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  1. Good to have you back!! First the forums stay offline for A THOUSAND YEARS, then Hadrian drops off the face of the earth .... I thought I had broken the internet. Btw where is that guy gone to? Has anyone seen or heard from him?
  2. You are welcome! I hope you got to feel amazing when you finally found it. Great point! Keep this in mind for longer runs. I tend to forget it, shove the "ruined" food in a drawer somewhere and then of course it disappears ... so many calories wasted. To get your cooking skill up faster, try to cook every item of food possible before eating it, and be very diligent with making teas. Harvest meat in small pieces so you get more out of it as well (assuming every instance of cooking counts vs. the weight of the item or some other system).
  3. After the announcements in the latest dev diary I'm really excited to see what you'll do with Pleasant Valley. It's a nice enough region but I have to admit it feels a bit empty at times. Now, I think it was before Redux hit that players were warned about upcoming changes to MT, ML, FM and BR in survival mode and that we should move stuff out of the way so as not to lose it when the areas got changed. I panicked and laboured at this for close to three evenings, shlepping all the gear and food I had stashed in those locations to the Ravine (it being the closest unaffected region), going back and forth thinking my precious possesions from my longest running save file could be deleted. Then of course I found out that I needn't have been so thorough and that the actual changes were minimal (from what I could see, might be totally wrong here!) and mostly consisted of furniture and other interior having moved slightly etc. My question is: will this be the case again for Episode 3? I dread having to do this for Pleasant Valley if it comes to that. I have a hoard of loot in the Farmhouse and it gets tedious and boringly repetitive to just haul things back and forth to the next region over. Of course I could always just risk it and leave everything where it is, or become Zen about it and swear off earthly possessions. I'd much prefer to get a slightly more specific warning like "players should move their possessions outside of building X, Y and Z" or something along those lines. Please advise and thank you.
  4. Hey Grunt, don't worry, it is quite hard to find them. So, for starters, there are TWO bunkers per save game, except in Interloper difficulty. One of them can be found in Mystery Lake and one in Pleasant Valley. They both spawn in one of nine locations (so nine possibilities you have to check in each of the two regions). I don't think it would be possible to see them and not recognize them if you get close enough: it is a BIG rusty-brownish square metal hatch with a wheel on top. Maybe if you were far away it would blend with the background, but usually they are somewhere high up or directly in front of a snow-covered hill, so there is contrast in the colours. For reference look at the bunker in Pleasant Valley where you have to do the rope climb up to Timberwolf Mountain, they are exactly the same. If you feel like giving up, maybe try youtube. There are a number of videos showing all or one of the locations. I would recommend hunting for yourself though, it makes it even more triumphant when you finally find one. ^^ Good luck hunting!
  5. Thanks but it wasn't me. My question was about the Buffer Memories (and it turned out I was working under the impression that a bug was a feature, so wamp-waaamp-noise for me, just wasted Raphael's time ^^ ).
  6. I could have sworn I saw someone say "never" somewhere ... in so many words ^^
  7. What are your plans concerning the Buffer Memories? Will you implement a way for us to read them again later (like the notes we collect)? As a side note, the counter seems to be broken. After collecting all the Memories available at the time in Survival mode and then going around and collecting some more for the Archivist challange, it shows me 34 of 31 collected (and I know there's more than 31 in this version). I LOVE them by the way. What a great addition to the game's world and what a nice glimpse into the pre-lights lives of Great Bear. Huge props to whoever is writing those.
  8. As a firm believer in the benefits of delayed gratification it makes me sad to hear you won't be giving us release dates further down the road. I loved looking forward to updates and releases weeks and months ahead ... BUT I can 100% understand how that makes your job easier and shields you from expectations. Gamers are a greedy bunch and we just love your game so friggin' much, we can hardly contain our feelings ^^ You guys have the way-too-rare situation of loving what you do and doing what you love, you should protect this any way you can. Props to all of you.
  9. "This is a bug." Please don't ever change it. I love the light coming out of those windows, all cozy and warm. It's like a friendly face at the end of a long day, and it's calling you home. It's also why I make this location my more permanent base when in ML, even though it has far less storage space and is more out-of-the-way than the Camp Office or the Dam.
  10. Being decidedly and proudly Canadian, does it bother you that many people - including youtube letsplayers - keep mispronouncing Voyageur as voyager? It seems to me the name was picked with intent and with pride in your country's history, not to mention the incredible spirit of early settlers and frontiersfolk. From what I gather their time period is fondly remembered in legends and songs and the people regarded as heroes. I don't think anyone intends to offend you/them, but it shows some level of ignorance, no?