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  1. If EA Created TLD

    You would have to survive 100 days in Voyager to unlock Stalker and then survive 100 Days in Stalker to unlock Interloper AND THEN after 100 days in Interloper would unlock that you start off each new game with a rifle or bow and 20 ammo/arrows, an Expedition Parka, Snow Pants, and a Wool Ear Warp.
  2. Astrid's Case

    I choose the flare gun and was able to retrieve it. By going to the compartment where it was stored at the crash site once you have climb out of the where you fell. The compartment is on the back, left side I believe, of the plane near the tail. It made Milton a heck of a lot easier with the flare the second time I played the story after the REDUX.
  3. My return to Timberwolf Mountain

    @reginaphalange I would hate for you to scale the mountain with just the Prybar... You need a hacksaw to open the containers altho all three times I have scaled the mountain there was one in the wreckage of the plane. But besides that nice story. I bagged my first moose at TWM, so it brings back memories. Altho I had broken my ribs in the encounter and had to wait it out on the mountain, that is how i fell in love with the area.
  4. Learn one map or try new ones?

    I had a similar experience like @atomic I started out in my first play thru settling in ML as I was familiar with it from the story line. I then ventured to FM and BR. Once I had looted everything and made some good animal skin cloths I went on my trek to find a Moose. I thought at the time, didn't want to look it up and spoil it, that a Moose would be found in TMW. I did find out there and also fell in love with the area! I never went back to ML even though I had a bunch of supplies there; I lived off of hunting and fishing at TMW. I had to venture down once to load up on cloth from PV as well as went to the forge in DP for arrow heads. But all in all it is up to you and how you want to play. I found the change of pace in a new area exciting and fun.
  5. Train Engineer needs underwear change

    That is awesome I didnt think there was a story behind this train crash but it makes since considering there is only one locomotive found in the whole course of the track.
  6. Greetings. May you always find gloves.

    @Tom Trottel Glad you are trying survival it is the best part of the game. If you dont have gloves I would suggest the Rabbitskin Mitts. They have great warmth and waterproof percentage. They are not to tough to make only 4 Rabbit Pelts, also not to much time to craft. Plus just one rabbit hide and got to repair!
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    The transition area between Mountain Town and Mystery Lake has a part where you overlook what seems to be the other side of the tunnel that takes you out of Milton, possibly the way Astrid went. It has what looks like truck turned over turned. Will this be a new area that can be explored in the future? Maybe the start of episode 3 where Astrid is on the other side of the tunnnel?
  8. Redux! Spoilers I guess?

    I totally agree that the Predux story, especially around Grey Mother and what happened in Milton was very confusing and I played thru the story twice before Redux, just to try to understand it better. I too really appreciate they made the story a lot more coherent with both Grey Mother and Jeremiah.
  9. This was just over a month ago, but a oh so important discovery. After about 100+ hours in the game I realized you could light a fire with a lit torch. I realized this while scrolling past the matches to find my fire striker and low and behold there is the torch option! All those wasted matches...
  10. This is an interesting play setting I will have to try it next once I get bored of my current Stalker play thru. I have to say the reason I started my first survival game on Pilgrim after playing the story, this was before the custom settings as well, was because I did not like the way the wolfs behaved as well. So I can say I agree with your being put off by the wolfs. Although I can see how with how to game works currently a pack of wolves would easily overwhelm a player.
  11. Humble suggestions/wish list

    I have to say when I was getting near the end of my Pilgrim play thru at TWM outside the Mountaineer's Hut I had well over 20 fish and a bunch of Bear/Moose meat I wasn't willing to risk until my cooking lvl was higher. The whole time I am wondering how it does not attract a wolf or even a bear. I would welcome it attracting wild life.
  12. Don't store your hammer in FM Forge Toolbox

    I have found dog food and accelerate breaking down the crates in Spence's near the forge as well. Both on Pilgrim and during my lastest play thru on Stalker. Good to know about the other locations as I only initially broke down the crates at Spence's for fire wood the first time, not expecting items.
  13. no moose spawn

    The two places I have found moose myself have been nearby the Hunter's Lodge in BRR and the entrance of TWM near the landing gear. In my first survival game I actually traveled to TWM in search of one, assuming it would be there and it was I have also seen marked trees in the both locations, so it is a good indication that a moose spawn in nearby.
  14. Hurricane Lantern

    I would like this. There are times when I wake early and have a few hours until sunlight that I most often times just spend passing time when I could be mending cloths and reading some of the books I have stacked up.
  15. The beautiful snowy Canadian wilderness.