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  2. Baiting wolves should not be 100% effective. I feel that this mechanic is too cheap. Baiting should have some probability of success like making fire or every other mechanic in the game. I feel i'm 100% safe with just some pieces of raw meat. This change would bring much more tension to the game and will make it more realistic.
  3. I don't think the invisible wall in the road after passing the hydro dam is an elegant solution. Does not fit with the game itself. Maybe devs could make Mackenzie turn back instead of hitting the invisible wall. Another idea may be to place big fallen tree. If you need to go there in future episodes you could make the player to start a big fire for burning the tree.
  4. In a recent Facebook pole in The Long Dark Community, the question was posed...." Would you be angry at Hinterland if they offered a dlc before all the episodes were completed?" I can tell you...without having looked at the results...what the answer is. But this comment summed it up best: "Honestly, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth in entertainment and then some. Whatever Hinterland wants to do is okay by me." 72% of voters said that they wanted DLC content...and they wanted to give Hinterland more money and they would pay anything for some additional sandbox content right now. And we're not talking new regions here. We're talking...a new craftable gear pack with more options for clothes...some more animals to hunt like otters and snowy owls, a DLC that adds a fishing hut to Forlorn Muskeg perhaps...you know...some smaller things to add to the game. Of course, we don't want to turn TLD into a micro-transactions cesspit (like many of the other games we actually dropped money on and stopped playing again). At 41 years of age...and having played games since the age of 3...I can say with surety...there has never been anything like TLD...and I imagine I will never stop playing it. And that means Sandbox...not Wintermute. And many share the sentiment. So, will there be a backlash? Of course... There are people who can't wait to fling poop whenever they get a chance. And a lot of them are just kids who act like spoilt little kids. But, just ask yourself....are you really going to be playing Wintermute for the rest of your life? So why complain about it while you continue to enjoy the Sandbox? Cos once you've completed Wintermute, you'll be back Sandbox again for 1000s more hours .... Sandbox is TLD. Wintermute is TLD tutorial. But think of it this way.... When you order food in a restaurant and it takes longer to come out of the kitchen than you imagined, you're sitting there irritated and angry cos of the bad service. Once the food arrives and you set your gaze upon it, however, you already you start to feel better. Take the first bite, and your attitude softens up. 4 bites in, and you're thinking...THAT WAS WORTH THE WAIT....and that's what stays with you when you're done. Unless you're a complete child about everything. It doesn't matter how long it takes to complete the episodes...the majority of players will be satisfied with it in the end....and the time spent waiting won't matter anyway. The point is this... if you're afraid of a backlash...well...it's inevitable. People are going to complain no matter what. But, with small DLCs, at least we can support this project and help things along with $20 here and there... So, come on Rapha...please consider giving us the chance of throwing some more money your way...so we can help with the development of this project....and let the kids complain as much as they want...We've all got our money's worth already...and we really want to give you more money so we can all see this project reach its full potential.
  5. Temperature increasing with movement

    I was going down TWM and starting to get really cold, other parameters were fine. Got me thinking; It should be possible to raise your body temperature by moving/sprinting. This is tought in survival schools. Also,doing this when NOT freezing should make you sweat, and therefor get wet in internal layers of clothing. This might encourage taking of your bearskincoat a hot day if your planning on moving around alot.
  6. Placing pearls spoiler

    Anyone else start crying at the losing a child achievement?
  7. With all the tin cans we get that can't get scrapped, why not making a coat of plate out of it, I mean it's just trash at this point and for people who doesn't know what is a coat of plate exactly here's videos on what is and how to make one Since we only have tin cans, let's get to the making of -Reopen the tin can (preferably with a can opener) and flatten it (can be done with your foot) because we need that thickness and repeat it until you get enough -Get to a workbench with a toolbox and a sewing kit as tools and x amount of flattened tin cans, x amount of cloth, x amount of scrap metal for 5-8 Hours Now the stats 5-6 kg 0% Waterproof 0°C Warmth 2°C Windproof 12% Movement penalties 40% Protection Repair need 1 cloth, 1 flattened can and 1 scrap metal for 20% in 30 min If I add all the best protective clothing we get up to 73% protection which make the whole dangerous wildlife cry but also laugh because you are a slug with 40% movement penalty and leaving up to you the extra you want. The item will make hunting dangerous animals or traveling in hot zones less mortal but won't make you invincible to sprain or bleed since it only protect your chest, but that doesn't mean you can't get your ribs fractured. Armor isn't known to be comfortable so it would make sense to tire you faster while wearing it to balance it more. I don't think it's a good idea to have one since it can make the game loose that sense of fragility once you have it, it's quite OP since it's simple and cheap to make and to maintain like IRL but more people will die of overconfidence. Thank you to have read until here and let's discuss about it
  8. I'm relatively new to the game but I've been perusing the wiki pages reading about clothing items and have noticed some stats that seem backwards or otherwise don't make logical sense. I expected to find rationale by comparing all the items in the category to find some balance reasons, but a few don't seem right. Trail boots/Mackenzie's Boots: Same base warmth as the leather dress shoes and running shoes (which are typically synthetic materials and have mesh panels). This is absurd, less so for the leather dress shoes but more so for the running shoes, but both should be colder than any solid leather above-ankle boot. These two boots are also half the base warmth as the work boots, which are basically the same boot construction minus a steel toe in the real world. Trail boots/Mackenzie's boots, ski boots & combat boots: When harvested, give only 1 cured leather, even though they are tall, full-shank boots. Combat boots and ski boots especially go halfway up the calf, but only give 1 leather, even though the shorter work boots give 2? Running shoes & leather shoes: When harvested, give 2 cured leather, while the trail/mackenzie/combat/ski boots only give 1. The leather shoes are made of leather, sure, but it really should give only 1 when harvested while those other four taller boots should give you 2 (but it's backwards). The running shoes really shouldn't give any leather, more like cloth, and if for the sake of the game mechanic of all shoes requiring/giving leather to repair/harvest, the running shoes should definitely not give more leather than any full-shank leather boot. Making my own specific recommendations for the warmth/wind ratings of the shoes is complex because of having to weigh the other features of all the shoes, but in general I think these changes should be made: Leather shoes should have more wind bonus than the running shoes, but perhaps leave the base warmth the same. Both should give only 1 leather when harvested, and maybe the running shoes should only give cloth and no leather. Trail/Mackenzie's boots should give more base warmth than the leather/running shoes, perhaps being the same as the combat boots or work boots. Both should give 2 leather when harvested, as should the ski boots and combat boots. Work boots base warmth should drop a bit and be the same as the combat boots and probably the trail boots, too. As of now they are way too close (only 0.5 C difference) to the warmth of mountaineering boots, which should be much, much warmer than any typical construction worker boot. Harvesting the work boots should give the same amount of leather as the combat and trail boots, meaning an increase in the other boots to 2 leather. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Clothing
  9. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Hi, I have really enjoyed your game for the past year and a half, and I've often wondered about something. Has there ever been any plans to sprinkle more evidence of other, living humans in the game? I played survival mode for so long that when I started coming across live humans in Wintermute it was jarring (in a good way) One of my favourite parts of Hushed River Valley was finding the source of that eternal flame. I thought it was really cool to hint that other living humans had been through recently. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to maybe sprinkle in some easter eggs of, for example, seeing a human walking through the snow when you are at a distance (at a lookout, or on a cliff's edge) or perhaps walking into a building that has a lit fire somehow The person would be inaccessible, of course, but my mind keeps wanting to find a trace of another living human being somewhere. Not just dead ones hahaha. Really enjoy your game, can't wait for Ep 3 and beyond, but I was just wondering if this is something you have ever considered. Thanks. Feel free to reply here or in Milton Mailbag.
  10. Survival Co-op

    First off, Hinterland, thank you for this beautiful game. I have been thinking about how nice multiplayer in this game would be. Specifically in survival, kinda like Minecraft. I'm personally PS4 but would love to talk about this with PC or XBOX as well. Thanks for considering.
  11. I have a question and would be glad to hear others opinions or tips on the matter. I'm currently on the 23rd day of my custom playthrough. I started in Milton so I put the wolves on Low (they are terribly annoying there) and Blizzards on High (to balance it out and keep things interesting). The rest of settings is regular Voyager. Sooo now I'm planning on moving from Mountain Town map to somewhere else soon, probably on day 30 or even sooner as I'm quite comfortable here already (got a ton of meat and decent animal clothes). I want to make things interesting by leaving a lot of gear behind (taking those clothes though) because I feel that soon in Milton I will lose the need to actually venture anywhere, given how much stuff I already have. I want to avoid that and change my scenery. Here is where my question comes: do you guys think it is better to go to Forlorn Muskeg, try to live there for a few weeks, and then move on to Broken Railroad, or to go straight for Mystery Lake, and maybe THEN move to FM? I want to repeat that I won't be taking much gear with me: only essential tools, set of good clothes, probably rifle but almost no spare food (only so much to last me the journey and get me started in new region). This could make straight away survival in Forlorn quite challenging, so going to Mystery Lake would allow me to regain some gear. I am personally more inclined to go to FM because I feel like I need something more difficult but I still want to hear your opinions. What I could also use, are some good tips on how to get set up in Forlorn and what worthy visiting is there, as I have never made a proper playthrough in the region before.
  12. Seasons

    Привет. Прости меня, что отвлекаю вас, но у меня к вам вопрос и просьба одновременно. Когда выйдут сезона? Просто в ваших планах они есть. Кроме того, механика игры уже обновлена. А потом одну зиму в игре уже скучно. А так можно было бы ставить цели в игре. И было бы интересно, чтобы те, кто выживет более 1000 дней. Спасибо, еще раз извините.
  13. Sweating

    What do you folks think about adding a sweating mechanic to the game? It would be as simple as if feels like temperature goes above 98.6F (or whatever the C equivalent is) you get an extra tick mark on your water decrease level. It's probably rare for most folks to have the feels like temperature to go this high, but it feels a little odd being next to a roaring furnace for hours on end, beating on white-hot metal while wearing however many layers and not having some sort of "too hot" penalty. If memory serves, sweating is something that you really want to avoid in cold weather survival situations as sweat can freeze and over-cool you plus dehydrate you faster. I feel like it definitely has a place in TLD.
  14. Mummy Bag

    I think it'd be cool to have a low temperature mummy bag added to the game as a third option between the sleeping bag and the bearskin bedroll. It wouldn't weigh as much as the bearskin, probably be about as warm, but have no chance of scaring off wolves. It would be rarer than the sleeping bag and probably not appear in Interloper (as with the expedition parka and whatnot), and not be repairable by hand like the sleeping bag is, requiring a decent amount of cloth to repair. I think this would fit well as a lower weight but lower safety (no wolf scare chance) option that still offers more warmth than the bearskin bedroll.
  15. I think I may have noticed a bug. I recently started a custom character in Broken Railroad. While in the Maintenance Yard, I harvested a bunch of clothing items that I had replaced with better items I had found. I must have harvested six or seven items. I did only one repair (which would have used a cloth), but when finished I had the exact same amount of cloth in my inventory as before I had started harvesting clothing when I should have had more. Has anyone else noticed items not being added to the inventory?
  16. Looking out Windows

    Many a time, I've wondered just how bad the weather really is outside but been unable to actually check on account of the fact that all the windows are opaque. It's not a big complaint, but it would be cool if windows had a function. Now I'm pretty sure that making all the windows into actual windows would probably be too hard to implement for the loading screen locations. However, perhaps there's another way. I think it would be cool if you could walk up to a window and activate it. What this does is load up an image from outside the house, letting you see what's outside. You wouldn't be able to move around or anything, and maybe it wouldn't load things like dropped items or animals, but just looking outside is something I think would be really cool.
  17. How Igloos Could fit into TLD

    I came across this video a week ago and think it's proper evidence for how an Igloo could work in the game. >Link< The way I see it, we've already got a snow shelter in which you can rest and shoot out of while protecting from the elements. An Igloo would provide the same, but you couldn't shoot out of it and it might provide more shelter, however it would take much longer to build and cost far more calories (something in the range of 1,500 to 2,000) while requiring 8 or so hours to make (in the video he mentions it took him 7 hours or so. You would need only a hacksaw to craft it. This would work kinda like how the bow and the rifle work. Each has its own unique features, pros, and cons. You could feasibly craft a snow shelter if caught in a bad place when a blizzard starts, but an Igloo would take too long. On the other hand a snow shelter doesn't provide protection from animals where an igloo would. You don't need tools to craft a snow shelter, just sticks and some cloth whereas an Igloo requires a special tool. Each has a distinct purpose in the game, the snow shelter providing short term protection from the elements while the Igloo would offer greater protection at a cost of requiring more time to build. The interface would be the same as the snow shelter, click on the entrance and you're taken inside where you can rest, sleep, and maybe place items down. It would degrade over time, requiring the hacksaw to repair.
  18. How about a focused beam lantern?

    This would either work as a different lantern entirely, or an attachment for the normal lantern. What it would do in a nutshell is, rather than an omni-directional light, it would provide a flashlight-like beam of light. Could be neat, what do you guys think?
  19. I think we all know the basic of boiling water to make it drinkable but no one talk about the taste, everything can go so bad when doing it on a crappy camp fire like damaging your pot because you filled it too much on one go, having ashes going into it and all the clumsiness around the camp fire. I've made some and it tasted awful like the smell of the smoke, because some ashes made it in the pot but it's definitely drinkable. So guys, if you have some experience could you share it and give some tips ?
  20. Mobile Version?

    I love playing the long dark, no game has ever in my 21 years of living catches my Interest like this. I keep coming back and back to play more. Now since I am getting older I have been able to have much time to play like I want and this games seems fairly simple to play like the mechanics aren’t to complicated, I want to ask have you ever thought you can make this a mobile game? I would pay full price 40 bucks to be able to play on my phone.
  21. Hey ya'll. A long time ago, an update changed the anti aliasing-- I believe it was Faithful Cartographer in June of 2017. I can't help but notice that now everything in the distance looks blurry, like Will lost his glasses. See this Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VsqP2zxzgHuvSFb5ReKIDnc94Um1rNVn?usp=sharing The pre-Faithful Cartographer screenshots are the blue one in Mystery lake (February of 2017) and the red one in Timberwolf Mountain (February of 2016). The other two were taken today for comparison. Both comparisons have identical resolutions, are PNG files, and are at ultra settings. It would be really nice to be able to select what kind of anti aliasing we want (FXAA, MSAA, etc.) Thoughts?
  22. Port Facility Region: Sunny Shores

    So I've been doing research into the world of The Long Dark as I'm interested in writing a short fan fiction piece. In it, I came across the fact that they receive supplies from the mainland and that made me realize something: there's no dedicated port facility in any of the regions, and I'd imagine most supplies come up that way. Enter the idea for a small Port Facility, in a suburban fishing town by the name of Sunny Shores. Starting out as fishing village in the early 20th century, Sunny Shores was located next to a bay with natural formations that gave it calm waters when it didn't ice over. While at first this meant that the townsfolk were forced to strike out into deeper water to catch fish, a boom in the early 1950's led to them being able to purchase an old tug that was converted into an ice-breaker: the Sweet Marie, named after the mayor's wife at the time. After the collapse, the Sweet Marie was used as a tugboat for larger vessels carrying supplies from the mainland, with an outgrowth of the docks to accommodate larger vessels. As an explorable region, it would connect to DP or CH. In the center it would be much like MT, with a store, a (possibly blown up) gas station, and a decent number of humble homes serving as shelter (most of these would probably be the type that ran on propane, with no way to make fire inside). You would find boarded up shacks and small vendor shops in a sort of boardwalk area by the piers, with the Sweet Marie locked up in the ice on the pier. Perhaps during the Aurora event you could go up and blast the vessel's foghorn, mostly for spits and giggles or to spook the wildlife. There probably need to be a lighthouse, though this could always be destroyed so the map doesn't feel too much like DP. Ultimately, Sunny Shores would feel like a cross between MT and DP with crummy weather and foul-tempered wildlife but more dedicated shelter and a different ship.
  23. My Take on an "Urban" Region

    I've seen the idea of a region with buildings galore float around here with mixed results and wanted to offer a different sort of idea for a Metropolis on Great Bear Island: one that was never finished. During the time of Richard Carter and his plan for Hydroelectric dams on the Island, perhaps another entrepreneur stepped up in with a plan to build an urban area on the island: a young CEO by the name of Kyle Royce. Wanting to get in quick, Royce got backers for his project and rushed in to start building with little to no research or testing, hoping to get in quick before anyone else did. Unfortunately for him, the geological problems reared their ugly heads and the Carter project failed. Funding ran out when the backers for Royce's project withdrew their money and everything was abandoned, left as it was. Rather than a shining cityscape, all that remains are the metal and cement skeletons of what might've been, and some of the equipment that couldn't be taken off the island. In this region, you'll find little in the way of dedicated shelter. Old trailers and a cheap construction office for the workers and personnel offer the only dedicated protection from the elements. Meanwhile, some forgotten tools and scraps of metal and cloth can be found littering the unfinished buildings with a couple large cranes standing like forgotten monoliths of a lost era. Paved roads are the only finished part of this urban landscape, but have deteriorated and crumbled as mother nature takes back hold of her world. Much like Forlorn Muskeg, you might find a furnace outdoors, with nor shortage of workbenches. Animals have started taking back the area with deer and rabbits living on the outskirts of the region and wolves patrolling the city area.
  24. Cross country ski

    Something that irritates me a bit is when i for example walk in forlon muskeg and just want to get to the other side is speed. I think that adding a pair of cross country skis into the game whould be awesome. So that it doesnt get overpowered it could make you cold because of wind, it could give you -5 degrees celsius or something like that. It could also make you fatigued faster if your going upwards. To be able to use the ski you need to find both ski and ski boots. Please write improvement and things that could be changed whith this idea. :-)
  25. I think it's really logic to do in real life. And it's also simple to do in the game. We really don't have an opportunity to take water from wild nature for free like food (stems) or wood (branches). I think it will be nice.