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  1. Unless I am just mixing up different runs. I am pretty sure I have picked the rosehips outside the camp office more then once in a single run. It did take a LONG time from what I recall.
  2. But then how do you get more rosehips later? ☹️
  3. So just this past week I decided to try my hand at interloper as I was nearing my 100th day on a Stalker run. So my first run was 16h, spawn in PV which died to a wolf cresting a hill, no noise, as I was just about to crest it as well...

    But second attempt is going well, even considering I spawned on TWM near dusk!

    I spawned in a had to get my bearings as I was not 100% sure it was TWM, thought it might have been HRV. I figured out I was near the waterfall and climbing rope. So I gathered some sticks, until a wolf got too interested and climbed down the rope making my way to the Mountaineer's hut gathering more sticks along the way.

    I make it to the Mountaineer's Hut, but not before find a wool toque in the fishing hut, find some matches logs, a vest, AND A HAMMER! So I throw down all my sticks and head over to the bunny grove nearby for dinner. Snag two bunnies and a bunch of sticks. By this point I also was in need of water so started a fire and made a ton of water and cooked up the bunnies. I knew the fire wouldn't last all night so I ventured out again in search of more sticks until I had enough for 8h of fire. I ate the food then went to bed. 


    In the morning with some light snow I managed to make it down the mountain into PV as the wind was picking up. I make into the bunker and start looting as I hear a blizzard outside pick up. So I hunker down for a few hours, managing to repair the wool toque I found and gathering some tinder from the boxes. The blizzard ends up being about 6 hours, I sleep thru half of it. I venture out in the freezing night. I loot the Point of Disagreement to find nothing but a lone Chocolate bar. I then sprint as fast as I can, goating down part of a cliff, to the barn. I manage to make it inside and start a fire just before frost bite hits, saving me permanent condition loss. I warm by the fire and make more water and loot the building to find some driving gloves! Say goodbye to frost bite risk! I sleep thru the rest of the night.


    I head out to the farm stead in the morning and loot the basement and main house finding some more cloths and another hammer. I then hunt some more bunnies and repair some clothing I found from all the cloth in the house then eat and sleep. 


    The next day I make it up to the signal hill and don't find anything of note. So I warm up in the bed for an hour and a blizzard hits... a bad one. I go back in but soon realized I am at around 40% condition and don't have food on me, I have to leave as if I stay I am dead. So I spirit out into the Blizzard and try to make it to the cave leading to the Carter Dam. To the amazement me to myself and my wife watching me, I make it to the cave! (I attribute the success to the Hunted Part 1 challenge and the dozen or so times I traveled this path) Inside, I carve some meat from the dear, warm up by a fire, cook the meat, and make my way to the dam. But encounter a wolf in the narrow part of the river right before it opens up by the dam. Luckily I had seen him from afar and had some gut on me, so dropped that and gave him some space and was on my way. 

    I looted the entire dam as night was setting in, using some torches I pulled from the fire in the cave. and sleep in a bed inside the trailers outside the dam.


    The next day I make my way to the camp office looting about 25 cat tails along the way, using the 'safe' route over the hills between the railway and small river that leads to the lake. I make it into the camp office and drop off all my stuff and organize everything I had looted along the way.

    1. Mroz4k


      Cool! You have a very nice writing style. Glad to hear your current run is going well.

      I admittedly have not played much Interloper for past few years. The only difference was me, trying to actually get some achievements going and since I didnt do a legimitate Interloper run with over a full day, I fired up a game as well.

      Also got the TWM spawn. Altought unlike you, I decided to try my luck and after a short stay at Mountaineers, I decided to go loot some cargo containers. 

      I haven't played it yet since I got the achievement and saved a game by resting, but I plan to play it eventually. The run is going very well. Did not find the bedroll on the way, still was able to get all the way up to the final rope climb, because I was able to rest up by building a snow shelter. Got cloth for it by shredding some of my clothes (risky to walk around exposed, but Im guessing the top summit will have more and better clothing for me to use so it shouldn't be a long-term problem for me). Never got even close to summit on Interloper so far, curious how it will go.

      But right now Im loving my Voyager achivement game too much to really play anything else.

    2. XaldinVii


      Yeah I debated climbing trying to summit the mountain since I was there but without the gloves I was afraid of the frost bite :/. I didn't think about the other cargo containers tho those might of had some stuff in them to help me get up there!

  4. My two favorite items in game! Jerky and Coffee!
  5. Big Moose Kicks coffee, and some Dry and Salty Beef Jerky to start my day out right.
  6. I have lost a number of arrows to it being under the body. Have to make a mental note to go back after the carcass despawns. Sometimes if you crouch and look under you might be able to 'see it' with the cursor.
  7. I think a big question that I haven't seen mentioned is what happens when a player dies? Do the rest of the people continue on or does the game end there for everyone? If it continues on and the wild life and other aspects of the game have been raised to accommodate the added players what happens then? The game would become much more difficult for the rest of the players, who knows maybe that would be an appeal to some. The other thing I think of when multiple is brought up is you don't have to balance needs as much. If you had 4 people in the same region. One person can go out hunting, another collecting firewood, maintaining fires, and cooking and water boiling, another crafting all day, and the 4th doing all the other odd stuff that needs done or even fishing all day. I think it would take away from those kind of survival decisions people have to make because there would always be people to back you up.
  8. I choose the Flare Gun not so much for the Gun itself but more for the ammo. I don't like navigating Milton with all the wolfs so the Gun at the beginning and the extra Ammo to start with was very nice.
  9. Before I got to the end I played back since the bear attack looking for you applying the bandage that I thought I missed... I didnt miss it...
  10. Never eat Last Resort sardines under 80%.
  11. @Skitfaced I found out through some trial and error that the Brace mechanic with the Spear is tied to your stamina. So if you run to the spear and then immediately raise it won't last too long. If you raise the spear right as the bear is about to charge, with a nearly full or full stamina wheel, it allows you to keep it up a fairly long time.
  12. I have noticed that the bear that is by the rails in FM can sometime notice you farther then I have seen other bears elsewhere. I have never had it follow me too far though, that is really cool.
  13. This tip was a life saver. I just trying the Whiteout Challenge again and beat it last night. One of the last things I had to do was collect the hard/softwood and being able to crouch and go unnoticed helped so i didn't have to start a fire to protect myself. I can't believe I did think of this before. ----- Also a fun CH experience I had doing the challenge. Just came back to the Garage from looting the island houses and fishing huts. I come up over the hill onto the road in front of the garage and hear barking so I dash into the car on the road in front of the garage. Safe inside I look around and spot the wolf, then another... then another all hanging out by the car. I decided maybe this is best time to repair some cloths; pass several hours. The wolves have moved off so I make a break for the front door and hear and angry Moose... he is right the side of the building. I backup and dart into a nearby house spend the night and get into the garage in the morning. Never a dull time in CH!
  14. I would figure they came from ML. You see a logging area there close the train tracks. The train tracks leads from ML all the way to the unloading area in CH. Along the tracks in the Ravine you can also see logs that have dropped off the train as well. I would assume they were being taken from ML to CH. But another thing to point out is the the Engine Car can be found going the opposite direction in BR so that could be a point to it going to a lumber mill somewhere on the island to the west. Plus some of the Forest Walker notes talk about the operation in ML being illegal. Maybe they were trying to supplement the logs coming into CH with logs from ML?
  15. If you haven't checked it out, check out the latest dev dairy. It speaks about how chapter 3 is going to be as Astrid and that they also are introducing new food as well.