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  1. Auto move button

    Yes, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've done a lot of walking in this game and holding down the W key for a long time does sometimes feel like it's flattening out your finger. Especially in strong headwinds, for some reason my brain just wants me to press harder! Auto walk FTW. World of Warcraft has the feature and it works great for walking long distances.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I didn't explain myself very well in my last post. Although your reply jogged my memory. I just feel like it was quicker before; select the pot and then choose either water or food to cook from the menu. Now you click the pot, the UI comes up with the black option box asking if you want to pick it up, cook or "water", then you select your water amount or food type. Two clicks where before it was one. I guess if you tend to leave pots and cans on the stove, the new method seems a bit cumbersome. I suppose it's muscle memory, I am used to the old method.
  3. After playing for half an hour or so, I'm not really feeling the UI change to the cooking. The extra step every time I click on an cooking item or a stove to choose what I want to do seems a bit redundant. I know what I want to do when I click on a pot, add food or boil water etc. This extra black box only really makes sense to add a pot to the stove. I suppose it's something to get used to.
  4. The update looks great. My only niggle upon starting up my survival game was the new tip loading screens upon entering and exiting buildings. The loading times have increased heading into and out of buildings and the picture and game tips break the immersion. The black screen was fine for me, wondering what I would find outside etc. Now we see the inside of the house, a picture of somewhere else with a tool tip and then we load in back outside.It's all a bit disjointed, you can almost see the picture with the tip loading. Wouldn't the CPU time be better spent just loading the outside world? Perhaps in a future patch we can have the option to turn off the game tips screen and have the black screen back?