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  1. Redux

    Wow, thanks for the detailed reply and i think you are right in all of it. It will be better to take a look in the new wintermute version, they spend a lot of work in it and maybe i will like the new gameplay. With main game i meant a basic game without DLCs or add-ons (indie or AAA). Its because of my bad english and sorry for that. That was my question, if 40 achievements are the maximum for any basic game on steam and more with every dlc or addon. Maybe its individual for every company to deal with steam and to pay for more. But there are some clicker games for 1 dollar with 5000 achievements (achievement clicker 2018 and new for 2019). I dont think they are paying for 5000 achievements and sell it for peanuts, but maybe? I know that Hinterland is a small indie-studio which is actual growing and they made a great game. I will take a look in the new redux version this weekend, although i got all achievements and i was more ready for episode 3 with new achievements. But ok, than again from the beginning for fun and new gameplay-mechanics. Lets take a look what they were working on so diligent! Thx a lot!
  2. Redux

    English is not my native language and sadly very low. I hope i understood everything the right way. Yes, i know that there is a very poor "skilling"-system in wintermute, when the hunter gives you 2 or 3 sidequests for survival lessons. For me it was too less and only alibi-mini-quests. This was no fun (like full wintermute-mode) and the survival-mode skilling-system is the only right way for me. The part with the steam achievements, i didnt understand. Has a developer to pay for the amount of steam-achievements? The game has 40 achievements, is this the maximum for a main game? Then make a free or 50 cent DLC with a little content and new achievements. I would buy it But this cant be true for me??? If they want to make wintermute great for all players, who bought The Long Dark, then they failed again. For me the survival mode was great fun with permadeath and skilling and i wished a story-campaign in it. Wintermute was too slim, casual and boring for me. And the achievement "survive 500 days" was sick, @hinterland. I played for 250 days and then it was boring, nothing to do, everything seen, no story inside the survival mode for something to do, every skill on level 5 etc. Then i gave up and the maximum achievement "survive 250 days" would be hard and wise enough for me.
  3. Redux

    Pleasantly surprise sounds good and i am a little bit more curious now Maximum achievements exhaust sounds strange, because i have games in my library with nearly 200 (Total War Rome 2) and nearly 300 achievements (Civ 5). Ok both games had a few DLCs, maybe thats the reason, but there are some clicker-games with 10000 achievements on steam (hate them). Without new achievements and no skilling system my motivation to continue wintermute is nearly zero. Then i wait for episode 5 and watch a You-Tube Lets-Play for the ending. That would be enough in this case and i think i wait with a possible restart of the redux-version until i know how its going on with the game.
  4. Redux

    @RossBondReturns Ok, i think i will give it a chance. Today there was another hotfix and maybe i will start a new playthrough this weekend. Sadly i think they didnt append the enjoyable skilling system to wintermute. For me the main person is a pilot without profound survival knowledge and skilling him up, would be useful and entertaining for me. Because of this and a few other things wintermute wasnt much fun for me and i only want to end it. But now i have to start episode 1+2 again, ok, they spend much work in it and i dont want to be unthankful. Is there a release date for episode 3 and will there be new steam achievements? Or is The Long Dark moving to the epic store, too Then i dont need to restart and cancelling it complety.
  5. Redux

    Ah, i see! Thought the update was for the redux version + episode 3. Then i will wait for the real new wintermute content update. Thanks, serenity!
  6. Redux

    Episode 1 & 2 had steam achievements. Why there are no new achievements after the update?