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  1. Allappa Bay

    I also like to think about it. It's a good workout for the mind. Besides, nobody forbids us to talk about it. Thank you for this topic. I want to try to draw this location as I see it. If I do something I will definitely share.
  2. Just art

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 + skills
  3. Hello dears! Let's share our art. I invite everyone to join me. Feel free to show your art and comment. I'm studying. But I think I'm doing great. What do you think?
  4. Allappa Bay

    On the Internet there are maps with a detailed arrangement of things, bunkers and so on.
  5. Allappa Bay

    Hi. Exactly. I think that the color palette can be taken from the screenshots of the game. But the photo search is awesome! I think we need a more detailed map, with more details of the landscape and designations.For example such what make up for the game...
  6. Hi there! Thanks to the developers for their efforts. I look forward to the December update and the continuation of the story. Here's my art. Hope you enjoy. Thank you and see you!
  7. Allappa Bay

    I really like the new legend of the ship. It would be nice to create a concept art to this idea has acquired a more tangible image. Thank you. I vote for the idea.
  8. Allappa Bay

    Hey. This is an idea for a location? Wow! I have ideas for the name of the ship. "Icarus" ,"Sirens" and "Zodiac"
  9. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    If this is really done, then this is a good option.
  10. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    Thanks for the comment. Maybe you have some specific suggestions for achieving balance. Can be use any something rare resources? Write please. Your opinion is very important.
  11. grettings from the European south

    Hi, I'm Konstantin. I'm from snowy Siberia. This forum is a great place to relax and chat.
  12. More Veggies

    I'm not sure about the carrot and potato idea. But I definitely like the idea. It really added a bit of variety to the game. I have an idea about plant foods. I did some reading about wild animals in Canada. Specifically, read about the deer. Deer feed on vegetable matter ,such as fallen leaves, stems and bark of shrubs, pine and spruce needles, acorns ,chestnuts, nuts, mushrooms, lichens, fruits, berries... From this we are interested in nuts and mushrooms. Do you think? What if there were places where deer graze we could find some of these. I don't think that would upset the balance of the game. I think it'll add a few extra days to your survival... P.S. Please forgive me for my English.
  13. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    Thank you all very much for discussing this topic. Thank you for your comment. Your position is reasonable. But in my opinion illogical complexity of the gameplay breaks the immersion in the game. I mean, it's a little weird when you're forced out of a cave every time you get out and sleep in a snow shelter. It looks like a mockery. Please don't judge strictly, it's just my opinion. That makes some sense.
  14. getting rid of permadeath fear

    Thank you all so much for the advice. I was interested in reading. From myself I want to add something. You need to understand in advance where and why to go and what it takes. Need less to know the terrain, escape routes and safe routes. You can't hurry and watch and listen. It also helped me that I left a minimum of necessary things in key places for myself. In my current walkthrough there is one bear that makes me nervous ,but so far I've managed to walk through its territory with impunity. 130 days behind me and never once did a bear attack me. I'm very, very careful. But several times I was on the verge and I was just lucky. Thank you again, this is a very useful and not a close topic.
  15. "One of us leaves full"

    funny/ I bet on the wolf!