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  1. ''MEAT STEW''

    I feel late to the party, but I think there might be ways to implement different recipes to the game, without making them overpowered or breaking the continuity of the game. The devs have wisely been very careful about adding new items in world that might harm existing playthroughs, and ruin an ongoing story for someone. I think there could be ways to use existing items in game to make recipes that have different effects. For instance, maybe meat plus water makes stew, and perhaps that meal might negate the hydration loss caused by the meat. Or, maybe a stew with carnivore meat plus mushrooms negates or lowers the chance of parasites. From there, it really comes down to imagination and the devs comfort with adding new effects to the game in a non-gamebreaking fashion. If you add things like canned food, or mushrooms, you could make meals that have different effects, and not all of them would necessarily be positive. For instance, venison plus rose hips and salty crackers might make a tasty biscotti that adds health over time, but if you make it with bear meat or sardines watch out! It lowers your stamina bar more quickly when you run for the next 24 hours. This could allow the players to experiment and gauge the risk/reward of using more items to make a tiered level recipe system with greater positive and negative effects that they discover as they go and gain cooking ability.
  2. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    I found a bedroll in TWM, at a dead person’s camp. I don’t know if it’s a guaranteed spawn at voyager or not.
  3. Is Mystery Lake in the Upsidown

    Perhaps it wasn’t the geomagnetic storm that changed the Earth’s axis tilt, but instead whatever changed the Earth’s axis tilt also caused the geomagnetic storm. After all, we are trapped forever in the first day of spring.
  4. Perfect base... Now?

    The six burner stoves are really helpful, but six cooking pots aren’t that necessary. Meat or fish can just be placed on the stove with no pots, and if you have at least a couple of pots, you can use them to make water while you cook meat. Eventually, making 12l of water at a time with two cedar or one fir becomes overkill. Why is there no love for the hydro dam for a base? It’s central to everything, with close access to 2 maps, and decent access to 2 more. There’s more storage than you could ever fill, multiple work benches, two outdoor safe zones with books and crannies good for blocking the wind, thousands of hours of wood, a moose, deer, and wolf spawns nearby, and some decent views. It isn’t the prettiest place in the game, but it certainly makes for a good base.
  5. I feel like something like the travois is assumed while traveling in game. The game allows the player to carry over 50kg/110lbs while still able to walk long distances. This is well beyond the carrying weight of any backpacker. There is no sign in game of the special military packs that are made to hold 35kg of gear, and no reason to believe Will has anything like that on hand when he is stranded. He is in first person, probably pulling a sled behind him. It’s not like he has 20kg of coal in his pockets. Carrying capacity as a mechanic is really hard to balance in a game like this, because volume and item value are as important as mass in game. That’s why feathers weigh 1kg/100 and three old man’s beards weighing .01 kg each make a dressing that weighs .1kg. It’s not meant to be realistic. It’s meant to be a fun balance.