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  1. Flare Gun

    @Willy & DarKube After seeing additional videos, it seems the whole/most of the world goes dark, not just Great Bear (I got the wrong impression at first). So yes, I now agree there is NO ONE around in survival mode that can rescue and the only end is death. However, I notice the flare gun must have took a long time to develop and it was done early in the game. For example, something simple like remapping the stars to Earth constellations will take too much time away from development work. This makes me think there is an intended purpose for the flair gun and there's more going on with the flare than just killing/scaring wolfs-bears-moose. There may be something in story mode later not seen yet
  2. Many items

    I found this is already implemented. Just use the charcoal in the maps menu. It maps a small area, so you need to do it often and it's not automatic.
  3. Well Rested

    Can't EDIT. I meant 6 continuous hours of sleep per day for 3 days.
  4. Well Rested

    I also wanted to post something similar. But to get the Well Rested Bonus, you will need (something like) 6 CONTINUOUS hours of sleep for 3 days (72 hours) strait. This will be difficult in an outdoor environment because you need to wake up every 1-2 hours to avoid hypothermia (or dying) while sleeping - in case the temperature went down while sleeping. Also can't run out of water and food while sleeping. I've gotten hypothermia and died once thinking I was warm enough during a long 8 hour sleep.
  5. Many items

    I found the lichen. Didn't understand until the whole word is used " Old Mans Beard Lichen "
  6. Many items

    what's lichen ?
  7. Moose Hide Satchel Bug ?

    In Hushed River Valley, there is a cave behind Watchful Falls. The invisible wall is gone and I'm able to enter the cave. Thanks for fixing !
  8. I know it's just a fictional place, but is there a specific island the game based on or which island looks similar? In another thread, someone thought it's similar to Etolin Island on the West Cost (rather than the Tundra). Thinking this is an interesting part of the world to visit. I tried doing google on north west Canada. This is what I think Milton Town will look like if it was real (sorry 1 photo is southern Alaska).
  9. Car fell on a bear

    Just wanted to share. It was a clean kill using only 1 arrow. I already finished clearing all the maps. Now just getting bear meat and boiling lots of water.
  10. Flare Gun

    So it seems like there IS an intended use for the flare gun. Just need to wait for all the story chapters to finish.
  11. Flare Gun

    It seems no one wants to use the flare gun for rescue (as in the first post). The flare ammo is much more rare than riffle ammo so it's a waste for scaring or killing. This makes me think people really enjoy the game and don't want a rescue
  12. Moose Hide Satchel Bug ?

    You're right, it is 72 hours. However, I really thought I stayed well fed for much-much longer than 72 hours and didn't notice a perk notification until over 100 DAYS. This made me think the perk was in days.
  13. Respawn of Items in survivalmode

    I don't think ANYONE wants chocolate bars respawning,. Just some natural plants respawning every 1000 or so days. Man made things already get washed ashore (respawned) slowly at the shores which makes survival forever difficult but at least possible,.
  14. Moose Hide Satchel Bug ?

    Found the "problem" ! I had to wear it on my head, not just carry in the bag. Makes me look smart. Still looking for info on the mysterious invisible wall at the River Valley cave .
  15. Moose Hide Satchel Bug ?

    It took me 72 days to get well fed. It will take a LONG time to find the other way around.