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  1. it would be nice it sees the clothing that you are wearing when you use a weapon or a light source. for example, if you are wearing a wolfskin coat then you can see the sleeves of the coat when using a weapon like the rifle. also, fix the rock clipping into the mine door in desolate point, the one kinda near the stone church.
  2. bought this game in 2017, and have played it ever since. you guys are awesome devs and I wish I supported you on Kickstarter. (too be fair I didn't know it existed) what are some ways I can support you guys?
  3. do you plan to make a season two? I would gladly pay 20-30 dollars as you guys are outstanding devs
  4. any chance of maps that use human infrastructure to add to the atmosphere and how it plays out, like a map built around an oil pipeline or an airfield?
  5. vta4ever

    New Maps

    I understand that they are challenging to make and take away from developing gameplay things and mechanics, I would love to see some more maps with more variety. I think hushed river valley was a step in the right direction when it comes to mapping variety, but I would love to see some maps with centerpieces, atmosphere, and wildlife being built around human infrastructures, like an oil pipeline or an airfield. it would also be interesting to make a map creator and let players make their own map, but that would be labor intesive for everybody, including the devs which have enough to do already. what do you guys think?