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  1. Frozen Food

    Sorry if I've offended you. If the additional food types actually add some concrete difference to the gameplay, then I'm all for it. What I said is that I would not be interested in a mod that just essentially changed the skin of such items and gave them different names. Similarly, just asking for different items to be gathered to craft it alone is not sufficient. The gathering of the required items should require different skills and present different challenges to make the addition worthwhile. For example, there's no real tangible difference in the skills needed to gather rose hips vs. reishi mushrooms. They also heal in the same way (by making a tea). Sure, they treat differently named ailments that have slightly different affects on the player; however, that's not enough, IMHO, to justify both being in the game. The only thing really added is "annoyance" minutia... meaning if I randomly get X ailment, I have to look for rose hips; but if I randomly get Y ailment, I have to look for mushrooms instead. To me, keeping track of too many of those little details bogs a game down more than it adds to it. (I'm an old Minecraft player who got more bored a fed up with that game as they added more and more food items that all did exactly the same thing... and only served to force me to make more and more chests in my base to accommodate the collection of them that grew from there.)
  2. Tips for new survivors

    Thanks. I wish it was more consistent though. I've since found that the cat tails can appear turned around in the game. It may be somewhat dependent on prevailing winds or, more likely, just coincidence in however the programmer places stuff when drawing up the map. I did spot another that I think is pretty consistent within each area of the map. The rivers seem to flow the same way, which probably represents them flowing from the generally highest points of land on the island towares the seashores. I've haven't yet explored all the map zones, so I could still get shot down on this theory. IRL in Canada at least, it holds some truth. Rivers west of the Great Divide (which forms part of the boundary between BC and Alberta) flow generally (that is, bends in the river aside) west towards the Pacific and rivers east of the Great Divide flow east towards the Atlantic. Rivers north of the North/South Great Dvide (which is a marked location in Northern Ontario) flow north towards the Arctic Ocean.
  3. Do you mean IRL? If so, there is now a very compact filtering device made expressly for hikers. It's a great alternative to iodine tablets. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post brand names here, but it's the only way I can think of describing it (so, please be aware there may be other equivalent brands of the same sort of device out there and this is not a brand specific recommendation). The one I'm familiar with is called a LifeStraw.
  4. Tips for new survivors

    Navigating an unfamiliar map? Here are a few "natural" things I've notices: 1) Reishi mushrooms generally grow on the south side of cut logs. (Oops - Edit: Wouldn't you know it... Just after I decided this was sound enough to post, I find a group of Reishi's on the north side of a cut log... so, scratch this one.) 2) Rose Hip Bushes frequently mark climbable rocks. 3) Old Man's Beard Lichen frequently grows near the entrances to caves or along paths that will lead you to them. 4) Not absolutely certain yet; but I think the tallest cat tail head is always south of the other one on the plant. 5) This last one is more of an exploit (IMO) rather than being a natural form of navigation and it has been mentioned before; but I'll put it here for completeness: Items dropped by the player with always orient themselves in the same direction (e.g. torch heads and knife points will always point east).
  5. Compass

    I've never tested it, but I've heard that if you drop linear items like sticks and arrows they always fall with the same orientation. An imaginative player could easily use this behavior as a compass. (Sorry, I didn't really examine the picture before posting.) I've also notices that many caves and pathways to them have Old Man's Beard Lichen near the entrance or pathway towards them. Climbing rocks are often marked with Rose Hips (like the ones at the beginning of Wintermute).
  6. I agree that knowing the maps is a critical factor. I also tried an Interloper run after only doing spending some time in Pilgrim mode. Much to my surprise, I did manage to survive 24 hours and get the achievement because I got a gracious start in PV. It was, at the time, a map I had never been in before. I did make it to the farmhouse by luck, but knew nothing about there being a basement and because I was busy avoiding wolves, I never really looked around the outside of the house long enough to find it. I managed to survive the 24 hours in the main part of the house because it has toilets and there was a little bit of food in the cupboards. When I struck out after the 24 hours, however, I didn't last very long.
  7. Frozen Food

    Frankly, I wouldn't be interested in a mod that gives us more food. There's plenty to be found or via animal kills for the skilled player at the low setting (where interloper puts it). If a player wants to play a modified interloper, they can already increase both the amounts of loot (which includes food items that can be found) and passive animal spawns (deer and rabbits) through the custom menus. In Pilgrim (i.e. at the high settings), there is almost too much processed food that can be looted in the easier map areas; and if you add in the number of cat tails and deer carcasses that can be scavenged, it's possible to go 50 days or more without killing anything (I've done it). I know modders like to find excuses to mod a game, but I really don't see a need for such a mod in this game. Also, I'm not the sort of player who's impressed merely by different colored pixels. Adding more varieties of sodas, for example, doesn't really add to my immersion. A "full meal" vs. a MRE, does nothing different as far as changing the challenge of the game; and for me, challenge is what generates immersion... not pixel variety. The range of food in this game is good enough to cause me to consider the calories I get from each of the ones that are available. Having a bunch of other foods that would have very little caloric difference from what we already have wouldn't add to the "game" (i.e. challenge) itself. Finally, I'm at a loss how the feats would be made any less grindy by allowing them to progress in a custom mode game. You would still have to travel the 1000 k to get snow walker and start 1000 fires to get fire starter. It's not like they would be any easier to get in any custom mode than in Pilgrim mode.
  8. This is actually what I've started doing in places like Milton, Carter Dam and such where I've seen trash cans. The Camp Office in Mystery Lake sure could use a trash can though. It's also no longer as big a problem as when I first started out with the game since I'm tending to leave more things behind where I found them in the first place rather than trying to carry everything about in order to consolidate it into a single spot.
  9. Why do I refuse to allow myself to set up more than one base?

    I'm relatively new to the game, but what seems to be working for me so far is to use a base of sorts within each map, but when I decide to move to a new map, I take only the stuff I believe is most useful and keep the weight under being over-encumbered. That means I leave behind heavier items that I don't immediately need (like storm lanterns and prybars) and don't take multiples of things like sewing kits or whetstones. I also don't carry a lot of food and water between zones. The essentials are really only fire-making materials (sticks), food (rabbits), and water. None of these have really been a problem since I'm not on interloper. What has gotten me in trouble most often is being over-encumbered, not starving or thirst. The disadvantage is that I have abandoned hides and such curing all over the map. Eventually though, I anticipate I'll be back through those areas and be welcomes by fully cured items that I can then just craft right away.
  10. Frozen Food

    To a certain extent, you can do that now. You can call up the template for any of the default settings in Custom and tweak those settings individually however you like. The only "penalty" is that you can't progress towards your feats while playing in a custom mode. You can still get achievements though. If they would allow the feats to progress while in custom, a custom mode would have every benefit of a standard one.
  11. Frozen Food

    As an addendum to my previous post... I'd be for "frozen food" if there was also an option to turn it off in the custom settings (and preferably with the ability to acquire feats also added to the custom settings). That way, if I wanted to play a game with a "matchless" start at any level, I could set my starting gear to "low" and turn "frozen food" off. If I was really gung ho, I could also try a "matchless" start with frozen food "on." (I absolutely love that this game allows for so many custom parameters already.)
  12. Frozen Food

    As far as I can tell, the difficulty dilemma you describe would be easily solved - allow custom games to count towards feats as well as achievements instead of just achievements). In that way, there is absolutely no reason to not just play different custom settings. The defaults would only be the equivalent of quick settings for convenience. As it is, I plan to switch completely over ot custom settings as soon as I get all my feats.
  13. Can A Player Wear Two Moosehide Satchels?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll consider doing the cloak instead.
  14. A companion with fur?

    If they do put a husky companion into the game, I can also anticipate a flood of the requests for sleds and entire dog teams.