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  1. My first time playing this game had me actively searching for something to melt my water in. I tried lighting fires in areas that looked like they'd hold water, I tried looking for a can, I tried looking up trees and fell off the cliff at least once. When I eventually stopped trying to over think it I got it and it was probably one of my most favorite newbie experiences with this game. Now with the new water/cooking system it's a little more like what I had been expecting then. A more recent and truly memorable death for me now though occurred during the 4 Days of Night event. I'd started 4 characters and got them all through their first "night" in hopes that one would make it to the end. Two died at the VERY freaking start of night 2 (stupid wolves), the third died of hypothermia because I kept falling into water trying to avoid things, and lucky #4.... well. Lucky 4 made it to night 3, but not easily. I discovered a way out of the starting zone (as this was my first time playing survival it took a little longer) and was making my way through the valley. I thought I found a way through that'd take me to the next zone. So I descend into this ravine. I promptly discover a dead deer and a few cattails and a cave to sleep in. I'd open up my map and get confused because it looked like I could get to where I needed to go from this ravine but I couldn't find this mystical exit. It took me at least an hour to give up and try going back up the rope I'd come down on. This is where the adventure really began. I couldn't for the life of me get up the rope again! I ended up using all my food trying to give me a boost up and then it hit me... I wasn't leaving this area. It was on then I had 2 hours to go before finishing this night. I collected ALL the cattails I could set up as long lasting of a fire that I could boiled as much water as I could carry and began making coffee. Thankfully I'd packed enough tins that the next 2 hours was much like college, surviving on coffee and a fear of death. While I didn't make it to the fourth night, that feeling of wonder as night 3 rolled in was perfect. Snagged a screen of the very start of the next night too.