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  1. My Sleepwalker Run

    @BareSkin thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the video. Hopefully I survive for a bit in order to see how the longer game plays out. I'm going to try to get past day 30 at least to see how it fares in the cold weather; I think the cold damage is going to be really punishing. Thanks for the tips. The thing that is so surprising for me re: smellies is that zero smell is not necessarily zero smell; that fractional smell matters, but unfortunately you can't tell from the interface. I'm starting to wonder about cured guts... Also, I will try to remember to switch the toque position. I knew that but it's so counterintuitive that I frequently get it wrong. Hinterland could really do us a favour and fix that, which has to be like a single line of code.. Anyway, really loving Sleepwalker so far. I think this is how it was meant to be played. I don't think Hinterland wanted us to run around all the time with an empty food bar. The food bar was meant to be filled. They should also take this more seriously in their revision cycle. For example, they should have a difficulty setting beyond loper that has low condition recovery. Interested to see how it goes with the very high cold damage and calorie intake. Re: calorie intake I have nerfed it with the efficient machine perk. I feel a bit bad about that now; I probably should have just taken my usual free running and snow walker perks as they don't oppose difficulty settings as directly as efficient machine and cold fusion do. For next run I might try that. I might also consider changing the food intake to high. On other hand, presuming that Hinterland intended us to keep our food meter full and not to abuse the rest mechanic, perhaps the game is configured such that loper with condition recovery nerfed is just possible...
  2. My Sleepwalker Run

    I'm taking another shot at The Long Dark's survival mode, this time on 'Sleepwalker' settings. Here is BareSkin's post on Sleepwalker: http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/21402-bareskins-are-sleepwalking/ This run I've set it to what used to be Sleepwalker Level 4 ("Alpine Hunter") according to BareSkin's old scheme but I think the Sleepwalker definitions have changed recently. Basically I'm running Interloper settings with rest-condition recovery set to none and day condition recovery set to low. The game code I'm using is: 8sHM-bj8P-Kxun-g6GO-7gAA Wish me luck - should be good (and hungry) times:
  3. My Interloper Run

    Back with another Interloper run. This time I'm determined to trial-and-error my way out of Hushed River Valley.
  4. My Interloper Run

    Launched season 3 with a start in hushed river valley. With no prior experience in HRV, it was a wicked rush:
  5. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    Great story - not sure if I have the guts to take on Outerloper but now that I've seen that it is possible...
  6. Love those orange skies..
  7. My Interloper Run

    ..decided to reupload day2 and day 3 with lowered volume on voice overlay. Still trying to get the sound mixing right...
  8. My Interloper Run

    Kicking off season 2 with a PV start:
  9. My Interloper Run

    Looking forward to you video post. I will check out TurkeySteam. For some reason my work doesn't block youtube, so I ended up watching people's playthroughs. That's what got me into this. For some reason I haven't found T.S., but probably because of the small base he doesn't come up on searches. Will check it. Thx.
  10. My Interloper Run

    The deep game! That's awesome. Thinking back to my 300 day run, I had tons of everything stocked up and it would likely take another 300 days to burn it down. When you get into harvesting bears and moose, you get so much meat that it is weeks. I know what you mean about complacency. The cartography activity also forces you to take risks that break the basic survival loop. The main thing is that it's not practical to make a 300-500 day playthrough video, but maybe some have. I don't have the harddrive space or life space unfortunately. I wonder if one could do a video every 30 days or something. But yea - what you say makes me want to rejoin my 300 day survivor and take it further. At least to 500 for that darn badge!
  11. My Interloper Run

    Thx tulkawen. I guess you’re right - I have all the feats so I know what I’m doing. I guess I just see a lot of folks who have been playing since early access. I picked it up on release. I have a 300 day interloper run - I don’t know if I have it in me to do the remaining 200 for the 500 day badge. Instead I like the early game. First 10 days are best, and after first 30-60 I’d say it’s a ‘game’. My play through videos are focusing on that early game. Stand by for season 2 - will probably start uploading tonight. Just working on the audio a bit as I didn’t like the volume mixing in my first try. Sleeping for one hour is a great way to warm up. I guess sometimes I’m worried that it will throw off my circadian rhythm though:)
  12. My Interloper Run

    Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed and I look forward to seeing your play through videos. I know what you mean about the challenge in concurrently verbalizing. It’s getting easier though. W.r.t carrying meat; I hear ya. I’m divided about what the right thing to do is. Stink and have a decoy vs be stealthy but have no decoy. I pretty much assume some close encounters in early game so I figure I need to have a decoy. Best is cooked meat because I think you can carry two small pieces and have no smell. I feel anxiety with no decoy. With a decoy, push comes to shove you have a way out. Unless there is more than one wolf...
  13. My Interloper Run

    Hi all, I'm a relative newbie to TLD and have fallen in love with the beautiful simplicity of Survival Mode. Moving from fire to fire and meal to meal is peaceful because everything is so immediate. As stressful as this game can be, I ultimately find it to be very mentally relaxing because of the moment-to-moment focal nature of it. Finally I can make it for an interesting amount of time on Interloper. I made a Youtube series capturing my latest interloper run. The goal of the series is to capture the first week or two leading up to and including the tool forge. Please have a look if you are interested in that kind of thing. Wishing you peace in the Q.A., Loonsloon