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  1. Animal Traps (bear, wolf, etc.)

    This is a nice idea. Maybe have the ability to find a couple traps, kind of like how you can find the rifle. Or you can make traps from metal, idk but it needs done.
  2. Add more

    I definitely agree, I’d love to see mountain lions.
  3. My Take on the Fox

    I definitely wanna see foxes and mountain lions for sure.
  4. This Rock Art

    Ty, at first I was like where?, but because of this I was like ooooo....that’s it.
  5. Carpenter´s Nightmare

    Yup I’ve seen this a few times, thankfully it’s not that often.
  6. It's like I have a pet

    That’s neat, that’s how I felt about the wolf I let live in my area. I’m glad he went free.
  7. Sigh, it’s January and there’s still no snow... I LOVE snow. I miss snow. I want SNOW!!! Anyway back where I used to grow up in WV it snowed a lot, but here in NC at least where I’m at it don’t snow as much. Sadly for some odd reason it has not snowed at all this winter, it just don’t feel right without snow. :’(
  8. I agree, I too would like to see the ability to increase the difficulty over time. Good idea op.
  9. Map Location optional? Please?

    This is what I meant, I just want the option to be able to see where I’m at. I mean I wish I had a good memory so that I could memorize the map, but unfortunately I don’t have a good memory due to ptsd etc.
  10. Custom Setting: Item Decay Rate

    I’m with you, I’m all for options op.
  11. It's like I have a pet

    Exactly haha. George is sooo cute Thanks for this.
  12. Terrain How?

    That’s really strange, I don’t think I’ve seen this before, but then again I haven’t been really alert due to lack of sleep from insomnia.
  13. what's with the Cairns?

    I think they (the Cairns) were a way of showing appreciation to all those who backed The along Dark. I think you can no longer back the game, I believe the Kickstarter has long been over.
  14. Save data deleted?!

    Your save data was deleted because it would definitely not have been compatible with the game, they basically reworked the whole story mode with the redux. The story mode is a lot better than it used to be, I know it sucks but everyone was warned way in advance about the data swipe. I recommend sucking it up and giving story mode another shot, trust me it’s a whole heck of a lot better now, and the world is less empty feeling. Also you should consider editing out your slur towards Hinterland, I mean what gaming company you know makes money from their game and instead of pocketing it all, they decide to totally revamp their game for the better? I don’t honestly know of any gaming company who has done this. In fact Hinterland didn’t even have to do the redux, they could have just continued on that path, but thankfully they did do the redux. So yea I give mass props to Hinterland, what they did with the whole redux showed me they truly do care about their fans. Lastly, I don’t know if you’ve ever played survival mode... yikes... but try surviving for quite a while only to die and have to restart all over. That happened to me, it hurt but that’s what Survival is all about. At least with the story mode you don’t have to worry about this except for that one time due to the redux, and compatibility issues. Hopefully you can come to the place where you forgive Hinterland, and give the new story mode a chance. The data swipe didn’t just affect you, it affected us all. I’m actually glad on many fronts that the redux happened, the story mode like I said is a lot better, and I find it easier in a good way and all around a much better experience than before the redux.
  15. Sniper Shot!

    Nice shot!