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  1. Is Mystery Lake in the Upsidown

    It's not like you don't get used to it either, so it doesn't make me mad or anything, it's just such a weird mistake in such an otherwise very immersive game. It baffles me.
  2. Is Mystery Lake in the Upsidown

    Yeah imma pull this topic out of the dirt real quick because this really bothers me a lot. I first noticed this in PV back when I played that the first time and I actually got very, very lost because of it. I just assumed there was no way in hell a game like this would have the sun not rise where it should. So then I also thought well, maybe that's connected to the geomagnetic event, you know, maybe earth's rotation changed? But then I fond it's not consistent at all... I really think this should have been fixed a long-ass time ago because it's a major, major blunder. I gotta be honest and say that I don't even understand what the order or the way the maps have been added has to do with this? How exactly does the time ML was added to the game in relation to the other maps affect its skyboxes? The game has to know where North is on each map without checking its place in the context of the other maps, does it not? Because then this should essentially just be a quick rotation to fix, no? I'd really like to see this addressed because navigation is such a huge thing in this game and the sun is literally the first thing anyone ever looks to to determine cardinal directions so this is a major blunder.
  3. Same here, but it's at least 1/5 of times for sure and I also CTD when entering buildings at times and that's a real, real bummer if you're hauling the bear pelt you just spent a whole day hunting for back to your crib and the mf crashes as you enter, like as close to getting the savestate as you could possibly come without actually getting it. I have seriously positioned a bedroll on the porch of the PV Farmstead so I can jump in that for an hour before going inside so the game would save before I have to go play CTD-roulettte. It's asinine. Started happening with the redux update for me as well and this for me had also been one of the very few games I've played this much without ever having crashing issues until last week.
  4. Old Rifle Bug

    This is happening to me also on about 20% of shots fired.
  5. Transportation

    Hell no. Just... nah. If only because as far as I'm aware, unlike wolves, bears, deer and moose, wild horses are not really a feature of the Canadian wilderness. Also, 70%-80% of Great Bear would not be navigable on horseback anyway and do you have any idea of the amount of calories that a working horse needs to be supplied with on the daily? How much water it needs, all resources that you're already struggling for as it is? Realistically speaking there's absolutely no way you could shoulder that also in these circumstances and I don't think the inclusion of horses would make much sense. I think you might have to live with this game just being very slow. Oh and also, this would have me taming wild horses on the side now while fighting for my bare survival? Sorry man, I really don't see any realistically plausible way this could be added at all.