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    Came upon this in my "binoculars" search, as I'd like to see them in the game. Quite a list up there. Candles, yes. But FWIW, I would not like to see any guns added. No handgun, no shotgun, no MAC-10 or AK-47, boomerang, throwing stars, or slingshot. None. The rifle is enough.
  2. I like the add bait idea! I think something in the 20 kg range would be a good weight for such a powerful item.
  3. @Asinine There are many options, including stakes, rebar, cable, etc., which could be new materials added to the game. Some of them could even serve more than one purpose (firewood, weapon, ice breaker, etc.). And depending on the prey, a different anchor could be required.
  4. @s7mar7in noted earlier in the thread "Thus the many wishes for being able to use the small day-packs already in the game will require a significant redesign. ", which is why he recommended these other items. Personally, I'd like to see both a range of backpacks and more craftable gear.
  5. If anyone is still thinking about backpacks, I like these three suggestions. These would all be craftable items, of course.
  6. Ok, I don't see patching a rubber boot with leather as being very effective. Then again, we're already patching wool sweaters with t-shirts, so c'est la vie.
  7. If they're rubber, they should be unrepairable. Or a new material should be added to the game: rubber.
  8. Personally, I'd hate to see this added. I don't want TLD turning into Just Cause or Far Cry.
  9. I don't disagree that some people will be offended. PETA no doubt already thinks TLD is a training ground for evil. But is the jump from snares to spring traps so huge? Also, I'd prefer to simply discuss the pros and cons of game mechanics/etc purely based on how they apply in-game, and leave the politics out of it. (I'm not saying they have no effect, for they do. I'm speaking strictly from a forum dialogue standpoint.)
  10. This would be a good way to add lore as well.
  11. I think adding a flu-like illness is a great idea. But it shouldn't be random. Similar to CF with time indoors, if you have prolonged poor diet and/or low body temp, your immune system weakens. Thus, your are more susceptible to falling ill. Flu survives longer in cold weather and can be carried by birds and animals. Humans can get it from contact with droppings, etc. (bird feathers could hold this risk).
  12. Good point @Mroz4k. I definitely don't want traps to make hunting easier. Perhaps traps could have two components (ex: the trap and the chain), so you would need both. Sometimes you're lucky and find a complete trap. Setting a bear trap should be dangerous, especially to a novice. (For this, trapping could be added as a new skill.) Setting a bear trap would have x% change of slamming shut on your fingers, hand, etc. Time to bandage (blood loss) should be faster than that suffered during an animal attack. As you set more traps and trap successfully, your skill grows and risk reduces. But there's always a risk. Maybe you could even lose a finger. (New game mechanic: Permanent Afflictions.) Approaching and killing the trapped animal could be another element to trapping. That is, you never come across a completely dead bear or wolf in your trap. You still need to kill it. If you decide to save a bullet and use your knife, perhaps that could be an encounter using a new game mechanic, like spearing the bear in Wintermute (but not like spearing the bear in Wintermute). @Hilayla has a good idea about setting a trap should take time. So while trapping may seem like passive way to hunt (like snares), every aspect of it has an element of risk.
  13. I did a search and found there's been some discussion about animal traps, but they're buried in general posts (with titles like "Some Ideas"), so I figured I'd give the topic its own post. There was some conversation about traps being too anachronistic or that they will offend people. Firstly, people still trap. There are between 60-80,000 active (and licensed) trappers in Canada, trapping beavers, foxes, wolves and numerous other animals. Including bears. Bear trapping exists and is legal in some provinces/territories. So, I think it's highly unlikely to NOT find animal traps lying around in a place like Great Bear Island. Second, whoever is offended by traps is likely going to disapprove of the rabbit snares already in the game. Snares are traps. Rabbits are animals. (They're bunnies!) The traps could also require components (ex: spring, trigger, etc.) that we can either find or craft from scrap metal. The components will degrade while the main body of the trap (plate, jaws, etc.) does not.
  14. But there's nothing stopping them from allowing the user to select the UI they prefer in HUD Options.
  15. It makes sense with a gun, but not with a flare. But FWIW, saying it really bugs me was an exaggeration. It kinda bugged me when I noticed it. (Spoiled by AAA's where your equipped gear is even in the cut scenes.) It's not like a game breaker for me in the slightest. @Moll's suggestion about risking exposure by equipping the gun for too long is a nice idea though.