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  1. hey! i've forgot to add toilet water!
  2. Transportation

    thinking fine details can be second on the line. as thinking generally,on the road to exploring the whole map in a single game gonna take more than 100+ hours. Faster movement or shortcuts would be great. if we put it into work the real time-game , 1 game day is 2 hours in real life (up to 8 hours by settings). And i am mostly at school or outside during a day so i dont have much time to explore entire map and craft useful coats by killing bears in a single game. Otherwise,I wouldn't mention such an idea like this and destroy realism of the game.About your thoughts, you are right and i've thinked all about your mentions too. But at least there could be a mod or a challenge etc. Or we can play a mod that shows about the life before the apocalypse,also we can drive in that mod. Great Bear with population.I would love to see something like that in a dlc or mod thanks for your replies
  3. Transportation

    Hi guys,I've posted a suggestion/wish post called ''Driving Cars'' yesterday.But i have a better idea now. Okay guys, so i've changed my mind due impossibility of driving. So lets think same about the horses. Horses are able to live in most of weather conditions. So they can live in Great Bear i guess. Here is a special horse race that is used by Turks in the past. (posted a pic of that below) It called ''Tarpan'' in Turkish. This horse race can live for about 60-70 years. They are active,aggresive and tremendously resistant to cold. This race is just an example of any kind of horse races.But this race is more logical to use. We can feed them and make them wear something to prevent cold. They can able to die without player's care (feeding,protecting etc) Waiting for your ideas.
  4. Driving cars

    i am okay with that too.At least they should have added new items. i am bored of seeing same items. Also,there were a few item shelters in the past. But i can't see them anymore.
  5. Driving cars

    Maybe it would sound crazy for you. But really, driving cars would be good. Traveling around maps get too much time. And after a while the player gets bored by traveling a lot.But a transportation vehicle would be great!
  6. mistakenly removed wintermute save

    Firstly,thanks for answering and supporting.I dont have any option when starting the game.It just starts normally without any prefference. You said the game status has been confirmed , this is enough for me. I just wonder, will i keep playing with my own items from previous seasons in season 3,without save-game? This will be enough for me.Otherwise,game saves is not important for me because i've already finished it.
  7. By the redux mode of the long dark, i finished the game after 1.5 years later once again.It was super absorbing. I finished the season 2 part fresh (5 min ago). And after credits part, i came back to the main menu again. That means i finished the story mode,it is ok. Then i entered the Wintermute load game part to check my game progression. There was no problem.But, i mistakenly removed my ended story mode progress after finishing 10 hours of play. Is there any way to take it back? Or will it effect me when Season 3 comes up? I mean, will it want me to finish the game once again? I don't want to play another 10 hours again actually. So in short, i want to take my save game back... I dont want to start a new game again because it is my second finish for wintermute.I've already played it when the story mode update came up in August,2017 too. note:I am not English and English is my second language so sorry if i did any typos. Waiting for any kind of help!