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  1. Many items

    Didn't check harvesting cloth without a knife yet. Yes,. there is a lot of available cloth and old clothes in the world if you look hard enough. But I was thinking of a way of renewing cloth (to help live forever in perpetual winter if you're into that) . I found shores can sometimes wash up old clothes VERY slowly. So it seems its VERY difficult but possible to have available cloth forever if you just don't wear out clothes or bleed faster than cloth available in the world. I'm now looking for a "retirement" home when I clear all the maps. BTW, the Timberwolf Mountain summit was a nice discovery
  2. Many items

    Can't edit a old post. But when I said " Natural bandage " , I mean crafting a bandage from something renewable other than cloth. Maybe bark or a pelt? I'm starting to run out of cloth and bandages and looking for old clothes - the knife is also getting dull. Lucky I have a few spare knifes.
  3. Many items

    I didn't notice, thanks for sharing !
  4. Many items

    Sure, but what does that have to do with oil and matches ? I missed something.
  5. Many items

    Then it seems like when lamp oil is gone, it's gone forever like matches. Need to make a campfire with a magnifying glass then pull a torch from it, then hope it doesn't go out before you leave the cave. A long indoor path is a bigger problem because no campfires indoors. I mentioned above the flint should also wear out a LOT slower.
  6. Many items

  7. Many items

    Well, if there is enough oil to illuminate the lighthouse, then there should be TONS for a survivor. If there is 1 place on the whole island that has abundant oil for refilling, it will still be difficult to carry many jerry cans across multiple maps. I don't want to see more than 1 building of abundant oil..
  8. Many items

    Hi all. Just a newbie. The Long Dark is a great game and with with many suggestions. Here is my wish-list worth 2 cents. Sorry if I missed an item already discussed. 1kg bars of gold in the bank vault. Can't eat it, burn it, keep you warm, heal you, or craft with it. But some will try to collect them anyway. Natural bandage. Must be a way if the devs want it possible to live for years with enough skill and luck. Natural lamp oil - used for 1000's of years, must be a way. OR at least some way to make a torch with natural oil or tree-sap. RARE rifle with scope. I see NO need for more guns and ammo, but a few rare rifles with scopes can make target shooting easier and fun - and more humane. Able to craft harvest normal "cured" leather from a pelt for repairs. Maybe a high-level skill. At least one detailed map of each area - like what's in the story-mode. old items - my take.. Tent - Similar to the snow shelter. No need to carry so many sticks, but you can take it with you like the sleeping bag. rabbit or "sinister looking" wolf hat natural whetstone - like the normal stone, but white in color and near rivers - hard to detect. broken bones - legs and arms behave different. Can cure with 10+ days rest or rare morphine I guess. compass - let the player see it won't work. Should keep the same direction for about an hour (game time). binoculars - don't see why not. Can tell if the black dot is a rock or wolf. RARE bow saw or "Paul Bunyan" Axe - cut bigger logs. Also heavy. Not something to keep with you at all times. Fire by bow and stick - maybe only for 4-5 level players. Make the whetstone and flint last a LOT longer. More realistic. thanks for reading .
  9. Newbie lovin the game

    50 year old American -working overseas and loving The Long Dark. I've played many games my life, but this has to be the best survival game ever. Possibly the best PC game ever.. Then I got it at Steam for (Singapore) $6 - a steal. Now finished the story mode (Voyageur) and 70 days still alive in Survival Mode. My first reaction was the graphics - not so photo-realistic, but gets the mood. Then later I thought this is like DayZ for adults. I like how the story mode is also a tutorial. This may even promote tourism in Northern Canada! I hope the development continues. Enjoy!