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  1. Seems to be a bit of a problem for the devs... They solve disappearing doors and sliding drawers and falling through ice holes... and give rise to other floating objects.
  2. I don't know why I would ever throw a knife, hatchet, or prybar at a rabbit when I can throw rocks at it instead... and not risk damaging my precious gear. If I don't want to break their little necks, I can use my bow and arrows to kill them outright. If I throw a knife at a wolf or deer, I'm probably just asking for them to run off with it... like they sometimes do with my arrows as it is. If they add a throwing weapons option, they will probably be inundated with requests to add more knives into the loot tables and into interloper... which would make the game easier... and probably too easy for dedicated Lopers.
  3. Oh, that's just Minnie... she's head of the PTA coming to invite you to (be) dinner.
  4. My first inclination would be to try to start heading for the zone exit. If you're getting worried about tiredness sapping your health too much, stop a make a snow shelter and get some rest that way.
  5. My first time across it... Yep, learned the hard way to never attempt that bridge in anything even remotely close to a blizzard. If I hadn't fallen, I probably would have died from the cold before I got completely across to shelter anyways.
  6. It's certainly better than my first try and even my second and third. My recommendation is to tough it out and keep trying Voyageur mode. I lost confidence in myself and dropped down to Pilgrim... before I knew it I had too many days invested in the save towards the longer achievements but ( so I didn't want to just end that file and start again), but I was getting a little bored with their being nothing in the game that would attack me... and this game doesn't allow you to increase the difficulty setting on a save as you go along. In the end, I spent 500 days in that Pilgrim file while starting other more difficult files (and dying a lot in those). The files I was dying in were infinitely more fun and I learned a lot with each death. So, stick it out and don't worry about dying. Each attack, each death with teach you something and you'll be Loping in no time. Have fun. It's a great game.
  7. Someone recently posted a message to the devs asking about a special acknowledgement for someone who had past 10 years on a vanilla interloper survival run. I haven't verified the information myself, but the post was moved to the archives by the admins and can be found there. I do know for sure that there have been a few Interloper runs that have exceeded 500 days.
  8. How about if they introduced a standard set of glove liners to the game, so that the view is always not of a bare hand but of a hand wearing the glove liners. These then would just stay on underneath any style of mitt or glove, with the exception of the driving gloves (which would only go over the bare hands). The liners could be automatically and always found with the first pair of mitts or gloves found in the game that are not driving gloves. That is, not actually shown but assumed to exist inside the mitts or gloves you find and automatically put on when the player puts on a pair of mitts or gloves that are not driving gloves. The liners could offer a slightly better warmth bonus than the driving gloves as well. If the player does use a weapon before obtaining the liners (by finding some mitts or gloves that are not driving glove), then the view would show either the driving gloves (if the player has those on) or bare hands. Otherwise, the view would show the weapon being held with liners only (and the assumption is that the outer mitt or glove has been temporarily taken off whenever the weapon was equipped in order to manipulate the weapon. With a weapon equipped, the warmth given to the hands would only be that of the liners or driving gloves, as applicable.
  9. AFAIK, it's straight RNG luck. Leveling up reduces the odds of the line breaking, but I really don't think anything else affects it.
  10. In addition to the "no hand holding" mantra, the effects of swapping between inner and outer layers are somewhat dependent on what is in the adjacent slot, along with the relative condition of that item. That's why you'll see even experienced players swapping things around and even repairing items just to see what the effects actually are. I'm now sure how they would "account" for all those variables without over-cluttering the screen.
  11. I certainly wouldn't mind if they implemented this; however, I really don't find how it is currently an inconvenience. You don't really have to flip back and forth. Just take a quick note of the amount in your inventory before your start and then mentally subtract the amounts for each repair you make (-1 or -2) and mentally add the amounts for any items you harvest.
  12. I never thought to check whether crafting hooks contributed to leveling fishing the same way crafting arrowheads levels archery. I didn't craft very many until I had to start using them to get the sewing achievement... and by then I already had Level 5 fishing.. I did read every Angler I found, but it's always possible I missed finding one.
  13. There are two different difficulty settings for Wintermute. I don't know if you can change the difficulty midstream or if you're already on the easiest one, but perhaps it is an alternative worth exploring before giving up entirely on the story.
  14. Fish are quite a bit heavier at Coastal Highway, so fishing there means you'll have to catch fewer fish overall.
  15. I can't prove it, but I think that if an arrow breaks during a shot, that shot is less powerful and/or accurate than it would have been had the arrow stayed intact. I suspect its a similar thing with the bow if it breaks during a shot, but I've never actually broken a bow while shooting it (always opting to harvest it and make a new one before that was likely to happen). Otherwise, I never noticed a power or accuracy difference as my bows have lost condition.