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  1. i recently purchased the long dark on steam, but i'm gona be honest, i used to play the pirated version. now i want a fresh start, but after installation i found the saved game is still carried over to the proper version. how can i get a fresh start, without any feats, challenges, story or survival mode saves? thanks.
  2. on the Redux update, the running animation doesn't match the running sound. so for example hearing 2 steps would correspond to jumping only once in the air. previously on wintermute update i woulda jumped once for every step i heard, which kinda felt better, made me feel like i was running for my life or rushing very fast towards something. now its just a slow up and down with faster step sound that don't match the animation.
  3. I love the music in this game. can you please make it so that when i enter a building, the music doesn't stop? or at least not suddenly. it breaks the immersion for me :--) thanks.
  4. oh i see, F8 to give the coordinates would be very good if there isn't a clear landmark nearby, thanks for the heads up. new run is looking pretty damn good so far. I am however, going to the gas station, which is basically a wolf den. lets see how it goes >_>
  5. hello. got stuck in desolation point between three rocks next to the place where you climb to the lighthouse from the side. this image shows the exact location. was a new interloper run so it was k :--)