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  1. Do you think you will ever offer entry-level positions at Hinterland? Perhaps, when the company has grown to be big enough? Would you like to offer job and experience opportunities to beginning (often inexperienced) but determined and hard-working artists/programmers/developers? I totally understand the current approach to Hinterland's team building, focusing on experienced veteran developers. Just curious about distant, theoretical future.
  2. But it's not the point. It's just so silly. Why? Why can't I sleep on the floor of the cave? What's more not every interior has a bed plus, even more importantly as BareSkin said: you get this fuzzy view, and start staggering around way before so while in theory it takes some time to die from exhaustion, in practice you won't be able to move efficiently to those beds (that are supposingly all around). What's more, why can't I just sleep on the ledge or in some cave midway through my climbing? I know it will be dangerous but let me suffer consequences. Don't make me stuck on the ledge with 0 energy just because I did not take that additional 1kg of bedroll weight (more if it's Bearskin Bedroll)? Saying that there is plenty of places to sleep predefined by the game is not addressing the problem (not only my problem but problem of many, many players) at all. It's like saying: "Ok, characters refuse to eat with their hands in extreme survival situations. They require knife and fork. But we made spawn point for plenty of forks and knives so it seems you have a lot of options where to eat?" It's exactly the same level of pointlessness.
  3. Well, the reply of the Mr. Director was that we have plenty options to sleep: beds, cars and bedrolls so it's not needed... Completely missed a point of how silly and pointless it is to not have it, with typical: "We think you are wrong and that's all we have to say."
  4. Straightforward question: do you plan to add option to sleep on the floor (like anywhere, even on snow)? I'm asking cause it seem highly unrealistic (not it's-just-a-game unrealistic, but really unrealistic) that characters stay up until they die of exhaustion instead of passing out and waking up later. Sleeping on the bare floor could have no benefits of regular sleep (like very slow condition restoration or no affliction healing) and on snow it could mean temperature penalty instead of bonus so you would need a fire going. Buuut it should at least be an option, right? If it isn't, it's just quite silly that characters stay up until they die of sleep deprivation and it makes bedroll a bit too crucial than it should be.
  5. Yeah, I know. These all things, however, are just so they could balance out game/allow for some mechanic. Okay, noone would be immediately as successful with making deerpants as our characters are on the first try, but they should be, cause it allows for some basic mechanics to function. With lack of sleeping without bedroll it's just so surreal, more unrealistic in my opinion than the fact that they can blacksmith on the first try or still eat ruined meat with enough cooking level. Its just against basic logic of the supposingly realistic game itself. On the side note, yeah: whoever needs to eat half a deer a day to survive is indeed a mutant.
  6. I'm just wondering why it is not possible to lay down on the floor and sleep? You could still die if you did not take care for heat etc. Outside you could still be attacked by wildlife (even more likely than in snow shelter) but it should be an option! Even on the snow as a last resort (and I don't mean snow shelter). They could make it, so sleeping on the floor would not restore condition, restore very little of it, it would burn more calories or some other drawbacks like that, but it at least should be an option! It's just so stupid when I'm well fed, well hydrated, got maximum condition and a big fire that's going to last 10 hours and gives off +60 degrees Celsius (thanks to coal), and then I still dies of exhaustion cause Will stands there stubborn, refusing to lay down until his goddamn death! You'd think that after running out of energy the bastard would just collapse from the exhaustion on the floor, pass out there and wake up a bit more rested, right? But this goddamn mutant does not behave like human being and instead just stands there until death does him part. Goddamn it. Why do you think it's not possible? You could say balance, but as I said it could have serious drawbacks/none of the benefits of regular sleeping. And yet it should still be allowed as a last resort because it makes no sense to die of exhaustion instead of just passing out and waking up later!
  7. Oh, right, sorry. I forgot about moose satchel mainly because I never used it. Still, my initial question holds.
  8. Ok, so I have 3 questions here. I'll be thankful if you answer! 1) People seem to really want this, theoretically small, but much needed change and I'm one of them. What change? Making scarfs and accessory, not a piece of head-clothing! It makes no sense for them to take up the same space as hats, while ear wraps are considers accesory (and I think they are the only accessory currently in game). Will you make scarfs take up accessory slot rather than head slot, because ear wrap being an only accessory seems a bit empty and definitely not very sensible (like: Who would wear two ear wraps??)? Do you plan to add more accessories? 2) I also wanted to ask what are your current plans for regions? Are you right now focused purely on adding regions for the sake of Wintermute or are you also planning some regions only for sandbox mode (like the added Hushed River Valley)? Do you plan to somehow expand the Broken Railroad or is this regions finished? I ask this because I'm already in love with this specific map and from reading forums I see that I'm not the only one who feels that this region is a bit "unfinished" and will probably be expanded in the future. Do you plan to do that? 3) Question that's purely out of curiosity. Do you plan or have you ever considered making windows inside the building reflect the actual outside? If you scrapped that idea, than can you tell us why? What I mean by it is that instead of only light passing through them and nothing but blurr being visible, we would have windows actually showing what is outside. An example: you've just hidden inside a cabin from a wolf and you can see that wolf romaing outside in real time. Exactly like we can see the outside from vehicles? Just a question, not something that I wanna see or that I think should be in game, cause I imagine how much work and problems that could create plus in some ways current choice of "window mechanic" (if I can call it that) is more atmospheric. Thanks for answers and thanks for being so active with the community. I can really see that you're listening to us and really put your heart into this project, thinking how to make a good game and not just how to sell it more effectively. Cheers for that!
  9. First of all: add your question in the main "question thread" for Milton Mailbag since creators most likely won't respond to it in separate thread. This way we all could get an answer to that question since I also agree that Cairns require something more interesting in them than just generic message. You have a good idea!
  10. Yeah, as for Interloper I tried it a few times and although I died only once, and survived 3 times, I played it for 6 days max. I simply got too put off. I could survive on it (I mean for these initial few days, I know that later I would encounter more and more problems) but it wasn't fun for me to be on constant lookout and to count every match and every calorie. I prefer more laid back playthroughs in this game to appreciate atmosphere and environment. I don't know Forlorn Muskeg that well, hence why I may try to kind of get to know the area better this time, but I probably won't stay there for long (maybe week or two). Thanks for all the tips that may help me survive there!
  11. I have a question and would be glad to hear others opinions or tips on the matter. I'm currently on the 23rd day of my custom playthrough. I started in Milton so I put the wolves on Low (they are terribly annoying there) and Blizzards on High (to balance it out and keep things interesting). The rest of settings is regular Voyager. Sooo now I'm planning on moving from Mountain Town map to somewhere else soon, probably on day 30 or even sooner as I'm quite comfortable here already (got a ton of meat and decent animal clothes). I want to make things interesting by leaving a lot of gear behind (taking those clothes though) because I feel that soon in Milton I will lose the need to actually venture anywhere, given how much stuff I already have. I want to avoid that and change my scenery. Here is where my question comes: do you guys think it is better to go to Forlorn Muskeg, try to live there for a few weeks, and then move on to Broken Railroad, or to go straight for Mystery Lake, and maybe THEN move to FM? I want to repeat that I won't be taking much gear with me: only essential tools, set of good clothes, probably rifle but almost no spare food (only so much to last me the journey and get me started in new region). This could make straight away survival in Forlorn quite challenging, so going to Mystery Lake would allow me to regain some gear. I am personally more inclined to go to FM because I feel like I need something more difficult but I still want to hear your opinions. What I could also use, are some good tips on how to get set up in Forlorn and what worthy visiting is there, as I have never made a proper playthrough in the region before.
  12. The atmosphere: of a snowy, Canadian wilderness and harsh, yet somehow soothing survival in these conditions.
  13. Completely agree with this, should attract predators to make it more interesting, realistic and to add some strategy. It would force us to store it somewhere animals won't get it like trunks of cars, sheltered porches. It could also require the devs to add more outside storages (like the one by Trapper's Cabin in Story Mode) or to allow player to craft some sort of their own portable chest or box. Nothing big, just to be able to safely store such meat. This is an aspect of the game that I fell could really use some more development.
  14. So I had this idea for a region I would like to see for quite some time. It stems from the fact that I'd really like to see more wilderness area that has some decent, key shleters but nothing as densely packed with houses as Milton. I'd like to see this nice balance that would give us some interesting man-made locations with backstory to explore, at the same time putting us into the middle of Canadian nowhere. Map that allows us to choose a base in one of man-made shelters but forces us to explore wilderness while moving from one such shelter to another. Thanks to anyone who will read through this wall of text and will be kind enough to share their opinion. I know it's quite extensive and it may not be very well planned but hey! It's just for fun! Name could be Rosethorn Ridge, or Roesthorn Valley, something like that. The whole terrain would be very uneven, mountain-ey, with a lot of hills, high hillocks and medium-sized mountains. Not a one-huge mountain like TimberWolf, not such extremely vertical cliffs like in Hushed River Valley. A very uneven terrain, where multiple hills, high rock formations, etc. are intersected by rivers or ditches. Walking around would prove to be quite the pain in the a*s since it would be tiring for the character and rather slow. What's more, mountainous terrain would prove to be very tricky to navigate and find your way around, especially when you don't know it very well yet. Such layout would be one of the biggest difficulties of this map. My initial plan was that Rosethorn Ridge would be connected to Broken Railroad. It's not a "must" or anything, I just really like Broken Railroad and thought it would add more value to the map if it was connected to a new one. It would also situate Rosethorn right next to a forge so that's another plus. I presented the rough map layout in the attached picture. As you all can see it's very, very rough with only key landmarks (that I have came up with) marked. It's done for fun, not as a professional plan. There is still a huge amount of space empty on the map so if any of you have any ideas what could go there share them! So here comes the description of the main landmarks of the map that I draw: Railroad would continue in a straightforward manner up to the bridge going over the creek and somewhere beyond. Maybe to yet another map In the bottom left corner of the map there would be a hill with a location called Scientist's post. It would consist of remnants of a fence surrounding small hut made of bricks, a small wooden ruin where some sort of shack used to be (it would be completely destroyed, almost no cover from wind or anything) and a broken, small radio tower. There would also be a simple hunter's blind. Deers could roam somewhere in the forest below but it would be very difficult to hunt them from this blind due to trees and difference in height. Naturally main point of interest here is a hut that could make a potential base. Inside of this small, brick hut would be similar to radio hut from Plesent Valley. To the right from the entrance would be "work room" with some shelves, file cabinets and locker (providing potential storage space), table and workbench. Straight ahead, at the end of the hut, would be extremely tiny bathroom: only toilet, sink, maybe medical cabinet. The rest of the space would be taken up by an open "living room" space: a bed, fireplace, wardrobe, possible some other furniture and some additional storage space. The drawback would be that the storage space is not really great and the whole place is rather tiny but it still could make for a solid main-base. At one point, when you're walking alongside tracks, there is hard to immediately see trail leading up the hill into the forest, and later up the main, central mountain up to the military base. Mountain on which the base is situated would be very steep (best entrance is by this trail and there is also a steeper trail at the back that I will describe later) but it would have a spacious, flat top on which the Rosethorn Military Base is nestled. Military Base: the main attraction here. it would be surrounded by a high fence that is destroyed in many places so it would by no means be enclosed and safe from wildlife. As you approach the main gate there is a small cabin right at the entrance. This cabin, designed for entrance guards, could make a good "living space" in the base: it is cosy and small. There is belly-pot stove and a bed. Some drawers would also be present, but the storage is generally very poor. This should not be the problem, however, as you have the rest of the Base for that. In the middle of the Base there are 3 "living blocks". One of them would be randomly destroyed leaving behind only huge, concrete shell that provides decent shelter from the wind in the corners and that's about it. The remaining two living blocks would be almost identical buildings on the inside. On the ground floor they have smaller room with around 4 or 5 beds and two wardrobes. There is also reception desk right by the entrance and behind this reception desk is a small office. On the far-left end and on the far-right end are bathrooms, with 6 showers each, clearly for the use of soldiers. There is a stairway upstairs and upstairs are two open rooms you can access, each with 8 bunk beds and some lockers. There is also an emergency exit upstairs that lets you leave through the outside staircase (like in Hibernia Processing). Now as we described living blocks and guard's hut there are 4 constructions left in the base: the utility block, two hangars and two guarding towers. Guarding towers would be located in two opposing corners of the base. They would be just like any high lookout towers and would provide good overview of the map, being in center and on the highest mountain. Inside, however, there would be nothing of interest: no bed, no fireplace, only some run-down furniture to destroy for wood. Two hangars would be quite big, industrial buildings. Inside they would be identical: huge hall with a lot of things to gain metal-scarps/reclaimed wood from, probably a truck or two to enter, some lockers storing loot. Loot would also be scattered across whole hangar. One hangar would have a workbench. Apart from that, nothing interesting so not a good place to sleep in. Finally "utility block" would be building on the side of the base where there are 4 rooms: laundry room, chief office, kitchen and dining hall. Dining hall would be big but would be quite empty: only long tables, lots of chairs and benches. Soldiers ate here so what else would you expect? Kitchen would have some decent storage space and 6-slot stove. Chief office would be kind of generic office but with a safe so potentially valuable loot. Laundry room would be very basic: a few washing machines and dryers so good place too look for clothes. Some furniture here and there to break down as well. So this is it for my plan of the base. Nothing else (maybe except radio tower somewhere in the base or nearby to indicate that it was used by the military). Leaving Rosethorn base through the back, there is a steep trail leading down the mountain straight to the "Hidden Pond" located at the foot of this mountain. On the pond there would be something that every Long Dark player loves: two fishing huts. As I marked on the map, there would also be two cabins at each side of the pond. Inside would be bed and some furniture plus storage space but no fireplaces so they would not make ideal bases. The whole pond could have some fragments of wooden fence surrounding it and signs reading "military property- keep out", indicating that people stationing in the Base were using it. Cabins would be implied to house soldiers guarding the lake. Sooo as you all can see I came up with quite detailed ideas, and yet I am aware that some of them probably do not make sense to you. There is still plenty of space on this map of mine to add some more interesting locations. Maybe some other building, hidden among the numerous hills, that could make yet another good base? I also haven't thought about distribution of wildlife in the area. As you see this is just a rough draft with some things more detailed than the others. For those of you who read through it I am already thankful and I will be even more thankful if you share your opinions or add something.