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  1. I had noticed different percentages but I didn't know this was the reason. Good tip.
  2. I watch the menu screen and have also wanted it as a screensaver. Sometimes I leave it open, thinking I'm just taking a break and forget until I hear the wind start to howl.
  3. Makes me remember my first time in the Ravine. I was looking around at the scenery and walked right off the trestle.
  4. I stabbed him without remorse. He would not survive. I mean, really, he could have pulled that knife out himself. It would also seem that he was basically hanging out watching the "real" bad guys do things without enough gumption to either join in or attempt prevention. Even in perfect health, I don't think he would have survived. It made me wonder how he even got to the farmhouse.
  5. I think this screenshot should help.
  6. I have a few ideas off the top of my head. Didn't put a lot of thought into this, it's just what first came to mind when I thought about how it might work. 1. They have to be crafted. Out of what and how hard they are can be debated. 2. Setting the trap should take time, during which the animal can find and possibly kill you. For something like bear you would have to anchor it to something or bury it. Digging in frozen ground is near impossible and time-consuming. 4 Unlike snares which, I think, seem to be kind of RNG-based, we would have to put the trap directly in an animals path. They would literally need to step in it. If the animal turns or otherwise misses the trap there is, of course, no catch. 4. The animal needs a chance to pull the trap loose. If it gets loose while you are near, watch out, a wounded animal is more dangerous.
  7. I also got kind of bored on my first Pilgrim run and it now sits with like 180 days or thereabouts. Hunting is a more of a challenge because everything runs away, but that is the only challenge. I would love to at least increase the animal aggression. That being said, I did just what Stone suggested and went to Interloper. I lasted just under 24 hours my first run. I died trying to climb out of PV and got too tired to find shelter before succumbing to the dark. Oddly enough, I never saw a wolf or bear, even when looting the farmhouse.
  8. That image is beautiful. I have also faded within site of safety. You captured that feeling perfectly with that screenshot.
  9. OMG that is cool. I theoretically have access to a 3D printer (it belongs to a friend) but I really know nothing about them. I love seeing what people can do with them.
  10. This made me want to play. I can't help wondering if someone on this team plays.
  11. This makes me laugh. My friends cannot see the appeal. Every time they walk by my PC they're like "I see you're walking through snow again. Ever do anything else?" I have completely failed to articulate how immersive the game really is. I haven't lost too many arrows yet, but I have lost some that seem like they should have been "right there".
  12. Down south we have Alligator Gar. They get like 7 feet long and are predatory. They live in salt, brackish, and fresh water. Don't know if they would survive in Canada but they do in Illinois although they are rare. I'm pretty sure there would be a Northern equivalent. Maybe pikes are it, I don't really know much about that species. I would love to see a vicious aurora fish. Edited to add: The scales were also used by primitive peoples for arrowheads and breastplates and the skin makes leather.
  13. Along with the bears and wolves in the area. This would be greatness.
  14. Every stove has a pot or can. Every cave I ever used as a base has a can on the fire. I leave one everywhere I have slept, just in case I somehow get caught out without one. If I have extras, I usually just line them up on a shelf somewhere.
  15. I think there are seven of them all together. The notes leading to them are on all three maps. You need to find them all before the quest shows finished.