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  1. I don't like Carter Hydro Dam, for many reasons : too far from a wild experience, creepy noises, killing Aurora, etc. Even if it could be convenient, I never use it as a base. When I go back to that little house in Milton, I think, I always remember the first time I went there. After seeing a lot of corpses in town with blood or pills beside them, I immediately noticed, while still in the middle of the stairs, the baby crib and the teddy bear on the second floor. I remember my mind yelling "no, please, no, not the body with that one, I will deal with it if I have to, but please, I got the idea, no need for the picture".
  2. Be careful, food poisoning and parasites are not the same
  3. @NardoLoopa (or anybody interested) using linux ? if so, I can provide the scripts (one key pressed, constant click, press again to stop)
  4. No, there's not. And after reading that, the rest was just a good laugh...
  5. It's because you can't master their very elaborate technique
  6. Best tip I can give you is not to look for tips I really enjoyed discovering the game and the maps on my own. Then after many hours I went to the forums to see if others had the same experience, and indeed a lot of players liked that. I can definitively tell you that if I had read too much it would have spoiled most of the fun, but ok that's subjective. If you prefer being guided (a bit), start with Wintermute (story mode). If you want to try, and die, on your own, go for Survival Mode. hf !
  7. With actual resources we could make a staff sling. It seems to be a bit easier to maneuver than the shepherds slings. Yet both are difficult to master. I only did a few tries, maybe that's just me not being gifted... Few big rocks and a knife and you can get the whole inner tube. But yeah, you need tools for the bearings. As a projectile, you may use carefully chosen pebbles, how would that help the accuracy ? My little experience is that slingshots are quite accurate on short distances with any small rocks (up to 15 meters ?), very instinctive to use, you just need some practice to do power shots with a wrist trick. How far were you able to aim with steel balls ?
  8. There's so many cars. Not all these wheels are tubeless, are they ? So, we got our rubber. You could find steel balls too, but it's more complicated to harvest, I guess.
  9. If you made some, you tried it, right ? Can you throw as fast as it can shoot ? I don't believe that you can knock out rabbits with lazy throws like in game. I've seen 6 years old killing birds with that.
  10. Maybe. Thing is, in Stalker the wolves are coming in packs, 2 or 3 at a time (this run, up to 7 attacks in a row in Milton 'cause I was 2-bars smelly, and I've seen 6 roaming at the river entry of the Mysterious Lake). Can't tell the number of times I've killed one just before having a second jumping in my face, even had one charging from behind while I was trying to scare the first one with a torch. And you should try to hit a charging wolf with the gun, really (at low skill the bears will just eat it and spit the bullet in your face while mauling). I don't try anymore. I could do like with the arc, bait and kill, but what's the point of a gun then ? And, mainly, how many ammos do you need to scare or kill all the wolves, spawning every two days ? I end up not using it anymore, except for fun (can I hit a wolf I barely see ?). Yeah, you may feel protected with a rifle but to survive you have to avoid the danger or have a huge amount of shots at your disposal, as with arrows.
  11. this is accurate, easy to use (toy-weapon for a lot of young hunters around the world), easy to build, and will definitively knock out birds and rabbits, if not kill.
  12. Hi there pretty ! hmm, ok, I guess it was needed for Wintermute and some players were asking about it. But with all these cars rusting around and with all these crazy wolves (and crows), I would definitively go for slingshots as a survival weapon. cool ! yeeepa ! *throwing pills like confettis* I jump on this opportunity to say something that bothers me a bit : painkillers do not heal sprains. It often makes it worse by hiding the pain, allowing people to keep damaging the joint (yet it can help for the recovery, since you sleep better when not in pain). So I'm not fond of the current system : too much sprains, way too much, too easily cured with magic candy pills. yeeepa ! *throwing penguins*
  13. Coastal Highway, near Ravine's entrance ?
  14. even dead they try to stomp on your ribs... That's from the lake part of Mountain Town map. This one was easy. First shot made him charge. Second shot was a failed during the charge, I think. He couldn't reach me on the trunk but kept running below my feet. Third one between the eyes. I don't shoot moose if not from a safe spot anymore. They are really really fast. I failed an hit and run so badly in HRV (went back at 5% to a cave without food nor fire fuel, barely survived the next days) that I fear them way more than bears.
  15. And that's appreciated. Don't feel lonely, like everywhere in the world, I think a lot of people are watching without taking part Not the bunkers (prepper's caches), sorry if I misused the term. I'm talking about the small boxes with an orange top. I've found 4 in different runs, I don't know how many spawn per map run. But even with only two, the loot can be game changing. Yeah I got your point, and what I like about this game is that you have to make your own goals to make it interesting after the first runs. What I personally don't like is the totally unreal decay rate (among other things, but that's an immersion breaker for me). I'm currently playing Stalker, because on the contrary to Voyageur I can't travel around the maps as if it was not a survival game (when I get bored, I do stupid things like exploring without can/pot/bedroll/knife, on Voyageur it's not even a deadly move...). When that run will be over, I think I will go to custom settings (may be soon, after 70 days I'm already having 2 months of food and all utilities. I'll go for a mapping-all-maps challenge but I'm starting to get lazy... and wolfed... maybe I should do it 'Cinderella style', naked into any new map).