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  1. I have been playing the long dark for a while now on my Xbox, and the game is great but I would really love to be able to use keyboard and mouse rather than a controller to play it. Everything just feels much slower when you're using a controller for tld, and it just feels much better with a keyboard. And rather than just telling people to get a pc, it could be easier to just add keyboard and mouse support to the game. Xbox has opened up keyboard and mouse support to a select few games and I'm hoping that hinterland studio could add tld to that list. Hopeful this will happen someday.
  2. @Raphael van Lierop I was thinking of an idea that isn't exactly multiplayer but also allows you to have a good time with the game with other people. A versus mode where the game would generate the same loot, start location, starting loot etc. to both players that are playing the mode. How it would work is basically 2 people play in there own seperate games to see who can survive longer with the same starting materials. This way it still stays away from an actual "multiplayer" feel. It'll be just 2 players trying to see who can survive longer in certain situations. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!