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  1. Hey I'm a big fan of the game. I got it in late 2017 and have been in love with it ever since. A couple questions; 1) The Challenges have a listed "difficulty" rating of hatchets (I think?) for example 3/5 for "nomad" and 5/5 for "The hunted" and I understand the intent to show how difficult the challenge is, but why are there no challenges at 1/5 or 2/5? Or is it more to convey that the already existing challenges are just that difficult? 2) From what I have gathered from the game alterations to Milton/ Mountain town region there used to be a path into the cave transition (that leads to the bridge) after exiting the ravine where the plane is in story mode, and now the path to enter it is inaccessible from that direction (this makes sense in story mode now and that seems fine), but the cave remains for entry from the other side (after a long journey around from the church and across the bridge) and I was wondering if that change has to be in both survival and story mode. Very similar to the door/gate in the dam basement it could be only limited in one mode and not both, like throw me a bone. Only after going the long way did I realize it was a one way path out of the cave, down with no way back up ;( oh well it not like nature cares which way I go, I'm just not too keen having to go the long way around to get back into the cave for my bedroll! BTW Raph I love what you and Hinterland have done with redux! I was a fan of the old story, but the new additions make me warm and fuzzy inside, and I didn't know that a game I already liked could get sooo much better! -Josh