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  1. Keg 2 | Day 46 Wake up in the late morning to -35C FLT and 2:40 left on the fire. I have no food, I have 1 rosehip tea and my health is at 84%. 54 stick and 4 coal are my fuel supply. I sleep and pass time for 4 hours as the wind is blowing way too hard to do anything, it’s one of those ones that wants to be a blizzard but isn’t quite there. 31% on my ski jacket and 40% on my boots, most of the crafted clothing is 90+%. The wind dies down, I take torches and bid possibly last goodbyes to my barn home. Drink the tea for warmth bonus while I travel. A new route away from Spence’s reveals a days worth of cattails for food and a carcass frozen so solid I can’t take anything from it right now. I break down a bush and come back and put a coal on, just enough to get positive temp. I pass time to get to 49% and check the deer – it has 1.0kg is all. Not the best, probably midrange for the RNG. Fog has come in thick after the steaks are cooked, do I want to risk travel in this smelly state? I decide to risk it and head for the snow shelter. I find 2 more cat tails on the ice trek, this totals gives me 3 more solid days of food. I sprain an ankle and heal it with pills on the way up to marsh ridge via mountain goating. In the cave I have my collected birch barks, almost 20 of them, too bad it is pre-patch. I collect them just so I didn’t wander off course when collecting sticks. They would be very useful now with maybe 1000 calories within. There were probably 10 more back at the barn too. I pause to admire the aurora on the way to the shelter, I find it in a bad state, 43% and I don’t have any cloth on me. With a fire going I don’t think I need to fix the shelter, just as long as it doesn’t go to zero. I check my camp including the plastic bin, There are 15 cattails inside! I forgot about this treasure trove. I eat a 0.5kg steak and couple tails and go to sleep for 10 hours.
  2. Keg 2 | Day 45 I wake up with a health bar higher than I have seen in a long time (71%), hiding out during the blizzard prevented lots of health loss yesterday, too bad we wasted/used so much fuel with the 5 hour fire left at the forge for a quick trip, then running a concurrent fire in the cave for around the same 5 hours was not very efficient. Thinking about fire efficiency I am not far off of Fire Starting level 5 so I deduce that maybe a few sticks used now to get to that level might drag this game along some more. I also don’t have the achievement yet, maybe around 800 fires so far so I think why not. It’s warmed up a bit by mid afternoon that I can make trips out for branches. Weather is super foggy though so I don’t feel like going very far away. This is my last day of food supply so tomorrow will be a big day, move, hunt or die probably. Evening falls and the fog lifts, it’s not any warmer though, 3 down arrows almost all the time away from a fire now. Not like the early days if interloper, we are into the deep freeze now. It’s another beautiful starry night in TLD. My last 600 calories in the belly and off to sleep.
  3. Keg 2 | Day 44 I wake with 3:32 still on the fire, must have been a cold night. Food supplies looking a little thin down here, 7 cat tails left. I pick up all my dropped sticks, 134 left along with 6 reclaimed and 6 coal makes for a good 24 hour backstop of fuel. Health is at 53% today, better than yesterday. A blizzard is starting so I can’t go out and collect right now. I take stock of everything left here, 3 birch barks on the ground – nothing to do with these as this is pre-patch. Break down my lantern for the last 0.33L of lamp oil in it, that will guarantee me one more fire start in a pinch. I wait out the blizzard, it’s over fairly quickly. I stoke the fire with about 5 hours of fuel as I plan a run past the bunkhouses for maybe some rabbit or coals from the caves. The place is thick with sticks here as well, it’s nice not putting so much pressure on an area for a few days. I make it to the first cave and another blizzard is on me already. I pass about 4+ hours and the wind finally dies down enough for me to press on, it’s too cold out though and I only find another 2-3 sticks between the 2 caves. Wolfy by the bunkhouses causes me to take a bit of a detour on the way home. Once I am past her I sprint the rest of the way to reduce my cold health loss. Forge fire up to 9 hours eats into my locker supply of fuel as today was not ideal stick collecting. I take 2 ruined meat hunks on the ground and cook them over the fire to 50% and save for later before bed to have some protein with my fibre. 107 + 144 calories might just let me live another 2 days worth of food on hand, it’s getting desperate on several fronts now. I add 3 cattails to the plate and get 685 calories for the 10 hour slumber – 675 required so I get maximum healing.
  4. Keg 2 | Day 43 Up in the morning today 48% health. I scroll through my journal and the last day at 100% health was Day 21. Collecting sticks around the barn as I have been away for a few days. It’s easy going and lots of them have spawned. I take torches from the fire and collect all the way to the broken tower. Setup a warming fire and dodge wolfy while collecting sticks for the afternoon. With a torch in hand I scout the cave, 5 coal have fallen from the miracle ceiling, what a nice surprise. As night falls and an aurora starts I play cat and mouse with a wolfy to keep him pushed back away from the area I am working. I can hear a wind pick up and I pull 3 torches and sprint back to the barn. I have to keep this fire going for now. I make it back to the forge and have 54 sticks on me from the afternoon and evening run. I load up the fire, 52 = 8hours 23min. I still have a stash on the ground and the 5 + 1 coal and there is of course the crate I never needed by the safe (strong will power in rationing), I’ll use you now. I look around and remember the locker, open it up and find another 30 sticks stashed in there, when did I drop these? I don’t recall but I don’t ask many more questions. I ration by eating just 4 cattails tonight, drink and go to sleep for 10 hours.
  5. Keg 2 | Day 42 Needing to find a new source of sticks I head out in the early morning hours fully rested in the dark to the far end of the cave at Hat Creek. I collect sticks in FLT of -31C all along the face of the hill to the cave North of Poachers Camp. Amazingly with the wind chill taken out it is -24C in the front of the cave and +0C at the back of the cave. Hypo risk of 18% getting here. I set about collecting sticks on the cold morning temps around the cave with alternating warm-ups at the fire. No wolves around which is nice but it gets very foggy as the sun peaks over the horizon. The 10 minutes for a branch takes down about 85% of my temp bar so I leave the bushes for now – I can’t afford much more health loss from cold. By noon the 10 minute branch is taking about 55% of my temp bar so I can almost upgrade to bushes. I collect four cattails that I ran past in the early morning due to cold, I can spend the time now to harvest them. I push out a little farther on my last stick run and cover most of the hill north of the cave. I find 17 sticks in a goldmine of untouched bounty. I now have 91 sticks and a few coal left on me which will cover my sleep and more if I can make it back. My energy levels are below 25%. I travel to Poachers and am already cold when arriving. I make a warming fire and wait to fill my temp bar which drains me down to ~5% energy. More than 2 hours are left on the fire when I am ready to leave, that’s a lot of torches to pull! I pull as many as I can and harvest them directly into sticks before leaving to save weight. Of course as soon as I leave the train car with 7 minutes left on the fire a strong wind comes up and blows my torch out. I rush back to my fire to see if I can rescue the embers, I can see the glow of the fire at the entrance and as I round the corner the flame is snuffed out right before my eyes. There are no embers to revive in the fire barrel like there are at a campfire? I learn something new about the TLD all the time. Screw it, wind and all I need to sleep and now that I am completely exhausted, overburdened and low on ideas I turn to my get out of jail free card – STIM TIME! Can I make it all the way to Spence’s? I have never really used stims much in any other gameplay so the colours are a new experience for me. I make it all the way to the arch rock before the shed and docks and I gained the 15%?? Health bonus so that’s good news. A final slow crawl up to the barn and I light a torch and then the forge fire for 10 hours of sleep. I have 16 cattails so 5 are used up for a full 10 hours of healing. Still have lots of water so that’s not a problem. Will see what tomorrow brings.
  6. Three more hours of work before I can get home to try this.
  7. Keg 2 | Day 41 I pass time in the cave to warm-up until the warmer part of the afternoon. I’m checking to see if I can sleep without fire. I am able to grab a couple of hours sleep without fire and still am able to warm-up my temp bar, that is exciting to learn maybe for the next run. I break down a bush, sleep for another hour then break out the flare to guarantee some sleep. Fire started and fueled with 8 hours of sticks I still have 6 coals left for an emergency. Cattails for dinner and I sleep for about 9 hours waking up fully rested. I am able to take 5 or 6 high % torches and collect 10 cat tails from the plastic container here at camp. I need to find a way to collect so more firewood up here, it’s a long way from more than 1 or 2 good stick spots and I am finding it hard to stay afloat.
  8. Keg 2 | Day 40 Wake up and the weather is blowing really hard, just over an hour left on the fire. I load up the fire with a few sticks and sleep 2 more hours to see if the -45C FLT will pass. I wake up and its calmer, -24C FLT. Not much left for clothing to keep me warm. Repair my 91% shelter back to 100% takes 3 sticks. Wind picks up even more into a full blown blizzard. I nurse the fire along although it stays protected from the wind cutting across the entrance to this cave area. With 13 min left on the fire I take the torch and run to the cave hoping it stays lit. I make it there without it going out, and head inside, load up all my cattails there on the floor and search through for coal/sticks. I exit the cave at the creek and take my last torch towards the radio tower. I scare a wolf off a couple of times with lit fires and set up a fire next to the crate there. After 30min I add a coal to warm up then break down the crate. I use the remaining time to get as much warmth as possible and take the last few minutes out of the fire as a torch. I drop down off the edge and notice a corpse and backpack that I haven’t looted. Another can opener is sort of redundant at this point in the challenge. Collecting sticks as much as possible below the hill and then up the creek again. Down to my last torch I race through the cave to see if I can make it. With the last couple % I try and start a fire but as I was rushed I used the reclaimed wood which had a worse % chance than if I tried with a stick. I failed. My fire starting now consists of just the flare & 2 matches. I warm up in the cave and alternate breaking down branches and bushes outside as the sun comes up on Day 41. I travel to the shelter and at -10C FLT I sleep for 1 hour without fire without getting hypo.
  9. Keg 2 | Day 39 48min left on the fire, -14C FLT in the mid afternoon, we’ll see what we can do with this new camp. Add a little fuel to the fire and collect most of the loose sticks on the ridge as well as break down a bush. I load up the fire with 4 hours of fuel and take a torch down off the ridge to wolf alley below. This place proves once again to be the hottest ticket in town for stick gathering. I collect a couple of litres of water left behind at an old fire by the low blind and then to my stack of sticks that I had dropped on my trip here from Spences when I was overloaded. 21 sticks plus 6L of water. Hello wolfy, you almost surprised me hiding behind that tree. It was time to build a fire to warm up anyways so as not to let the torch go. Fire start was unsuccessful so I quickly mountain goat back to the shelter and fire and it has well over 2h left on it. I pass time in the shelter to warm up and clear the hypo risk. I drop 10 cat tails in the back pack as well as all my cured guts and hides. 10L of water dropped on the ground and some of my 55 sticks in the plastic container. Another couple stick runs alternating warming up at the shelter and the fire stays above 4 hours with backup sticks on the ground. Fully exhausted now I stoke the fire up to 8 hours and feed and water myself for bed. 10 hours and off we go.
  10. Keg 2 | Day 38 Today is the day I’ve decided to make a move up to Marsh Ridge. I have used up nearly all the bushes within a sprint of the barn at Spence’s and need a change of scenery. I have 4 cloth ready to go so I can tear up my last sweater and make a shelter and possibly sleep without fire during the warmer parts of the day. Weather didn’t look too good this morning, 4 hours left on the fire. I sleep for a couple more hours to get make stamina. Wake up and it is a full on blizzard. Won’t be leaving until this ends. Full exposure without any clothes gives FLT of -65C. I pass another hour and wind has died down, with clothes now it is -13C FLT. I heat my second to last rosehip tea and drink it for the warmth bonus. Last torch from the fire and I leave this place to possible never come back. I am freezing before I make it to the low blind. Hypo risk is over 50% by the time I make it to the cave. I pass time by a fire started in the cave. My last cloth needed to make the 5 I scrounge from my only sweater. That’s it now, only crafted clothes, my 40%ish ski jacket and boots. It’s hard to find a spot for the snow shelter in the semi-protected cave. There is not much for flat ground. After building I test it out, air temp is -12C inside and I feel like -5C with bed bonus it would be -2C. Not exactly what I had hoped for as far as temp goes, I guess will have to run a fire during sleep hours here too. I run back to the cave and stoke the fire up for 3 hours and grab the lantern for a run through the cave, hope we find some coal. Nothing was found so I’ll have to make a go of the fire with my current supplies. I warm up by the fire and then grab my fuel and head to the shelter. 5 cat tails and water with the fire burning and head to bed for 10 hours. I make it all the way to morning without the fire burning out.
  11. Keg 2 | Day 37 Above 60% this morning and time has passed enough to go pick up some cured guts and hides at the bunkhouse cave. FLT is -14C so I make it all the way there with half temp meter use. I start a quick fire anyways to warm up slightly using the inside/outside cave fire set before. The hides will be used to fix my current gear back to 100% for the next phase of my survival here in FM. With just 4 or 5 sticks on the fire the back cave FLT is +13C. Collecting a few more sticks I hear the sound no interloper wants and it is a storm gusting in. I wonder if this torch will hold to get back to the barn or even back to cave at this point. Did I have enough time left on the fire back at the forge to just charge back and hope for the best? I take off in a sprint as the temperature drop is remarkable. I made it all the way here with half temp loss and I’m already at hypo risk before the bunkhouses. I decide to toss a lit 47% torch in a protected spot behind some rocks and light another torch to take me back to Spence’s. This way if it blows out on the last leg I will retreat to the wind protected area and light a fire if needed. I make it back and still 1hour 32min on the fire, what was I so worried about? I add a bit to the fire, eat a few cat tails and pull out my tackle for a bit of a repair session. Success twice in a row, both the rabbit hat and mitts are back to 100% and the tackle down to 17%. I made a spare tackle though but I likely won’t need it unless I scrounge together enough hides for another pair of pants. Two deer skin pants would be every Keg Stand dream kit. Here is my water hoarding problem – but now it is time to move some of these supplies to another base. Things have been getting a little thin here at the barn food wise so I’ve decided to make a transition to Marsh Ridge. Tonight I will shuttle a bunch of water as far in that direction as I can. I drop all but the essentials from my pack in the storage box and away we go past bear island. It’s not too far away but it’s a start. I’ve included a pic of my safe connection to bear island from Spence’s where I have laid down some cat tail heads to mark the strong ice. I can use the crack as reference but it makes me feel better with the marks there so I am 100% sure. I make a couple more trips for sticks and then eat 5 cat tails to fill my belly (47 left). Of to bed for 10 winks.
  12. Keg 2 | Day 36 Of course with all the extra time sitting at poachers in the wind it is well into night when I wake up. I don’t think I am back to 50% condition, more like low 40%s. Checking up on my fuel supply, I have 151 sticks on the ground, 14 coal and 2 more matches to go deep. Another rush trip up towards the tower behind the barn. A good haul of sticks there tonight along with 1 branch broken down per trip. 2 branches broken down gives me small hypo risk and a little more condition loss. A few more runs thru the night and I have built my stockpile to 186 sticks all with 20min or shorter runs from the fire. I add 34 sticks to the fire and get ~9 hours of time to sleep. I pick up my last 0.5kg deer steak and other than that I have just 40+ cat tails for nourishment. 10hours of sleep time logged and done - You have survived 36 days 6 hours 51 minutes.
  13. In FM on interloper I have generally had -5C at the warmest with just starting gear in the first few days. I have found a ski jacket and a mackinaw and had a +0C which was amazing.
  14. Of course my favourite has to be Forlorm Muskeg, I'm a sucker for punishment. It's got so many natural resources; coal, cat tails, deer, rabbits, wolves, bears in abundance. Not to mention the reishi and rose hips and OMB. Oh, and did I mention cat tails? Enough to live on for weeks straight, I mean I might never have to leave this place. When you are cold all you have to do is start a fire with the massive amounts of fuel there, it is a lumberjacks paradise! For those not so good or blessed with an axe there are more scrub bushes per capita than caribou in Canada. Also, great caves to avoid cabin fever in (tongue firmly in cheek).
  15. Keg 2 | Day 35 Start today at 71% condition, 43 cat tails in stash and of note my pants are now 8%, not much use there now. 2% on my thermal underwear is giving me a whopping +0.0C bonus. No more socks, they are long gone. Boots at 50%, outer sweater at 19% = +0.1C and thin wool sweater at 47% for +0.5C. FLT is -13C with only 2 down arrows so I move up the hill above the barn and collect fallen sticks. Pretty good haul today in a short trip, wolf doesn’t let me get closer to the tower cave area. I warm up by the fire harvesting my thermal underwear. I break down 2 shrubs in good weather underneath the dock towards bunkhouses. My heart skips as I hear a wolf walking during the 20min, good thing I am crouched. Back to the fire to warm up then out for another cold trip past the bunkhouses for loose sticks and burned out torches. Time to try a less traveled route tonight, past the high blind and along an island path. I find 4 still unharvested cat tails as my temp drops to nil, have I never been here before? 11 more cat tails makes 15 total and 5 rose hip bushes untouched, what a haul. I’m in sight of poaches and my torch is almost out as I look at starting the fire, if it fails I will lose a match but if I try to drop it and light another maybe I will be too late. I decide for the relight and just catch it in time – should not have cut that one so close as I had lots of torches. Rose hip tea to warm on the fire, craft some more for later and add a coal to really warm from this hypo risk. Down to almost 40% condition. It is now a beautiful starry night in the muskeg. So clear you can see almost every corner of the region. Wind has come up now so I test a torch to see if it staying lit. Surprisingly it does even though by my experience this must be right on the borderline of getting snuffed out. I also test the FLT at -38C and while walking on level ground in front of the box car just past the fallen logs on the hill I sprain a wrist, this is rage inducing. I top up the fire to contemplate my next move. Rush for home or wait out the night and wind and get completely exhausted? I eat and drink so I don’t lose any more condition then pass 4 hours checking each hour for the wind to subside. Finally, the sun is up and it looks passable for travel. I warm a reishi tea and set out with exhaustion almost on me. Technically this is probably day 36 but we’ll let it run until I get some sleep. Make it back cold, tired and hungry but always a welcoming site that forge and barn. I sleep for an hour to cure hypo risk then throw one coal on the fire and eat cat tails and drink up to max and set to bed for 10 more hours.