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Found 981 results

  1. I have transited between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway too many times to keep track of as I am sure many of you who play TLD often do as well. I was just pondering as I was slowly walking, heavily over encumbered, what happened here? From the looks of things, it looks like a landslide took out the train as it was winding it's way towards the trestle. It would appear obvious, imho, that this "accident" was pre-geomagnetic event. So with that in mind, were the Eco-Terrorists or Nature Activists to blame for perhaps dynamiting the hillside as the train rolled by? Such an act wouldn't be in keeping with the stereotypical passive aggressive style of protest that is usually exhibited by those types of social activists, considering they would be willing to commit murder. Murder of the engineer and who ever else might have been on the train, to try to drive away those business whom they deemed were exploitive of the Island and it's natural resources. Or was it just an unfortunate natural accident, brought on the inevitable constant freeze and thaw cycle of the nearby waterfall that finally eroded enough of the underlying rock for the top layer to give may as the slow lumbering locomotive was thundering by? What about those two sections of missing track? Was that the work of the Eco-Terrorists? That's what was supposed to happen, the train would derail on the trestle and it would look like an accident, but no, the landslide just happened first? thanks for reading!
  2. I might be a bit biased, but...

    I might be a bit biased, but I honestly feel like the "Nomad" challenge would make considerably more sense being called the "Sojourner" challenge. Hahaha... but for real though.
  3. Bear bells and bear spray

    Bear bells could be used to draw bears away from your location by making loud noises causing them to leave the area. Bear spray could be used when entering the animation when the bear attacks you (like the wolf one) and you could choose bear spray to spray the bear giving you a chance to break free and make a run for it.
  4. Change to wolf struggle system

    I think it would be helpful if you could "favorite" a tool in your inventory which would select said tool to be used in a wolf struggle once it begins. There have been numerous times where I misclicked and used a tool I did not want to or getting startled by the wolf and accidentally clicking hands to use instead of a hunting knife or hatchet etc. You could always go back and deselect a favorited tool if you still wish to choose freely or go and select a different one to favorite.
  5. Leather, dammit!!

    Seriously, why can't we tan leather? ❤ you, that is all
  6. New challenge idea for challenge mode

    You start at the campground in Coastal Highway, you are tasked with surviving a week at the campground by collecting wood, food and other resources to help you at night. In the challenge, you are unable to craft campfires and can only access a single burnt out fire from the campground. This makes it so you have to stick close to the area and plan your actions accordingly. By the time night falls packs of wolves will close in on your location in an attempt to kill you, you need to collect enough wood to start a fire to last the night and fend them off by using torches, flares, etc. Wolves can spawn during the day but will not roam in packs and are easier to avoid. Resources will be more plentiful in cars, trucks, corpses, carcasses, containers and fishing huts at the cost of all interior buildings being inaccessible. There will be no blizzards or extremely cold weather in the challenge as it's primary focus is about surviving against the packs of wolves. By the time the seventh night rolls around, the mysterious aurora will appear. Armed with your flashlight, you need to make your way from the campsite to Desolation Point all while fending off the packs of wolves right on your tail. Once you leave the mine connecting the Crumbling Highway to Desolation Point, the challenge will be completed.
  7. Slingshots and throwing spears

    I think it would be cool to see the addition of slingshots and throwing spears. Slingshots would be crafted at a work bench using a cured branch, cured gut and cured leather and would be designed to hunt rabbits with greater accuracy and range. Throwing spears could act as a cheaper alternative when hunting dear.
  8. Concerning the prison bus:

    So, since we encounter a prison bus outside of Milton, it makes me wonder about three possibilities: 1. Bear Island has a prison. 2. There's a bridge connecting Bear Island to the mainland. Or... 3. Bear Island relies on a ferry service. I hope it winds up being the 2nd one. It would be nice to have a way off the island.
  9. When I hear, "The Long Dark..."

    This is a bit silly, but half of the time when I hear someone say "The Long Dark," I swear they actually said, "The Lawn Dart." Anyone else? Haha
  10. I think it would be awesome (and terrifying) if the old bear from the hunted challenge was in survival mode. Imagine climbing all the way up Timberwolf mountain thinking yes finally then a familiar roar rings out and you turn and see the old bear on its hind legs ready to attack and its the final challenge of the mountain (like a boss fight) Also have wolves travel in packs as it would cool to see them hunting all together and catching prey I know it would be super hard work to do but it would be awesome if it was implemented
  11. Trapping/Fauna/Compass/Kitties

    I would love to offer some suggestions to you guys! You guys do great work and nothing I put here is in anyway a criticism of what you've already done, but rather the desire to see what more you guys can do! Listed in order of importance: TRAPS + TRAPPING SKILL I'm definitely for the idea of seeing more traps introduced, for that risk/reward aspect of attempting to trap a predator (wolf or bear, meaning being in their territory to set the trap in the first place). Probably primarily metal made traps, using scraps, and the forge. In addition the ability to repair and harvest traps. Baiting could be interesting, but as it stands, deer hunting seems balanced enough without making it easier, and we already have decoys for predators. Along with more traps, the introduction of the Trapping skill, and respective skill level perks. (((If it's a leg-style trap, additional risk could be added with the possible escape of the injured and angry predator upon player approach. Trapped animals have significantly reduced hitpoints while trapped if still living when discovered))) FURRY FELINES As much as I like staying alive, I feel that the canine ratio is... well, they are the main hostile animals (wolf, bear) and they are the only predators so.... where's the Canadian Lynx eating my face? A feline would provide added variety to the wildlife and predators, new challenges, new craftables, and interesting stories. Other major predatory animal options are available, but many of them are additional canines (coyotes, fox, polar bear, grizzly, etc.) A feline, which is also regionally accurate, would be an excellent variety addition and a tactical predator. It's behavior could be mostly of avoidance, unless you are tired, heavily encumbered, and/or injured. A larger more fearsome feline option would be a cougar, but they're more U.S. and southern Canada based. With the Lynx attacking tactically and mostly staying out of sight, it would provide additional incentive to be extra careful in over-extending yourself while traveling. UH, WHICH WAY? I understand why we can't see where we are on the map at any given time, (although I do think we should be able to add map markers, either at the cost of charcoal or no cost) but what I don't understand is how in the Canadian wilderness there are no compasses anywhere and nobody seems to have one. I think we should be able to find and use a compass to at least see which direction we are headed in (except during the aurora). Make them repairable too. I'm not sure what "happened" in the game, but I think an EMP, Solar Flare, or CME could only make a compass fail during the event itself, and it should return to normal after. If for whatever reason this isn't something that can be implemented though, at least put them in as cosmetics in houses and whatnot. It just seems bizarre for such a remote place to not have compasses. A FURRY FRIEND... OR NOT.. Would love to also see the introduction of another small animal, like the rabbit, that doesn't necessarily need to be interactive at first or at all (like crows). A squirrel, ermine, or raccoon maybe. Squirrels could be for looks mostly but also make a noise and occasionally knock sticks to the ground. Bonus for making players paranoid when we hear them. haha If interactive in the case of a squirrel it could provide something like 2.2 lbs of squirrel meat and no guts or hide. A raccoon would be a very interesting addition, but would be better suited as being even more useful than the rabbit, so this would be a larger addition rather than a more cosmetic one like the squirrel. (I'm a furrier in the real world, meaning I actually work with real fur and leather to make winter garments, and raccoon is one of my favorite furs, it's fur length and hide thickness is ideal, plus there's nowhere near a shortage of coons.) As for ermine, purely cosmetic. The last thing we need is a white little weasel that is practically camouflage being able to come out of nowhere and nearly kill us (ermine can take down animals 6x their size, and they are super vicious. Cute though. ). TASTES LIKE CHICKEN The introduction of a huntable and harvestable bird would add more atmosphere to the game and another small creature that yields similar or less than the rabbit, but provides unique minor resources and emergency meat if circumstances permit. Most waterfowl like ducks and geese will want open water and likely be more southern. Owls would make a good option, particularly great horned owls, as they don't typically migrate. Snowy owls might migrate a bit south, but would be a neat alternative and they are large. STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT.... OWW This isn't so much of a suggestion as it is a comical idea. A craftable slingshot. Probably some sticks and a cured gut. Stones for ammunition. Much the same as just throwing the stones would be, only more precise, harder hits, and a lot of messing around. A slingshot hit could stun a rabbit for twice as long, giving you more time to retrieve it, with a small chance of fatality. The slingshot could also add a stun factor to the previously mentioned small animal and bird. Potentially useful as a super short stun for wolves, not knocking them over, but returning them to the previous stalking state when they're in attack-state. (catches them off guard and startles them, returning them to pre-attack mode, but works only the first time) That's all for now, thanks for reading my ideas!
  12. Is it just me or does there seem to be a little wonkiness as it relates to the way loot is distributed around the various maps? For example, I random spawned in Mystery Lake on a recent sandbox game and as I looted the map I could not find a single hacksaw anywhere as I scoured the area. Checked every outbuilding, every interior requiring a loading screen change and nothing. Did find 7 axes and 8 hunting knives. Had to divert to FM in order to get a hacksaw and there I found 3 hacksaws. By the same token, only was able to find two cooking pots. Decided to head over to Milton town. Found no less than 11 cooking pots, so now I have 6 pots at the farm house and 5 pots at the old lady's house. Whetstones... just not enough, ever. That always means a trip to Timberwolf to check the contents of the plane wreckage and that doesn't mean you will be finding what you need or want either. so, in your opinion, is loot density or item availability skewed? Maybe requiring a little re-balance? Or is it just fine?
  13. Making TLD more alive

    So I just saw the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay trailer and it made me think - I wish the game was a bit more well... natural. (I get that Hinterland probably doesn't have CD projekt red's budget but still) - the world in that game is so fluid and not forced. TL:DR this is a post about the animal interactions/making the wildlife seem less robotic (Mainly the wolves tbh). Suggestions - some you've likely seen on the forums before: Migration - instead of hanging around and walking around in circles or teleporting to a different spawn when the player is not around, deer and wolves have fixed migration paths that lead them all around the map and occasionally stopping - for deer to graze and for the wolves to get a chance to hunt. Occasionally wolves would stop where rabbits hang out or sometimes the migration paths of the wolves and deer would meet and a grand chase would begin. A simple solution for too many deer carcasses is to have them completely ravaged and not harvestable for any resource. Less linear, unpredictable outcomes - When a wolf catches on to the scent of a deer, that doesn't mean the kill should be guaranteed - maybe the deer escapes, or at the very least the chase should probably be a bit more interesting Wolf pack interaction - A lowly beta wolf is feasting on its prey before an alpha comes along and they have a growling contest before the other one backs down Moose as prey - perhaps a daring wolf attacks the moose but the moose stampedes at it, killing the wolf in the process Wolves hunting as a pack - when you hear that bark, it's not just one anymore, but many. Obviously if you cannot escaped you still only struggle with the first one to catch up to you. Hunting rifle shots scare the rest away whereas without one you simply need a torch or a flare. Wolf intelligence - wolves often use flanking tactics while hunting their prey irl Wildlife children and genders - Deer males can have bigger antlers and be more aggressive, while bear mothers would hunt you relentlessly if you kill their defenseless cub(s) End note - I know a lot of these ideas are likely wishful thinking (e.g. the moose one probably because then it might be too easy to get wolf pelts but considering the moose would still be nearby and they're rare as it is.. maybe it's possible) but although I love the game as it is, it sometimes feels like the animals only exist there for you and not as part of a fluid, dynamic world. Criticise away!
  14. New (End Game) Ranged Weapon...

    I'll start this off by saying that as the game currently stands, the ranged weapons are more or less perfect the way they are. We really don't need any new weapons, but it would be fun and bring something new to the table. With that being said, my idea for a new ranged weapon: a single-barrel shotgun.I feel like this would fit on the ranged weapon spectrum rather well. It would be lighter than the rifle, but with ammunition slightly heavier than the .303 rounds and serve a multitude of purposes. It would fire slower than the rifle (and maybe the bow) but when firing slugs deal a lot more damage (dedicated two shot kill on Moose and Bear). It could work as a potential end game weapon by there being only one in the entire world, located at the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, with the only ammunition spawning rarely on corpses, safes, and in cargo containers. For ammunition, you could find the following: -Slug: a single projectile, a little less accurate than .303 rounds, but deals more damage. Dedicated 1 shot kill on wolves and deer, dedicated 2 shot kill on Moose and Bears. -Buckshot: fires 9 or so pellets in a cone, can take down wolves and deer with proper shot placement, but not as effective against Moose and Bears (perhaps it could stop a charge if all pellets land). -Birdshot: it will run off a wolf, but can really only kill rabbits. -Flares: you could fire flares out of the shotgun as well, giving them a slight boost to accuracy and range. Furthermore, it would be cool if you could use a hawksaw to saw down the barrel for a weight reduction while also decreasing accuracy and saw down the buttstock for another decrease in weight, but also increasing weapon sway. This way you could have a more versatile weapon than the flare gun, but with slightly more weight. Additionally, firing slugs out of a fully sawed-off shotgun would run the risk of spraining your wrist.
  15. Boarded Up Houses

    I have always wondered why the houses in places such as Milton are boarded up and what could be in them and if we could ever see what's in them like using the prybar to get the planks off just for a look inside. I am vwry curious about locked or boarded up doors in games especilly survival games as maybe people got paranoid as Grey mother said and boarded people in with a good stockpile of untouched supplies. I know there is probably nothing inside but always fun to wonder
  16. Stumbled upon another little quirk in the game that maybe can be used to some advantage when cooking. I had finished cooking up a batch of teas and coffee which I placed right next to the potbelly stove at camp office. I came back to the stove the next day to cook a fish I caught when I heard the bubbling sound of boiling water. I looked over to where my teas are sitting on the counter and they are merrily bubbling and boiling and when moused over read "hot." I tried to catch the vapor coming off the cups with the HD cam, not sure if you can make it out or not. Anyways, not a great exploit, but kinda cool non the less. The tea and coffee heats up but doesnt boil away. gets hot and stays hot as long as the stove is burning. thanks for reading!
  17. Is This New?

    I was wondering if this is new or if I was just being blind and didn't see it before
  18. What are some crazy challenges or weird things to do in TLD that you have thought of or done? My ‘challenge’ is that I’m going to start a new game and wait for a blizzard, then I’ll take off all my clothes and see how long I survive before freezing to death.
  19. Having just recently discovered the Hunter's Prepper Cache near the Camp Office at Mystery Lake, I thought it might be fun to make that base camp for a while as I looted the area. When I found the bunker, it was a pretty dismal place and didn't have all that much to offer considering the meager loot that was there and the condition of the items were deplorable as well. Here's the Hatch now as you would want to find it! Hatch is pretty well hidden from sight as you come up the hill side from any direction. Tucked between the trees you feel safe and secure. Look at all that natural light after deploying the elaborate folding ladder system. This bunker ladder system has dual hatch covers so it can be closed from either side. Suppose that was an operational feature back when the electricity worked to provide ventilation, but not working now, so hatch stays open when your inside. Kinda chilly but not too bad. As you descend down the ladder your eye follows the duct work to the floor. Always check the grate 'cause you never know what's been stashed away in there. I got a spare bow and an extra snare along with some fir I got drying for crafting and when I need that hotter extra time fire. As you dismount the ladder you find the gut curing area. After I laid the paper out, I dropped the fresh gut, but it falls thru and the paper covers it. Kinda a benefit as i dont have to look at piles for curing guts. Seems cleaner that way and I am sure probably helps to keep the smell down. I cured some deer hides to the walls to soften it up a bit. As you complete turning around, you encounter the utility storage area. Everything you need to fix it and finish it! All repairable items are at 100% and the lanterns are all fully fueled and ready to go. Looks a little more Prepper worthy now. Never to late to make a first impression! Am I right? First Aide for all emergencies. Knifes and Hatchets and stuff to make bows. Pile of arrowheads on the floor... Books, magazines, manuals and more! Never enough to read and or burn in the freezing post apocalypse. A little altar of knowledge to help you survive. Sleeping with ole' Bess gives me little comfort. She's a bed hog. Yeah yeah, I'm into Coffee, Guns and Boots. Now I just need a moose satchel to match! Looks like a good start on keeping the menu interesting. Good to stay hydrated in cold conditions. All this loot is from ML map and about half of FM map. I really only picked up the hammer and an extra rifle and hacksaw from FM. Besides bringing back the hatchets and arrowheads that I crafted there. Never enough guns, ammo or cleaning kits when your living post apocalyptic. Bye Bye! Close the Hatch when you leave. Thanks for visiting!
  20. New cooking times

    Now that cooking times have been shortened or changed in the newest hotfix, do you think this will bring back anybody who abandoned the game because of vigilant flame?
  21. I was in the area called clearcut with all the trees cut down and I don't know if my eyes where deceiving me but I saw something on two legs running it wasn't a deer as they wasn't no antlers or a wolf and too big to be a rabbit it creeped me out
  22. What's Your Favorite Thing About The Long Dark And Why?
  23. I’m noticing a very significant change in the weather in the Interloper Mode, (Vanilla/no custom settings). Completed the first pass looting of PV, DP, CH, Ravine, Milton, ML, had lots of fun and did not get bothered by wildlife too often. My starter “duds” are only a +20F/-6.6C bonus for temperature and I feel like it will be a real struggle to stay alive long enough to craft animal skin clothing. The wind and weather is so extreme, (-30F, -34C +/-), allowing only short intervals late in the day as my only opportunity to be outdoors without a fire or snow shelter. I am planning to move from Trapper’s to the cave at the ML Overlook. Have a bow and arrows and deer meat finally, (day 45), and would welcome any tips for improving my next few days while crafting warmer clothes. Thanks in advance for any kind tips, hints or help. This screenshot is a very happy moment when I finally had some calories and was about to get a good nights sleep! [Watched the 'Fatigue Icon' change from half-white/half-red and then half-red/half-black...but survived!]
  24. TLD Switch Edition

    Hello all, There have been a few rumors about TLD coming to switch and that Hinterland is looking for someone skilled in unity and porting games to the switch. Personally, I would buy the game, and possibly the soundtrack, again and play the story mode all over again. I think that TLD would be a good fit for the switch due to the fact that it's not too graphically demanding, and that many indie games have seen by far their best sales on the platform. In addition, the ability to carry the quiet apocalypse anywhere is something that I think many players of TLD across all current platforms would want. Any opinions?