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    Hey, welcome! Just like there are cat tail plants, berries would be good as harvestable resource too. Oh yes, more wildlife! This is one of the things more requested. Variety is good. I think this will never happen...
  2. Least favorite region ? Forlorn Muskeg, I think it's pretty obvious...
  3. Wow, now I'm excited to see these projects! Thanks for the reply.
  4. @Looper I agree with you and I'd like to see all those "experiences" introduced in the midgame too. Make it different doesn't mean make it harder. So, if "challenging" means that wolves are more aggressive and they''ll smell you for kilometers that's what I mean isn't enjoyable (at least for me); keep a fire because of a deep blizzard or balance the diet because you ate too much meat (and maybe you even have parasites) or intercept broken messages during auroras makes the game different (and challenging) with new elements without "struggling" all time and even be stressful.
  5. Nice suggestions, I agree with you about your point of view of the game.
  6. Nice! Is this Coastal Highway?
  7. Yes, I read the thread and I understand what the autor says . Maybe I haven't expressed myself well. I'm not going to talk about what has already been said. I just wanted to highlight something you commented in your previous post: I can speak for myself, but also I know other players (including youtubers) with more than 100 hours, or 200 hours, playing between Voyageur and Stalker because Interloper ("very hard") can be frustrating. Even knowing "everything", play in a constant challenge may not be the point of many players. And again, for those who want a "real" survivor game, it should be done through customizable mechanics IMO. So, I don't think it's matter of hours played.
  8. You considering to make your base in Trapper's Homestead or Camp Office?
  9. I have to disagree. I have played TLD more than 100 hours (probably you have more hours played than me) and I don't feel it is "too easy" playing in some difficulties. Yes, for new players it can be a hardcore survival game, for veterans this game doesn't have 'secrets' (they know all the places, how to do this... etc.). Usually I've always played in Voyageur, now I'm starting to play more in Stalker (which are 'normal' and 'hard' difficulties) and personally I don't feel is "too easy", in fact, I played once Interloper and didn't enjoy it. Some people want a (extreme) challenge but others, instead, want to play 'coexisting' with the Nature, after hours and hours played. This doesn't mean that they (developers) shouldn't care about the "small percentage" of players that want an extreme survival experience, maybe introducing more custom settings in custom games if Interloper isn't enough for them. In the end what I want to say is that not everyone enjoy a hard, difficult, tough survival game, regardless if they are new to the game or have spent many hours playing TLD.
  10. This was requested a lot (and I would also like to see this in the game) but it seems that is difficult to do and isn't a priority right now. I hope they can do in a future though.
  11. Same here: hunting rabbits always was a 'hard' task... not anymore (and I appreciate it).
  12. There's already a challenge for that. Personally I wouldn't like it in sandbox, I prefer to move freely around the world, that's my opinion.
  13. I played 5 hours since the update was released and, although I had several times the "sprain risk" warning, I still didn't have any I don't know how "broken" it is, honestly.
  14. Multiplayer: I don't see it. DLC: yes!