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    Dog friend

    A dog companion would bring a complexity to the game that isn’t really there at the moment. An abandoned pet wouldn’t be suited to a survival situation, so it would be mostly relegated to the house or area it was found in. Maybe it survived in one of the homesteads that has bunnies nearby, and it kills and eats them. Maybe, you can gain its trust by bringing it meat from hunting. Maybe if you do, it will bark and scare away wolves, or warn you when the bear is nearby. What Doc meantioned is more of a trained hunting and guard dog. Those types of companions exist, but it would be difficult to take the time to train them properly during a survival situation. Even then, I’m not sure Hinterland is interested in bringing in extensive breeding and training mechanics into the game. A dog that accompanies the player out into the wilderness would be like having a two player game, complete with its own stats and abilities. Your constant interaction with it would take a lot of the survival time out of the game.
  2. Almost all my sprains happen on uneven ground, specifically when I’m traveling against the grain. So, if I’m walking down a hill, I don’t get a sprain often, if at all. If I walk on the side of a hill, it happens a lot. If I’m encumbered while doing these things, and also holding a rifle, it’s almost guaranteed to happen. Maybe my evidence is anecdotal, but your pics seem to represent my thoughts. What gets annoying is that I might jump off a short cliff and hear the “oof” sound, but then seem to be walking on an innocent patch of dirt, and then bam! Two sprains. But, this tends to mimick real life. I have glass ankles myself, but I rarely hurt them when I steel myself to a jump. It’s when I’m not paying attention and roll my ankle on a pebble, that I sit for the next two days in pain. I don’t really like your ideas for pain med mechanics. It’s not that your ideas are bad or unrealistic. It’s that I don’t feel it would add much to the game in terms of fun or challenge. This is a survival simulator, not a pain management simulator. Perhaps gaining a tolerance or withdrawal symptoms might be a good addition, but I don’t know if much beyond that would be good. Most of the game mechanics are simple and one or two tiered afflictions. More to pain management would start making things complex.
  3. What you say is true, but there’s a wonderful flip-side to that coin. Do you need to stave off cabin fever? Are you exhausted? Do you need water? Is it wicked cold out? The opportunity to multitask is wonderfully balanced. A cooking pot of snow takes long enough to boil, that you can sleep for 2 hours and it won’t be boiled away. Keep that fire roaring, and cook 20l of water while you sleep!
  4. I just tested my own idea. I was mistaken; you have to pass time for a full hour before it will save. After the pass time completes itself, you’ll see the hatchet. In any event, you’re not saving the lost hour. The save comes immediately following the passed time.
  5. Either walk into any building or different map, or pass time for an hour and cancel it. The game saves automatically. Alternatively, jump off a hill and get an injury. Also, auto save.
  6. Mushroom growing simulator! I think you’re really on to something here!
  7. I really appreciate your thinking. There are some indicators. “I don’t feel so well” comes at some point around 40% I think. Maybe, other things, like vomiting, coughing, spitting up blood, and momentary dizziness might be added. I feel like stumbling at 5% health is kind of overkill, and if used it should be sooner. Trip and fall at 20%, dropping whatever you’re holding, for instance. I just feel that, from a roleplaying standpoint, if you are going to show any numerical stats at all, HP should be one of them. Maybe they’re trying to ween us off the hard way.
  8. The blue is a bit off. The sky has the same lighting effect as something like fire. Blue skies don’t make the world blue on Earth. But it’s super pretty as a result. And everything is shockingly crisp.
  9. “Food coma” debuff? Maybe that could come if yountry to eat after you’re full.
  10. Nono, TLD3 by EA will be great! It’ll come with the full game of Mystery Lake and CH for $69.99, but if you preorder, you’ll be able to get the expansion pack on launch date, that includes Pleasant Valley for $19.99! Also! You’ll be able to get the “Hunter” add on, three weeks later for only $6.99. This exciting additional content will include a bow (get a blue one for and additional $3), and all sorts of craftables that are exactly like the ones you used in TLD and TLD2! But wait! There’s more! Every three months, they will offer a new expansion pack that has all the same exact exciting craftables, maps, and animals that you came to know and love, but now they’re all in THIS game too!! You see? EA is benevolent! EA is kind! Give EA your money!
  11. Pretty please? It’s driving me nuts. We have new wheels that tell us within a percentage point how cold, tired, thirsty, or hungry we are, but you took away the only stat that I obsessed over. I need to know about every last hit point, and it’s making me crazy! Give it back, please!
  12. Is it the new Unity update? Is it something else? Have you folks been working tirelessly the past few months to make this game even more beautiful? I don’t know. All I do know is that I had a plan for today, and instead I’m just stalking around Trapper’s Cabin, boiling water, and staring at the scenery. Well done!
  13. If you take a bunch of them and line them up together during an aurora, nothing happens.
  14. I like this idea, if only to reduce clutter outside of every base I put together. I don’t think it should be usable as storage while carried though. That’s what the satchel is for. It could be made much heavier and hold more this way.
  15. TLD isn’t set in the mountains. It’s set in a location that is similar to a couple of Hudson Bay coastal towns in Manitoba. The place is fictional though, so they can anything that pleases them. I hope for Polar Bears someday.