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  1. Take water from waterfals and ice holes

    @mego_6atbko The snow can collect dust and bacteria, that's why you boil it. But yes, if you take fresh snow in a spot you're sure no animals came, you can just melt it. It is certainly better than drinking water from toilet bowls... Eating snow is like drinking water from the sea: a good way to end your misery (google it, you'll see). (and, always boil your water irl, if you can)
  2. @wolkenwand it's animated yes, like dogs shaking water away from their coat. Doesn't last long, but actually it gives you just enough time to shoot again, I guess (if you're a bit less contemplative than me...)
  3. This issue seems to have been taken care of by Unity ("Fixed in Unity 2019.1 " - source) let's wait for a new build
  4. Just saw for the second time a wolf shaking off an arrow. Both were shot while eating and unaware of me, both shots were in the flank. They shook off the arrow and only then went into fly mode. Maybe it can explain some weird positions, especially when it's in a slope on a windy day...
  5. Boite à idée

    J'ai croisé pas mal de Québécois, ils parlaient bien. Un peu trop d'anglais mélangé mais ils étaient bilingues donc c'est normal. Marrant comment vous faites un effort pour avoir des mots bien français pour tout (courriel est une invention québécoise, par exemple, un joli mot d'ailleurs), et ensuite vous faites des phrases avec la moitié des mots en anglais. J'ai un clavier qwerty aussi. Je le mets en variante internationale pour le français, c'est pas plus contraignant que l'azerty français. Je ne vois pas le rapport. ?
  6. so sorry, it wasn't clear : that was a full stop after "config". Then,"gl" for "good luck". My bad... If you tried uninstall-reboot-install with no success, you'll have to contact them for support.
  7. Looks like the update failed. Try verifying the files as described here : http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/6980-first-steps-for-crashing-or-graphics-issues/ If it is not working, give more details about your config. gl
  8. Hi all, Not really, some vegetarian traditions are thousands years old. It's more a matter of where than when, as it depends on what grows around you. I guess the modern world is allowing you to have access to food you couldn't have without modern transport. But be sure, what it gives you, it takes away somewhere else... As a vegetarian, I was surprised by myself the first time I've encountered a wild rabbit. Seeing it fleeing triggered an hunting impulse, an instinct of chase. I didn't run after it but I felt the need. So, first time I finally understood how to catch a rabbit with a stone in-game, I let it go, too cute to die... Then I thought about that experience, and ok, starving, cold, on the verge of dying every time I put as step outside, I would never hesitate. I killed the second one. And now I'm proudly wearing my rabbit gloves, can't wait to add the hat
  9. Boite à idée

    Salut, Pas mal l'idée du renard, je veux bien la poster sur la boîte à idée anglaise (après y avoir réfléchi un peu plus) Et en général, si certains veulent coup de main pour faire passer des messages, n'hésitez pas. P.S.: Babababababa, mieux tu écris, mieux tu te fais comprendre. C'est comme à l'oral. Après, faire des fautes, ce n'est pas la fin du monde, on est d'accord.
  10. They released two hotfixes already. You can be informed and check the changelogs in the "News and Updates" section. http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/21905-the-long-dark-hotfixed-to-v143-44083/
  11. Ola and thanks for the tips, it worked for me Debian 4.9.130-2 GTX 1050 (notebook, optimus), nvidia 384.130-1 But everything come with a cost ^^ Seems to me that the general quality of graphics are impacted (playing ultra), especially "smoke" effects (as in the breathing, or fire). And I experienced some freezing I never had. I tested just a few minutes, so I'll try more and may edit this if needed. Anyway the game is totally playable, thanks again, hoping also that Unity will revised their priority on that matter [edit: oh, ok, they reviewed the severity to more "critical" than just cosmetic as it was, good move](I had just 0 problem with this game pre-update).
  12. Jumping on that: If you're a linux user with an nvidia GPU, please test the game and file a bug report . Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the more we are reporting, the more Hinterland can help and weigh in with Unity to fix the current matters. Unity and nvidia are supposed to be partners, and Unity is aware of the bugs in their new engine since at least two months. Other games are impacted, you can report to their devs also. Hotfixes are already coming in, good job and have fun for the next ones !
  13. [Hushed River] Watchful falls

    Ok thanks for your answers I can't check now because the game is kinda broken (I'm on linux/nvidia), I will asap. But if there is a corpse in the cave, it's the first time I notice crows upon one (maybe it's to help finding the cave that is a bit hidden). @s7mar7in coffee must appreciated
  14. [SPOILER ALERT] for those who like to explore by themselves, get out of here ! Hi all, I have crows mocking me from the top of the Watchful falls. I spent two days trying to find a way and yet couldn't find one (I think I tried every path possible from Mammoth Falls to the Peak). I had sprained at least three times every body parts possible to... I'm not asking for a detailed solution here, just clues : - is it possible to get there ? - I think I'm missing something at the Banner Falls (double meaning, am I right ?) Thanks.
  15. Hi and thanks for this great game There are huge drawbacks for linux users with Nvidia, as mentioned in the changelog. Anyway I will fill a bugreport (if it doesn't help, it will at least hopefully appeared as "solved" in your db one day ^^), let me know if I could do anything else to help solving this. And let us know if there is a workaround, I tried the usual ones like "vertical sync" and texture quality with no success. Cheers.