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  1. @ManicManiac Would be a pretty heavy load especially if you have the Rifle,Revolver and the bear spear it could be a case of taking what you need for each circumstance
  2. @ManicManiac Would be pretty cool to find out and how you put it sounds awesome
  3. @Mroz4k It would be cool if we saw one of these drones in the remaining episode's a prototype in Perseverance Mills maybe in Astrid's story. Would be pretty cool to see and thanks for your answer
  4. @DerpyLemon115 I think it may be still canon
  5. It is pretty good to speculate as I agree it is a good idea to keep it that we don't know fully but your logic is pretty sound as well as @LilWolf with the dates
  6. @DarKube Unlucky I always hate those wires always get you out of the blue but sounds awesome with the 23 rifle rounds and rifle
  7. What are the funniest things what's happened to you on any mode (Wintermute,Survival or Challenge's) For me I dropped the Rifle at the start of episode 2 and lost it somehow so I had to fight all the wolves with the flare gun
  8. @ManicManiac I played on HRV didn't go so well so very awesome on doing 24 hours without hardly any gear
  9. It would be pretty cool if Hinterland made these for sale I would definitely buy one a big map of great bear