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  1. Ghosty 1944


    Hello! Welcome to the forum. Nice ideas, I recommend putting them in the wishlist section so others can see them.
  2. What happened to your acount retirement? I dip out for a week and came back expecting you would be gone. 😅 Glad your still here.

    1. kristaok


      Thanks, I wanted to retire for a while... but it's too darn hard! :P but I must admit I have been playing a LOT of Skyrim now, so I am not playing TLD as much as I used to. But anyway, I still plan to pop on the Forums from time to time, but I don't think I will be posting as much as I used to. :) 

  3. Ghosty 1944


    Yes, candles would be awesome.
  4. The hunting rifle does not have it's iron sight in the middle and the bolts are not the same... It must be in the Enfield family tho...
  5. It just been bugging me so I feel I need find out.
  6. After a few hours looking the closest match I could get was the "Enfield No. 4 MK I" but the thing is the styles are the same but I can't find a match to the bolt and iron sights or the end of the barrel the folds into it's self. Can someone shed some light on this subject? Hinterland is the hunting rifle a made up weapon or is it a real model?
  7. -sigh- Its cringe to have friends that started playing recently and say yeah I fought Fluffy with my bare hands and they say "who?"
  8. Whatever it is I feel like im going to horde it like nuka cola in fallout.
  9. Okay so I walked away for a second while I was in a car when I got back I got out I looked to my left behind the car there is a wolf right there. But my all time worst jump scare was the first I played and I walked into hydro without knowing anything and lets just say Fluffy layed out the welcome mat for me...
  10. The long dark reminds me so much of the book I have been reading "Far north by Will Hobbs" its a good read but plane crashing in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and trying to survive off the land in the middle of winter... Ring any bells?


  11. -sigh- Its cringe to have friends that started playing recently and say yeah I fought Fluffy with my bare hands and they say  "who?"


  12. So what do you think is going to happen in the day the world went dark ep 2? 😄

    1. kristaok


      A meet up with the Aurora Bear?

    2. Ghosty 1944

      Ghosty 1944

      Lmao, maybe.

    3. Ghosty 1944

      Ghosty 1944

      let's just say the new episode is named unfriendly encounters or I think it will unless I scrape the idea and start new.