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  1. Then just pick what supplies you would start with if given the choice.
  2. While this would be neat, I do think that it would be a waste of developers time that I (and probably many others) would rather be used to make the game more fun rather than just look nicer.
  3. Pinnacle Peaches, and moose meat for me.
  4. Alright time for my favorites. Favorite main region is Pleasant Valley because it has my favorite safehouse, being the farmstead. Favorite transitional region is The Ravine because walking across that railroad bridge for the first time was a lot more intense than going past all the other transitional regions.
  5. I don't think a plane crash opening would work with survival mode because i'm not 100% sure that we're playing as Will or Astrid during survival mode but instead as someone else (Just a personal theory). I think it's better without an intro so you can come up with your own backstory as to why you're on Great Bear. However I suppose it could be an option to have an intro or not at the start of the game depending on player preference.
  6. Please leave your reason for your choices as a reply if you like.
  7. You can always make a pulley system of some kind to get it up timber wolf.
  8. Pretty sure he was referring to the legendary animals you can hunt in RDR2 that sort of serve as "boss animals", sort of like the idea you had.
  9. Well what I would do is find a can of summit soda and drink it right up. I really want to know what that stuff tastes like.
  10. I prefer playing custom difficulty making it a mix of stalkers loot amount with interlopers wolf count and voyagers "needs drain"
  11. Please leave your reason to your choice as a reply if you like.
  12. I think the current weapons that already added (including the revolver that will be added soon) are already enough to suit any hunting that you can do in game. Only new weapon that I think could be added that would make sense is a shotgun so you can hunt birds. But since the only bird that is present right now are crows witch are not really worth hunting since they would provide less meat than a rabbit, and you can already get their feathers off the ground near corpses. So unless they plan on adding new flying animals that are worth hunting for meat (Duck or geese perhaps?) shotgun can be put on hold aswell.
  13. This has been bugging me for a while. I kinda wish you can shovel up the snow around this basement hatch and enter it.
  14. -Always have medical supplies on hand to combat blood loss -Always pick up mushrooms, berries, and lichen -Never use kerosene as a accelerant
  15. DerpyLemon115


    I agree, always found it a bit... unrealistic that you can get mauled by a bear loss and 90% of your condition, then you take a look at your afflictions and it's like "Oh your losing a little bit of blood from your right hand".