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  1. Death From Above

    Yeah I could picture that now. "You survived 523 days 13 hours and 25 minutes, died due to a fallen tree branch during a storm" I think as long as there is some way to tell if a branch is weak and about to fall before and to give you a chance to avoid it, then it would be fine.
  2. Interloper Mailbox Items

    Once I found a bullet inside a mailbox (not on interloper however). No I don't know who would ever want to mail a bullet to someone, but it sounds rather passive aggressive.
  3. Learn one map or try new ones?

    Welcome to the forums friend! I think you should stay in Mystery Lake until you feel like it's too easy to survive there. Then challenge yourself and move to a more difficult region until that becomes too easy aswell. Keep up this cycle until you run out of regions than start bumping up the difficulty.
  4. Fish in DP?

    Don't think fishing huts would be placed in an area like that. Desolation Point is suppose to be an industrialized area where very few people would go normally unless they either work in that area or are driving past along the highway, so it wouldn't make sense for people to build up these fishing huts that next to nobody would ever use.
  5. Has anybody ever found anything under a car sun visor?

    If I recall correctly I think the visors were suppose to hold notes and car keys (Maybe to open the truck without of the prybar). I believe this was mentioned on Milton Mailbag at some point.
  6. Helpful background dialogue

    Not a bad idea to have different dialogue depending on weather the items you find are worth having at that point. Also I always found it funny how your character always says "Hope nobody need this anymore" even after you been alive on Great Bear for over 200 days where it's become pretty clear that nobody else on the island is alive anymore. At that point your character should say something like "Well nobody else is going to need this..." or something like that.
  7. Well Rested

    A new positive affliction that could be added is a well rested bonus. The well rested affliction will take effect if your fatigue need is over 75%. The bonuses could be 20% more stamina and greatly decreases that chances of random sprains while walking (you can still get them from animal attack and falls).
  8. Spear Skill

    If the bear spear gets added to survival I think it should have it's own skill set to level up. Here's what I think it would be like. Level 1: Basic skills Level 2: 25% reduced stamina drain Level 3: 50% reduced stamina drain, 20% more damage and bleed time reduced Level 4: 75% reduced stamina drain, 40% more damage and bleed time reduced, 20% struggle bonus (makes it so the struggle meter fills faster) Level 5: 75% reduced stamina drain, 40% more damage and bleed time reduced, 30% struggle bonus, 20% for an instant kill (Comes along with an animation, much like the one when you kill Old Bear in episode 2) I tried to make this as balanced as possible but feel free to make any changes you want the leveling to go
  9. Seasons

    Translation: Hey. Forgive me for distracting you, but I have a question for you and a request at the same time. When will the season come out? Just in your plans they are. In addition, the game mechanics have already been updated. And then one winter in the game is already boring. And so it would be possible to set goals in the game. And it would be interesting to those who survive more than 1000 days. Thank you, sorry again.
  10. Cooking, Faster Scroll

    I think it would be better if the cook option brought up the food inventory instead and allow you to pick from there.
  11. Electric Stoves

    I think you should be able to use these electric stoves during an aurora.
  12. Funny Moments

    Ok so I got a new one. I was in the carter dam and just as I started walking over some wires the aurora kicks in and I get a nice electric shock that nearly killed me.
  13. Longfen range

    Really nice, I like how you're giving the nose section of the plane some recognition. I been waiting to find that thing for years.
  14. Standing Arrow

    Nah, I was preforming "stand up comedy".