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  1. The Redux update, Chapter 2, Jeremiah's Hatch

    it's a side quest that you can activate by finding a cache in Broken Railroad, next to the Hunting Lodge (There's a note that triggers it) Hope that helped!
  2. Ten facts about you

    WHAT??? impressive.
  3. Someone needs to post that clip of Jeremiah dancing from the latest dev diary!
  4. fan-art Will Mackenzie

    That's AWESOME! I love to see Will (Or any other characters) Drawn in people's art styles!
  5. I kneel next to the kill, getting ready to prepare the carcass. And the bear appears. Its actions don't seem aggressive. Until it charges. Terror grips me like a vice as my body goes into panic mode and I sprint towards the cave leading to Milton. I know I can't outrun a bear for long, but everything in me screams for me to try. I know the cave is my only hope of survival, and even then I don't know if I'll make it. When I'm nearly at the cave, I decide that I am a hunter, not prey. I fall into my natural stance, raise my rifle and shoot. Blood springs from the puncture but he keeps coming. Before the bear reaches me, I throw the rifle towards the survivor who emerged from the dark maw of the cave and I scream "Shoot the damn bear!". He pulls up the rifle in the distinctive way of someone who has never handled guns before, the distinctive way of a mainlander. The shot hits its mark and the bear turns and flees. I move to stand and pain cuts across my ribs. My yell of pain reverberates around the rocks. I close my eyes. I am pulled from the cold ground and the world falls away. (Sorry it's short, and it's not my best work, but hope you enjoyed anyway! Suggest any edits)
  6. Trapper's Cabin Fever - 500 days [stalker mode]

    WOW. Just... WOW!! I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, accomplish something like that.
  7. (Spoiler) Jeremiah Theories

    After a bear attack? He is not really hurt? k. (Sorry if this sounded rude, not trying to be! And I know this is a late reply)