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  1. Veteran players of The Long Dark already know that the rate at which raw and cooked meat decays drastically slows when they're left outside. As unsanitary as it would be in the real world, stacking up a 100 kg pile of bear steak outdoors is in fact a viable means of preserving meat in-game. I like the idea about outdoor containers, but on the other hand I'd be a bit hesitant to place outdoor containers at some locations in game. Doing so would run the risk of the developers implying that certain locations are designed to be suitable "bases." Take Signal Hill in Pleasant Valley, for example. If the developers added a container to its exterior for the purpose of storing meat, that would subtly also imply that Signal Hill can be a suitable location to make a "home base." That being said, there are some locations that already do this. Quincy's Quonset on the Coastal Highway is a good example. There are a handful of abandoned vehicles around it, and at least 3 of them have trunks. I have used those trunks to store meat in the exact manner you're describing! Also, I love the idea of thawing meat out before cooking it. It's something I hope to see implemented at some point in the future. Cooked meat fresh off the oven > hot. Cooked meat off the oven for an hour or more > cold. Cooked meat stored outdoors after 2 hours > frozen, inedible without first being thawed out. Your thread title also suggests jerking meat as a means of preservation. I certainly used to think so when I first started playing the game. But then I learned how to jerk my own meat MAKE MY OWN JERKY in real life. Making jerky takes significantly more time than just simply cooking it. For a kilogram of meat, you're easily looking at between 3 to 6 hours of submitting the meat to heat, depending on the meat's fat content. In terms of game mechanics, that's a significant investment of fire fuel. Additionally, there's no salt or soya sauce in the game to add with the preservation. Lastly, there's no need: A player can cook an entire bear/moose, and spend the next few days doing nothing but eating that cooked meat and it will not risk spoiling at all. The purpose of jerking meat was so that people had a store of it to rely on in the event that their normal food source migrated away for the season. We never have to worry about that in the Long Dark, as there's always SOMETHING to hunt and cook nearby. So, within the confines of the game mechanics, making jerky is a bad investment in terms of fuel spent for the returns one gets.
  2. Forgive me if this question has already been asked somewhere in the 36 pages of this thread, but I'm purely curious: The Long Dark was originally billed to be a narrative single-player adventure in a remote part of a post-apocalyptic Canada, where the decisions you make along the way and the people you interact with affect the outcome of the story, so how much of a surprise was it for you that the Survival Mode sandbox ended up being such a hit with the fans? If you knew then what you know now, would you have pitched the idea for The Long Dark differently?
  3. Hooray! Downloading now! Thank you so much, Hinterland! (Also, not gonna lie, but I needed to google "raycast technique")
  4. I would even be willing to let it extend to crafting. But equipping the bow or rifle would stop the player from eating, since now, both their hands are busy doing something else; holding the bow/rifle.
  5. Okay, well, I disagree.
  6. I would not be averse to this, but it would have to be balanced with the freedom to continue taking other actions. As it stands right now, when the player eats or drinks, they stop in place and cannot move until the ring indicator is finished. My proposal would extend the duration of eating and drinking to something that's more realistic than scarfing down a kilogram of food in mere seconds, while still allowing the player to move and interact with the environment.
  7. Way back when, I proposed something similar on the Steam forums: Cravings and Revulsion. First, cravings. The player can develop cravings for the meat found in the game. Bear, Moose, Venison, Wolf, Rabbit, Fish*. The cravings would occur once a week, and only include meat that has already been eaten once (A player who has not yet eaten Bear or Moose will not got a craving for Bear or Moose). The craving would appear as an affliction risk, and would remain until fulfilled. Eating any other kind of meat would yield only 50% of its caloric value. * = In this instance, the player could develop a craving for a specific kind of fish, not just fish in general. Second, revulsion. The opposite of craving. Eating too much of one kind of meat in a 48 hour period will cause the player to develop a revulsion towards it. "You are getting sick of Bear/Moose/Venison/Wolf/Rabbit/Fish**." Like cravings, this too would show up as an affliction risk, and would be cleared by consuming calories from any food source OTHER than the one they're afflicted by. Continuing to eat the meat you're repulsed by would eventually turn the affliction risk into a full on affliction, and the player character would utterly refuse to eat any more of that meat type for 24 hours. Or, alternatively, they could continue eating said meat, but an hour later, would vomit up the contents of their stomach, immediately bringing their calorie store and thirst level to zero. ** = Critical caveat. The player would develop a revulsion to ALL fish, rather than a specific type, if too much fish was consumed in 48 hours.
  8. Greetings Presently, I'm annoyed with fire starting. After level 3, usage of tinder becomes optional, and the player suffers no effects -- ill or positive -- for its use. This should be re-addressed, I think. Tinder being mandatory for levels 1 and 2 is fine, but once it becomes optional, choosing NOT to use it should come with some penalties to compensate. PROPOSAL: A new Fire Starting system, wherein the base chance to start a fire is always 40%, regardless of what level Fire Starting skill you have. This can be improved depending on the starter, the tinder, and the fuel. At each level, the use of a Tinder Plug/Cat Tail Head increases your chance to start a fire. Level 1: +5% Level 2: +15% Level 3: +15%, Tinder optional. Not using tinder makes fire twice as long to start burning Level 4: +25%, Tinder optional. Not using tinder makes fire twice as long to start burning Level 5: +35% Tinder optional. Not using tinder makes fire twice as long to start burning Other tinder options can be used to further increase the chance of starting a fire. These items have the option of being broken down into tinder plugs, so the choice presented to the player is "Do I risk using an entire newspaper roll to increase my fire starting chance once by 20%? Or do I break it down into 4 tinder plugs, for 4 chances at 5% extra?" Newsprint/Stack of Papers: 15/25/25/35/45% Newsprint Roll/Birch Bark: 20/30/30/40/50% Under this proposed system, tinder plugs would become essential throughout the entire game, and not something that can be dismissed as unnecessary once the player hits Fire Starting level 3.
  9. Since the introduction of the cooking mechanic and its resounding success, I'd like to see something similar added with respect to eating and drinking. Current calorie counts are fine just the way they are, but not even superman could eat a kilogram venison steak in a matter of seconds. Therefore, I propose that eating and drinking items, much like cooking is now, require a timer that starts when you begin eating an item. Example: A hungry survivor selects a cooked venison steak from the radial menu and chooses to eat it. A timer then appears on the HUD that indicates "Eating Cooked Venison. Time left: 15:00" and begins counting down to zero, upon which the item is considered fully eaten. During this time, the survivor can still move and pick up items from the ground, and every few seconds, we'll hear the familiar chewing and swallowing sounds we hear already. Equipping an item in the hands (like a rifle or a flare) will stop the timer as the survivor is no longer considered eating, since their hands are full, however they can resume where they left off later. Drinking takes a lot less time than eating does. A full helping of potable water could be drank anywhere between 15-30 seconds.
  10. Pleasant Valley
  11. I think you're hallucinating... I HOPE you're hallucinating... Because otherwise... that's one fiiiiiiiine looking pancake.
  12. In my current sandbox, I'm rifle level 3. All from reading books, not from any success with the rifle, I can assure you of that.
  13. Thanks for the update! Personally I didn't think anything was wrong, and I certainly appreciate the addition of the slope warning indicator. But I'm glad that an issue WAS resolved after being determined to be a genuine bug.