campfires for larger quantity cooking but with a weight penalty over the can. Cooking time & Ready/ Burning food Cooking time for the same food item varies depending on whether it is cooked directly on the fire (stone, grill) or in the pot (can't place meat in the can). Tested in Pilgrim mode with a new character Level 1 Cooking. For example; Deer Meat cooked directly on the surface = 1h 35m Deer Meat cooked in the pot = 1h 15m Time once cooked and Ready, until Burnt and ruined also varies depending if cooked in a utensil or directly on the surface (burns faster on the surface). For example; Deer Meat time to Burn once cooked, directly on the surface = 30m. Deer Meat time to Burn once cooked, in the pot = 36m Note: Reading the Cooking skill text now, at Level 5 the Ready Times increased by 20%, which means for meat, it increases from that 30m on a stone, to 36m. General points Limit to processing only 0.5lt of water with one can, or 1.0lt with two cans at a total weight of 0.3kg. Option to carry the pot which processes 2lts at a time (4lts max. with two pots on a campfire). With an existing campfire on a slope it may not be possible to use it to cook if the cooking stones are under the terrain/ snow. Just need to make a new campfire nearby. The invisible collision space around the new campfire is quite a lot bigger, so you will not be able to place items as close as the old fire due to this. Items that were within the new campfire footprint are still there and can be usually selected or picked up and moved. Cooking 1 x Moose Meat on a campfire stone was just over 1h 30m? which seems really excessive. This is on a 2x timescale Custom playthrough which maybe a reason/ issue. Melting/ Boiling water, if left too long, the water will Boil away and no water left. Embers on a campfire will continue to cook like before. If the fire burns out, the cooking process goes on Pause (mouseover text). Restarting the fire recommences cooking. It's possible to interrupt the cooking process at any time by Taking the can/ pot. The water processed to that time goes to the inventory. Leaving a tin of food cooking for too long results it becoming burnt and ruined also. If a food item like meat isn't on the radial menu (lots of food items) then you need to go to the meat item and click Add to Radial, then you can place it via the radial menu. It's possible to drop a food item as before and place it on the cooking surface, as an option. The fire needs to be started before the Cooking menu appears when interacting with the pot/ can. To avoid burning the food and ruining it (and it seems potentially reduce the pot/ can durability) due to forgetting it or delayed, it would be possible to adjust the fire so that it runs out after cooking but before burning. There is a reasonable window between food finished and burning. For the Deer Meat it was around 36m. Passing Time is also an option still if preferred. Plenty more testing I'm sure for this new system. Just some quick thoughts to share. EDIT: Updating as I test.
  20. Safe Zones

    What is the deal with areas in the game world that are deprived of a predator. You can stomp around the place wearing your best meat suit. The bunnies and deer might give you a second look but not one predator will come by. This seems at odds with the game as a whole because there are large outdoor areas in The Long Dark that are considered safe from predator attack. Introduction of the moose has helped the problem because now in some of theses areas there is a chance of an attack. With the scent mechanic completely missing makes these areas seem unnatural because carrying meat and guts should be attracting predators. Without spoiling too much consider the Ravine area. Carter Dam is near and there are wolves by the trailers. Why are these wolves unable to pick up the scent. Harvest a deer and none come over to investigate. Have scent bars out the wazoo and still nothing. The transition area should not stop scent from attracting predators. What in this area is preventing wolves and bears from entering? Could the solution be when scent is on spawn a predator after some time goes by? Considering the ravine has a rope climb the predator would need to be agile and good at climbing rough terrain.
  21. So a while back a read that Hinterland was planning to add seasons to the game sometime in the far and distant future. Now I love this idea, they could totally make a 365 days year, kein problem. But as I was walking over mystery lake dreaming about this magnificent future I came to wonder; what would happen to the ice fishing huts in summer? I have never been inside one of these huts irl, but they're just plunked right on the ice, right? So what would happen to them in TLD should the ice melt? Are we just going to have to watch as the ice cracks and the huts sink? Or would it be reasonable to give the player the option to move the huts somehow to the safer grounds so they could be used the next winter? I really want to hear if anyone has any ideas, because it would kinda stink to lose the huts, should Hinterland implement seasons to the game.
  22. Greetings from a Cree man

    Hello there. I am Little Wolf, otherwise known as Braxton. I am a Cree Aboriginal who currently lives in Saskatchewan, in an Indian Reserve. We Natives are a peaceful people and have a high sense of humour. I love playing games and The Long Dark is my favourite survival game. I am proud to intruduce myself and would love to get to know all of you wonderful people. If you have any questions for me or my culture, feel free to ask. -Little Wolf
  23. Vertigo?

    This came up in my mind while thinking of my previous suggestion of wind pushing you around, particularly while on the Ravine trestle. What about vertigo effects? I'm not sure how it could be implemented and portrayed in the game, but it could add another layer of "The pucker factor." While I don't have a problem with heights, I have experienced vertigo a few times. The most memorable was at one of the scenic overlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The sidewalk along the parking lot had a steep slope next to it and no fence or railing, so that you had no sense of immediate ground in front of you, as you looked straight out upon that grand vista. I quickly started getting dizzy, light headed, and needed to step back into the parking lot. Now I would imagine, in Wintermute, Will wouldn't be affected, since he's a pilot. But your character in Survival as well as Astrid may have such a reaction to precarious high places. I swear, I'm not trying to kill your character.
  24. Cougar

    The cougar in my opinion could be the deadliest creature in The Long Dark. The cougar was mentioned in the developer's road map and there are locations on every map that could be cougar territory. Just think about areas that have deer and bunnies but no signs of a predator. Some of these areas are now protected when the moose is around. My game play has altered. Now I have to be wary when inside what was just deer and bunny territory because a moose might be nearby. Cougars will add another level of danger to the game. The surprise attack from a stealthy opponent. The cougar has will be hard to animate. Path finding on uneven terrain is currently difficult for bears and wolves. For cougars path finding needs to be smooth. The cougar could even be used to restrain us to valid map zones. Cougar Territory There are routes around maps that avoid all wildlife. So when the cougar is introduced theses are the areas the cougar will roam. Maybe following and stalking us. Waiting, lurking and using stealth and when we are most vulnerable spring and attack. I see many areas where an attack from above could be the cougar's tactic. Leaping from fallen trees and rock overhangs to catch us by surprise. Cougar Animation Cats in my opinion are top acrobats. They move gracefully with forethought and precision. They prefer high ground and watch their prey patiently. Having an animation that accurately represents this will be challenging. Currently animals in the Long Dark get caught up on terrain and are unable to path find effectively. Bears can climb trees in RL but currently are limited to the ground. With cats this cannot be. The cougar should be the most agile in the game and be able to go places the player cannot. The cougar's animation when transitioning should look smooth and clean with out abrupt movements. This to my knowledge has never been represented in any game and MOBs always seem to move clunky when path finding on uneven terrain. Testing Grounds There are areas where players climb into and are not yet finished. Theses areas should be early cougar testing grounds. Where players might hear growling or hissing and if they continue to stray get attacked by a cougar unseen. Just killing the character outright. No struggle. Just dead. That should teach mountain goats to be wary and keep them confined to valid map zones. Cougar Fun Facts Article on Pumas http://www.esf.edu/efb/faculty/documents/laundreandhernandez2003huntinghabitatpumas.pdf This kitty plays the stealth game. Currently when looking for trouble I look for movement. Imagine these murder mittens in the shadows just waiting for you to step a little closer. How will the cougar change everyone's game play? My play style during early experiences in The Long Dark was to keep looking around. Not knowing if wolves would pick up my trail and follow and I would keep stopping to look around. If the cougar is stalking us then the idea to keeping aware returns. The cougar could add so much more depth (death) to The Long Dark. edit: Hunt Cougar The cougar should not be easily tricked like the wolf. Using bait on wolves should not work the same for cougars. They are wary and cautious. Ignoring your attempts to bait them into a trap. Hunting cougar should be most difficult. Catching them by surprise should be the only way to take them down. Cougars drag their prey into secluded areas unlike wolves which eat where the prey has fallen. Shooting is difficult because the cougar's dodging ability enables them to avoid getting hit. The bear and wolf might charge at you but for cougar this never happens. Instead stealth is their modus operandi. Defend Against Cougar During struggles the cat always wins. For example they always catch you off guard and jump on your back. Meaning you can only repel them and never wound them. Fire keeps them at bay similar to wolves. Wearing wolf hide or bear hide is another method to scare off an attack. The opposite effect happens when wearing deer or bunny hide.