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  1. 1. Sound of nature w1. Mod support w2. Regions w3. better wildlife pathing/AI
  2. Pancakelady are you a ninja? (looking up elderscrolls info) First forums since(sigh) the internet came out, where I actually feel like posting. Happy
  3. I now know that i am not alone.☺️
  4. Same here for me..I had my gun out when i entered this cave, all the bones put my hairs on edge. Glad i only heard one bark.. 3 wolves in this cave would have been problematic, to say the least.
  5. Evening = Moxie (distinctively different.) General Snus (constantly.) Morning = Molasses donuts. Coffee. General Snus (see Evening) As needed = Red bull (blue)
  6. I was going to play TLD last night. Instead i ended up finding and binge reading Cindrella story by @BareSkin. Alas, the season ended(looking forward to the HRV trials) leaving me with a much healthier respect for science, a sore side from laughter(thank you, been needing that,) new strategies galore, and strangely an urge to strip to my britches and run around outside in the snow. After realizing i now do not have the time for actually playing anymore, i choose instead to sacrifice some more sleep because i have stumbled upon sleepwalkers 1. More reading ensues.Lots more actually, because here i am at sleepwalker 8, realizing i am no longer in the past but instead wondering what is going to happen next. ☺️ I am so glad to see such enthusiasm for this game, even when talking about exploits or flaws, you state it with a shrug, like meh, the fellows up top will get to it, no worries. I can't wait for more! well done survivor.
  7. Coastal Highway is my favorite, or perhaps it is the region that I know the best. CH was my unforgiving tutorial on learning and understanding the many different aspects of this wonderous game. hatchet? cool. Knife? sweeet. whetstone? omg no way(drool.) Quonset hut gas station? safe and secure, look at all this loot.heck i may never leave. Quonset hut gas station after predator grace period(wait, what?) wow thats a wolf pa..... I use Winding River as my sanctuary. Nice view of the dam, Ominous yet beautiful. Great place to practice cave living or just plain cave dwelling..Rabbits, just one wolf. WR is peaceful to me. My favorite part though is the maple sapling that spawns at the top of the hill. I don't harvest it but i make it a point to periodically check on it. It serves as a moral boost knowing that if everything else fails i have this one green magical stick. This game sure is wondrous for my imagination, or perhaps it is the other way around? If only DP had a fishing hut. That might require a rethink.
  8. Seriously...with all due respect..What he said You have not mentioned what difficulty level you survive on..BTW well done on making Q-hut a thriving place to survive.. Not doubting you're skills, imo, you may need to challenge yourself a tad more..I dread the the day i state this game is a breeze..although i will say i could handle a day or two more in a row without a bone marrow freezing, should have stayed in the hut boilin water, but now i'm 15% condition with hypothermia and there be a bear lolligaggin at the front door of the quonset hut..You aint dying..you aint living..
  9. (IMHO)It takes focus and perseverance(to state a few) to climb the summit of TWM..If you were bored, you did not challenge yourself..died..wrong choice(been there lots)...One can only get better by playing a better opponent...ADHD? you focused power enough to circumvent bears, weather and ropes to taste the awesomeness of that tail..have a lil pat on the back while you start a fire to keep from freezing from the blizzard that came up while you tried to haul way too much gear down the mountain back to that awesomeness we call the mountaineers hut...BTW well done..
  10. I enjoy the art of beach combing. Although i have gear to not to be too worried about falling through the ice(well at least once), it one, gives me a beautiful walk along the ocean through several areas, it two, it allows me to find items that i used to think i would not see again, i mean for me finding a maple sapling for the first time washed up on the ice in CH was super cool as well as super practical.. Challenges you say? I wander..food/water for a day and go. i like to see how long i can survive outside without resorting to bailing for a basecamp. I also like to think i am better than Mr. Bear. I find him and see if i can toe to toe one shot or take the mauling..I have died so many times near CH quonset hut with supplies ample enough to survive however long, thinking i can one-shot Mr. bear, go inside have some tea, take a nap, and follow some caw-caws to another trophy pelt. The Sunrise.
  11. A survivor gets feat XP playing pilgrim Difficulty. I would ask that some one explain to me how custom mode(whatever change) is easier than pilgrim? Yet no feats progression. i digress, apologies. the realism is your imagination. Do not let the game decide what you think is real. This game (thankfully) is not designed for someone to become an indestructible force against mother nature, it is, imo designed to see how long a person can make choices to stay alive before mother nature chooses said person for nap time. play interloper straight up and imo you will quickly see how choices will determine life or death..It is your sandbox. you are the train man. Choose a custom setting that you think will challenge you, i have been playing for some time and at no time have i said this game way too easy..Mix it up, die a few times and have that moment of HOly crap i should NOT have done that! ☺️
  12. Oh there's parasites for sure, regardless of cooking skill.. so far any carnivore meat I have chowed, raw or cooked has always increased my internal don't eat carnivores percentage. I have found if i eat bear up till say 15% and switch to anything not carnivore for the rest of the day the risk clears(risk check per 24hr period) I will say say i am RNG lucky so far but i do not go past 15% if i can help it. So far that i have noticed, keeping the processed food around(ruined or above ) is beneficial because some of the food items in my experience are less likely to give you rot gut. I have cooked ruined pin peaches just to see if it helped and more often than not, no FP..More so than eating them slugs cold..Imo cook skill helps quite a bit but only ith the type of food item your eating..BTW i have gotten food poisoning from cooking 14% con pin peaches too so i think the RNG gods are always in play..The cooking skill 5 clearly states you will not get food poisoning, but in my reality i think if you test the DM there is always the possibility of rollin a 1😉
  13. Agreed. I set up base camps in most regions for exactly the SHTF reason.. I also try to set up mini camps (lil food, lil water etc..) for the same reason along travel routes within regions just in case i'm to heavy, tired, or (insert dilemma here) I always store meat everywhere i can. imo having the choice to eat a ruined or rancid anything is better than fading(especially if you have a chance at cooking said meat), but that my long term thought process. Food poisoning? ...Phaw got Mushrooms and a bearskin bedroll for that. level 5 cooking = no food poisoning? I have tried this a few times(cooking skill 5) with raw rabbit(98-100%) and have still gotten food poisoning roughly 2 of 5 times. I just recently cooked a Soho salmon i found in a boat in DP at 32%. cooked it and woke up later to "ow my tummy."