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  1. I usually also use the crows as a guide to carcasses, just their cawing alone helps me home in on it; however, like you said... conditions pretty much have to be clear for that to work. I've noticed that Coastal Highway's weather tends to be more inclement and unpredictable than some of the other regions, so that doesn't help either.
  2. Yeah, just out of curiosity, I compared the harvesting time vs. quartering: quartering took 2 hours, whereas just harvesting all 75lbs (big boy!) of meat would've taken around 4 hours alone with a hunting knife (bear was fresh, not frozen at all).
  3. Well, I took everyone's advice on the quartering... Just bagged bear #4. I was even able to follow the blood trail to where it was so I could put a 2nd round in it to finish it off. Somehow, the blood trail disappeared, then I stumbled across more blood, which I followed to the bear; weird. I have been storing all of my meat outside, and it's amazing how slowly it degrades. Luckily, I've achieved rank 5 in cooking, as well as carcass harvesting, so even if the meat "goes bad," I can still cook it and eat it without getting sick, so none of this stuff is going to waste. Time to make me a bear skin jacket and a bear skin bed roll! They'll go great with my wolf skin jacket, rabbit skin hat, rabbit skin gloves, deer skin pants, and deer skin boots. Now if I could only get me a moose... 😅
  4. Yeah, I probably should have chased it down, but it ran up a hill that was too steep for me to get up, and by the time I would've been able to get up and around, the blood trail would surely be gone (they've been disappearing REALLY fast for some reason) and then I'd have to scour the woods possibly for days. The ironic part, and another reason I didn't chase it down, was that I was already loaded down with bear meat from my first kill because I was transporting it from my first camp to the garage. Good point on the quartering though, if I'm far enough from camp I definitely will quarter the carcass and store some quarters if necessary. Luckily, both of my bear kills where the bear died in front of me, have been really really close to my camp, so I just harvested the meat 20lbs at a time, transported, came back, 20 more pounds... etc. Good point on dropping bait too! I should have, since there were danger doggos lurking about; hence why I had the flare out at the beginning of the clip. Anyhoo, thanks for the advice! I'll put it to good use. 👍😎
  5. Bummer, ah well... At least it didn't maul me I guess. Thank you both!
  6. Hi all, I am currently in CH on Voyager. As soon as I got here, I encountered a bear in my camp, so I shot it in the face with a distress pistol, and it conveniently died right next to my camp after running for a bit. At this point, my stats show that during this game, I've killed one bear. Fast forward a few days, another bear appears near my camp, so before it can charge, I shoot it with the rifle, and my shot appeared to land just above its heart, it left a huge pool of blood and a very consistent blood trail, but runs off into the hills by the highway before I can find it. A few days later, I'm hunting the bear who has attacked me a few times outside of the Quonset Garage, and I check my stats... low and behold, I show two bear kills, so I figure the 2nd one went and died somewhere. Tonight I killed the bear outside the gas station with one headshot (yay!) and of course my stats now say 3 dead bears. Sorry for the long winded story, but that's how I write. My question is, does anyone know how long the 2nd bear's carcass will be around since I haven't harvested anything from it yet? It's not a matter of life or death... I already have about 150lbs of meat from two bears, several wolves, and a deer, so I'm pretty set. I really just want the pelt actually... but 65 more pounds of meat wouldn't hurt either. Note: At this time, this was about 10-13 in-game days ago. Anyways, thanks in advance! Bonus: Here's the clip of me exacting my vengeance on Mr. Bear (#3)... The Long Dark.mp4
  7. A quartet of Danger Doggos... I got close enough to get this screenshot, then NOPE'd out of there as fast as I could. 😬
  8. Oregonoutback's Meat Shop is officially open for business! "You can't beat our meat!" 😄
  9. Awesome, I'll check it out. Thanks and thank you! 🙂
  10. Day 80 of my Voyager survival run... caught this gem while camping out at Carter Dam. Cheers!
  11. I have also died at the hands... err... paws of a pack of wolves. Once it was a pack of wolves and a bear, and all were fixated on me and not each other. That ended my run REALLY fast.
  12. I literally just accomplished this 10 seconds ago and thought I should send a nice thank you for the idea. Now I've got meat for a week! 😁
  13. I'm curious as to the benefit of this? Does it make it less likely that wildlife will spot you? All great answers so far, some of which I've never even thought of... keep em coming! 🙂