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  1. @DarKube Unlucky I always hate those wires always get you out of the blue but sounds awesome with the 23 rifle rounds and rifle
  2. What are the funniest things what's happened to you on any mode (Wintermute,Survival or Challenge's) For me I dropped the Rifle at the start of episode 2 and lost it somehow so I had to fight all the wolves with the flare gun
  3. @ManicManiac I played on HRV didn't go so well so very awesome on doing 24 hours without hardly any gear
  4. It would be pretty cool if Hinterland made these for sale I would definitely buy one a big map of great bear
  5. As I walked around the broken bridge i hear a grunt and a scrape of a hoof against the snow I slowly turn and see a moose staring right back at me before I could do anything I charged I turned to run but it was too late I got hit hard by its antlers I felt a crush as my ribs broke the air from my lungs rushed out I played dead hoping that the moose would leave me alone but the attack continued
  6. A Day Before: The Dreaded Moose As I came to a stop at the abandoned tram I had a quick peek inside and found a new packet of beef jerky as I said to myself "looks like things are looking up" the day has been arduous and all I wanted is some pinnacle peaches and a hot cup of herbal tea to calm my nerves. I came to towards a bridge as I timidly crossed to my shock it was half broken from the earthquakes what have been happening all over Great Bear. I stood there as I remember how long it took me to get here and now I am at a dead end this day has just got worse but worse has yet to come.
  7. As I stepped out of the hunting lodge the crisp cold air filled my tired aching lungs as the sun glinted off the freshly fallen snow it takes me a moment to gather my thoughts on what happened the past day and how i got here is a whole new story
  8. When is the long dark set as in year as there is floppy discs but also smartphones and laptops it confuses me a bit
  9. What items would you like from the story to be added in the survival mode and justify why (if you want :))
  10. Lucky half of the time I don't get a one shot kill so doing it with 23% condition
  11. I don't really mind if I don't get the hacksaw straight away but we all have a start list and that's what's awesome about the game
  12. Agree or being close to one of the good safe houses