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  1. I'm surprised there are not candles in the game, both found and crafted. What cabin in real life doesn't have a stash of candles? Bear and moose should provide enough fat to make lots of candles. The cans could serve to pour the fat in. In RL I keep two cans on the window sill in front of the sink that I pour bacon grease into. I have about six full cans in the storage shed with aluminum foil and plastic wrap (recycled) over them with a rubber-band. These are my emergency candles.
  2. two burner stove bug

    Hello, I searched cooking bugs but didn't see what I'm experiencing, so posting this. The two-burner stove in camp office seems bugged. Every time I put two pots of water or two steaks to cook, put in enough fuel to complete the cooking process and leave, I come back to find the right side did not complete. This occurs if I just want to melt the water, if I want to boil the water or completely cook steaks. If I stay and watch the stove, the process completes normally. I have tested this now five times with consistent results. Lends a new twist to the saying: A watched pot never boils. : p
  3. The custom configure I posted above seems to be working real good so far. I died once two days in to a wolf, but I got too close when I was 2/3 health from hypothermia coming back from a long excursion. With this setup, if I keep my distance and don't have meat on me, I can avoid an encounter, if I choose, but carrying meat or not staying aware can result in end of game, so that's where I want it. All other settings are basically Stalker.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I did not notice the ability to toggle through the preset difficulty modes. If it is what I imagine, then it's exactly what I was wanting, start with stalker and tweak the wolves settings. Right now I'm trying out +18k-VkEU-BRBx-FoVp-VAAA, but I will try starting with Stalker settings and tweaking only wolves next.
  5. Hello, I'm new to custom settings, and making changes seems akin to tweaking windows registry. I'm wondering if there is a post/page that shows all the Stalker settings represented in custom. What I'm after is basically Stalker with wolves tuned down a bit, but not to voyageur level. Voyageur is too easy. Stalker seems just right except the wolves are so far out of my experience living with wolves in rl on the U.S./CA border that, for me, it is a major distraction from an otherwise good experience. I want wolves to be a threat and a danger, but I want to be able to reasonably avoid them if I'm careful. With my limited experience in custom, it seems my only option is voyageur wolves or stalker wolves. I don't want to change anything else in stalker. Thanks for your input
  6. Old Hunting Lodge Redux Issue

    Ok, I've searched on these forums and youtube and the greater www to no avail. I suspect that I'm not finding an answer to my issue question due to recent changes to episode two with redux that are not addressed in older posts. I have thus far saved Jeremiah by getting the antibiotics from the dam and am currently at the old hunting lodge. I took the spear to the maintenance shop and repaired it, but while there learned through searching for another question I had that I should have had cutscenes when picking up the rifle and the flashlight, so not having seen the rifle, I went back to the lodge where I am now. I created a save there, so I can go back to this point should I learn a proper solution. There is no rifle that I can find. I have removed every cardboard box and used my lantern to illuminate every crevice, nook and cranny. Back at my first visit to the lodge when I picked up the flashlight, it was as if a cutscene was going to begin (fade to black screen), but then it didn't happen, and the game went back to play mode with no cutscene. I also never encountered one of the forest talkers, as I've read that I should have. I have picked up and read every note I have come across, but have read online that one of the notes I'm actually supposed to put the note in my inventory. Again, it's hard to know with the changes due to redux. I have the climbing rope, and have eaten and picked up some of the supplies but not all. Here are a couple of things that I did that may have broken the quest line: 1. I have not repaired Jeremiah's rifle, possibly because I did not take it with me to the dam because I'd like to do this run without using a rifle of any sort. Is this quest breaking? 2. I went to the lookout station on the way to the dam, and now I've read that the lookout station comes into play at a later point in the story. On a side note, I got the flashlight to briefly work. Mostly it doesn't showing that the battery is dead, but one time I equipped it, the battery showed as full and the flashlight worked great! I have repaired it to 100%, but this has not resulted in the flashlight working reliably. Is it supposed to? Or was the one time it did a glitch? Or does it work only during Aurora? Thanks for any and all replies.