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  1. And I can't stop. I talk to myself A LOT while playing TLD, and 99% of the time when I refer to the Camp Office, I call it the Mystery Shack. I'm assuming 'cause Mystery Lake and all that, and my brain just decided Camp Office wasn't home-y enough, but still . . .
  2. The Bite of Wintersteel

    Chapter 2: A Small Victory I did it. I finally did it. I made it to the garage. My only shame in it is that it took . . . several days. I never even made it to the road in my first attempt. I felt broken and small, and the blood-hungry beasts outside the cabin door cackled at my cowardice. I retreated to Jackrabbit Island, my body unharmed but my resolve desolate. The second attempt was a similar failure, but my lack of success brought something shocking out of me, something I almost wish I did not have. When I left the cabin by the road for the second time, leaving behind the Holy Grail of the garage, I felt something unfamiliar and blinding burning inside me; the desire to kill. The desire to prove that I AM HERE, AND I WILL NOT BE DESTROYED. My eyes landed on a wolf far away on the edge of the south coast, and I made a beeline for him. I did not pull out my gun. I did not pull out a flare. I did not hide. My eyes never left him. When he finally caught sight of me, I never faltered. I may have even run to meet him. The struggle was shockingly short, and by the end of it, not a single drop of my blood lay on the ice beneath us. I had spilled his, but mine burned too hot for him to touch. He retreated quickly, and I followed him mercilessly. He met his end soon enough. But when the deed was done . . . I felt incredibly afraid of what I had just become, and at the same time safer than I had ever dared to think. It was then that I had the first real glimmer of hope that maybe . . . maybe I could learn to conquer this hostile world.
  3. Share your screenshots

    Sunrise from the top of the Forestry Lookout.
  4. Famous Last Words

    "I wonder if these wires are like, dangerous." Story Mode. First Aurora. And that's how I died for the very first time.
  5. Stupidest way you have died

    Walked right onto a live wire during the first Aurora in story mode. I wanted to kick myself.
  6. The Bite of Wintersteel

    Journal Entry #1: Stalking I can't be alone anymore. After 25 days, I just can't bear to hear nothing but the blood-heavy breaths of the beasts outside my door. The last one nearly had me; I was a fool. And I paid the price in blood. I just can't be alone anymore. I feel like I'm losing my mind. Maybe, with this journal, I can convince myself that I have some sort of reason to keep fighting. Fool myself into believing that one day, I will crush these mountains under my feet and climb out of this nightmare. I'm stuck now in a house by the water. The Quonset garage, my oasis, lies just on the other side of the road. But I have tried three times, and I cannot reach it. The wolves hound my heels with every step; it's as if they know I'm fairly dying to reach the garage, so they throw themselves at me every chance they can to keep it just out of my grasp. There is a reason I didn't touch this town for 17 days. I stayed on the old house on Jackrabbit Island. I ate, slept, fished, hunted, survived . . . lived, even. All within reach of that island. But now I'm here. In this desolate town that smells of blood and betrayal, and I can hear them outside my door. Clawing, panting, snarling. Watching me. Even when they cannot see me, still they are watching me. I feel their heartbeats through the frozen earth, and they feel mine. I cannot recall how many of theirs I have slain, but every one of them haunts me in the eyes of their brethren. I have to fight for my place here, for they know I do not belong. They all seem to act as one. I may not remember how much of their blood I have spilled, but they do. They remember every single one of theirs that fell by my blade. And the more that fall, the more they kill me in their minds. I can't stay here. Even now I cannot decide if I will press on to the garage. I may try one more time. But if it fails, and I live . . . I will leave this cursed place behind.