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  1. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Thank you. Im pretty new to the forums so i dont know everything yet.
  2. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Do you guys have any plans to add other hunting weapons in the game? For example muzzleloaders, spears, maybe even like a crossbow you can find, but not make.
  3. Fewer but more punishing ankle sprains

    Yeah ankle sprains are too frequent and I don’t know why, but they seem to happen at the worst times too like when a wolf is stalking you. Them being less frequent, but more punishing is a very good idea. I feel like they will do something like that soon because of the growing number of complaints.
  4. Muzzleloaders

    I apologize
  5. Muzzleloaders

    Thanks for the feedback on my post deathbydanish. I agree with you about simplifying it. I didn’t think about the new players when i posted this. I’ll take this into consideration.
  6. Muzzleloaders

    I have been hoping for this ever since i got the game and now that i have an account i can share it with you all. A new weapon for hunting in the game, a muzzleloader. I have been thinking that muzzleloaders in the game would be a very cool experience. For the hunting rifle you cannot make more bullets for it you can only find more bullets through out the cold world. But for a muzzleloader you could make bullets with the forge in the game and a new item, the mold for bullets that has 2 spots for bullets to be made and it degrades over time with each use and when it breaks it is like a whetstone, you can’t repair it. Now the powder you use can be found through out the world and you can’t make it (side note you can also find muzzleloader bullets like rifle bullets, but they are more rare than rifle bullets). The gun powder like i said can be found, but not made. Depending on what muzzleloader design you choose to put in the game either a flintlock or a percussion cap one (like the ones they used in the civil war in America) the flintlock one will be harder to fire, but you can find flint more often than the percussion caps. (I say use the flintlock for a harder experience in hunting with it). Now the muzzleloader itself will be more rare to find than the hunting rifle and only spawns in specific locations, like the trappers cabin in mystery lake and next to a dead body in hushed river valley. Flint in the game will be fairly easy to find through out the world like again in the trappers cabin or just in the snow near a dead body. The skill for the muzzleloader either you can make a entire new skill or you could just add it into the rifle skill which would save more time in putting it into the game. Starting at level one you won’t know how much powder to put into the gun so most of your shots will be inaccurate and sometimes you will use too much powder and lose some of it. Forgot to mention this you can make like a gun powder measure tool to know how much to put in the gun. You can find this through out the game world or make one from a hollowed out moose or deer antler that won’t be as accurate as a professionally made one, but does the trick. Back to the skill thing at level one you will be inaccurate with the gun and have no skill bonuses like the rifle skill. Level 2 you are getting the hang of it wasting less powder and getting better at maintaining the weapon, but you are still pretty inaccurate. Level 3 is pretty much the same as level 3, but the bonuses are better and you are getting more accurate. Level 4 you are getting pretty accurate at shooting and use the precise amount of powder each time and the previous bonuses are better as well. Level 5 you are dead eye accurate with the gun and you know the gun so well you can even improve some parts to make it have more damage and more critical hit chance. There are more skill bonuses, but most of them are just the same as the rifle ones. Also at level one you have the most rarest chance of putting too much powder in it that it will explode ruining the muzzleloader beyond repair and also hurting you and maybe even making you bleed so you have to use a bandage. On the bright side of that the big boom scared away every predator in a 2 mile radius and you have time to recover without a wolf or bear attacking you. If you have any questions about this long post about putting muzzleloaders in the game ask away. I will try to answer any questions you have.
  7. Veteran player

    Just signed into the forums because i have some questions about the future for this game annd i have been playing since early 2016. I saw the game for ten bucks because of Xbox live gold and it seemed pretty cool so i bought it and it has been one of my favorite games since. I remember when the game was still in alpha and when everything was shown through bars on your screen instead of the symbols.