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  1. Down near the edge of the ocean in Coastal Highway past the bridge in the lower left corner of the map (southeast of the fishing camp cabins) there is a large boulder right on the shore. You'll know it when you see it. It is large with a smooth concave top formed from locals and natives sharpening their tools on it for hundreds of years. It works great! remember to bring all your tools that need sharpening next time you venture that way. * * from a dream I had after eating too many moose steaks. -G
  2. I laugh imagining this whole scene unfolding. You woke up to a nightmare, bear died in his sleep . . irony!
  3. If you go north of the farmstead till you hit a frozen stream (towards the shop/barn) there are several cattails in the creek, then go left staying in the creek going under the small bridge until it joins the frozen river, there are quite a few cattails in that area and only one wolf that I have encountered. Then you are close to the draft Dodgers cabin, rose hips and mushrooms, deer and rabbits, again only one wolf in that area as well.
  4. Back at the dam where you walked along the ledge to the shipping container you described. Don't forget to use your cursor like a scanner . . . you would have found the way back inside the dam. ; ) -G
  5. I killed a bear last night on my stalker/interloper custom with a bow at 5%. I used two arrows, one was at 90%+ and the other was at 40-50ish%. First shot bounced of the bear (appox front shoulder) with blood splatter but no bleed wound. The bear ran off a short distance and reset to walking. Second shot was neck shot and dropped him in his tracks. -G
  6. Tonight I lost a pair of leather gauntlets that I had just repaired to 100%. (they were 99% at time of attack). I only saw one torn clothing line in the attack. I lost 20%condition. Three other pieces lost 20%+ including wolfskin coat. To me this needs fixing. A 12 second brawl with a wolf should not completely destroy a new pair of leather gauntlets, the supposedly toughest gloves in the game. Stalker/interloper custom mix.
  7. I hope we are headed towards full sets of clothing from rabbit, wolf, deer, bear, moose, each set with its own bonus traits, each with a full set bonus. -G
  8. So far I am finding that when I come into an area where there are a lot of wolves, I need to hammer them repeatedly, but eventually they don't respawn as much or at all for awhile. On my current main which is a custom Stalker with some interloper levels, I arrived at ML to three wolves on the lake, one near the tunnel from FM (to welcome me to the map), one on the tracks close to the office and three on the tracks on the way to the dam. I would kill them and a couple of days later they were back. After I had killed each wolf three times the respawn dropped way off, and now, of those eight wolf spawns there has not been more than three total for the past 120 days. I also keep the pressure on and kill them as soon as I see them. Could be luck, but I suspect that killing them repeatedly results in lowering their respawn in the given area, as I have seen the same results with deer. For Mountain Town map, I arrived and cleared the town. The next day I cleared to the homestead farm. The next day I cleared around the farm and the fourth day I cleared from town to the blocked tunnel. I don't like wandering around running into wolves any more than necessary. When I enter an area, my first mission is to clear wolves. I seek them out. I don't know where this falls in terms of what is average, but I have 104 wolf kills in 175 days. -G
  9. I would be ok with a rare limb bonking a player on the head as a "Whoa!" "What the . . " that you then laugh about how startled you were-type of experience, but injury/death is so far from reality, and we have enough of that to cope with for game mechanics purposes. For example in TLD I am spraining a wrist or ankle on average every other day walking in the woods. My worst day was two sprained wrists and a sprained ankle on one walk. It was maddening! In over 50 years of hiking, skiing and logging in the woods, I have never gotten a single sprain or been with someone who has. Yet it is a common experience in this game. "Widow makers", large tree limbs that injure and kill are the result of logging, falling a large tree that falls through other trees. That is where the term comes from. As the tree falls through the other standing trees, limbs are sheered off. Most crash to the ground with the tree, but sometimes a few "widow makers" are left dangling precariously in a standing tree. These are, for the most part, only dangerous to the loggers while they are working in the woods on that sale. The limbs usually fall out the next winter during the storm season when no one is around. As mentioned above, having spent my life in the woods both as a hiker and a logger I have never had a close call or heard of someone having a close call-telling me it is extremely rare. Ask yourself this. How many times each year do we hear in the news about someone getting struck by lightning? How many times have you ever heard about someone being injured or killed by a widow maker? It's that rare. Of course a lone wolf attacking you is unheard of too . . : / -G
  10. Not counting the key to the house in Wintermute, nothing from visors in Survival yet. I am too stubborn to give up, and I explain away my stubbornness by telling myself that it signals to me that the car has been checked. ; ) I have found a bullet in a mailbox, though. -G
  11. I too think the decay is too fast. My message to the devs is you can't have it both ways. I kill a deer/wolf at dusk and grab a few steaks and the hide to get to shelter. Come back the next morning and carcass is 100% frozen and 63% decayed. If it is so cold outside that the carcass is 100% frozen over night, it should not decay at all. -G
  12. I know this is oldish thread, but wanted to add my experience to help others down the road. My main camp in Stalker (d116) is the camp office. Initially there were three deer at the far end of the lake over by the climbing rope to western access. I was mainly hunting wolves out on the lake and the deer that spawns close to the office. There were also three deer in the hollow across from the office on the other side of the tracks. I killed one of them once. Eventually, all the animals disappeared and/or stopped respawning. I didn't mind because I was away a lot exploring other regions and forging arrowheads at Riken and the Maintenance yard. After a couple of weeks I came back to the office to stay for awhile and work on my fishing. Only one wolf was on the lake. No deer anywhere near the office or lake. So I killed the lone wolf and headed to trappers cabin. I killed four wolves and a bear out in that neck of the woods. Humpted all the meat back to the office over a couple of days, stashing the hides in trappers. Several days after I was back at the office mostly fishing and making bows/arrows two wolves on the lake and all six deer reappeared. I killed the two wolves hoping to save the deer (wolves on the lake like to kill the deer). A couple of days later, all the deer are gone again even though I did not hunt them and no wolves were present. While there is something to hunting out an area, and I think something to hunting another area to cause animals to spawn in previously empty areas, I think there is sufficient randomness to not rack my brain trying to figure it out. Simple answer is: animal spawning changes as you interact with the world. : P -G
  13. This may have been suggested before, but I didn't see this particular suggestion in search. I know there have been many suggestions and discussions about candles since the earliest days of this game. I too would like to see candles implemented at some point, as it gives us more to do and work for. But I would like to make a different suggestion: the hurricane lamp. This lamp has a wick, requires a match (or a lit stick) and burns oil. If you are not familiar with these lamps, look them up. I have lived in the woods remotely for almost 40 years (two years without power). Power outages are a fact of life and frequent in the winter (4-6 times each year from an hour to 2-3 days). Yes, I have 5 gallon propane bottles and a propane lantern that works great. It hooks up to a "tree" that also feeds my propane stove. But this cannot put light everywhere I need it in the house, and having it hooked to the tree means it is not portable. I have three hurricane lanterns that I have in several other parts of the house. They take about half a quart (.47 liters) to fill a lantern and will provide light for about five nights running it four hours each night set on low. This is still light enough to read by, move about and get things done. It is much less light than my propane light puts out, but it is extremely efficient and long lasting. They also run on rendered animal fat. Suggestion: Have three of these lanterns drop in the game. The locations should be in advanced zones such as the Spence Family Homestead, the Mysterious Signal fire in Hushed River Valley, and the top of Timberwolf Mountain. Each site progressively harder to get to spreading them out in the game. They should only work indoors or in caves. The wicks can be replaced through crafting them. There is a small chance you can drop them while carrying them lit with a chance they will break if you do. Once broken, they are ruined. Can be a option you check in Interloper (getting all three could also be an achievement) Having these would provide more of a challenge (getting them), more things to work for (crafting wicks and cooking fuel) and provide the ability to mend and read in the later game. Not being able to read a book or mend a pair of socks while making potable water or cooking a big bear steak doesn't feel right. Using the current lamp is not practical due to it's heavy consumption of oil (which is fine). None of us planning on the long survive will use up our oil in this way. For those who choose to, a hurricane lamp would provide a small quality of life improvement earned from many days spent surviving in a harsh environment. -G
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  15. Thanks for the replies, tips and info on animal behavior. I really appreciate them. In the experiences I'm referring to there was blood splatter, blood in snow at point of impact and a trail of blood. It has happened with a gun and a bow. So by Nardoloopa's description this is a kill. But I'm right behind them, chasing them, and then poof, blood trail ends and wolf is gone. I turn back to pick up the blood trail again, following my own tracks, but the blood is gone, completely, even though it has only been a couple of minutes. Then the wolves are back in their route by the next day, so it would appear as though they did not die. When I am successful with a wolf kill, that area does not get another wolf spawn for a few game days. The four times this has happened, it feels very different. It feels like a bug. On a side note, my preference is to push a deer to a wolf, let the wolf kill the deer and then shoot the wolf. Works every time. : )