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  1. Ooo! Good point about the Journal. I hadn't thought of that. Will check. So far, it's still limping, so that's my identifier at present. It also patrols a specific area, which may help with identification if the sprain heals.
  2. That's what I'm expecting, but not so far. I slept overnight and went looking for it, found it, and then it ran off yelping when I got too close. So probably not a concern that I'll end up killing it in a confrontation. Went another day after that, and it was still out there, limping along. Doesn't seem likely to bleed out at this point.
  3. Never thought I'd see something like this in the game! I went out to hunt a deer I'd seen near the barn in PV. I spooked it twice, getting too close with bow & arrow. The second time, it ran towards an approaching wolf. I've seen a wolf take down a deer before, but not this close, so took a bunch of screenshots. (See the 'Wolf v Deer' gif.) With the wolf pre-occupied, I thought I'd shoot the wolf, and then take the deer I'd planned to hunt. My arrow hit, but only wounded or scared it, and it ran off yelping. I quartered the deer and started back with all of it to the barn. And then the wolf showed up, stalking me the whole way... I made it in safely, though not before a second wolf came in from another direction! Later, while cooking the deer steaks, I was outside, crouching, when I saw a wolf *limping* past. This is what surprised me. o.0 The devs actually wrote this into the game scripts?!? Is that the same wolf? Did I injure it in the leg without killing it? Did it fall after I shot at it and injure its leg? O.o (See the 'Limping Wolf pt 1' gif.) After finishing cooking, I went out to collect more wood before night fell, and the limping wolf was back! I chopped wood, crouching, within sight of the wolf, revolver at the ready, but it just limped on by. (See the 'Limping Wolf pt 2' gif.) Now, I'm hoping I can avoid a fatal encounter with this wolf. We have the kernel of a story developing here. I want to know where it goes...
  4. Going in and out at the barn in PV, cooking a deer steak by steak, and then I see this... 🙂
  5. Ended up losing half my warmth just watching the sunrise... A second time.
  6. Ended up losing half my warmth just watching the sunrise...
  7. YAY! Started up a new Survival Mode game just for this. :-) What do yellow exclamation points mean on the new HUD? Such as in the attached screenshot?