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  1. the fuel cap

    Mind blown, is this every car?
  2. Fishing, broken lines, and fatigue

    I think you were just unlucky. Fatigue does not have any bearing on line break to my knowledge.
  3. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Keg 2 | Day 7 Trek to Shortwave tower and finally get the can opener I desperately need to make more water. I bag all the Marsh bunnies, harvest all the guts and hides and drop them in the cave next to the deer who fell through the roof of the cave (guaranteed FM spawn?). I cook and eat all the bunny fillets and deer steak and head home with a more than full belly as I do not want to be smelly as I drop off March Ridge. There are almost always 2 wolves between this area and the train cars and are hard enough to dodge without attracting undue attention. The trip back takes it's toll. One wolf below Marsh had to start a quick fire to scare it away then two wolves above Spence needed another fire as they were bracketing me from either side. Frostbite and hypo risk all pretty high after the cold walk back. Somehow I think this fire did not do what I had planned. 9hrs 40min fire and 10 hours sleep I usually wake up with at least an hour to spare. For some reason this time the fire is out. Bummer, another wasted match.
  4. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Keg 2 | Day 6 I drink the last of my water as I wake up thirsty, all the H20 and one tea gives me is about 1/3 full on the water meter. I have not been able to provide a plentiful supply with just one can. I have never found a pot spawn in FM so I am hopeful we can track down at least a can opener for the last dog food. Condition looks to be around 85% or maybe a little higher. 2 hours and 47min on the forge 10 hours of sleeping from 10 hours and 38min when I went to bed so it must have been a cold night. Almost 20% bonus to the fire in those 10 hours. This will give me a chance to make some more water supply. Before noon it was 3 down arrows after noon now is is -13C and 2 down arrows which is markedly better for collecting and breaking down fuel. One shrub and one branch only takes 50% of the temp meter. With 30min passed I go collect my 0.5L of safe water. I've been sprinting a lot today for some reason so I sleep for an hour and awake around 5pm with temp very nice. I pick up the 2nd deer hide and guts along with some torches. FLT is -3C but I hear some birds above, these crows could be a bad omen. The wolf is far away from the cave and I am able to drop my smelly cargo without incident. On the way back I take advantage of no wind to break down boxes at the Bunkhouse's. Should have brought my can to make more water so I am not maximizing my fire time here. I break down 2 shrubs for every box to maximize my temp meter warming and cooling. Torches take me back to Spence and I prep for another night/morning of sleep.
  5. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Keg 2 | Day 5 My wakeup time each day I try and time to be afternoon. Today it looks to be about 2pm which is perfect. There's some time left on the forge so I make some water and reishi. FLT is -6C and that will even go up a little bit more as it approaches dusk. From 4pm to night is what I consider the "golden hours". If there is no wind or blizzard it is almost always 1 down arrow on temp and when going on supply runs you can be outside, exposed for about 2 to 3 hours I would estimate without significant hypo or condition loss. Add in a warming drink and you get around 40min of temp holding at max as well while out until the temp bar starts dropping (not sure of the actual formula for a warming drink or how much it adds). I loop across the ice towards Poacher's and then collect sticks and reishi below Overlook before heading back towards High Blind across the islands and ice. I check into a carcass, previously harvested just for the meat but with 59% hypo I move on to the island with the shed and fire barrel where an untouched carcass is at the top of the hill. I strategically place a fire in reach of the carcass and a cedar log so I can take both. I drop two 0.5kg steaks on the fire after warming up a tea which give 25% on the temp meter. Take a gut and drop it quickly on the ground when done. I go back for the final 0.5kg. 1.5 hours hacking the cedar log gives I think a net positive burn time of : 3 x 1hr/cedar - 1.5hrs = + 1.5hrs of fuel I take a torch from the 21min fire left and walk into the fog that has rolled in, like it does every night, and head to Spence. I dump most of the 45 cattails in the box by the bed after prepping a few teas and boiling some water. It's just after midnight which works well with my planned daily schedule. The fire lasts longer through the cold morning and I need to take advantage of any warm part of the day I can here. 10 hours of sleep should help my 55% condition.
  6. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Keg 2 | Day 1 to Day 4 Did not record this video for myself to review and write this part of the story. If recollection serves me well I spawned at Waterfall at midnight and retreated to the cave to wait for warmer weather and light. It would have been good to bag some rabbits but it was too cold for even short foray's out. The first few days in FM are similar as there are short trips out for sticks and longer missions when it's not too cold to search for gear. Day 4 Supplies 9 Matches 2 books 15 to 20 coal - they are on the ground and I didn't count them 2 fresh guts and hide from deer - have not yet had a clear run to a cave to drop them for curing Ski Jacket, Thin Wool Sweater, Hoodie, Leather Shoes, Wool sweater, Socks, Work Boots, Thermal, & Jeans (no hat or gloves yet ) 2 Dog Food 18 Cattails 1 Stim Flare Hacksaw 86% Storm Lantern 4 scrap metal - not much use here, maybe for fishing tackle to make clothes later I make a few torches from the rest of the fire and take the guts and hide to cure at the Bunkhouse Cave. Torchwalking back to Spence the wind comes up and it blows it out. FLT is -2C so I wait to light a fire and warm up by passing time in bed which gives a +5C bonus. I alternate warming up and breaking down shrubs which yields an approximate +2 net stick benefit (20min breaking down plus 15min at the fire warming up while crafting reishi). 0% stamina so I smash a dog food and lose 16% and top up with some cattails. Fire stoked to 10 hours and off to bed.
  7. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Yes, I'm sure I could have made it with a warm up break. I recently went an all nighter blizzard (maybe 20+ hours) exhausted in the Poacher's Camp and I didn't die. I had collected 125 sticks and 8 coal that day so I thought I would have a good stockpile of fuel but it was all gone after that. All I had to show was a ton of water melted during that time so not a total waste but disheartening after all the work collecting. Yup, no bedroll for the Keg Stand. It's sleepy time at Spence or maybe a snow shelter as the only options. That and the random weather will play a huge part.
  8. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Your welcome, I just had to add in the bunny doing a backflip, it was a funny slo mo. I've been trying to screen capture all my runs. Keg 2 is coming soon but I forgot to capture Day 1 to Day 4 so there will probably be less info in the story for those days.
  9. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Keg 1 | Day 6 Health bar looks a little bit better - more than 30%. I'll need to be careful today though and not lose too much before next rest. Out collecting sticks and I am ambushed by 2 wolves. I strike a match to drive them back as they were between me and the forge and did not think I could outmaneuver both of them in the fog. I still have 3 cans of food that I didn't want to open without a can opener but it's looking more likely that I will have to smash them open. Over to the bunkhouses with a torch to break down some more firewood. Alternating between the crates and nearby scrub bushes to stay warm but also use the temp meter efficiently as well. A rash decision I continue on without realizing the peril of my situation. I torch walk collecting sticks all the way to the Overlook. find the vest and some cedar and start a fire next to a fir log to warm up and harvest. Health dropping to around 15% but pay no mind to that. Exhaustion now approaching 1/8th. A wolf jumps a rabbit as I am collecting reishi so I am able to skirt around her. Heading back now to camp loaded with wood. Should be able to heal some more with all the supplies collected today. Two down arrows is starting to take it's toll on my temp and my warming up bonus has now expired. I hear a moose so I keep close to the edge of the ice, this is critical as I travel a longer distance to avoid the animal when I probably could have taken the shortest route along the rock wall. I dodge a wolf near the bunkhouse cave and am encumbered so she will stick with me all the back to camp unless I stop to ignite a fire. Below 5% now and I start to stagger and have trouble keeping a straight line. Tunnel vision begins around the bunkhouse, I've not felt this way before and for some reason I am complaining about being hungry. Really?! Homestead is in site but now I'm walking backwards as much as forwards. And I fade..... Day 6 and it all comes to an end. There is so much here still to try.
  10. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Keg 1 | Day 5 I begin the day looking at my clothing. Not looking good. Jeans 18%, plaid shirt 14%, wool scarf 22%, socks 17%. After waking up to -6C a blizzard has come up and it feels like -22C. I make my way to Waterfall Cave to ride out the cold as my fire has gone out. 8 coal and several sticks and branches to breakdown is a good haul. Problem is my frozen clothing is not thawing out. I exit with just 20% on my temp bar and take out all 4 rabbits on Marsh Ridge. I harvest all 4 guts and 4 hides and drop on the cave floor to cure. I load up with my sticks and exit the waterfall end hoping to find a can opener at the shortwave tower. No such luck, I only find a bandage and accelerant. One of these is not that useful as any wolf struggle is probably the end of our survivor. It's know extremely cold the next morning and I am nearly exhausted walking back to Spence's. We are going to take a significant condition loss getting back. Back to camp at maybe 12% health or so. Probably could have planned that trip a bit better as we walked there in the cold and came back in the cold as well.I sleep 2 hours to get rid of hypo then stoke the fire for a 10 hour rest to maximize health gain. I am also out of water so I have to go a 3rd hour just to make another 0.5L. I head to bed around noon wasting the warmer part of the day asleep while also minimizing the length of my fire too.
  11. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Spence to Broken Railroad along the ice.
  12. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Agreed, there are certainly other routes. My goal in showing this route was for zero sprinting and all safe ice as there have been many times I've returned completely exhausted to Spence's and could not run if I tried. I find the wolves aren't bad if you shuffle left of the dock down by the water before you go up the hill and across the fence to the forge. Even when the 3 wolves are around the forge there are a few safe paths into the barn.
  13. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Broken Railroad to Spence by the upper route.
  14. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Uploaded video of the direct route from Poachers to Spence
  15. The 'Keg' Stand - Forlorn Muskeg on Interloper

    Interesting idea. It's true the non-renewable fuel is a challenge and I am finding it barely manageable to keep the fire going but how much cloth am I willing to sacrifice in clothes is another question. Shelter is 5 cloth and that would mean nearly every piece but one of my clothes. If I could get deer pants and boots going then this might be possible. Also would need rabbit mitts and hat. I also understand that this is a 1 in 4 spawn chance for a mag lens on interloper so maybe that would be the ticket to longer survival. I have never found one in about 10 spawns so far (not just this challenge). I am finding myself very fortunate so far as far as weather and blizzards go. Maybe FM does not have such severe weather as TWM and the snowballs encountered.