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  1. Very well said. I am still a newer player to this game, only 362 hours so far, and just started playing Stalker difficulty. With that in mind it did not take me long to understand that there are several things one must do to have a successful run. Know the regions Have a plan Set priorities and always change your priorities as opportunities/mishaps occur. Manage your time. As was shown in @jeffpeng example, he did all four with a hefty amount of experience and was thus successful.
  2. Animal Trails

    Careful what you ask for. You make your kill and it runs off as a blizzard starts. Snow fall from the Blizzard covers your carcass and you won't be able to find it.
  3. Quality Tools

    Pretty much finished my looting of Pleasant Valley on my current Stalker run and have found 5 quality tools in PV alone, also found one in CH and DP and none in ML. The other regions I have not really touched besides the north part of FM and the Milton Basin. I figured that quality tools would be somewhat more of a rare item to find. Only found it once or twice on other runs, granted my other runs were not as long as my current run. Anyone agree with me when I think this amount is too many?
  4. Animal Trails

    Tracking could use an improvement that agree, I would even go as far as saying a new skill for tracking would be nice. Would be wonderful for finding those creatures that ran off with my arrow stuck in it.
  5. I like the idea of the can being used as a small stove. To balance it it would need to take condition damage so eventually it would become unusable. A good use for all the cans that end up being just left standing around. If you have to shoot the rifle like that then you need to be a bit more tactical, although I understand you are saying the level 5 skill should allow us to chamber another round a bit quicker.
  6. Never seen this message before.

    You get that message if the carcass has been laying there too long, eventually it has zero condition and you can not harvest it.
  7. Mystery Beans

    So with Cooking lvl 3 your knife or hatchet does take condition damage when opening a can. So does this seem right to anyone? It is going to be a pain to always remember to drop my knife and hatchet before opening a can.
  8. Take water from waterfals and ice holes

    I agree if there is alternative but if you have nothing else then I am sure it would be some of the best tasting water you had ever drank in a long time. Enjoy.
  9. Critter Behaviour

    From my observation all creatures have places where they spawn. Looking at custom settings there are three different settings that affect spawns- Spawn chance- probably a percentage chance to determine if the creature spawns at all. Wildlife Repawn Frequency- probably a time based check if the spawn chance should be called. Reduce wildlife population over time- probably a reduction of the amount of creatures that should spawn or a reduction of the spawn chance or maybe even increases the respawn frequency. Blizzards cause wildlife to despawn as well as just resting over a certain amount of time. So it is random and if no predators are there then then be happy and if a deer is there then don't waste the opportunity Wildlife has always ran in a straight path until it runs into something then it runs off in a random direction. Just bouncing off stuff until it reaches its predetermined distance it should run. As for the wolf. Perhaps after it finished being scared you were outside its detection range?
  10. Mystery Beans

    Never paid attention to the condition of my knife after opening a can. From the wiki- Canned goods requires a can opener, hunting knife, or hatchet to be opened while retaining the full content. It is also possible to smash the can open if the player does not have any of these tools, but this will result in losing some of its contents to spillage if the player's cooking level is less than 3. So now the question that arises is, with cooking level 3 and no can opener, does your knife or hatchet take damage when opening a can. I know that when I achieve level 3 cooking I quit carrying the can opener if I have one and if my knife or hatchet does take damage then would anyone else consider this a bug or just plain stupid?
  11. Take water from waterfals and ice holes

    I like the idea of getting water from falls or ice holes although it would still be unpotable and would have to be cooked. Water from toilets is potable because the tank is filled with the same water that would come out of the faucet. As for refreezing water left outside, that would make perfect sense
  12. Fire starter priority- lit torches

    Since the search function returned exactly what I wanted, I am bumping this thread. If I am holding a burning torch then it should be automatically selected to start a fire. Also since I saw this as results of my search. Tinder. I find it is not good game design if an item becomes obsolete once a skill level is achieved. Tinder burns just as well as a stick one would think maybe hotter but with shorter burn time or still used to increase lighting a fire chance. Many good ideas I saw.
  13. As a player that has started playing Stalker difficulty, I feel there is more than enough calories in the form of wolves, you just have to cook everyone of them you euthanize and get cooking to 5 so you can eat those wolf and bear steaks. My current run is at 76 days with 56 wolves killed, cooked and ate with the well fed buff the entire time since day 15 or so. I don't even kill deer or rabbits unless I need skins for repairs.
  14. Mystery Beans

    I typically eat food that might poison me right before I know I will be sleeping at least 10 hours so if I do get poisoned I pop my pills/drink my tea and sleep the night away with a full belly.