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  1. How rifle 5 skill should look like:
  2. 1. I think it would be nice touch, if your character can handle rifle, or other weapons with more confidence when increasing character skill. That means handling the bolt, reloading etc. In the highest rank you should be able to cycle bolt fast, while you are aiming. For flare gun, you insert a new shell right after empty shell extraction. Its slighty based on Escape from Tarkov and also "Practice makes perfect". 2. For interiors, where is no fire place nor stove is craftable can heater (or stove) comes handy. It can heat one small tincan, or provide emergemency source of heat. Its crafted from old can, one cloth and it consumes one fire accelerant for one hour. Something like this: Let make empty tin cans even more useful! Feel free to discuss.
  3. Its normal that after this update red line limiting your stamina is placed on other side of stamina circle?
  4. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    i woud love to use chair for sitting. It can provide you a bonus when you either maintain your stuff or craft something, because its easier job to sit than standing all the time.
  5. Nice, but waterfall in the corner seems like a waste of effort. i would make his stream longer and it creates north border of map (with some rocks). Mabe connect it Lake via frozen water running throught woods. I like idea about bear and his caves i would connect it with rifle. Rifle also can spawn in cave, together with backpack. It gives immersion that poor hunter was eaten by bear. Roads should be also connected, two or three separate roads like this dont make a much sense. One regular road spreading into smaller roads and tourist line makes sense.
  6. Custom Setting: Item Decay Rate

    I think more easy is to overhaul whole system and leave basic decay setting (no decay-low-medium-high). Extended decay system would contain mechanisms to allow player stop decay with propper storage so basic setting only affects decay rate when there is no propper storage. Example, when food doesnt decay: canned food: room temperature, no freeze, no overheating Carcass meat: freeze, non humid (no snow), no light Dry food: no humidity etc. Clothes should stay as their are, mut their storage decay should be far less slower.
  7. Rifle Improvement suggestions

    Bump stock for bolt action rifle? Oh, yes, plz.
  8. Smoker

    Cabin fewer could be avoided by reading the books. Even normal (used as fuel only) one. Already suggested and fair easy to implement. By reading you can get some famous story in your journal.
  9. Rifle Improvement suggestions

    Many people suggested shotguns already, so thats it. About handguns, they will add revolver. Probably as selfdefence tool, nothing overpowered, but decent .38 Special. About hunting rifle improvements i am affraid people will start asking for collimators, silencers and other tactical stuff. I am not against optic, keep limits on that.
  10. I need gloves

    Dancing sights is good thing especially when your character isnt intersted in guns or in shooting so character's gun handling is poor. Present form is little weird but it does the job done, especially when rifle uses simple hitscan model. Maybe in future it will be totally overhauled. Without trolling features shooting with gun will be stupidly easy.
  11. I need gloves

    You are moaning about details. Hinterland has limited resources and they wont certainly model bambilions variants of hands for one miserable detail and wasting expensive time in work. 99 % of people wont notice or appreciate it anyway. If you so triggered that your chcaracter isnt so detailed, stop playing. Or try a different game. How about moaning about hunting rifle? Did you notice when you want load more rounds into internal magazine so you should loose round in chamber because its ejected when you open bolt for reloading? Its just small detail. Like gloves or changing hands models. Does it break immersion? Hell no.
  12. Rifle Improvement suggestions

    Technically speaking, hunting rifle isnt SMLE, its just loosely based on that. I would preffer single shot break action rifle, but with low power scope. But sporterised version, why not. How about turning into a Obrez? Like selfdefence bolt action handgun?
  13. I need gloves

    Nah, you need to take off your gloves to shoot anyway. You dont have to change model. Just add simple script causing frostbites on your hand when you have gun in low-ready. Frostbite probability would be affected by time how long you have your guns ready, temperature, frost bite settings in general and small random variety.
  14. Hunger mechanics are too simple

    In survival, means life threatening situation (that TLD scenario) you really dont solve bullsh*t about sugars and fat. You are hungry all the time so you basically eat everything you find. So, present system is enough, however it can be more complex in way what affect your hungry, like cold weather, or physical activity.
  15. More Food and Soda Pop Ideas

    Some of new food can have different calories than others, some can have same, but different decay time. I would love to collect some canned food what doesnt decay indoors, except present salty crackers.