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  1. Bjorn the Berserker

    Cullam, I have to agree with Glauron - thus far this thread is fantastic! Can't wait to hear more of Bjorn besting his world one potion at a time.
  2. Mystery Beans

    Curious about this as well. Will check tonight, if I remember.
  3. Bow-Shot Animals Running Forever?

    Yeah, both inside (to try to get it to die where it spawned - or maybe they fixed that?) and outside for different wolves I've shot near Quonset. A couple were recovered around Quonset (maybe the ones I waited inside for) and a couple I've never located. You make a great point, I will try crouching after pursuing enough not to lose them. I didn't think I was too close near the end, since I was well back from the Weak Ice line, but I may have been.
  4. Has anyone else had the experience, recently, of shooting an animal (wolf, bear, or deer) and had them run away in a straight line forever? First was the wolf near the Fishing Camp on CH: he ran toward Rockfall until he ran up some rocks I couldn't follow. Been looking/listening for crows in the area for days to no avail. Second was the bear near BC Campground: he ran across the stream and up the hills toward the single Fishing Cabin until I couldn't pursue. Same as before, no sign of crows in the clearest of weather. Another was a wolf between Misanthropes and Waterfront Cottages: he ran directly toward the sea until he hit the edge, went left toward the island you can't get to off the coast of Commuter's and died out on the thin ice. I am playing on custom (don't have the code on me) with their fear set higher than normal, so maybe a specific circumstance. I also have the detection range (non-scented) smaller, so it seems to me they should stop fleeing closer to me as well although, admittedly, I know nothing of how these mechanics actually work.
  5. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    Thank you @jeffpeng, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your sleepwalking adventures.
  6. My cousin and I went camping in the Black Forest for the winter solstice in 2016. We came prepared and didn't come into any real trouble - we did get caught in the dark hiking in because we didn't manage our time getting there. We spent pretty much every hour of two days fetching water, cutting and drying wood, and insulating our bivvy with conifer branches (only downed stuff) so we could be a little comfortable. It was a lot of fun. Nowhere close to life-or-death but definitely my most serious survival experience.