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  1. Bear Spear vs Wolfs

    I'm a little irked that the spear does nothing against wolves. If you try to use it versus them they will begin to charge and then (magically) instantly stop mid charge and growl till you lose all your stamina then instantly recharge you from 5 feet away. You should be able to impale them and kill them. It's stupid that your character can't seem to keep a (less than) 9lb spear held at a 45 degree angle for more than 10 seconds. Why does planting a spear in the ground use more stamina than it not planted and running around with it? Makes no sense whatsoever. I'm very disappointed with the spear, seems it (again, magically) only works against bears charging you. I hope they decide to fix it and remove all stamina cost with planting and make it also work against wolves.
  2. Redux

  3. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    What you could do to achieve both realism and scarcity is have a max durability value for the tool, eg. a brand new hatchet would be 100/100 durability. When you wear it down to 50/100 durability and want to use a whetstone to sharpen the hatchet it would increase the first durability while decreasing the second slightly. Now you have a hatchet that's 95/95. And so on and so forth. Just a suggestion.
  4. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Oh, I didn't know you could get cabin fever from living in a cave. I guess I never actually stay that long in caves now that I think about it. That's why I prefer the ML Cabin, you just go to the nearby ice fishing hut and fish for a few days to clear it. And all you have to do is keep a few days worth of wood stocked there.
  5. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Nice I guess, but why not just go into the cave instead?
  6. More choice of characters for survival

    I thought of something similar the other day but in a slightly different way. Instead of doing anything based off age just have professionals with perks. The Engineer: Can repair things with a 50% reduction in tool condition loss, can create arrowheads out of tin cans but the arrows have low durability (regular arrows but they are created at 20% durability), tools last 30% longer. Starts with repair 75% maxed out. The Outdoorsman: Fishing and Rifles start at 4, all animals detection radius 30% smaller and can only have up to two fragrance, creates 4 lines per cured gut. The Tailor: Can repair clothing 30% faster and starts out at rank 4, sewing kits and fishing hooks last 50% longer, can create clothing from animal hides 30% faster, can cure hides 50% faster. The Athlete: Can run 50% longer and 20% faster, requires 15% less sleep, requires 10% less calories. Those are just an example of some classes. But I really like the idea of having certain perks you can choose, perhaps just the perks themselves without any skill buffs to make it simpler.
  7. Armor-piercing Ammo

    No, the point is that they will only implement changes that add novelty to the gameplay. Adding things simply because they are realistic does not mean that the game will be necessarily more enjoyable. Sometimes simple is better.
  8. Armor-piercing Ammo

    No, the enfield in the game uses .303 Brittish ammunition which is 7.7x56R. The truth is that, realistically, any animal shot by this cartridge would die very quickly. No moose in real life could take 5 shots to the body from this round and still be standing, most bears would drop in a single shot, wolves would die instantly almost certainly, and the bunnies would literally explode in a pink mist. The game makes embellishments and changes for the sake of gameplay and balance.