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  1. Yes the lighthouse has ice, the waves are covering it.
  2. I would like to see more huntable animals in general
  3. I've seen Wolves get slower right before they do, but currently they don't limp. I agree though, limping would be a nice touch. As for Wolves howling to call others I'm not really sure how I feel about this...
  4. Wow that looks cold!
  5. @Wintermute_TLD That's actually a true meme lol... Pleasant Valley... isn't so "Pleasant" LOL.
  6. If the energy was higher maybe, but then Refrigerators would have to work as well, and toilets, and showers, and the list goes on...
  7. I always wondered how some places do it; eat less Fruit and Veggies without getting Scurvy... yet oddly other people are more apt to get it in other Countries... Anyway I am a firm believer that Vitamin C plays a major role in a lot of things, I actually believe we should have a lot more than what is recommended for us. I typically find myself mega dosing Vitamin C, D, etc. etc. I believe a lot more issues in life could be healed if we all just took our Vitamins, eat healthier, etc. Anyway I will have to study this Inuit Paradox stuff... I am intrigued now.
  8. I agree that we should have Scurvy in the Game, likewise we should also have Rabbit Starvation... but perhaps it would help your post if you put why you believe Scurvy should be added, and why the Pine Needles would help with curing the Scurvy? For me I think Scurvy should be an affliction because it's VERY realistic, and it happens due to not getting enough Vitamin C etc. It can be brought on by lack of Fruits, and this is where the Pine Needles well and eating more Fruits would come in. I know it would take more coding and time but we already have Food Poisoning and Parasites which are both realistic issues, so I think we need these Afflictions to further enhance the Game. I think Scurvy should happen by not eating enough Fruits but I don't know how they will implement this... as for Rabbit Starvation that should be added by consuming too many Rabbits kind of like the Parasite Affliction.
  9. @XaldinVii I forgot about the Regions, having more would be nice! Nice wish!
  10. Ouch... this is why I am in favor of Saving anywhere like in the Story Mode.
  11. kristaok


    Technically there's nothing but grayness beyond the Water any way... so you can't truly go anywhere by way of Water....
  12. @Mroz4k That's what I meant lol; quartering is better than leaving the Meat on the Carcass, and it's better for transporting, but it's not good for storing.
  13. question 1. What type of music do you listen to while in survival? Do you have different playlists for different things? This type of music for hunting or that kind for gathering? TLD Music only. question 2. Hinterland grants you 3 wishes to have something added into the game. But they are genies. You ask for 1 million bucks they will give you 1 million male deer. So wording is everything. Note the first thing you wish for would be the the thing that is added. The 2nd and 3rd wish are there incase it can not be made to work. what would you put in? what would you alter? 1st Wish; Like mroz said... Mod Support. 2nd Wish; More Animal types to Hunt. 3rd Wish; More Content like Food, Clothes, and Weapons. PS. The reason why I didn't say Episode 3 etc. etc. is because I know it will happen eventually so I don't mind waiting, but the other stuff is up in the air right now... meaning they may add them or they may not.
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    We already have Rocks for that... so it's a no from me, sorry.
  15. While it's better to quarter Bears and probably Moose too, never store quarters because they degrade a lot faster than Meat does. So quarter the Meat just for transporting, then harvest the Meat asap. Ps. Store all Meats outside they will last a lot longer. Another tip is that when Meats are Cooked their stats are raised back up. You could Cook a 50% Mouldy Meat up to 100% and 1% Rotted Meat up to 50%.
  16. I also heard it was about 3 days, so if it's been 10-13 days the Bear is probably gone... sorry.
  17. kristaok


    I agree with the Sled, but right now there's no need for a Canoe because we can't go in the Water.
  18. 1. No point considering there's no animations for using the restroom. 2. I'm fine with the way it Is now, I could do without this feature. 3. Another feature that's not needed, some caves already have Wolves so I heard. 4. That's what the Story Mode is for, I'm fine with choosing or having random spawns in Survival Mode. So it's a no from me sorry.
  19. From what I've researched they don't respawn, neither does the Cattails, Beard Lichen, and Mushrooms.
  20. It's hard to find a lot online, but it says they can be picked for a few months at a time... so I guess that means they come only in certain seasons? oh well...
  21. Why not considering they don't grow back... but still, I wish they did grow back... I mean come on it is a plant, and plants usually grow back? right?
  22. Hearing a Wolf growl... next to that is coming upon a Bear and it giving chase while growling... *shivers*.