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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #22

    I also have Issues with ps4 crashes. One recent crash happened during a game save and corrupted the file. So I lost all my feats & badges. Sad day.
  2. A few things

    1. I wish there were binoculars in game. 2. Also when you are using charcoal to reveal the map it’d be cool if it’d take into account your current elevation/sight distance. Like if you are up on a lookout tower you will be able to draw out a wider radius on your map than if you were in a valley. 3. I think it’d be more accurate to only be able to melt snow on a fire outside. Or have an option to gather it while you’re outside then take it to a fire inside.
  3. The feeling you get when you’re against all the odds of surviving and somehow pull through. Edge of your seat gameplay.
  4. Answering Nature's Call

    Half the toilets in TLD don’t have the reserve tank on the back. You’re getting that water straight from the bowl. For instance carter dam toilets.
  5. A lit torch will keep the wolves at bay. Just don’t get too close to them and don’t drop it. However I don’t think torches are effective in this way if you are smelly. (Having raw meat or guts on your person)
  6. Some ideas

    1. So I think the water purification tablets are pretty much useless. I have only used them once just to see how they work in game. I think we could utilize these more effectively if the water you retrieve out of toilets was non-potable, so we could then just use the tablets instead of building a fire. This just makes more since to me cause I wouldn’t dare drink water straight outta the toilet in that situation with out purifying it in some way. 2. So I see blankets laying around everywhere why can’t we just wrap these blankets around us as further protection from the cold? Also the scarfs hanging up. Why can’t we just wear the scarfs? Why does it take like 6 mins to tear it down? 3. I think the wolves’ AI needs to be updated. They are pack hunters. It be cool to see them communicating with each other and teaming up against you. As it is now, as long as you don’t sprint you can pretty much just walk away from them. They pretty much just follow you around the map if they are “tracking” you. I really don’t know how to word it but just think it could be better to make it more fun/challenging.
  7. Crows

    I think it’d be cool if the crows attacked you during the aurora. But you would need something to defend yourself also. Like a shotgun with bird shot or a long stick.
  8. Dog friend

    As far as training. They can utilize the learning through books mechanic. Have a book that’s titled “training dogs”. Like a 25 hour learning mechanic. The more you read the more commands you can issue to your dog. The dog can have its own radial menu. Sit, stay, follow etc. Followed by hunt, sneak, and so on. The dog should have its own health. You can bandage him up if he gets hurt. And you have to keep him fed and watered. If he dies.. he dies. As far as gunshots scaring him off I think you’d have to track him down and calm him. Much like breaking a horse in red dead 2. But once his training is high enough he shouldn’t run off anymore.
  9. Not only battle Mother Nature and dangerous animals but battle medical conditions as well for added difficulty. Such as diabetes and have to monitor a sugar/blood level. Or hemophilia where it takes you like 3-4 times longer to heal from injury’s and so on.
  10. More use out of cars

    Car radios need to work during the aurora. And maybe be able to start up and use the heater once the battery is charged. Also it be nice to syphon gas out and use as lamp oil or fire accelerate. Maybe be able to start a fire using the car battery using steel wool or cables.
  11. More use out of cars

    Car radios need to work during the aurora. And maybe be able to start up and use the heater once the battery is charged. Also it be nice to syphon gas out and use as lamp oil or fire accelerate. Maybe be able to start a fire using the car battery using steel wool or cables.
  12. Dog friend

    I think it’d be cool to find a dog and befriend him. Feed him bones. He could protect you from wolves and hunt down rabbits. Eat all that nasty dog food and keep you company in such a lonely place.