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  1. Nope, Aurora is not a high energy output event. It turns on radio. Barely.
  2. Yes they are making excuces. They dont want to add simple thing, because it has broken lighting. Noboy cares about that, it would improve gameplay anyway. Only apology is they will add it in next patch.
  3. I dont care about odd lighting model. I would atisfied with same as latern, without any changes. Just one non changing candle model, like candle in can, or something. Thats cannot be a much work. One simple item. But Hnterland probably has more important things to do.
  4. They can code latern, but cannot code candles? Hmmmm.
  5. Flint can be looted in wilderness caves, very rare, excellent whe nyou start in region with no civilisation.
  6. Moll

    Water containers

    I suggested this idea (you need bottles to store water) long ago. But majority of answers are that plastic bottles are easy to get and they are abundant in world, so no problem to get them. Same logic with tea and coffee cups. You have infinite amount of them and can store them in backpack directly. Just gameplay shortcut. Also if you cant find bottle for your water, you dead. You can start with one small bottle but you cant save more water in rural areas, where are no human shelters to get a plastic bottles.
  7. I support this. I prepared tea. Its hot and it can warm me. I prepare potable water or steak. Its not hot right from fire place and no warm bonus either. Carcass can froze to stone easily outdoor. Piece of meal, water or any water based food cant. Where is your god now?
  8. Why you added revolver instead of more common shotguns? Its story purposed? In wilderness handguns are not very likely used, compare to long guns. Why revolver over more common semi auto pistol?
  9. True that. However two types of ammo probably wont be included, because its too difficult to balance ammo count ingame. How many rounds or if any in Interloper? What ratio for .38 vs .357 to be find? I think they will stick with single type od revovler ammo, i think they used .38 Special, based on textures and texts ingame. Maybe they wont specify caliber at all. You got a "revolver cartridge" and thats it.
  10. In video you open round of ammo pretty easy. Just press tip of bullet against hard surface and you release it from catridge neck. Easy. Bullets are useless when you dont have gun for them and gun and bullets are uselles when you are freezing to death.
  11. TLD 2 with 4 seasons? Plausible. TLD 1 with seasoning, when game core isnt supporting this at all? No way, especially the have better things to do. End of story.
  12. 4 seasons mean 4 versions of every level. To keep game immersion, details cannot be area restricted you need whole level for immersion. That means a lot of work and Hinterland dismissed this idea for a good reason. Also snow cover makes level design much easier, without complex parts and repetitive snow texture save system resources. If you want make Summer applied as thinner ice, or other light game mechanic changer, its pointless. because nobody will notice without drastic visual level change.
  13. Why? Gun powder has no tendency to explode, especially in open area. Its safe and you are in desperate life threating situation anyway, so who cares. Its proven technique:
  14. Due to fact that ammunition contains high temperature easy flammable gun powder, you could use it for starting ammo. To avoid need of dismatling ammo, ammunition will be displayed in fire starting menu directly, just as it is. Succes probality would be 100 % for flare shell, 95 % for rifle rounds and 87 % for upcoming revolver cartridges. Slightly slower fire starting, than accelerant, but still resonably fast. You wanna shoot, or need warm up? Make your choice.
  15. I could understand "bosses" as special versions of animals with different behauviour, like increased agressive attack due to animal illness, but certainly not scary looking bulletproof terminators.