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  1. Hey just wanted to say I've been playing this game since very early in its development and its been a blast watching this game grow. It's nice to see developers working hard and being honest. (cough, cough, fallout 76) I have bought the game on both my computer, early in development and now, the PS4 and I would like to say that apart from a few glitches (falling through the ice) this game plays very well on both systems without a feeling of a 'need of a mouse' when I am in the inventory screen. I've had many questions about this game but I'll stick to two since you are doing a double batch. Why can't I use lines with reclaimed wood to create snares? This has always confused me because it looks like a line attached to wood. I could see it being because the gut is supposed to attract the rabbit in some way? Is it a gameplay issue that you don't want people creating 2 snares off of every gut? Do you guys market the game/try to get it more exposure with every release of Wintermute? I feel as if this game doesn't get nearly the amount of praise it deserves and every time I mention it to a friend looking for a new survival game they seem to never have herd of TLD. I know obviously you market the game and running ads are very expensive but do you find it hard to get press about a game that was released years ago but yet gets massively better every year? Thanks again for the sweet game and hard work. P.S: Backpack from Andrew Jackson Jihad would be an awesome song for a trailer.