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  1. A Few Dead Men

    I think ive calculated it correctly Lets take the 1000 sun setting part. 1 RLH (real life hour) is equal to 12 IGH (in game hours) so 2RLH is equal to 24IGH. So 1000 long dark days are equal to 24000 IGH so then if X is the RLH that corresponds to 24000 IGH then we get this 24000 - X 24 - 2 then X = (24000 * 2)/24 and we get 2000 RLH 2000RLH in days is approximately 83 days. From January 7 that put ls it on March 31, I think Or it might April first, so it might be just a joke
  2. The Brokenloping Journals

    On a further note when you make it to the hunting lodge begin the processing of the three dear corpses that are near the area, this will be enough for some deer skin pants, then if you have 2 ropes set the first one up behind the lodge and the other on the rock to the ravine, now get the two deer carcasses, all the cat tails, the supply cache and the possible fire striker. (only do this step if you have the hacksaw and bedroll (snow shelter is good) then be very careful and mindful of the wolfs (got ravaged by a pack of three) climb to the lodge and give a prayer of thankfulness to the TLD gods for their blessing. Get some rabbits if possible for hat and mitten production. Now be mindful that you may not get a sowing kit so keep a spare gut and a piece of scrap so you can make a fishing tackle. For different spawns there are different out comes If you get a hammer that is good gather enough scrap for tools. If you get a hacksaw, do the procedure above. If you get both(unconfirmed), some how, then you are completely set, just don't waste the coal. If you don't get anything, welllllll............. DED no big surprise Oh and conserve matches they are more valuable then tools.
  3. The Brokenloping Journals

    The ravine here is crucial, have found a firestriker there at 80 % also the three carcasses are a major source of food
  4. The Brokenloping Journals

    I can give you some tips. You can find a bedroll in the basement of the hunting lodge. There is a possible spawn for a prybar near the locomotive. If you are up for it get a climbing rope and climb down to the ravine. I have yet to find a heavy hammer so the forge may be useless. As you did, use the stones to manipulate the wolfs, when going to the maintenance shed there are usually 2-4 wolfs so I like to mountain goat my why around, when you are near the path to the shed, climb your way up the right rockface.