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  1. “Into the eternal darkness, into fire and into ice. ” ― Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy Day 36 - woke up with 20% cabin fever threat. of course i would. it's still kind of nighty, no tip of the sun rays showing - meh gotta go. i have big plans for the big fish! - immediately lost my way outside and optimistically rolled downhill without the road hopefully to the fishing hut and not into wolf's mouth - when i reached the log area the aurora fired up in the sky - cabin cabin? there it is. it even has a cedar and reclaimed wood - froze my bum off waiting to add coal before setting water to boil and wrecking ice with the crowbar - fished until afternoon and caught less than one fish per hour. sigh. cooked four fishes one of them about 150 cal only - i'd like to go to the bear patrol island. shuffling feet slowly hence the extra weight - a wolf far in the distance takes interest of one stink line and follows - tried going one way around the island and saw the bear, had to backtrack while freezing and climbed the other side uphill - dropped fish and extra weight and went out to grab more wood - spotted a guy and fishing boat, both empty - went to the nearest fishing hut and dropped off coal and wood there - a blizzard rolled in while a was looking around - only grabbed 3 branches, not the epic most loot - ate two fish and slept 10h like always fairly beaten up by nightfall
  2. The positives were only in the evenings after I found some nice jackets. Never a starting temp in positive or mornings. I meant when I had deerskin pants and nice items it was still in negatives. brrrr!
  3. I don't ever remember my Loper games giving me anything better than -7C, whereas on Sleepwalker I had some evenings when the temp was in small plus. Maybe it's the location? I think all my starter games for some reason dumped me into the Pleasant Valley. I've been dumped at DP too though, but hardly stayed. That's where that Gandalf Moose trampled me within the first hour. 'This be my bridge. You shall not pass!' Anyway, I don't know how I've learned to deal with the cold, but running around occasionally in +1 is way better than always having -20C on a 'warm' day. I just remember temperatures in all my early Loper games were ranging something like -15C to -50C and I was freezing freezing freezing all the time to a point of frustration. You know how I am with reading charts and diagrams. 🤣
  4. Day 47 - Ventured out to the fishing hut for breakfast. all my fish is gone. I thought I had some leftover - Turns out I forgot to check another hut next door. Found a fishing hook before running back to the lake cabin - Repaired a new thin wool sweater from the Muskeg - I have the arrow tips, but the saplings were left at the hunter cabin. got to go there - The railway guard wolf is closer to the cabin but now he has wider area to cover and gives me room to sneak past him - Grabbed two maple saplings along the way and searched an adventurer scoring a chocolate bar - Reset the forgotten bunny snare by the hunters cabin - Zoomed inside to craft arrow shafts since everything is nicely cured Day 48 - I have two cured deer guts and also one older maple sapling cured - This means I can work on the bow - Before that checked the snare and scored a bunny rabbit - Chopped some firewood - Crafted two arrows and finished the bow Day 49 - begins cold enough to freeze just grabbing another bunny from the snare - started fire outside regardless to craft all mushrooms and cook them - yummy two bunny rabbits are the breakfast of champions - DING! LvL 4 cooking! Wow! I'm a great cook! - Being fed I'd like to travel, but I have zero trust in grey clouds and rapid snow beat - Yup, I was right, a blizzard starts howling. - Crafted more arrow shafts and arrows.
  5. Day 34 - a clear morning. hid in the snow shelter and skinned two bunny rabbits - I am leaving great many things behind at the farmhouse, but I am still bordering weight limit - drank water and went a bit under 30k before moving along - crossed the river and then followed the field alongside the highway to the red barn - while i was skinning rabbits the weather changed to wind and snow but i'm determined to keep going - it's difficult to tell in this heavy snow but i think there are wolves hanging around the red barn far too close for comfort - after hesitation decided to press on without warming up towards the crossroads - this did give my health sound kicking but i made it without being eaten - the stashed jerry can was a delight since my lantern was out of fuel - picked up a small lantern fuel too - rechecked the whole house, found ruined jeans and tore them for cloth - picked up a number of unread books. this increased the weight a lot but this was a run for stuff so i have to suck in up and carry tomorrow for a long stretch - drank a cup of tea and some water. i am low on water - then ate cooked rabbits caught a day ago before sleep Day 35 - woke up in good health condition. i'll need it. drank the rest of my water which filled up thirst bar only a quarter - the morning is freezing -36C but two pairs of deer pants and my rabbit hat with gloves make it so much better - i had hypoth by the time i spotted a roadside cave and mushrooms - found 3 coal in the cave and started a fire to warm up and boil water - since there were bunnies, i set my two traps to see if i get lucky in a couple of hours but had no cigar - as soon as i left the cave and rounded a boulder i saw a wolf crossing a road - danced around him at safe distance waiting for him to go away. got hypoth simply waiting for him to leave before i could advance towards the transition mine to coastal - i do have marginal sprint but it's slow going uphill that gives health a sound beating even though i drink a couple of teas - at the mine entrance found a big stash of coal and another crowbar not noted in my notes - since the wind was kind enough to not blow out the torch i carried from the open cave, i used it to light the way - the coal in the mine respawned and i got a big pile while walking. this however mounted 41kg on my back and i lost sprint - hello coastal, welcome me back please kindly. it does with sunny weather - crawling but crawling downhill. i hope i don't bump into a wolf at an intersection - health around 20% and dropping, seeing the safe trailer ahead getting closer turtle slowly - reached the trailer without kicking the bucket and dropped off a lot of weight into a drawer and blue box - searched the trailer and found 3% granola bar - it is evening but the sun is still up, my fatigue and health are bad though - ah YOLO! chomp a baaad granola bar! i lived! hurray! top off with ctails and 10h nap
  6. What would be the difference between lvl 9 Sleepwalker and Deadman if lvl 9 doesn't let you heal either? The way I organized it in my brain: Regular Loper: night healing Sleepwalker: Day healing Deadman: No healing I like having lvl 0 to lvl 9. I find regular Loper difficult. I believe I survived lvl 0 Loper game longer than any regular Loper games. I'm thinking lvl 0 might actually be a bit easier for me due to temperatures. What would be the difference between lvl 0 and lvl 8 Sleepwalker? I imagine you only heal daytime and probably gain something like 0.25% per non sleeping hour? Lvl 0 daytime heal is probably higher.
  7. I'm kind of confused. In your codes you have level 0 to level 7. What are these? Are they all Interloper difficulties or they're different modes like pilgrim, voyager etc? If they're all Loper, then which one is harder 0 or 7?
  8. 😂 If it gets any colder he might start wondering where did his coat go too.
  9. @BareSkin Starvation certainly prompts you to be creative. Day 46 - Fog, fog, fog. And cold to boot -24C - I have 23 cattails. That's not much to live on in this mode. I must return to the Mystery Lake. - I'm also running short on sticks. Two ninja wolves are making them difficult to gather. - Closer to noon drank some tea and grabbed a torch to get going. - Mildly windy and around -20C The torch is holding. - The wolves are howling, but at reasonable distance, though I had to take evasive action with one before he saw me. - Really didn't want to stop at the red wagon but I had to because hypoth dropped on me as I entered it. - Got lucky, my last torch was at 9% and the fire lit up in one go. - Don't want to use coal so the temp with the sticks fire barely climbed over +1. Slept an hour for additional warmth after crafting more tea and drinking it. - Grabbed sticks around the red wagon since I'm completely out and dropped them in to make more torches. Crafted another tea. - With the tea and torch it's -7C - Began walking along the tracks towards the Mystery Lake. It's not far now. For some reason decided to take a detour left to grab mushrooms and cattails. - Warmth buff ran out as I did so and temp began to bite. It got darker and snow began falling. - Not seeing the wolf along the railway, decided to go for the lake cabin. - He is actually there but far down the tracks, too close to the cabin for my liking. Had to climb a hill and hypoth got me. - Visibility dropping and snow increasing. The moon is out when I goat down the hill to the lake cabin. - The health did take some beating but I'm home with 3 hatchets, 2 knives and 20 arrowheads. *happy survivor dance* I ran, I forged, I conquered!
  10. Day 32 - crafted more hooks and lines. this will be useful once I begin Coastal fishing - blizzard. gathered all my items to check their weight and compiled a list of stuff i will leave behind - busted a chair and shredded a couple of curtains - repaired maple leaf hat - ate two ctails and read 2h of field dressing book - it's night i'm not tired. tried busting a chair, requires light. sigh - go out on the porch and ran not leaving the porch until got cold. the night is nasty - finally tired enough to sleep a bit over 9h Day 33 - woo! the bunny diet is good for me. over 80% health - there is one place i want to visit but it's far and health costly - the day seems clear if cold -24C so i decide to go for it - i cook a cup for rosehips tea and mushroom tea and drink for warmth before taking torches and moving out - managed to carry the torch all the way to the river where it got blown out - gathered cattails and turned up the bank at the waterfall heading for the Three Strike farmstead - there is a deer in the barn whose hide i want so I can repair boots or pants - there is a fire barrel too but the deer is two steps out of its warmth range - tucked a regular fire inside next to a wall, it has shelter from the couple of sides if drafty so i hope it won't get blown out - took more health beating waiting for my last piece of coal to be added - got meat first and cooked it. ate the small piece to preserve health - removed the hide. since i'm warmed up i ventured away from the barn and gathered food - came back cold to harvest the guts and warm up while doing so - crafted mushrooms and cooked them too - this made me plenty tired - returning slowly and carrying a stink line - realised i'm on the other side of the field but much closer than making a separate run to my bunny traps - i'm not seeing the bear or the wolf luckily - both traps have scored bunnies - full fatigue sets in when i pick up bunnies and both traps since i'm strongly considering leaving pleasant valley - crawled from the traps to the farmhouse without any sprint - still cannot sleep - i have managed to preserve a lit torch so i make fire at the barrel by the farm - grabbed meat off the rabbits and cooked it - too tired to take bunny hides of guts - snow began falling. picked up a torch from the barrel and went in to sleep - two matches used today but i have food and getting that skin was important
  11. "Can you go years without talking to another human being? What about untold months snatching your meals from the forest floor and sleeping in muddy pits? Sanity is a spider clinging to a fluttering thread of web unaware of the fingers reaching for it, catching it, plopping it in my mouth…" -- Heroes 4 Day 31 - The Pleasant Valley is vast. Snowy. And desolate. I still think it surreal that in its entirety not a single other being trespasses its boundaries. Had there been even one, I would have gone to horizon to meet them disregarding the wolves or bitter cold. - With these isolate thoughts, started my morning by fixing snow shelter and dived into the basement to check what I need for the hat - i'm glad it only takes three and a half hours - used one gut to create 2 lines and picked up two hooks from the drawer. i'll have crafting to do when i'm sitting in a shelter - from basement dived into the farm. the required ingredients are cured - the day is pretty good in terms of no wind and clear but so cold - maybe it will warm up if i spend an hour crafting - hiss i have a magical washing machine in the basement that makes broken sewing kits disappear - got about half of the hat done and checked weather. even colder. finished the hat - happy dance i have a hat - oh bummer. i can only have one crafted hat as an outer layer. oh well at least my other hat is a good one. i have a maple leaf hat that close to the bunny one. i replaced the red scarf with the bunny hat - checked rabbit traps. got one rabbit. can't see wolves and bear. i bet they're waiting for me under my bed - grabbed a new torch from the closet since the old one burned out - harvested rabbit in the shelter. it's warm enough without the fire - crafted two fishing rods before cooking the bunny rabbit - ate and slept
  12. I call it the anti-wolf ninja writing style. In case any ninja wolves are spying on my survivor via reading, they won't be able to understand anything. 😎
  13. Since I'm not a great bow and arrow hunter nor can I hit bunnies with stones, my best bet to survive off the land is to settle either Coastal or Mystery Lake near the fishing cabins. Fishing is my primary mode of getting food. However to fish you have to have a lot of firewood otherwise you'll freeze in the fishing hut. Hatchet is very much a must to chop wood and I'll be using it often. I try my best to get enough twigs but sometimes you just need big logs if you want full day fires or if you're going to live somewhere for a while twigs may run out. I guess I craft two more because in the future I don't want to take a huge risk running back to the Forge if something happens to the hatchet. When my character goes fishing it's usually a one full day affair morning to evening which requires preparation of grabbing coal and lots of firewood. Knives are used for smaller tasks like carcass harvesting or for cloth like pillows or old bedroll you have to have a knife. They're also helpful, two because what if it breaks. My current goal for any Loper game is 100 days. My plan is running around until I get a bedroll to hide in fishing cabins while cabin fever and fish and sleep there. Then to get a hammer and run to Forge to craft pretty much everything. While I'm executing this plan in parallel I try to grab good clothes or to craft them if opportunity arises like if I'm passing by a deer and I could grab guts for fishing lines and the hide. Obviously to craft I also need 20+ metal. So early game I try to get a hacksaw along with the hammer. I tend to carry 20+ metal to the Forge to do 3 hatchets, 2knives and as many arrowheads as possible in one go. Both Muskeg and DP are dangerous trips best minimized. I find hatchet to be probably a number one tool in multi use so I try to grab a few to feel more secure in the future when the weather gets harsh.
  14. Day 28 - morning blizzard. pelts and guts aren't ready to be crafted - wasted time hanging around the house and breaking furniture with a big hammer - i don't have food to read even if i have a number of books - when the blizzard passed late afternoon checked the traps and found one rabbit - skinned the rabbit inside to get warm - hid in the snow shelter and cooked all of it - the sky is pink with the smudges of green. aurora is coming - rabbit dinner and sleep Day 29 - another blizzard waited out by starting to craft my mittens - i have a bad feeling about cabin fever - collected my single rabbit in the afternoon and got a lvl 3 harvesting skill - the weather got bad while i was hiding in the shelter - went inside and got cabin fever in one second 20% risk - why does it always happen when there is a blizzard outside? - checked the corner for accelerant nope - sigh went to the fire barrel and got the fire going in one go luckily - hiding in shelter in a blizzard waiting for cb to go away and cooking - sure i'll repair my socks. these socks aren't so good. 0.2C at max and 0.1 below 60% - repaired hacksaw twice - ate 170 cal rabbit chunk and slept 2h - fever risk finally gone. waited for the fire to run out and rushed inside to sleep 7h Day 30 - begin by repairing shelter - since it's so cold dived into the basement to resume work on bunny gloves - checked weather after 1h it's not any better but i need to get out or i'll get cabin fever - followed the highway towards the far river until i saw a barn on the left - empty adventurer and simple tools beside him - grabbed a few sticks around the barn for extra bounty and ran back because i already have hypoth risk - the wind and snow got real nasty. dived into the basement and ate a ctail. i need health to make another trip later to check the rabbit traps - finished work on the rabbit gloves. the work gloves aren't too bad but they get soaked instantly - heavy snow and bear is eyeballing the purple car by the farm for living - hurried to grab the rabbits. luckily there are two - on the way back the bear was heading for the farm and i had to go there too. dodged inside under his nose - skinned one rabbit inside to get warm - the other rabbit got skinned in the snow shelter and it got into negative just when i finished - i am fatigued better turn in for the night - dropped bunny meat into snow by fire barrel - i have a cooked 518 cal piece from yesterday - ate it and two cattails then slept 10h - It seems i have survived one month on the Interloper! Hurray for this modest victory!
  15. Day 42 - Might as well listen to a blizzard while I craft a second hatchet. - Broke some green boxes. - The safe had money, heh might as well use tinder. - 87% ski jacket! Nice! - Matches. Also nice. - Two metal pieces. - Brown eeky fog after blizzard. Lovely. - Craft 3rd hatchet. - Craft 1 knife - Ate 18% dog food and didn't get poisoned. Slept. Day 43 - Got another knife done. - Managed to sneak out and look around to collect firewood. The double wolf patrol is perked up and vigilant. - Went along the docks to the barn and a house buried up to the roof in the ground. - Found a lantern and a bit of metal. - Chanced taking a hide and meat off a deer. This drew attention of those two wolves and they both sprinted towards me. - Dropped meat decoy and backed off a few steps before starting a fire with the accelerant. The wolves fled. They have gotten very close to me. That was extremely dangerous. - Collected dropped meat and cooked it. Ate it before returning to the forge. Day 44 - Hacksawed a metal shelf at the back and more crate busting. - Worked on the arrowheads. - Blizzard replaced by brown fog. Yuck. - Mad that a knife was wasted on opening dog food. I have lvl 3 skill now and don't lose calories by smashing cans. That's annoying that hatchets and knives get wasted on cans without permission. Day 45 - Smashed remaining crates. - Finished arrowheads and found one more metal. I should have 20 arrowheads when that's done. - It's too late and not weather great to leave. - In the evening went out to collect firewood. - Got too tired running around. Didn't get started on sewing primer which I found by the bed.