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  1. Newbie Survivor Log

    I don't know whether I've ever had the experience of being tracked by a wolf. I either curve around them and they don't notice at all or I miss them in the terrain, all I hear is a bark up close and they're already in the stage where they start charging/running towards me, not walking behind me. I also found it interesting that Muskeg has such a bad reputation. It's flat and I was able to see all the predators from far away and hide from them, though, there were many. What I find a lot scarier are the narrow tunnel passages guarded by wolves. How do you even get around that. I suppose you can try to scare, but some feel like bottlenecks that force a fight. In terms of passive wildlife, I didn't pick pilgrim because I feel it is an integral part of the challenge to be chased by the wolves. I do not wish to remove this challenge, I simply wish to regulate its intensity. On voyager I find this threat sufficient and don't want that intensity upped. I want to figure out how to survive without the bedroll!
  2. Newbie Survivor Log

    @Czhilli Maybe you can try that cans fence around your island against the wolves. It's sounds like that area is your favourite. @hozz1235 I wander if custom would let me have the number of wolves equivalent to voyager, but weather conditions and amount of resources equal to Interloper. That would be an interesting challenge once I'm better. I'm afraid technical thingies aren't my profile, I'm more into humanities. I've never streamed anything in my life. Don't know how to do that. @jeffpeng Oh, I have very healthy respect for the wolves! I just can't see to hide from them all. I do need better skills in evading them once I'm seen. I think I'm good at sneaking past, but in the hills area they seem me before I see them. Once I hear the bark I behave pretty much like a noob aka random panicked actions. @Sito Thank you! Day 14 - Heading into Ravine... it's quiet... linear... the bunnies and deer are hopping around. I like simple maps since I tend to get lost among three fir trees - Eventually stumbled onto a cave with a deer at the entrance... took out a rifle and went in step by step... wasn't sure if it's a bear cave or not. Bears aren't suckers either. They like having roof above their heads - There is a cedar log inside, the cave is shallow and not very warm - Kept going until I found an area where a rope can be dropped, it leads very far down below to the fallen wagons - Wow! I want a rope! I don't have a rope... gimme a rope! - Crossed a tree bridge instead with a frozen adventurer fallen next to it and his backpack... hey some food, he won't be needing that! - There are a couple of coal pieces underfoot - Kept following the tracks along the railway, eventually discovered an new cave. This one is deeper and warmer. I'll take it! - Started a fire to boil a bit of water and looked around collecting twigs, there are a few grey wagons near and a couple of metal pieces - Grabbed my water and chopped up one limb just in case it gets cold at night - Setting sun, will stay in this cozy cave Night 14 - zzzzzzzz
  3. Newbie Survivor Log

    Thank you! Surviving that first week is a mark. For some goofy reason I'm scared more of Stalker than Loper. Somehow I imagine stalker at the wolf factory. Day 13 - Let's go back to the dam, got to explore the upper level - This is just too shivery, ventured upstairs and got more loot or more like quickly ran through the checked corridors with the bathroom stop (but not to pee) - Time to check out the basement... There is a long corridor ahead... bang... clang... O_O ...took out the rifle... turning the corners feels like something will jump out to gobble me up... another large room with several stairways and a rope - More broken crates, boxes, shelves, computers... grabbed everything I could - I'm getting out of here... black wires like snakes everywhere - Back at the trailer compared a bunch of boots and ripped extra ones apart. Found a new type that looks for Inuit which I've never seen before, they might be good but they're badly broke, failed at repairing for comparison and it got dark Night 13 - zzzzzzzz
  4. Newbie Survivor Log

    @Hotzn Thank you for the vote of confidence. Seems my forum status updated from the wolf bait too. Though the wolves don't agree. As for Loper, I haven't wrapped my mind around the no bedroll part or how to get around it. Even on voyager, I can't say I find bedrolls in heaps. Crafting a bear one requires taking down a few bears and you need tools and to be in good condition for that. I still haven't had any bear any mode. I wander about snow shelter and obviously there are cabin beds, but that will anchor you. I suppose you need to play to get it figured out. Day 12 - Sooo! What's behind that metal fence? It looks like a spot the wolves would adore. I see one in the distance on the road, but that's about it. - Sneaking across the yard into the dam...... a very creaky... and spooky... and filled with scary noises dam... wow! This place sure has a lot of stuff. - Raided the first floor, but didn't feel like going up or down the stairs - Especially the bathroom has whole bunch of rattling noises that sound like someone else unfriendly is in here too, borrowed some toilet water though - Broke one green crate to check for goodies, nothing... kinda creeped out to break more. I feel defenceless when I'm breaking crates - The real Rambo would be scared of this place too. They make horror movies out of places like this. Soooo many corners... never liked horror movies even from under the couch - My pack is too heavy and it's getting late - Returned to the trailer outside. Don't want to sleep in the dam as it's all spooky Night 12 - Stuffed all extra goodies into lockers and boxes - Ripped apart a bunch of boots and some gloves - zzzz
  5. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 11 - Rambo going out across the lake to explore. Stomp, stomp. One wolf ahead. Press closer to the snow hill and keep going along the left bank where the river merges with the lake. - Another wolf even closer. Crouch and keep sneaking. Just how many wolves can there be? They must be out fishing by those fishing huts. - Just when those two wolves pass, a third wolf appears and heads directly for me. Umm... you can turn back now wolfie... the wolf keeps coming, but without an aggressive posture. Gets close enough to sniff my shoes, isn't planning on breakfast yet? Is he going to attack or not? In case he does I shoot him at point blank range. - The wolf flops dead. The other two flee to the other bank. Wow! My first wolf down! I feel kind of bad since he wasn't attacking me. It was a nice wolf, but he had kept me pinned. Left him unskinned because I want to explore. - While the way is clear, I follow along the river. - The river gradually turns into a snow passage and opens up into the hunters lodge. - There's one arrow in good condition and some food. Also a funny bench that has some wrappers and a crushed can. Who ate my mres? - Nice and peaceful, lots of deer and bunnies around. Keep heading along the snowy passage until I see two trailers and an iron fence leading to a secluded territory. - Check out the trailers and go around the fence into another snow passage that leads to the Ravine. Don't really feel like going there and the day is about to end. - Built a fire outside one of the trailers that has beds. While the water boiled, sharpened my knife. Night 11 - Woke up rested, still not bright enough for travel - Sharpened the hatchet and slept another hour
  6. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 10 - Awesome weather! I stomp across the snowdrifts enthusiastically and find a couple of maple saplings - Wait a minute... I've been to this railway before and to this muskeg entrance. There must be two paths leading to it - Isn't there a wolf nearby? Oh well, stomp along the railway not taking a great effort to hide but vigilant. The wolf must have sensed I don't mind a fight because he simply isn't there - Even climbed some hills to search for goodies, but found only an eeky cold by the time I saw a lake cabin. Grabbed some wood and ventured inside - The cabin is filled with goodies, which I organise until hypoth risk evaporates. Got another nice book on shooting - Going for a stroll along a path behind the cabin. Encountered an adventurer who no longer needs his rifle - Strutting around with a rifle in each hand. I'm Rambo! Ok one of the rifles is not loaded. Still Rambo! - At the intersection went deeper into the canyon until a dead end, a backpack and a fir log. I'll take that why not - It's clear enough to use the magnifying glass and I'm out of water. I'm concerned the light will fade by the time I make it back to the cabin and stop right in the canyon - Crafted tea out of the red fruit I've collected - This place is windproof, but the wind became very strong. Taking out a rifle when I hear a howl, uncertain if that was the wind cracking trees or an animal - Fatigue sets in shortly once I move on. The last leg is done without sprint. These two rifles sure are heavy. At least I burned the firewood - The last several feet I barely move. Coming out of the canyon the wind grabs me. It looks strong enough to carry the cabin away into wizard of oz land Night 10 - Reached the cabin and slept like a rock - Woke up not fully rested, drank soda found in the canyon and slept more
  7. Newbie Survivor Log

    I'll never complain about my crash-landing shoes again. At least those wolves ate the shoes without the owner. I imagine those socks got wet and frozen every five mins. Maybe they could have frozen enough to make skates out of them, and go ice skating and kiting wolves around Muskeg. I guess you can do the challenge to make one survivor for each map in a row so you'd know a bit about every area but not a lot, and then do interloper survivor and see if you could orient yourself on a random map knowing only a bit about each.
  8. Newbie Survivor Log

    I'm proud of that first week. I also have some basic understanding or the muskeg and ML areas. I'd say I'm lucky because I went directly to the forge day 1. This seems like a big loot area. Having expedition parka day 1 or 2 is kind of a biggie so I don't freeze every step of the way. I don't really want to establish anywhere. I want to explore a lot so I have better chances next time of not falling into some wolves mouth. I also want to know which zones are connected to which zones. I don't suppose this survivor will last long, you know what they say about cats and curiosity.
  9. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 9 - Fog and snowfall. Not going out there. Reading an hour makes me more edumacated, I get better at fire and go for another book - Peeking outside, the weather isn't better. Track uphill anyway to check the empty snare, raided a sticks bush along the way. Got soaked for nothing - Finished another book and broke two crates, slept out of boredom Night 9 - woke up rested pre-dawn and cleaned my rifle, got better at cleaning rifles
  10. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 8 - The fire went out while I was sleeping. Waking to a curtain of snow and the blizzard howling nastily. I have been freezing for the past half an hour of sleep - Don't have the branches or logs to start a fire, luckily there are limbs scattered right outside the wagon - Almost freeze while chopping up one limb, hurry back inside - Fire and sardines to read a book - While reading the blizzard subsides, although the wind is very strong - The bear is far away when I peek out. I could stay here a while longer, but I must keep moving - I'm not seeing any threats nearby, it seems all right to travel along the tracks in the direction opposite of the broken railroad - The wind is making the trees crack and my footsteps echo scarily. I keep thinking I might get ambushed, and turn this way and that, holding out a flare - The railway tunnel appears without adventures, this road leads to the Mystery Lake. See ya Muskeg! - Oh i know this area! Not far off a wolf is patrolling the tracks. It is safer to turn left and go downhill along the cliffs - A nice frozen adventurer on the way provides me generously with a box of matches. I can use those, having used many matches while travelling shelterless - yes yes yes at the bottom of the hill I spot the hunter's cabin. Its safe, beautiful, filled with resources and offers a rifle - Foremost, I drop the heavy hammer onto the workbench and stuff extra into various drawers before stepping out to brandish my nice new rifle. - Spotting a deer in a barn nearby. It's time for a pelt and nice dinner - Walking cheerfully in the declining day finally not dragging several extra pounds on my back and armed. Hurray! - Skin the deer and rush back inside, drop guts and pelt to cure - Go back out to set a bunny snare, then collect fire wood. The hut is barely visible in the snow Night 8 - It gets fairly dark, the wolves howl. They know I've taken their venison. I don't care, I feel great - Cooking the venison and boiling water inside to fix my half health. Let them peek into the windows and envy Rome Thank you.
  11. Newbie Survivor Log

    @jeffpeng The wolves have picked it apart overnight and built a stove out of them. @Czhilli That's a sneaky trap on game's behalf and you learn this waaaay late into the game too. It's an interesting additional challenge to look after the hats. Although, I kind of like the idea of a pretty fur hat with a fluffy bunny tail pompom to match my bunny mittens. I'm a stylish survivor. Day 7 - Begins with two darn sprains as soon as I wake and decide to get off the ledge. - Limped back to the fire, which luckily wasn't out, dropped more reclaimed wood into it and slept 4h - It's such a waste. The morning was clear and now it's windy, cold and lightly snowing - Crouch and climb off the ledge carefully - Search the area, eventually coming across a deer and an adventurer whose backpack contains a book. Got to find time to read all these books - It looks like I need to climb down closer to the water. This relatively safe spot is a closed area - Wind and snow are pelting against me. There is a long stretch of ice leading towards the boulders. Red wagons are on the left. I want to scout the area before moving to them - Cross the ice step by step. With an overweight backpack I really don't want to take a dive - I climb the rock and almost come nose to nose with a bear. Not sure why he doesn't see me maybe I've got the upper ground. Crawl backwards then press my back against the rock. Which way is he heading, right or left? I can bump into him by going around the rock. Climb back onto the rock silent as a mouse and peek - The bear leisurely strolls away in the direction of the red wagons, walks along them and then away across the ice - hmm there must be goodies in that wagon, maybe even shelter... I have a feeling the bear is guarding it - I reach the wagons and also walk along them, picking up scraps of metal and a bunch of flares. The boxes have a few useful things too, including coal and a magnifying glass. Yep! This red wagon is rich! - Hurray! the other side of the train has one wagon without a door that can be entered. A fire barrel is at the entrance - Hope the bear isn't interested in entering wagons - Search more boxes and discover a frozen sweater. Good, I have another one just like it - It's not too cold and the day is in decline, this will be my camping spot. Unless the bear snacks on me, this seems much safer than a few nights under the stars. I am lucky the weather had held both of those nights - I finish off my cattails to read for two hours, the third gets interrupted by hunger, how bothersome Night 7 - It's getting colder and a fire must be built. I don't have much firewood since I was dodging the bear and carrying a heavy enough pack, but I do have a lot of coal, might as well enjoy it while I can - Dropped the frozen sweater next to the burning barrel and removed my soaked gloves too - Amazing! The sky turns emerald with a huge crystal moon glimmering among its wisps (bummer I pressed print screen instead of f9 for screenshots, salvaged my second shot without the moon; the moon was the best one so far) - Slept four hours after much admiration. The sweater is dry now. Now I have two blue sweaters - Read an hour and slept again
  12. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 6 - I'm back to half health. It didn't improve as much as I had hoped for, but at least there's no alarming danger - The wolves howl as soon as I venture out. This marsh has more wolves than wolves have fleas - Yep, there is one patrolling my way; climbing uphill away from him... fuuuuuhhaagh... two sprains! the wolf is now between me and the snow shelter... great... limping away from him as fast as I can towards what looks like a frozen river - Four hours. I've got no medicine against sprains. The wolf disappears around the bend. It looks like I dodged one again. - The river bank has some steep rocks. I drop my bedroll along the rocks and build a fire on the open side, screw it all and sleep 4h - Woke up not in some wolf's stomach and the sprains are healed - Travelled along the rising stream towards a waterfall - There is a ledge protected from the wind and hopefully wolves. A metal radio tower is piercing the sky nearby - I head for the tower and search a couple of metal boxes underneath it. The torn up crates only give firewood. - Heading away, I spot a frozen adventurer who has a nice scarf. Great, a baseball cap under 20% isn't exactly the best warmth giver - I am rich on jackets though. Found a ski one. Obviously the expedition parka is the win, but can't decide which to keep for the second place, one is better windproof, the other is better warmth - It's getting dark, seems like I'm stuck outside again. At least the wolves aren't howling. Chop up some fir and cedar limbs - Cannot make it back to that windproof ledge. I guess I will stay atop of the lower one, fire and sleeping bag Night 6 - Woke up after four hours, not very tired. Set the water to boil and tore up some gloves - My pack is overweight at this point. Well, I am dragging around a heavy forge hammer. I wander if I need it anywhere except for the forge. I suppose I can crush some stuff with it instead of using the hatchet and it only needs fir for repair - grabbed boiled water and slept another hour - Woke up fully rested and it's still dark. dang. Dropped more wood into the fire and tore up old boots, this kept me busy for an hour and a half, slept till dawn ___ @Czhilli And there I was tearing up all hats I could find except for one extra. There are a lot of them. @jeffpeng I was thinking of building a wolf fence out of them around my main base.
  13. Newbie Survivor Log

    385 is impressive! I may have been braver with a defensive weapon, but 46% health and a flare in the arsenal = survivor cutlets. I feel though on 385th day you may have been desperate to explore a new area due to low resources, whereas on day 5 there sure are safer places to loot.
  14. Newbie Survivor Log

    Eclair I did find some kind of tree bridge, but it doesn't lead on top of the waterfall, just on top of the landslide. Day 5 - Went uphill where I see a fallen tree like a bridge, it can be climbed. Through a narrow canyon passage, I reach an intersection and the railway. Climbing onto a hill reveals more tracks. I believe this is the other side of the landslide - The canyon is very much narrow, mountains on either side - A silhouette crosses the road right in front of me on soft paws. What a silent wolf. He could have jumped out of nowhere - I bolt behind a tree, creep just a bit ahead. There is no run around path. If he jumps me, he would be materialising out of the rock face. I wouldn't have time to light the flare - I have under half health left. This way is blocked - Head back across the tree bridge to my fire that still burns - Grabbing another torch, forced to return to the muskeg - The muskeg immediately greets me with plenty of mournful howls. I consider following a long row of black wagons using them as a shield and then spot a bear unhurriedly minding his business - Nope not going there. In a rush to get away, I nearly run into wolf's mouth that luckily turns towards the lake and lets me sneak past - It's a bit foggy, but decent. The cold is nibbling at my heels a bit. Scaling another hill reveals a snow shelter! - A campfire is right at the shelter's entrance. This fire can be lit from the shelter. woohoo! food, soda, old boots. epic! - A wooden platform is visible from the top of this hill, which can be reached mostly by snow isles - Collecting cattails on the way. Another book on survival. I'll take that! I like surviving. A storm lantern too. - Can't see any other interesting spots in the vicinity and my health has taken great beating. - It got windier, the snow is falling in plump flakes when I hide in the snow shelter - Eating cattails in warmth and reading. The 5th hour didn't make it before dark. sigh I would have liked to finish the book Night 5 - Let's check, what's fishiest in my inventory... sardines, eat them and drink, sleep 3h - The shelter is still warm. Hungry again, which is annoying since I've been eating all day long, but I really want the health to go up. Ate the chips and slept 4h - It's becoming borderline cold. I'm such a clutz with the matches. The book would really improve my chances of lighting the campfire - Can I finish the book with another cattail in the early dawn light? I can! - The fire lights up with the book's help. I climb out of the shelter to set the water to boil and hide in the shelter again, then sleep
  15. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 4 - Finally! I can travel! It's a clear day too even if thirst is nagging me slightly - Since there is no wolf at the entrance, I leave. Looking over the shoulder from the top of the hill shows him approaching that cave again - I climb higher. It is a long ledge stretching over the lake. From it, I spot a wolf that's travelling below parallel to me. - This ledge is extremely windy and doesn't have even a few mushrooms growing around, though, there are a couple of maple saplings - Nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep... the best way to survive in this frozen dump is to not - The ledge develops into a large tree leading down to the railway that runs into a tunnel. Would I like to leave this muskeg? Yes, I do. - There is a canyon on the other side and a broken railway. The thirst is really bad now. Coming along with hypoth it's eating away at my health - Following the tracks I hit a landslide. This way is blocked - Not finding any shelter, I pick a wind secluded corner to build a fire and chop up a tree limb - Boiling water is the first matter of business. Although it's not night, I cook some beans too. The health has taken some beating from this triple condition - At least I don't hear anymore of those bloody wolves. The canyon is quiet - A deer nearly crashes into me. It gets trapped between me and the wall within arm's reach. I certainly have no range weapon to take it down - Speaking of deer, dang it, I forgot the deer pelt at that cave - Once the hypoth risk is cleared and the water boils, I move on reinforced, and the lucky owner of four tin cans since I've been eating lots of canned food. Still don't know what these cans are good for aside from boiling water. - Walking around the corner reveals a secluded area and abandoned campfire that yields a cedar log and a hatchet in good condition. One can never have too many hatchets! - There are trees like arrows pointing to the top of a waterfall, but I cannot find a way upwards. One of the trees is positioned like a bridge to a higher ledge, but it won't let me climb it. I give up after a few attempts - Instead, I head downhill to the frozen lake under the waterfall - Nothing here, combed the grass for cattails, still nothing. I'm going to run out of dog food one of these days... near days... - The wind is picking up, the night is right around the corner. At least the lake has many fallen fir and cedar limbs, enough for ten logs Night 4 - There is a snug corner between a mountain and a large boulder. A thick tree trunk is shielding the nook from the third side - I squeeze in and arrange ten hours of hot fire - Uh-oh... I thought the sleeping bag would go between the mountain and the tree. It doesn't fit! Oh this is a bummer if I can't sleep next to a 10h fire - I run around the tree and try from the other side. Luckily, the adjacent boulder is flat. The sleeping bag gets arranged at an angle within the reach of fire heat - Still need to run back around the tree to reach the bigger campfire cooking rocks to boil water - Drink and eat. The area is pin drop quiet. I've heard no signs of Tap-Tap ever since coming here. The fire is warm... I think I will be all right with ten hours of rest - Woke up not eaten. Come on water boil faster, I don't want to waste breaking daylight - I pick up a torch and go around the ice, exploring some more. Eventually found a backpack and chips. Greet another day. My night camping spot.