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  1. Cinderella Challenge

    He was working for the evil stepmother all along.
  2. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 98 - hello morning. where in blazes am I? a lake overlook? wow! i can see the cabin from here except there is a mountain slope between us - no wolves hanging around the lake maybe i hurt their feelings by shooting their buddy and now they're like we're not going to play with you anymore - bunnies doing hippedy hop and a dead deer i can skin - i'm not taking those two ropes again - the snow slope doesn't look too bad... eventually wound my way to the cabin without encountering anything with lots of teeth - the house is emptier than i remember... some food stashed in the drawers... a few items here and there... it has an uninhabited look to it - dropped deer stuff and went across the ice in the direction of the fishing cabins where it got foggy - more cattails. i have a stack of 54. i think i can leave them here in case i go this way again since they don't spoil - i'm not going to walk around the ice where i saw 3 wolves and a bear in the fog, back to the house - repaired my earmuffs, crafted rosehips which i'll also leave here, tore junk clothes - mystery lake is uncomfy right now, some shoddy weather - i am not feeling like this is my base... actually timberwolf mountain feels like a hole where i'd want to entrench for a while - hmm turns out i don't have matches stashed either in this cabin. i have 4 left and mag glass. i'm going to sleep here, take the expiring food and leave tomorrow Day 99 - have i checked the area around the lake? it may have another book on fishing. i'd love to collect more books - ewww this wind is evil. best cook a piece of deer meat and make coffee - weather got a bit better in the afternoon so off i go across the ice to check the fishing cabins - nuuuuh who stole the door off the fishing hut nearest to the house? finding a few items and leaving wood along with prybar at the huts - yep there most certainly are 3 wolves guarding the lake - curved around the island to check the fishing cabin and a house nearest to the bear cave. i don't think the bear is in the area - while i made this circle the wolves patrolled away from the central fishing hut. it might have something good - oh nuts one of the pack changed his mind and is heading for the same hut i am. he gives a bark when i'm entering it - no wander they're guarding this. a fishing book and a box of ammo. i see an adventurer on the island as well - the wolf barks again and goes after me as soon as i leave the hut... one disadvantage of walking backwards with the gun out is that you can't see where you're going - reached the docks and the grass that's along the bank but ended up backing past the house - the wolf ends up standing right in front of the door... ufff his buddies are hanging around the other cabins - tried to shoot him and missed... he doesn't get scared and jumps me - nasty fight he takes a lot of my health but at least he finally runs off. hope the hatchet killed him - got inside the house to treat injuries. used two hooks and lines i found to combine them into two fishing rods - found some canned food in the condition that needs to be eaten soon and nommed it before rest Day 100 - owwie i haven't healed to a hundred after teeth. it's fine, health high anyway - this fog is not fun. read wilderness kitchen and finished it - a pack of crows, this looks like the wolf that got me - first since his buddies are gone i'll check that guy on the island - skinned the wolf and carried him to one of the cabins. fog got really bad again - fir logs around the cabins and a fire log inside. built a big fire for a lot of water and cooked every wolf piece 5.8kg in meat - read a bit and tore up a few clothing items before sundown - going to eat dogfood not wolf meat for dinner due to spoils. the meat will be fine outside
  3. Cinderella Challenge

    He chokepointed more than the bridge. He got me under the bridge when I was checking the truck. If I ever spawn at DP on Loper, no way hose am I going near that truck within rifle shot. Forget the possible prybar spawn, I'm not getting my ribs in a twist. Interesting statistic. It seems the temp is coldest between 6 and 8 am. I'd have thought it would be during the night around 3am. Edit: Actually, he didn't kill me. Just reduced my health to 40% during the first hour of my game and then I froze limping to Hibernia.
  4. Newbie Survivor Log

    @cullam I'm giving the mukluks a try, they're pretty good. I think the game in general values them more than other boots. So far out of various boots I found Mukluks just once during one of my runs. I found ski and insulated in various games. Day 97 - windy and not nice. there is a river running under a bridge that's next to the dam - went along it picking cattails. there are so many. - i don't know this spot at all. mountain banks. wolves begin howling - eventually i spot a rope. the fatigue is not great, i believe i can manage. i'm going to eat something and drink before climbing - eep! there is a second rope! um... that's not good my fatigue is now reducing the weight a bit - dropped the bedroll right there and slept 1h - the blizzard is coming the blizzard is coming in two mins... it's -5C - began climbing the second rope and stopped at the ledge... the ledge has a windbreak in positive temp. the fatigue dropped my weight limit again - ate and drank then whelp i have to try sleeping 2h - eesh the wind direction changed during sleep but i still have half of my warmth bar, not for long it's -13C - i have half of the rope left and still too much weight... dropped a fuel book oh good i can climb go go go! - this is definitely a yucky blizzard... phew! lucky me! there is a cave right there on my right as soon as i get off the rope - it's a good cave. an adventurer has a small book 4h worth of reading and a cedar log - this is cool, a coat i haven't seen. an old working parka. it's actually a good coat. my expedition parka is better but that one would be very welcome any mode too - hello friendly fire... wow my hat and earmuffs are in the frozen zone, the rest is close to frozen - still daytime... eat and read 2h... why am i made of stupid... i just made that mistake recently... the fire went out while i was reading... i have to be careful - at least my clothes are almost fully dry - it's night. i believe the cave is warm enough with the fire so i'm going to sleep
  5. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 94 - took sweet time going through the lower dam and found all sorts of items. wilderness cooking book is a very good find. i want more books to read - found a work bench too and used it to craft a fishing line and an arrow. funny how i found an arrow shaft while i had feathers and one tip. and then found a line while i had 1 hook from the frozen pond - ski boots? i have to stop to tear them apart. i'm already carrying insane 50kg - eventually found two doors to exit the dam. one of them goes to the upper level and the other outside - crawled along the ledge again back to the deer. i have grabbed a fuel book since you can fail 3 times on an 80% stick - wooho! i can use magnifying glass! at least some compensation - the mountains are gorgeous pink and the wolf makes an appearance skidding over the ice - read another hour until the stars appeared - this is a very nice night and i feel like predators won't attack me up here - slept 3h three times under the stars and woke up fully rested Day 95 - drank one soda and finished reading advanced guns book. - woohoo!! penitent scholar achievement! - level 3 firearms ding! - the weather is grand. stay outside and shred all clothes over 0.10kg weight until moderate snow begins falling - still super heavy... crawled to the hatch where an adventurer has two broken arrows to enter the upper dam - i have been here before but i'll double check to be sure and i guess i'll tear up the cloth items such as rugs - i missed a very well hidden firestriker and a box of ammo the last time. taking the fuel books too - getting dark again. drink 3 sodas since i'm out of water and sleep Day 96 - not the friendliest morning, snow curtain against black sky - made a fire on the doorstep to boil water. 80 rosehips. i'll craft meanwhile. - it got lighter. i can drop more wood into the fire and set more water to boil while i make a quick run to the trailer to drop off loot items - i also remember making a stash in one of the trailers - ooooof! got hit by a blizzard as soon as i walked down the steps. the trailer is near so i'll fight the wind to get to it without sprint - this one isn't the stash trailer. it has an empty blue box. i fill it to the brim with stuff before running next door in the blizzard - not bad at all. one choc bar spoiled but many items are still good - i also have a pair of mukluks at 27% in the locker - since i have 48 cloths and enough leather i can repair them to 100% - the locker also has a book on shooting with 1/4h - they are a less windproof and not as warm as the ski boots, but they are only 1.5kg vs 4kg which is a huge bonus and 10% more waterproof - i'll give them a chance due to recommendations - peeked outside, it's still kinda nasty - i can run to the dam to grab water and the pot - the water boiled out - picked mushrooms near the trailer and slept
  6. Cinderella Challenge

    I tend to use the rifle as a glorified cracker. 90% when it's an 'effective' shot it means I scared the wolf off with the bang. Have you given up on crafting the bearskin bedroll? I thought it would help tremendously since you can take the can and another item.
  7. Newbie Survivor Log

    Happy Valentines Day everyone! Day 92 - left the guts at the cave - following the highway for the longest time with some steep wind and snow - warmth bar is slowly dropping at -5C it's half down when i reach a bridge and a rambling waterfall with an empty cave by its side - useless cave so keep going until i spot a frozen guy on a ledge. the ledge is tricky to get onto and when i do there is a connecting cave to the hydro dam - followed the tunnel unhurriedly to pick up coal and warm up - picked up some food and cloth from adventurer - an exit glimmers ahead and there is a roof collapse... a deer has fallen into the cave - doesn't have much meat on it, ignore and keep going - uuff! it's blizzard out. go back in and take the hide with guts. still blizzard. read 2h still blizzard - i guess i'll start a fire and cook 0.8kg of meat, maybe read some more then sleep Day 93 - traveling along the winding river and collecting as i walk - the river sends me over a hill and continues on the other side where i discover a cave up the bank - an empty blue box and some jerky are waiting for me - i keep hearing wolf howls as i travel the upper path until i spot a deer by a campfire - 2kg of meat is a tempting offer. i take all plus a fir log and go back to the cave to hide from the windy, unfriendly weather - ate a choc bar and read 2h while cooking - noooo! i forgot to add one miserly twig, the fire was for 1:47 min ... awww... the second meat piece did not finish cooking and has to be started over - 3 fails on restarting the fire ahh! 5 matches over my foolishness! this better be the king's dinner! - the strong wind outside might be blowing into the cave thus the fire attempts failed - one stinky lines on me due to carrying 3 chunks of meat. that patrol wolf is so going to smell me - wolf? wolfy? lots of bunnies frolicking over the ice. i better grab all harvest food before he comes - the hydro dam gates really are impressive, remind me of mordor or something lord of the rings scale - the path runs up to scale the hydro dam wall and lets me tiptoe over most narrow ledge. sit on the wall and enjoy the view of the world - found a fishing hook in a green box... - there is also a deer on the other side... i wander how it got here and what took it down - i have enough weight and food, so i let it be - path? path? path? the snow covered door won't let me in. clicked the wall and fell into the dam - is that a broken window i flopped though? heh i can't reach it back to exit - this dam is not for my bunny nerves... the howls and creaks make me feel eaten just by listening - managed to search very well the first room before night fell
  8. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 90 - steady steady this shortcut down is making me do some scary leaps - rolled to some kind of cave that doesn't inspire trust. checked it with the rifle out - later discovered another cave by the river, much friendlier. a frozen friend by the fire had a knife and a bullet and some ruined food - the waterfall splashes soundly, cattails and birch saplings grow nearby - buildings and tractor ahead - bark!! eep! i have no idea where he is, i just sprint across the road with loud growls right on my heels. it's an antsy doggo - this is a big house with a bed. searched the living room. i wander where the wolf was. made exit through another door - entered a house next door. it's a storage shed. reclaimed wood, sardines and tools - careful sticking my head out the door. a fire barrel doesn't have anything. crossed the road and ran around two ruined houses - searched a tractor and a red car - barky bark! hide in the truck. i can see the wolf through the window - should i read 1h for him to go away? nah... crafted 15mins and ran for the big house - more barking. he sure doesn't want visitors - searched the rest of the house. dropped off a lot of food at the fridge. then stored all extra items in the living room - i can do three hours worth of reading before sleep Day 91 - sounds windy out. eat a choc bar... too dark to read? boo! - tear up clothes until the wind stops howling. i hope i don't get eaten by barky - take toilet water and run for the bridge - i'm going to leave the gas station for worse weather to explore. exploring an area behind it instead - a wolf is chasing rabbits among the trees. let's not interrupt - another cave and a deer next to it. i can take everything off and drop it at the cave. - it's still very early so i go exploring and hope to come back here for supper - wow this road has the banks as tall as the mountains... crawl along it until there is a gap to cross - two picnic tables ahead... pff they've eaten everything without me - a wolf is hanging around in the distance... went around a hill to block him off and found a forest cave. just a cedar long - an adventurer not far off has a hoodie and jerky - ack a wolf is trying to sneak this way in between the boulders... time to head in the opposite direction - frozen pond, frozen pond you've got choc bar and soda - dropped the cedar log next to the stove in the fishing hut maybe i'll come back in the future - i should head back to my deer supper cave... i thiiiink the road is behind the hut? - two sprains later, limped to the cave and cooked deer - i missed a niche at the back. bedroll and food, also ruined peaches - dropped my bedroll in this niche and curled up tummy filled with yummy food
  9. Cinderella Challenge

    You can do it and reach the Ball!
  10. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 89 - the blizzard raged all night. it's -1C even in the cave. a bit chilly - got two sprains as soon as i set my foot outside... aww... i don't want to sleep them off... used painkillers to go back to the highway and the car i passed by yesterday - haven't seen a car in a while i've been living away from civilization on a wolf mountain. also forgot why i used to carry the prybar around... locked trunks - got a soda and 1 cloth anyway, spent 15mins crafting in the car to warm up. though the warmth bar went down a little - what are those crows cawing at? empty guy and 4 rosehip bushes around him - i passed those houses yesterday... i'm going back to the highway - it's the end of the road! it's says so. ruined soda and candy bar next to a guy. scoooore!! hello timely prybar! - gloves in the car trunk. nice - back at the rest cave. drop sticks just in case and keep going along the road. ooh more munchrooms! - where did the road go? climbing some steep mountain path and getting another sprain but the view is amazing - oooh! i know where this is. this is the mine to coastal and my stash - nothing that deteriorates fast here. another prybar - past noon and so windy. drink soda and read. wait can't read due to sprain. food waste. more scenery then and rest at least it's 2h Night 89 - try reading some more 14/25h what's letting me read past dark? - OHH!! OHH!! look at the sky and the aurora majesty! - the mine lights are blinking! i've never seen this before! this is super duper awesome! - ran around the corridors in wavering light. discovered a tunnel i haven't been to before. very useful too quality tools and ammo box - came back with my prizes perfectly satisfied. soda and finish off mre pack before sleeping soundly
  11. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 88 - 1h of morning reading until it warms up - i didn't know i could chop picnic tables for reclaimed wood - nothing at the waterfall itself. the river looks good to follow until i spot a bridge and do my best to scramble on top of a steep bank - a snow road behind the bridge leads me to a cave that doesn't look too trustworthy. i stop regardless to pry everything off a deer - i don't want to stay in the cave and i'm not feeling threatened so i'll carry the stinky meat and guts - two ruined buildings on the road. an adventurer is one has painkillers and matches - a wolf howls. now i do feel a bit threatened - crossed another highway. keeping to the mountainside in search of a cave and find one - 2% soda no thanks - i can build the fire to cook meat. i have a piece of reclaimed wood from those two houses and 2 coal pieces in the cave. i need a stick to start - i can just spend 10mins tearing up this braaaa...nch... ahh! blizzard! - this cave isn't cozy. it has a flat entry so the wind blows in snow that curls around the floor - started a fire and began cooking - oddball the guts i dropped aren't curing. oh i need to move them deeper into the cave - reading more of guns guns guns maybe if i read enough my rifle will get trained to shoot without my assistance in which case i'll have a chance to hit something - deer meat for supper and well earned rest
  12. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 84 - the salty crackers in the cave container are in worse condition than the ones i got from the summit - went to that container and picked them all up along with one choc bar since it spoils fast - ski jacket and maple hat left in this container still - went back to the cave to sort out a huge clothes pile: i'll repair fisherman sweater as emergency extra. will keep balaclava and red undies for the same purpose. then two expedition parkas and snow pants. going to take this pile to the lake cabin tomorrow - tore up shoes and all clothes which are in yellow state - my last can of pork and beans. will start on other food tomorrow Day 85 - wanted to stop by the containers at the bottom of the snow path but there is a wolf and he chased me to the rope - stopped on the ledge and waited and climbed back up. he didn't leave and he's really close hanging around the rope meh him - climbed down to the lake where i got chased by another wolf - had to run around the entire lake to give him a slip. when sprint ran out turned and pulled out the gun walking backwards. when i got sprint ran again. the wolf during the second sprint got distracted by bunnies. good old fluffsters saving my bacon again - got to tearing the clothes at the cabin too. it frees the space a lot - refuelled one of the lanterns to the brim and sharpened my hatchet to 99% - drank two summit sodas and bit a chunk off mre then slept Day 86 - i want condensed milk from that container - the lake wolf is eating another bunny and ignoring me. good for him - i have a million cans. made a big arrow out of them pointing to the rope because i keep walking past it - the wolf is away. the adventurer next to the containers has more feathers - i'm going to have to try to remember that this container has can openers and many sewing kits although i've taken all food from it. it also has 3.5L of water left - grabbed four pairs of mittens as well and a vest. the container also has a few more clothing items left - spotted a niche nearby. soooo that's where i was hiding from the blizzard when my game crashed. the wolf kept coming to the niche because it's right next to the containers he guards - back to the cabin to craft and tear more junk - drink my last soda and eat condensed milk. i want an expedition tomorrow Day 87 - not the friendliest weather, not the worst, enough to eat all my condensed milk till my stomach is full and head on - picked up two cattails on the way - what in blazes happened to my hatchet??? it was 99% why is it 89% wait a minute have i been using my hatchet for stinken can opening??? are you joking? i can use my hands without losing calories! and i have like ten can openers. i stopped carrying the openers due to weight even since i got skilled up. are you telling me i've been busting my hatchets on this poop? why am i not given a choice what to use?? - gurr and climb down the rope to the submarine - one of the submarine lockers has a whetstone. used it to sharpen my hatchet and then slept 1h to wait for my clothes to dry - it is so windy and snowy... this weather says don't travel in me. i will anyway. this transition spot between the mountain and valley is highly quarrelsome. blizzard 70% of the day and night - i believe i came from the right when i got here, so i'm going left. maple sapling here - snow hill snow hill a very steep hill down to a river. that's what i'll follow - slow going. i keep pressing to the steep canyon walls but i get no windbreak. the wind must be hitting me right in the face - eventually reached a charming area called misty falls and a picnic area next to it - this was worth it! a box of ammo. two sodas in good condition in a backpack. many many mushrooms all around - a cave to explore. epic! i love caves! - a green box. sardines, choc bar. a bedroll next to it. i am thinking... i want to check this spot on Loper. this cave looks good to hide a bedroll in. area hard to get to and a cave - plenty of coal of course and logs too - found an 89% hatchet very very decent. a sweater 4% perfect ninja time. i can save it for cloth, a bit of lantern oil appreciated since i have burned up a lot of it - matches, firestriker and advanced guns book. 25h worth of reading nice! - blizzard outside. tore up those extra clothes and began reading. got thirst interrupt after 2h. drank more and got another hour before darkness - a chance to get poisoned by 20% sardines. nope. still alive. sleep
  13. Newbie Survivor Log

    Day 83 - i haven't fully explored the echo canyon. it is a curiosity - picked up two lanterns because the cave is so very long and off i went - i need to sneak past the containers wolf to get into the other echo canyon passage. this wolf better mind his manners. i have a grudge and three bullets - the chasm cave has two more crow feathers. how did they get inside the cave. this frozen guy has a laptop. hey let me recharge the battery, i want to play the long dark - keep going until the area broadens... cave ahead and two mushroom stumps on each side... two hefty bone piles in the cave... i was just kding about knocking on the bear door... i'll be going - there is a path up behind the cave hopefully bearless. hurray i got to the top. - east echo peak? pfff one cedar log and one fir log that's my epic loot for climbing so high up - ummm... cliff cliff cliff.... erm how did i get up here? i can't find a path down... crouch and follow a very steep snow slope... i don't think i'm suppose to go this way... careful - i'm in a narrow passage. no climb cliffs all around me. looking up reveals a tree bridge. isn't that the bridge you cross where i had those guts - ouch this looks painful a frozen guy fell off the mountain. he has a scarf and undies, jerky in the backpack and a hatchet. very nice - two logs in a wind shielded niche... wouldn't be my first choice to spend the night but i'd take it as shelter in a blizzard - that's the end so go back the way i came. stomped back to an intersection. i think that way is to the bear. turn the other way - oh a broken tree standing up like an arch... i bet it points to something good - i'm climbing steeps paths all day. west echo peak? the view is rather nice - this one is a bit richer. a frozen guy has a candy bar for me and there is one bullet and one flare shell in his pockets - grabbing rosehips before heading back. at least this path is easier to find. walk walk walk hi chasm cave - i can't carry 30kg anymore but the fatigue is still manageable - had to make an entire circle around the area to get past the wolf - once at the cave entrance tore up the scarf and undies and crafted - the moon is out. i'd prefer to sleep when it's fully up or you wake too early and then it sucks because it's too dark to do stuff - lit the lantern and followed the cave system to the side where my loot is. safer this way too because i've taken very little water with me - hi i'm back. eat pork and beans. have 12h nap
  14. Bjorn the Berserker

    Sure both! Though, cloak first. A flashy item is a must. It just felt amusingly in character for him to want a big flashy item. Of course, in all regular games moose-satchel makes way more sense and most wanted. This just seemed a funny thing to add.
  15. Bjorn the Berserker

    Moose-satchel is grand, but don't all Valhalla greatest Chiefs and Hunters wear impressive capes? A massive moose cloak over Bjorn's shoulder would surely be a far more fashionable choice.